One Mom's Guide to Avoiding Swine Flu Naturally

One Mom’s Guide to Avoiding Swine Flu Naturally

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I say one mom’s, because we’re all different. We each have different ideas of what natural prevention even looks like. I’m not trying to tell you that I totally understand everything about swine flu and that I know exactly what you should do to prevent it. I don’t. What I do know is that I’ve been looking into it for the sake of my own family, wanting to make sure that we all stay healthy, especially with a new baby and young ones in the house. These are just my own ideas and suggestions, and I pray that they will be useful or at least offer a starting place to those of you who are also concerned and wish to prevent your family from catching the flu, in the most natural way possible!

Am I concerned about Swine Flu/H1N1?

You bet.

Am I hysterical, freaked out, anxious or ready to drag my kids off to get their shots asap? Nope, not in the slightest.

Last year when the H1N1 started to rear it’s ugly head, I’ll confess, I was pretty nonplussed about the whole thing. I believed that it was being thrown entirely out of proportion, that it’s risks were being exaggerated by the government and those who stood to gain from public fear and that it did not pose much of a threat to the average person. Half a year later, I still believe some of those things to a degree, but I have also seen the flu begin to spread among my own community (knowing some people personally who have contracted it) and I know that it is at the very least a nasty flu that is spreading more rapidly than I expected.

Do I still believe that there is exaggeration in the claims being made about it’s pandemic status, about the number of cases and deaths, about the need to receive (and the safety of) the swine flu shot? Yes. I don’t think that we are being told the whole truth.

I don’t believe that the numbers coming out are accurate, mainly because many, many people reporting flu symptoms are not actually being tested for which stain of the flu that they have (keep in mind that it is flu season in general, whether the swine flu is going around or not). Not every person with the flu has H1N1. Many places have stopped specifically testing for specific flu strains and have begun to assume that every case in indeed H1N1, which is creating more of a fear and panic than is necessary or realistic. I certainly believe that there are those who would like to (and will) gain from the sense of public fear, namely pharmaceutical companies who are creating and pushing vaccines, and whomever is on the payroll of the large corporations (ie. those who are further promoting a sense of fear).

Whatever the ultimate truth of the swine flu is, these things I know to be certain:

  1. God is sovereign. He alone knows what is truly happening, and in His goodness and wisdom (which we do not always understand) He is in control of the situation. We need not fear.
  2. Even though we have no need to fear, we have every reason to choose to act with caution and purposefulness, and to do our best to keep our families healthy this winter.

So what can we do to prevent ourselves and our family from catching it?

The best defense is a good offense. If we want to avoid catching the flu, even though chances are high that we will be exposed to it at some (or several) points throughout the season, then we must ensure that we have a strong immune system, capable of fighting off this virus and not allowing it to set up camp in our bodies.

dried elderberries

Dried elderberry image from Wild Food Larder

Here are some ways that we can boost our own immune systems, as well as the immune systems of our husband and children:

  • Elderberry– A berry that is particularly helpful in preventing the flu virus from infecting cells. Donielle has a great recipe for elderberry syrup that I plan to try making! It can also be bought at health food stores, in both adult and child-friendly forms.
  • Echinacea– The popular immune-boosting herb, for good reason. It’s best taken as a preventative, though it can also be taken once you’ve come down with the flu to help increase your body’s ability to fight off the virus. Sometimes you can find great Elderberry/Echinacea combos at a health food store. Or you can purchase your own bulk herbs and makes teas, syrups, etc.
  • Vitamin D– In recent years, this important fat-soluble vitamin has been shown to really impact immunity. We get some from exposure to sunlight but most people don’t get enough, especially in the winter months. You can find it in Cod Liver Oil (which I recommend that everyone take year-round but especially in the wintertime), as well as organ meats (like liver), oily fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, etc.), and egg yolks (particularly pastured/free-run eggs).
  • Vitamin C– This is one of the easiest of all. This water-soluble vitamin (which means you need to consume it frequently as it gets flushed out of your system daily) is found in many fruits and vegetables: parsley, bell peppers, spinach, strawberries, oranges, lemon juice, leafy greens, cauliflower, among others. You can also take it in a high quality supplement if necessary (though food sources are usually preferable). One very kid-friendly way to take it is Emer’Gen-Cdrinks (mamas like it, too!).
  • Take probiotics– These improve digestive health (and will help you digest more of the good nutrients you’re loading up on), but they also have their own positive impact on immunity. You can also achieve this by eating more fermented foods!
  • Homeopathics– This year my mother-in-law discovered some homeopathic remedies intended to be both a preventative and a treatment for the regular flu and the swine flu. We are purchasing a bottle of each and all of us will be taking both of them throughout the winter.
  • Staying well hydrated– When your mucus membranes are moist enough, there is less chance of germs being able to really set in and create an infection.
  • Getting enough rest– A tired body is not effective at fighting off anything. Ever noticed how when you let yourself get really run down, you almost inevitably get sick? Making sure that you go to bed at a decent hour (I’m preaching to myself, here!) and resting adequately is a really important aspect of a strong immune response.
  • Garlic– With strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities, this is a food that you should be consuming more this winter! It’s most potent when taken raw, which I know can be hard to swallow for some (pardon the pun). When I was sick a few weeks back, my husband and I discovered that it’s pretty easy to take like this: Make a piece of toast and butter it. Put a clove (or several cloves for a real kick!) in a garlic press and then spread it on top of the toast. Eat, enjoy and give some to your hubby so he’ll still kiss you (because at least you’ll both have crazy garlic breath!).
  • Oil of Oregano– Oregano also has similar anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and is excellent to take both preventatively and as soon as you feel something coming on. It seems really pricey (usualy about $20 or so for a very small bottle) but it lasts a long time. You only take a drop or two for prevention, and then more like 2-6 drops several times a day when you’re actually sick or fighting something. We buy this every year and we truly notice that it makes a difference. We don’t give this to the kids as it’s quite strong, but my husband and I both take it.

** Note that I’m not specifying what is okay to take when pregnant or breastfeeding, for different ages of children, for those with specific illnesses or disorders, etc. but instead I have just given general ideas of what to take. Please make sure that you look into whatever you choose to take and ensure that it is safe for you or your loved ones to be taking. Though I make my suggestions based on my own research, I’m not a doctor, naturopath or certified ‘anything’, so take responsibility for your own health and use discretion in what you take or give to your family!

Lastly (but very importantly!), lay off the sugar. One of the very best ways to deplete and depress a good immune system is to eat sugar, especially refined sugars like white or brown, corn syrup, etc. But even natural, wholesome sweeteners (ie. Rapadura/Sucanat, honey, palm sugar, dried fruits, molasses, etc.) still contain sugar that will depress the immune system (though to a lesser degree). White flours (or other processed grains) also have the ability to do this. Keep your sweet treats to more of a minimum during flu season to help keep that immunity at it’s peak!

beware swine fluOther Ways to Lower Your Risk

  • Wash your hands and face thoroughly, with soap and warm water, after being out in public (and do the same for each of your children). I’m usually not into hand sanitizer (because I don’t like to use things that kill all bacteria, and it has both alcohol content and several chemical preservatives that I wish to avoid). However, we are using it this year if there is nowhere to wash our hands. I have been in the hospital and doctor’s office (along with my children) several times so far this season and those places are germ hotbeds! Definitely wash or sanitize well in those situations and even consider taking a shower and changing/washing your clothes as well.
  • Gargle once or twice a day with salt water and especially after you’ve been out in public or if you’re concerned that you  may have been exposed. This gets rid of bacteria or germs in the throat and helps them to not spread further into your body.
  • Avoid those who’ve been sick or exposed. I know that this can sound mean (or lonely) but sometimes it’s wisest just to avoid contact when necessary.
  • Keep your time in public, crowded places minimal. This might be the year to attend less big holiday events, or try to do your grocery shopping at non-peak hours. You might even consider doing your Christmas shopping online this year. I’ve been using Swagbucks to buy gifts from Amazon using the gift certificates I earn!
  • If anyone in your family gets sick or you know that you’ve been recently exposed, please use common courtesy and avoid contact with others. Even if it means skipping out on a social or family event, or missing out on a church service. Protecting others when you or your family might be contagious is a loving and considerate thing to do!

To Vaccinate or Not?

I choose not. I wrote a post last year on the flu vaccine and why my family doesn’t get it, so I won’t get into the whole issue all over again (but definitely read the post if you’re interested in my reasons). My reasons for not choosing the H1N1 vaccine this year are similar. One particular reason why we especially won’t try out this new vaccine is because the risks are really quite unknown. I don’t believe that the threat of the virus is bigger than the unknown risks of using the vaccine. Some may disagree with me, and that’s quite alright.

Other Resources Worth Reading:

Swine Flu Update by Shonda Parker. She is a certified herbalist and educator on health, nutrition and midwifery. She has an excellent, very detailed post that covers prevention, some more scientific information about the flu and natural remedies to take.

Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic- Fact or Fiction? Note that I tend to consider Dr. Mercola an extremist and I don’t believe that he always presents a balanced view. I do think that there are some worthwhile things in this article, including his tips on staying healthy and avoiding the flu.

7 Immune Boosters in Light of the Swine Flu. This was on The Nourishing Gourmet back in the spring when all the hubbub about swine flu began. She’s got some great suggestions for keeping your immune system healthy through foods and supplements.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the swine flu? What will you be doing to try to prevent your family from coming down with the flu this season?

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  1. Stephanie – what timely advice. Being a full time college student and mother of 5, I have been trying to be very vigilant about keeping the swine flu from infecting my family – very hard to do on a college campus where it’s been running rampant. We have been using more than our fair share of hand sanitizer this year, which normally I don’t advocate, but I’ve been alarmed at how many healthy children this flu has been claiming. I agree with you in that I believe some of the statistics behind the push to vaccinate are skewed to benefit the pharmaceutical companies, but I have two friends whose healthy children have died from pneumonia resulting from the swine flu – a 4 year old and a 7 year old.

    Because my children are homeschooled and I have the ability to keep them at home during an outbreak like this, I decided against vaccinating most of them. However, when it came to our 6 year old asthmatic, after prayerful consideration we decided to vaccinate him. It is such a difficult decision for parents to make though. I was very concerned about side effects from the vaccination (children with pre-existing conditions can’t receive the nasal mist because it is a live virus), but I was more concerned about what catching the flu would likely mean for his lungs.

    Thank you for taking the time to write up such an articulate post about what we can do to protect our other children.


  2. Thank you! I always enjoy hearing the voice of reason. We are approaching this the same way you are. I would like to know more about the homeopathics your MIL recommends. We do have Oscillococcinum on hand and have had much success w/ flu symptoms using this, but I like to keep my “arsenal” ready, so please share about these two homeopathic remedies!

    I love your blog (it’s the only one I read) and have purchased both of your ebooks. 🙂

      1. @Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home,
        Thank you so much! I like how easy it is to see the responses you leave for us. Is this a new feature? 🙂

        Oh, and I wanted to tell you something that’s on our list: rebouding. We’ve lived in very small places, but have made room for a rebounder (small trampoline) so our children can get exercise, but more importantly for the lymphatic flush that comes from rebounding. That’s part of our immune boosting routine too. Just wanted to let you know, in case you want to add that to your list.

  3. I am not getting the H1N1 vaccine for my daughter either, although I did get the regular flu shot for her. My daughter seems to have caught every bug going around this year, and I am hoping we aren’t on the verge of another illness, though we may be.
    The shower thing when you get home from being out in public…too funny. When I go to the gym in the morning, my daughter goes to the childcare, which I know is just a hotbed of germs. When we get home, I jump in the shower and bring her in with me. She loves to play with her “guys” (bath toys) while I soap up and she loves feeling like a big girl taking a shower. I know she is getting good and clean without dousing her in hand sanitizer (tho we do use a squirt as we leave the gym) and it cuts out the bath in the evening, so it saves us a step later in the day!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog .. =-.

  4. Thanks for the post. Over the past few years our eyes have been opened to taking a more natural approach when it comes to health issues. Recently we found and Dr. Mercola. I don’t agree with everything on their sites but have found a lot of useful info. Our family is big on vitamin D3 and Olive Leaf Extract. Two of my boys have recently had fevers with headaches but we were able to treat them at home with natural meds and they have recovered very well. I love your site… thanks for all the great information, I still have a lot to learn.

  5. I have been working on an article like this for my own blog but hadn’t finished. You have covered pretty much everything that I have considered and similarly to mine. I will add that there is a hand sanitizer that I have been using for a couple of years now. I like it very much. It is herb-based, safe for children (which alcohol-based sanitizers are not) and very effective. It is called Cleanwell. Thyme is the active ingredient. They make a sanitizer spray in several sizes. I carry one in my purse and sometimes in my pocket. Because it is a spray, I have also used it at times to spray surfaces in public restrooms or on the handles of shopping carts. They also make sanitizer wipes, and a foam soap that I use this time of year. To read more about it, go to their website: It is available at my Target store, so I assume most Targets would have it, as well as from United Natural Foods, which is my buying club provider, AND also carries it.

  6. Great post, Stephanie!! You may want to research what is happening in the Ukraine right now (mainstream news is not covering this). Many people are very, very sick and many are dying. It looks like this flu may be recombining and things may get much worse around the globe as a result. That has been one concern with the nasal vaccine. Because it contains live vaccine and causes virus shedding, it is very likely that it will recombine with other flus.

  7. Thank you so much for this info. I have been sick with swollen lymph nodes and fever and exhaustion for months and no one can figure out what is wrong with me. Even so they are pushing me to get the swine flu shot and I am just unsure what to do. It seems I could be in trouble if I get it due to something already wrong in my body and same the other way, I could not get it and be in trouble because of something else wrong in my body. I wish I knew what to do, but I do know that I have God and that is all I need. So I will try to boost my immune system and pray. love your site and spend much time reading your posts. Keep up the great work!
    .-= April W´s last blog ..“Completely Candid” =-.

  8. GREAT post! I’m going to link to it on my blog!

    We juice and do green smoothies every day and take our elderberry extract too. I can’t wait to try this recipe you posted a link to! Thanks!

  9. I dont know about the States, but I know that in Canada the media seems to be backpedaling lately. They pushed this fear on us and now there are these all day line ups to get the shot. The news now has doctors on all the time saying it isnt as bad as you think…only people in target groups “need” the shot right away. I have heard no less than three doctors, on air mind, say that for most of us this will be a mild flu that has no harmful effects! If that doesnt convince you, then maybe StatsCan has said that 4,000-8,000 people die in Canada from the regular seasonal flu each year. Total number of Swine Flu deaths? Under 100. That, and the fact that 90% of those deaths had underlying/preexisting conditions tells me that my kids and I arent going to be getting the shot.

  10. Stephanie: What a great post! Thanks so much for all the good tips. I am in 100% agreeance with you–we have no idea what the possible side effect/long-term effects of this vaccination may be. There’s no way that I am injecting something this sketchy into my own or my childrens’ bodies!
    One question for you; Where can I buy elderberries? I have never seen them in the grocery or health food store. Any suggestions? Thanks.
    .-= alexis´s last blog ..Making Your Home A Haven–Muffin Tin Lunches =-.

  11. I thought and followed all of this until my son caught it anyway and was waking up in the night unable to breathe and hallucinating after spending 24 hrs ravaged by wave after wave of fever. It’s really easy to be suspicious of the government about this when the vaccine is new and some calculated risks are needed in using it, but after what we just went through, we will be using it, and will be thankful for it. My son has never received any other vaccination, but because of the different strains that are out there, we are all getting this shot, including him.

    Remember the “natural health care” industry, for which I work, has just as much of vested interest in getting your dollar as anyone else. Make sure to check the science on this one.

    1. @Sarah, Yes, Sarah, that’s definitely true about the natural health care industry having vested interests and biases. I agree!

      I am not arguing at all that it is a nasty flu and something we most certainly want to avoid. I’m just not convinced on the merits of the vaccine yet, and especially cautious because of some health issues/pre-existing stuff in our own family. That said, thanks for sharing your point of view! I hope your son is doing much better now!

  12. btw: we ended up being able to put our son on tamiflu because we took him in in the first 48 hrs of symptoms, and he was better within two days.

    it’s great only to use home remedies for things that they are proven to work against, but this is a new virus. to me, it’s not worth the risk, and I, too, have done a lot of reading on both sides.

  13. Sorryyyyy. Two more things…

    1. The doctors are not testing for H1N1 out of hospital anymore, because the labs are overwhelmed, and because it is quite easy to diagnose in person. In my opinion it is better that they are not, because the labs take four days to come back, and the antivirals do not work after two days of symptoms. If every parent waited to get an official diagnosis before treating their child, the outcome could be terrible.

    2. Every single credible epidemiologist agrees that vaccinating is the best route here. The WHO org, who has been cited over and over again on blogs like these re. their favorable beliefs in terms of breastfeeding, certain natural health remedies, treatments, etc. is desperately trying to impart how important this vaccine is. I urge everyone to check the information on all the national and international health care sites, and to realize that the conspiracy theories that are floating around are what are rather overblown, not the severity of the virus.

    3. People are on about the metals in the vaccine as if they will do some permanent damage (all disproved scientifically re. autism,etc.) but the same people are ready to buy into/advocate natural heavy metal detoxes and stuff as effective as long as the metals were put into the body passively, environmentally, etc, ie. without going against the “code” of natural health care.

    1. @Sarah, Again, I appreciate the thoughts on the vaccine, and it’s most certainly important for all of us to do our own research before making a decision.

      I’m not sure that I understand your 3rd point. I think the route of doing heavy metal detoxification shows just how concerned we are about even passively accumulated metals and why it’s so important to not only avoid them (ie. vaccines and other routes of exposure) but also to get them out of the body as quickly as possible!

  14. I recently talked to two different doctors that take a natural approach to caring for patients. Both listed things you mentioned in your article, especially the vitamin D. In addition, one recommended Olive Leaf Extract (Seagate). It works a lot like the Oil of Oregano you mentioned, BUT, you can also purchase it in a nasal spray. This is great to kill anything that is inhaled through the nose – something we often forget and should be considered.

    Thanks for a well balanced article on the swine flu.
    .-= The Cottage Comtesse ´s last blog ..Remembering Autumn… =-.

  15. Thanks, Stephanie…. one question… do you happen to know of/use a type of tuna that does not contain a lot of mercury? Thanks!
    God Bless,

    1. @Cynthia, Cynthia, I believe that if you go to EWG’s website and search for info on tuna or seafood, there have an article that lists the types of tuna and which ones are less risky. Personally, I just avoid tuna altogether because I am continually pregnant or breastfeeding and don’t want to take the risk. We eat salmon most of the time instead.

  16. I don’t beleive in the vaccine either…but hubby thinks he does! Thank goodness there is none to be found and the dates and places to recieve the H1N1 have been canceled. My hubby has ashma so I think he really wants the vaccine!

    I have had one of my 6 kiddos survive the Flu and 1 child upstairs now with the flu. I have been giving them a homiopathic remedy called Oscillococcinum made by Boiron in France. It seemed to lession the duration for my first child with the flu. So I have been using it for my second child.

    The docors up here in WA state have said, that so far all the folks whom have been tested do have the H1N1……. but all the area pharmacies are out of Tamaflu!
    So the best course of action is to just stay home as not to catch something else down at their office. No need to come in unless things get really bad health wise.

    We have quarinteened the sick child to a room with lots to drink and a ton of novels on tape from the library to pass the time! So far the illness (fever) has only lasted 3 days!

    Georgiann momma of 6
    .-= Fruitful Harvest´s last blog ..Giveaway and Writing 101~ =-.

  17. Thanks for the post, Stephanie! I have been spending loads on elderberry syrup, so I am very excited to learn how to make my own!

    Question for you- I am wanting to take oil of oregano but was reading that it can decrease your milk supply. Are you taking it while breastfeeding, and have you noticed any affect on your milk?


    1. @Amy, Amy, I only take Oil of Oregano in moderation when breastfeeding, and really, only when I think I really need it (like my previous throat infection). So I haven’t noticed it affect my milk, but probably because I haven’t used it enough in that situation. If you do try taking it, start slow with low doses and keep a close eye on how your milk supply does. It’s not good to take too much of anything, especially something strong like Oil of Oregano, while nursing.

  18. Thank you for this great overview! We are trying to do some of these things, but we could add a couple more steps to prevent the flu too.
    .-= Greta @ Mom Living Healthy´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday =-.

  19. The flu has been ground around our church a lot, and we are in a community group that meets weekly also, with 8 children in it. 3 Out of the 8 have had the H1N1 and it spread to a few adults, also, including myself. I was knocked down with symptoms for 4 days and haven’t been that sick in probably 10 years. I am just thankful my 9 mo old & 2 year old didn’t get it, too!
    I think the MOST important thing about the flu, H1N1 or season, OR just yucky fever or sickness in general for moms is to *please* keep your kiddos home when they are sick. Green mucus is a big sign of being contagious, and fever should be a no-brainer. Just because it gets in the way of your plans–it is not for everyone’s benefit. If parents kept sick kids (and themselves!) home, things wouldn’t spread as bad as they do…including this nasty flu.
    Sarah M
    .-= Sarah M´s last blog ..In Review: The Soloist =-.

  20. Our boys had the flu last week. They were not tested nor given tamiflu. They had a mild case, compared to some. A fever, horrible body aches, congestion, cough etc. They both felt pretty horrible for 2 days but by day 4 their energy level were returning and their symptoms were subsiding.

    We did not or will not get the vaccine, for the reasons that you mentioned. My husband and I share similar beliefs with you regarding this issue.

    I do have to say that during the time our boys were sick our biggest concern was the information about the flu that we were given by our health care providers. During our week of the flu we saw and spoke with different doctors and nurses from our hospital and Pediatrician’s office. Each person said something different about the vaccine, the flu in general, the severity of the full etc. It was disheartening that we put our children’s lives, our lives in these people hands and yet they are not all on the same page.

    I agree with you, we are not getting the whole truth. But I also wonder if anyone truly knows what the “truth” is!


  21. Stephanie – Thanks for a great post! We aren’t vaccinating in our family either. I do believe that the drug companies are the only ones that are going to be benefitting from it.

    Thanks for the info on the different supplements.


  22. great post! one I actually planned on doing myself soon! (just haven’t gotten around to it. we’re doing many of the same things. I made my own elderberry syrup! turned out great!! Also doing Probiotics chewables for the kids, vit. c, cod liver oil, etc…
    btw-I read recently that supposedly Echinacea is the WRONG thing to take in conjunction with the H1N1… I need to read more, but I read this several places…. just thought I’d drop that in!
    thanks for the great post!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Soapmaking =-.

  23. Thanks for the post and natural ideas. I am 13 weeks pregnant and am on the fence about getting the H1N1 vaccine. If I was not pregnant I would not be getting it. I have worries both ways; will the vaccine have harmful side effects for the baby, or will the baby get sick and possibly die if I do get the flu! That is a scary decision! I have known a lot of people who have gotten it so I know it is going around at my church and my son’s preschool. This makes me think that there is a good possibility that I could get it too.

    1. @Sheri, Sheri, I would avoid the vaccine, personally. I think that the likelihood of you both catching the flu, and having it severe enough to harm or kill your baby, is less likely than possible effects from the vaccine. Pregnancy is not the time to be taking vaccinations, especially so early on in pregnancy. I know others will disagree, but that would be my stance on it. I would just play it really safe this season, with where you go, who you’re exposed to, and really make sure to eat well and keep your immune system functioning as well as you can!

  24. Great information and resources. Thank you. I’d been hoping/waiting for you to post on this! It’s a little overwhelming trying to navigate all the inform/misinformation out there. I finally realized that for the most part, everyone is trying to do there best (in the healthcare system and natural health advocates) but humans beings are limited. God’s hand is here in the darkness of flu and He is sovereign and I need to trust that He will give me the wisdom to treat my family.

    There is a real push for families with infants to get the vaccine. Do you know of any harmful effects passed on to the infant through breastmilk if a mother gets the vaccine? And is it safe to take oil of oregano while breastfeeding. It seems so potent.

    1. @Andrea, Andrea, I don’t know exactly how the vaccine is passed to a nursing infant through breastmilk. That would definitely be something to research! But generally almost everything a mother consumes or is exposed to makes it to her baby through her milk, so the question is really just what effect, not whether it will have an effect. And I just don’t know the answer to that.

      And I would consider it safe to take Oil of Oregano while breastfeeding, but in a lower dose than you might otherwise. It is potent, for sure.

  25. Thanks for this great post Stephanie. I have been doing some research on natural prevention too. And Oil of Oregano..I just recently heard of this and it is one of the recommended supplements for the Chronic Mono that I have. I can’t wait to try it out!

  26. You may appreciate this innovative germ-prevention tip: There is a great program out called Germy Wormy that helps reinforce coughing and sneezing into the elbow (in a fun and natural way!). Before I went to the website, I always used my hands. Now I get it, hands touch, elbows don’t!! Kids can touch up to 300 surfaces in 1/2 an hour, and they hate to wash their hands. This is a simple thing that can make a huge difference. There is also an entertaining DVD that teaches kids how to do this and reinforces other important hygiene habits. It is such a positive lesson to be learned with this program, and its safe and drug-free!

  27. Stephanie could you share where you found or what it is called for a hand sanitizer? All the ones I can find contain alcohol and other wierd ingredients. I don’t want to use it all the time- I agree with the problem of killing off all the bacteria being a bad thing- but there are many times when I cannot wash my hands and then have to eat, or something like that.

    1. @Nola, Nola, we’ve been using regular hand sanitizer for now, and reserve it only for those times when we just cannot wash our hands and I think it’s important. I don’t like the ingredients in it, either.

      But, a commenter above left a link for a sanitizer called Cleanwell. I checked out the site and it looks like a really good alternative, so I think I’m going to order some!

  28. Great post. I am about 22 weeks pregnant and my mother has really been wanting me to get the vaccine. I have decided against it. We have been giving everyone in our family elderberry juice and immune defense vitamins daily. We also have been praying a lot and trusting the Lord. If I were not pregnant I would probably not be quite as concerned.

  29. This is a fantastic post, it is the most comprehensive advice on this I’ve seen. Another resource is a guide book written by my doctor, the doctor Martha Stewart had on her show to talk about the top medical tests everyone should have, Dr. Pedre. He is an integrative practitioner, which means he works with a combo of western and alternative treatments. His ebook, the Ultimate Swine Flu Survival Guide gives all the facts on the vaccines and natural cures so everyone can make the decisions right for them. Good Luck and Good Health everyone!

  30. Great blog! In our office, Tuttle Chiropractic, we know that getting an adjustment boosts the immune system and our patients have found that if they come in while feeling sick they get better quicker because their immune system has been stimulated. We always encourage our patients to get adjusted as much as possible at the first sign of a cold or flu to make sure that their immune system is functioning at 100% and they are able to avoid sickness.

  31. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all folks you really understand what you are talking approximately! Bookmarked. Kindly also discuss with my site =). We could have a link change arrangement among us

  32. Hi
    Interesting read. In the summer of 2011 (jan) I was 32 weeks pregnant and caught swine flu and pneumonia. With a collapsed lung and on the deathbed, I was put into an induced coma for two weeks, my baby was taken out to give me a better chance of survival. It was the most horrid two weeks of my life. But I fought and battled every day to just reach my baby . I finally woke two weeks later and held him in my arms. Then it was two weeks of learning to walk again and trying to get my lungs healed enough to walk out of hospital, and not seeing my son very often as I was in another area. Well eventually I walked out of there with my little one in my arms, barely able to take a breath or walk. It was a long recovery and still it’s effects are traumatising me and now I’m suffering a chronic illness. But we are alive. And it was all due to a doctor sending me home when I was ill in the first place, then two days later with no memory and coughing up blood it all happened. My point here is that I don’t think I will knowingly ever inject myself with that vaccine , which is the flu itself and , and expose my baby to it. Every year there are new strains, and one can never be totally protected. If you are pregnant keep away from busy major shopping centres and boost yourself as stated above. Our immunities are already weakened by the pregnancy , so look after yourselves.

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