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There is a lot of bad news out there. Sometimes, being on the internet so much, I can tend to feel overwhelmed by all that I read and see.

One site in particular has really been getting to me lately, with what I feel is a particularly negative, hopeless and humanistic approach. If I were to listen only to that site, I might really be struggling to find any hope at all, in the midst of so many dangers and cautions and conspiracies and the like.

Perhaps you are like me, and feel that you are doing your very best, as you continually seek to improve aspects of your health and nutrition, avoid dangerous foods and products and toxins, and still find balance in your life. Yet we are daily being told that it is not enough!

I can’t do it all. I know from your comments and emails that neither can you.

There is much fear mongering in the area of health information and education, and it is truly unfortunate. Much of it is used to manipulate us and/or convince us to part with more of our money. Some of it is well intentioned and I believe sincerely offered out of compassion and care. But yet, discerning between the two can be nearly impossible, can’t it?

In general, there is a serious lack of hope in all of the hype and claims and new discoveries and all of the things that we must do in order to be “healthy”.

But what good is it all anyways? So much of the information out there is self-help or self-actualization or even heal-thyself-because-god-is-within-you garbage.

There is a vast difference between careful and conscientious stewardship, and believing that you are capable of turning everything around and creating perfect health for you and your loved ones. One is God-focused, and the other is me-focused.

Let’s face it. We live in a sin-burdened, broken-down mess of a world. No matter how healthy or green or natural we may become, we all share the same end, and that is physical death and an eternity either with God or without Him.

Pursuing health and natural living is not the ultimate goal. They are merely tools that can be used to enable us to live more in harmony with the creation God has so lovingly given us to have dominion over, to steward it and to preserve it for future generations, and to experience more energy and vitality in these incredible bodies that He has designed so that we may be more fully able to minister to others and seek His kingdom, and nothing more!

Where is our hope then, in the midst of so much brokenness, despair, sickness, and confusion?

It cannot be found in this diet or that supplement or in being healed of this ailment or avoiding that toxin.
Any and all hope that we could ever desire to find can be found in nothing but the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is only in the real salvation and healing of our souls that Christ alone offers (as opposed to the counterfeits offered by the world)  that we can and should place our ultimate trust.

I do not long for a day when I am able to cook perfectly of completely naturally produced food, and rid my home of any toxins, or when I have abounding energy and feel free of all sickness or disease. I do not long for cleaner skies and seas, a reduction in landfills, uncontaminated soil or pure drinking water.

No, I long for something far, far greater.

I long for the day when my Savior returns on the clouds, and with the resounding of a trumpet call, draws me home to be with Him forever. I long for an eternity where the truest healing awaits- no more sickness, no more death, no more tears, no more sorrow (Rev 21:3-5).

And so as I walk daily through this world in which I am merely a stranger and an alien, I choose hope. Not in what Dr. Mercola or Nourishing Traditions or Weston Price (and certainly not Keeper of the Home) have to say.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. 

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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  1. What a timely post. Last night my husband and I discussed this very thing. Thank you for saying it so well!!!

  2. Beautiful post, and something that I have been thinking about a lot lately.

    I try to be a good steward to what the Lord has so bountifully blessed me and my family with. We make (mainly) good food choices, buy organic when it makes sense, avoid processed food to a great extent, walk or bike when we can, conserve energy, and recycle. But it’s all for the glory of God.

    I will be spending time this summer with close family members who OBSESS about organic everything (food, clothing, linen, skin care….), dangers of cellphones, and all matter of concern and I just want to say – so what? So you add 1.73 years to your life…so? Extending their life/reducing perceived dangers has become their god. But then I feel that way about all the anti-aging/life extension stuff that’s in practically every women’s magazine.

    Thanks for this inspiring post.

  3. Amen. What a timely post, Stephanie, and what a good reminder. I’ve been getting a little scared lately too (something tells me we’re reading the same stuff!). And with my husband’s Fast Company magazine focusing on China’s apocalyptic-driven invasion of Africa, we’ve both had to refocus more often than usual. Jesus truly is our only hope and only salvation, and *that* is what truly matters.

  4. What a thoughtful post! It’s a great reminder, because you’re right; it’s easy to get caught up in worldly things and feel totally overwhelmed. That pretty much applies to anything, not just living a healthy lifestyle! Your focus on what is truly important is what beings me back to your blog again and again. I’m so glad that God is using you to touch others with your writing! 🙂

  5. You know that is why I choose not to watch the news. I would literally be living in fear and never leave my house.

    One of my favorite sayings is “negative in, negative out”.

    Knowing that it is in God’s hands is all the hope I need.

    Great post!

  6. A very important reminder, that is for sure! I’m a worrier by nature…I joke that worrying is my biggest hobby, and sadly, this often seems to be the case if I don’t stop to pray, pray, pray just as the icky little seeds are beginning to sprout.

    Several years ago, I had to give up watching the news, during my husband’s last deployment to the Sandy Place. At first I worried about how I would stay “in the loop” with current events, how on earth could I know what was going on, but those worries soon evaporated with much of my other worries that were obviously being fueled from the media’s offerings. Since then, I’ve stopped reading most books, magazines, etc that are “fear mongering” type writings, anything that puts an inappropriate fear in my heart, or else I would probably be too scared to really live, and that wouldn’t be good at all. What a true sort of peace this decision has brought me, allowing me to worry less and depend on God more & more. Terrible, awful things happen in our fallen world, but we still have His goodness to cling to, and what an immense blessing beyond all words that is!

  7. Your post made me cry. I have been struggling to come back to this daily, and Christ in His grace has been reminding me of all you said and again today through your words. I told my husband I had been feeling like there was a black cloud over me all the time, no matter how happy I was on any day. God reminded me that we should always been looking toward the “dawn.” I can not do it all, can not control the world; God is in control. He is my Father, and I have to trust Him as a little child.

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