Too Many Holiday Sweets? Give Your Body a Sugar Break

Too Many Holiday Sweets? Give Your Body a Sugar Break

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Am I the only one who finds the holidays a struggle with all of the sugary temptation? I’m over at Simple Organic, talking about an important thing that we can do to help our bodies combat the sugar overload…

Holidays are a time for indulging. We stuff ourselves on turkey feasts, swear that we couldn’t eat another bite, and then happily inhale a scrumptious piece of pumpkin pie. We attend multiple social functions, each one presenting its own array of sweet treats or special drinks.

Kitchens are full of temptation, as we bake cookies or make fudge to give as gifts and stocking stuffers (and sneak just a little taste ourselves).

I (unfortunately) find that I eat a lot of sugar during the Christmas season. Certainly more than I usually would. Most of us do, despite the fact that we know so much sweetness isn’t good for us in a multitude of ways.

If I had written this post a month ago, I might have given you tips on cutting back on sugar during the holidays, healthier alternatives and that sort of thing. But it’s a little late for that now. The damage is done, the sugar consumed. So now what do we do?

Read the rest of the post at Simple Organic.

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  1. I am so glad that you posted this! I decided last week that I would like to commit to being sugar-free for the month of January, so I am so glad that there are others on the same boat! I think it would be really helpful to have a mini series on sugarless snacks that are easy to make ahead & grab when a sugar craving is coming on. I am a little fearful about the early days when I know that the detox symptoms are going to be difficult, but I really feel like sugar has become an idol in my life (I am always thinking about my next sweet treat), so I need to cut it out for a while. Thanks again for the great post!

  2. Sugar is my number one worst addiction – ugh! The only time I have successfully kicked the habit was during college, about a decade ago, when I was rowing varsity crew. Twice-a-day workouts and eating protein like crazy helps keep those sugar cravings away, but the first month was still pretty painful. The more I type, the more I realize I really need to work on this…sigh…thanks for the great post! 🙂

  3. My family is planning to go surger free starting in about a week. But I am concerned about the early detox for me because I am breast feeding. Is there any safe way to do it?

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