The Basics

What is Traditional Food?

Rising Above Food Wars: Eat for God’s Glory

Even Real Food Bloggers Get the Blues (and How to Keep Nutrition Up in Busy, Stressful Seasons)

Herbs I Have and What I Do With Them

Ever Get Tired of Natural Living?

12 Steps to a Healthier Life in 2012

12 Steps to a Healthier Life in 2012, Part 2

10 Ingredients to Make From Scratch

Food Choices Are Not a Moral Issue

Cooking for a Family When One Person Has a Food Sensitivity

Real Food Baby Step: Homemade Pantry Staples

Building a Grain-Free Pantry

The Nitty-Gritty on The Real Food I Buy and Where I Buy It

The Nitty-Gritty on The Real Food I Buy and Where I Buy It, Part 2

Frugal Living with Food Sensitivities

For the Love of Sourdough! Starting a Sourdough Adventure

The Benefits of Taking Your Cod Liver Oil

Good Fats, Bad Fats, and Why I Eat Plenty of Butter

What’s So Great About Raw Milk?

How to Make Fabulous Soup From Scratch Without a Recipe

When Good Nutrition Doesn’t Seem to Help

Simple Ways to Improve your Digestion and Gut Health 

Valuing the Nutritional Wisdom of Past Generations

Making Healthy Changes When Your Husband Isn’t on Board

Our Motives for Healthier Living

Where Food Comes From 101

Don’t be fooled by “health food” products!

Dairy Free Alternatives That Work For a Traditional Diet

Serving Our Husbands Through a Nourishing Diet

Serving Our Husbands Through a Nourishing Diet, Part 2

Real Food on a Real Budget: Eat Local, Eat Seasonal

Real Food on a Real Budget: Finding Sources for Purchasing Real Food

Real Food on a Real Budget: Using Cash

The Soy Decoy: Don’t Be Deceived

Cutting Down on Sugar: 21 Ways to Eat Less Sugar

Attitude Towards Sugar

Cutting Down on Sugar: Why Do We Eat It So Much?

How Much Sugar Are You Really Consuming?

Good Nutrition in a Nutshell


Real Food on a Budget

How I Would Improve my $250 Grocery Budget Even More

What I Would Feed my Family on a Monthly Budget of $250

Using Beans to Keep the Food Budget in Check

5 Frugal Ways to Stock Up on Chemical Free Fruits and Vegetables to Preserve

Using Four Frugal Foods from the Produce Section Creatively

What It Means to Vote With Our Dollars

Pennywise Platter Thursday: Simple, Affordable Bread

Compromising to Make the Budget Work

Organic Food on a Budget


Real Food in the Kitchen

Seven Reasons to Love An Important Kitchen Tool for Healthy Food Prep

Using Stoneware for Baking and Cooking

Eliminating Aluminum From Our Homes


Real Food Tips

Cool Meal Ideas for Hot Days

Benefits of a Protein-Rich Breakfast (and a Protein Pancake Recipe)

Recipes and Ideas for Gluten Free Holiday Entertaining

21 Ideas for Celebrating a Simple, Natural Thanksgiving: Eats, Decor, Gratitude

11 Ways to Use Stale Bread

Too Many Holiday Sweets? Give Your Body a Sugar Break

7 Ways to Add More Veggies to Meals You’re Already Cooking

How to Cook Vegetables: Steaming, Pan Cooking and Lots of Tasty Recipes

Creating a Culinary Experience with Cheese

The Mediterranean Secret to Phenomenal Vegetables

How to Make an Amazing Green Salad

Fast and Frugal Snacks Straight From Your Garden

How to Take Advantage of Clearance Produce

10 Foods to Include in Your Summer Meals (And Fruit Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing Recipe)

Chicken Enchiladas and Salad in Thirty Minutes Flat

HealthIER Camping Food: 7 Tips for Taking Real Food With You

7 Fun Seasonal Snacks

Simple Summer Herbs: Refreshing Infusions

How to Make Water Kefir

Making Homemade Yogurt

Adding Seafoods to Your Diet

Traditional Beverage: Kombucha

Grass-Fed Meats

Getting Started Sprouting Wheat Berries

Liver: Learning to Love (and Cook) This Superfood

How to Make Your Own (Unrefined) Powdered Sugar

Using Sourdough in Wonderful and Unusual Ways

Whole Chickens – Less Waste, More Mouth-Watering Goodness

Taking the Mystery Out of Creme Fraiche (What It Is and How to Make It)

Making Your Own Sprouted Grain Flour

Simple Dinners: Making Meals that Work Together

Baking Day: Filling my Freezer with “Convenience Foods”

Baking Day: Making Progress!

Baking Day Comes to an End

Breaking the Habit with Coffee Alternatives

Raw Milk Substitute for Cultured Dairy Products

The Great Debate- Washing our Fruits and Vegetables

My Top 3

 The Dirty Dozen (Making the Most of the Money you Spend on Organics)

Making Your Own Convenience Food Mixes

Making Cooking Easier: Using Your Slow Cooker

“Eating From the Pantry and Freezer” Month

Real Food Encouragement: Whole Wheat Bread

Easy Breakfast Ideas: From Scratch, With Real Food

What Eating Seasonally Looks Like For Us


Meal Planning

Resources and Recipes to Make Your Meal Planning Successful

11 Simple Meals for Busy Nights

Tips for School Lunchtime Success

5 Frugal Real Food Meal Ideas

Getting Back in the Swing of Meal Planning (and My Two-Week Plan)

The Well-Planned Breakfast

Planning Weekly to Eat Well

Real Food & Kids

Let’s Talk: Should You Allow Your Kids to Eat Junk at Birthday Parties?

10 On-the-Go Healthy Snack Ideas for Toddlers

45 Real Food Snacks for Kids

Kids, Veggies, and Grace: What to Do With a Picky Eater

Q&A- Healthy snacks and easy lunches for little ones


Plan It-Don’t Panic Series

You Asked For It: Plan It- Don’t Panic! {A 6-Week Meal Planning Challenge}

Plan It- Don’t Panic: Week 1 of the Meal Planning Challenge

Plan It- Don’t Panic: The Official Start of the Meal Planning Challenge

Plan It- Don’t Panic Meal Planning Challenge (Plus Grocery Budget Tips)

Plan It- Don’t Panic Meal Planning Challenge (And Recipe for Okonomiyaki)

Plan It- Don’t Panic Meal Planning Challenge Week 5 (And 7 Ways to Use Those Leftovers)

Plan It- Don’t Panic Meal Planning Challenge Week 4 (And What to Do If You Mess Up Your Meal Plan)

Plan It- Don’t Panic Meal Planning Challenge (and Simplifying Menu Planning for Busy Times)

Plan It- Don’t Panic: Last Week of the Meal Planning Challenge


Eating From the Pantry & Freezer Series

Let’s Save Some Money: The Eat from the Pantry and Freezer Challenge!

The Eating from the Pantry and Freezer Challenge Begins

Eating From the Freezer and Pantry Challenge: Week 1

Eating From the Pantry and Freezer Challenge: Week 2

Eating From the Pantry and Freezer Challenge: Week 3

Eating From the Pantry and Freezer Challenge: Week 4



Does the GAPS Diet Make You More Sensitive?

GAPS Diet While Pregnant

How to Prepare for Going on the GAPS Diet

The GAPS Diet: One Mom’s Experience

An Update on Our GAPS Diet and Related Q&A

The GAPS Diet: What It Is and Why You Might Consider Doing It

The GAPS Diet: Why Our Family is Doing It