Rich Carob Balls & Allergy-Friendly "Sugar" Cookies {Healthy Holiday Treats with Allergy-Friendly Options!}

Rich Carob Balls & Allergy-Friendly “Sugar” Cookies {Healthy Holiday Treats with Allergy-Friendly Options!}

Shannon has declared a Christmas edition of Works-for-me-Wednesday, so here are a couple of great cookie recipes. They are both quite healthy, and very adaptable to different diets and allergies (wheat free, gluten free, egg or dairy allergy, etc.)! Enjoy!

This is one of our favorite little treats! The recipe originated from Rejuvenate Your Life, and I just adapted it. We like to keep these in the freezer, but they’re also good out of the fridge.

Rich Carob Balls & Allergy-Friendly "Sugar" Cookies {Healthy Holiday Treats with Allergy-Friendly Options!}
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Allergy-Friendly "Sugar" Cookies {Healthy Holiday Treats with Allergy-Friendly Options!}

Course: Desserts and Sweets
Author: Ann Timm


  • 1 1/4 cups butter if you must substitute the butter out, please use coconut oil, not margarine!
  • 3/4 cup honey
  • 1 Tbsp. vanilla
  • 3 cups flour your choice- wheat, spelt, rice, millet, etc. (I first tried this recipe when my sis-in-law made it with brown rice flour, and they were great! Slightly crumbly, but overall very good!)


  • Blend the butter and honey and vanilla
  • Stir in the flour until well mixed
  • Chill until dough is firm
  • Roll out and press into fun Christmas shapes! My daughter and I are making these tomorrow and we intend to make Christmas trees, stars, wreaths, and a cross (I know, different holiday, but we had to get Jesus in there somehow!).
  • Edit: Bake at 350 F for just under 10 minutes. Depending on your oven, you may need to lower the temperature, or cook for more like 6-8 minutes, so just keep a close eye on the first batch or two. (Silly me- I forgot to mention how to bake them when I first posted. Hmm, maybe midnight is not a good time for posting...)

The final step is just an add on, from my childhood. My step-Mom would always melt chocolate and dip shortbread cookies in halfway. Sooo, I am going to melt some grain-sweetened carob chips (for pete’s sake, it’s Christmas- use chocolate if you want to!!!), and I will dip these yummy little cookies in it. I think I will have to add a bit of milk or cream to get a nice texture, and melt the chocolate (carob, whatever) in a double boiler so it doesn’t burn.

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  1. I have tons of food allergy recipes that I adapt but have never tried either of these. They look wonderful and I can let my oldest make them herself (she is almost 10 and loves to bake.)

  2. These look great. What are the instructions for baking? Did I miss that? Thanks for sharing some holiday treat alternatives.

  3. Oh good, I’m glad they look yummy to all of you!

    fullheartandhands, yes, I forgot the baking instruction for the “sugar” cookies! Thanks for noticing! I’ve edited it now to include that info!

  4. I love this! My eldest deals with bipolar and is totally off refined cane sugar, white flour and caffeine- this is a tough time of the year for him and we try to keep foods out of our home that he cannot have. I will be making these very soon! Thank you!

  5. You’re welcome, Sarah! We have a lot of food allergies and restrictions in our family, for various health issues, so we just love finding or figuring out good recipes that help us to feel like we’re not missing out. I hope your son enjoys the cookies!

  6. Oops- sorry Kellie! Yes, the carob is 3/4 cup. Thanks for pointing that out. Hope you enjoy them!

  7. We will be trying both recipes…thanks!!

    I wanted to make “sugar” cookies and dip them in chocolate and then sprinkle some tiny bits of candy cane on them and give them as Christmas gifts to friends.

  8. Hi Stephanie! Have you tried substituting applesauce for any of the honey? We’re trying these this year, sounds yummy!

  9. Great recipe!I am going to try these tomorrow but I am glad to see that there isn’t 3 cups of sugar and 2 sticks of butter in this recipe.I foound your site while googling healthy christmas cookies and so glad I found your blog!Merry Christmas

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