Why I Love Being a Mom (Let’s Shout It Out Loud)

“Wow, you’ve really got your hands full.”

“Are they all yours?”

“You must be so busy. I don’t know how you do it.”

Since adding a 4th child to our family this past winter, these comments and many others have begun to abound when we set foot outside our home (I know- still such a small family, right?). In fact, they began even earlier, when I first had a toddler and a newborn, and salespeople would shake their heads and cluck sympathetically.

Sadly, it’s common to hear negative remarks about children in our society. People frequently grumble about the expense, the noise, the trouble, the mess, yes the burden of children.

But moms, I have to ask this question (and I’m asking myself along with you)… what are WE saying about children?

Last week and this week, I’ve been taking all the kids to a local swimming pool for lessons every morning. Each 30 min. session of lessons requires getting everyone ready at home, packing up towels, soap, combs, clean underwear, and the proverbial kitchen sink, then driving there, getting them ready and into the pool, watching lessons, showering and dressing afterwards, back out to the car (lugging a heavy baby seat because my stroller is broken), and then driving home in an un-air conditioned van. It’s a 2+ hour marathon.

These lessons have honestly felt like a chore to me most days, instead of the fun activity I wanted them to be (granted, the kids are having fun and learning water safety, so I’ve achieved my goal).

When someone sees me red-faced, struggling along with my brood, tired, back aching, trying to keep everyone safe as we navigate the massive and crowded pool parking lot, and they comment “you sure have your hands full” or “glad it’s you, not me”, I’m sorely tempted to agree with their assessment of the situation.

When I find myself in the dirty, sticky, sweaty, exhausting trenches when motherhood feels hard, I’m not likely to wax eloquent about the blessings of children and why I love being a mom. More often than not, I’m liable to nod and sigh and agree that my lot in life is hard indeed.

But I’m wrong.

I’m wrong when I complain and whine and agree that motherhood is too hard. I’m wrong when I fail to affirm the beauty and sheer privilege that it is to know and raise up these precious little ones.

I’m wrong when I go along with the culture’s flawed perspective on children and their value. And I’m most definitely wrong when I refuse to open my mouth to attest to the goodness of God’s plan for families, to treasure and be enriched by the children He’s given us.

Mothers, we get all up in arms when we sense that society is belittling us, making our choice to be with our children trivial and insignificant, and portraying motherhood as a mindless career full of nose-wiping, potty-training and crust-cutting. It angers us when we are demeaned and looked down upon as mothers. But what are we doing about it?

When was the last time that you took a stand for motherhood?

When someone says, “are they all yours?” do you smile and say “yes, I am so blessed” and really mean it? When a full-time career woman with no children wonders aloud how you can handle being home with your young children all day, are you quick to tell her that you can’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling and that you love spending your days with your kids?

I’m not a particularly emotionally-expressive person. My husband sometimes has a hard time knowing when I am especially happy, or enjoying myself. He knows I feel it on the inside and think it in my head and sometimes I express it in simple words, but he occasionally reminds me that I also need to “tell my face”.

Perhaps we need to “tell our face” that we love being a mom.

We need to make it abundantly clear, both to ourselves and to the others watching us that loving our kids is more than lip service. Of course we all adore our kids, but we need to show that we also love being with them. That we cherish their companionship. That caring for them and serving them day in and day out is a true privilege and unspeakable joy for us. That there’s nothing burdensome about it.

I’m going to start us on a list of reasons why I love being a mom. And then I want you all to finish for me, with your own reasons why you also love being a mom.

Here are some ways that you can join me:

1. You can leave a comment sharing why you love being a mom.

2. You can pin this post, along with your own reason.

3. You can share this on Facebook with a reason.

4. You can tweet your reason.

I would love nothing better than to see this post go viral, not because of anything I’ve written but because other moms got on board and publicly shared what makes being a mom so unbelievably great.

Things that I love about being a mom:

  • Holding a sleeping baby and feeling their soft, warm breath
  • The make-believe worlds of my children
  • Toddler pronunciations… affority (authority), babing suit (bathing suit), ank oo (thank you), chik-munk (chipmunk), or the entire way that my son speaks, like a mix between a southern and English accent (um, random?)
  • My 3 year old blond imp of girl, sweetly shrugging her shoulders at me and smiling to try to get her own way
  • Praying with and hugging my kids after I have to discipline or correct them
  • Gathering on the couch to read a good book together
  • Watching my first baby girl begin to metamorphasize into a lovely young lady
  • A very full queen-sized bed when all four come and join us on deliciously lazy mornings
  • Blueberry-stained children after a Saturday morning pancake breakfast
  • My 5 year old son, stealthily creeping down stairs before anyone else is up, asking if he can join me for devotions
  • Seeing my children learn to show generosity and kindness and compassion to others
  • Bouquets of dandelions, daisies, honeysuckles and other assorted weeds

These are just a few. I could go on all day if I let myself. But I’d rather leave it to you. 

Why do you love being a mom?

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  1. DS1 (now 15) used to call ambulances “ambelopes”

    DS2 (now 14) will make a great host one day, because he is continually concerned about how others are doing and if they need anything. When he brings me flowers (dandelions, clovers etc) from the yard, he will bring one for his sister as well.

    DS1 and DS2 will still hug me in public!

    DD (age 9) uses more of my craft supplies than I do, because she loves to create things – a bunk bed for her Webkinz, using a cardboard tray that used to house cans of ravioli to make a yard environment for her dog figurines.

    DD also uses my cell phone more than I do and I can’t tell you how many of her dinosaur videos we have to load onto the computer because she’s maxed out the space on the phone.

    When I’m up early and DD wakes up, she comes out to the living room, still half asleep, and climbs up into my lap for a cuddle.

    I could go on…and on…and on…:O)

  2. I love the sweet hugs and wet kisses of my 2 yr old.
    I love hearing how his voice changes when he thinks he’s in trouble.
    I love moments when he stops running and sits quietly on my lap.
    I love how he likes to hold my hand. And I love hearing his sweet prayers as he learns to pray.
    On another note, thanks for this site. I just found it this weekend. My health is forcing me to make some changes to how we eat and your site has helped me to see it as a little less overwhelming.

  3. I love this post! I have only been blessed with one child, and while I’m not a terribly upbeat person by nature, and certainly not the most serene mother (I definitely get frustrated when my son “pushes my buttons”), I’ve been dismayed at how so many mothers complain about motherhood. I used to think it was because of all the stresses that go along with having a large family, but the truth is that I’ve seen mothers with small families like mine do the same thing. It’s sad when stay-at-home moms perpetuate the myth that caring for young children mindless work filled with drudgery. This has not been my experience at all! I think it takes a lot of intelligence and creativity to handle the challenges of motherhood and to teach and guide the development of a young child. As a profession, motherhood can be stressful. As a relationship, its stresses probably top that of any other relationship, due to its intensity. But in my experiences, the joys of motherhood far outweigh the challenges, and challenges are an integral component of anything that is worth doing well.

    I could go on for hours about what I love about motherhood, but here are my top two:

    The cuddles

    Seeing the world through the eyes of a child, with a renewed enthusiasm, excitement and wonder.

    1. I would completely agree that about the intelligence and creativity that it takes to be a good mom. Motherhood is so far from a mindless job full of drudgery. It is a very full career, that requires far more of me than anything I ever prepared for in university!

  4. I have seven children with an eighth on the way. I love watching my older children with my toddler and seeing how he reciprocates the love they pour into him. I love watching my six-year-old daughter read to her little brothers especially if one is sick. I never had brothers and I am loving watching my big boys grow into young men. I love watching my oldest daughter become a young lady with all the hopes and dreams attached. I guess you said one thing and I was carried away!
    I also love to tell people who question my sanity that I am living the dream of my life. That ever since I can remember I wanted to have as many children as God would give me so I am very blessed in having this desire fulfilled. In our society where everyone is encouraged to pursue their dream at all costs this statement makes people stop being negative with me. 🙂

  5. I love being a mom because it reminds me daily of our Father’s deep love for us. My heart overflows with love for my precious children and I get a glimpse of what the Scriptures means when it speaks of the Father’s great love for us.

    Additionally, I truly believe that I am a missionary in my own home, raising up life-long disciples for Jesus. I first show my children what love is (including asking for forgiveness when I throw a “tantrum” at them) and then they are more inclined to believe me when I explain how much Jesus loves them. I am Jesus (on Earth) to them in that I am His ambassador (2 Cor. 5:20) and they are Jesus (on Earth) to me in that I serve them as I would serve Christ (Matt. 25: 31-46).

  6. This post made me so excited I could hardly stand it! 🙂 I’m so tired of all the Mommy Complaining! Let’s kick it to the curb, baby!

    I’ll be posting on Facebook today. 🙂 Thanks, Stephanie!

  7. I love being a mom because it gives my life meaning. I cannot think of anything more important or gratifying that I would rather be doing than raising my five children. I sometimes get negative comments, and usually they are from people who I would expect to say such things. My mother-in-law has told me many times not to have any more kids. They think it costs too much money to have more than two. How insane is that, to look at children as a price tag! My husband and I are not rich people, but we support our children and live with in our means. Every child is a gift from God and should be treasured! Even when they drive us nuts!!!

  8. Lovely post! I am with you all the way. I have a 21 month old son and am in the 1st trimester of pregnancy with our second, due in March. Sometimes being sick and fatigued makes taking care of a toddler very tiring, and then I forget the joy and importance of motherhood! I am gearing up for the “are they all yours?” comments,which I know will come someday, as we don’t intend on stopping at 2 kids 🙂

    Some of my favorite things about motherhood are:

    The uncontrollable giggles when my son does something purposefully silly. It is so much fun to laugh with your kids!

    The cuteness of him lying asleep in his crib at night, oblivious to me bending over him and whispering good night.

    When he hurts something and wants me to kiss it 🙂

    These days of a toddler learning to talk, and his funny interpretations of words!

    A face covered in oat meal.

    How he gathers a stack of books and plops it on the bed,so we can read together in bed!

    The fact that motherhood, more than anything else, has brought me “out of myself” and taught me so much about the love and sacrifice of Jesus!

  9. I love waking up before anyone else and remembering how blessed I am. I love seeing my 2 year old trying to learn how to build Legos . I love hearing my boys giggle up a storm

  10. Wonderful post! I love to hear my children laugh. Laughter = happiness and their happiness means everything to me.

  11. I have a 2 1/2 year old boy, and another boy due this Friday. When people ask if we’re having a boy or girl this time, and I tell them it’s a boy their faces fall and they always ask next, “are you going to actually have another one after this to try and have that girl?” I always respond that would love to have more children if it works out, and if they are all boys that would be wonderful too. Our family size is not about the gender of the kids but the blessing they are. I hope the Lord will allow us at least 4-5 little ones, but only time will tell.

    My favorite parts of being a Mama are:
    Watching our older son with his music. We will start to sing, then he grabs his toddler acoustic guitar and rocks out songs like Amazing Grace, 10,000 Reasons, or How Great Is Our God. His passion is beyond words when he sings to the Lord!

    Seeing my toddler prepare for a new baby. Saying goodnight to baby brother by whispering sweet nothings to my tummy and giving it a kiss, telling me how he wants to hug and hold the baby, helping daddy put together the crib in our room so baby can sleep, or telling me it’s time for baby to come.

    Having him come and sit with me at the end of the evening. He is a very independent little one, which we’ve known from when he was born. I love the moments when in the middle of play he stops, runs over to me and gives me a big hug and kiss.

  12. I love being a mother. I have 5 children (ranging in age from 20 months to 22 years old) that have brought so much joy and some heart ache into my life. You know when you are young people always ask, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I never had an answer. I believe God intended me to be a mother. To me, it’s the best job in the world. I wouldn’t trade it for any other job. It is the most rewarding, satisfiying thing I could ever do. I am so thankful that my huband has a job that allows me to be able to stay home with my kids. It would break my heart to have to leave them. By the way, I home school them too. I had my last baby when I was 42 years old, after trying for 9 years. I endured people saying the most insensitive things to me, like: you’re too old to be having a baby, don’t you know how that happens?, I’m glad it’s you and not me, etc…I’m glad too! I’m glad that God blessed me with a precious baby boy after trying and praying for one for 9 years. My own mother was so mad at me she wouldn’t talk to me for 2 weeks. I just don’t know what’s wrong with some people. It’s not like my family is a burden to society. We aren’t on welfare and I would never ask any of them to babysit. I guess they all got over it. Every one of those people treat my baby like he is a precious gift now. He is such a blessing from God. Okay, I will get off my soap box now. Thanks for listening.

  13. I have a 3 yr old, 2 yr old, 1 yr old, and #4 on the way! I LOVE the dozens of “will you kiss it?”s I get all day for boo boos and bonks! And all the “will you pway for it?”s that come with them! SO precious to me! And I LOVE hearing my 3 year pray for others and the sweet things on her heart. 🙂

  14. We have a 7month old daughter and could not be happier or feel more blessed. I love the privilege of watching her learn about and discover the world. I also love her giggles and being able to make her laugh.

  15. Yes, yes, yes! I have grown weary of all the complaining on FB, etc. Sometimes it is couched in the word “transparency,” but often it is just complaining. I get those comments a lot. I only have 3, but I had them right in a row and had 3 and under. I got stares and comments constantly. I always answer, “yes, it’s busy but I love it!”

    1. Right. The complaining really has become wearisome. I agree (and I readily admit, I can be a part of it). There’s some level of confusion among us moms between what it means to be honest and yes, transparent, and when it’s really just grumbling under the guise of something positive.

  16. I absolutely love this post! I am a Mom of 3 little ones and I get those comments all the time! “Wow, you have your hands full” is the most common, to which I’ve begun to answer, “Yes, my hands are full of all these blessings!” It really quiets those people down! I love being a Mom for so many different reasons, but some of my favorites are:
    1. seeing my two older children look after their little sister and seeing her want to do everything the others are doing
    2. hearing each of their little laughs
    3. watching them sleep
    4. the smell of my children – each has their own and each is awesome!
    5. praying with them and showing them the way to Jesus
    Thanks for this post, Stephanie! It’s awesome!

  17. Wonderful post and so true – I especially agree about the inner grumbling we sometimes have about being moms that should stop. I cannot count the reasons I love being a mom, but here are two top ones: learning from my almost 3 year old’s gentle spirit; making my 4 month old smile and laugh 🙂

  18. This was such an encouraging post! I have 4 boys, ages 4 years to 4 months (with many more coming, Lord willing! (-: ), and have gotten comments on them since I had just the first two. Surprisingly, even though I hear the “You have your hands full!” comment, it’s usually said with a smile or laugh and I am able to laugh along with them and tell them that “Yes, they keep me busy, but I sure enjoy my 4 boys!” 🙂 It usually leads to a short time of sharing stories from their children growing up, etc. Perhaps I should mention that most of those comments are made by “Grandma-age” people. 😉
    I totally understood and agreed when she said how easy it is to fall into the “sigh and agree” mode, as I tend to often feel that way when I’m home alone with them all day. 🙂 Thankfully, naptime/bedtime still comes, even on the most trying of days, and I get a chance to reflect and enjoy the cute, fun things they did instead of dwelling on the ornery, annoying things. 🙂
    Things I enjoy most about my children… That’s a hard one!
    – I love hearing how they pronounce words… my most recent favorites are “champ-u-line” for trampoline and “poxsible” for popsicle!
    – I love when they come running up in the middle of playing to throw their arms around my neck and give me a kiss with a “love you, Mom!”
    – I love… so many other things I wouldn’t be able to list them all! 🙂

  19. Oh, this is good and timely for me. I’ve been struggling lately with feeling like a failure as a mom and not treasuring the precious gifts the Lord has given me. I’ve been selfish and it’s showing in my mothering. Today I’m feeling renewed but soon little feet will descend and the day will truly begin. Today’s prayer is that God’s grace will carry me through and help my face show my children (and the world) how very much I love them and what a privileged it is to be their mommy.
    This is the job I’ve always wanted and I do love it.
    I love the spontaneous “I love you’s”
    I love the impish grins of my 2 year old.
    I love the way my 6 year old still says “aminals”
    I love the sweet snuggles of my 4 year old.
    I love the bittersweetness of reaching milestones.
    I love being told I’m loved b/c I’m “so soft and comfy” (here’s hoping they’re referring to my clothing!)
    I do love being a mom and I think I need a shirt that says so!
    Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

  20. Thank you, thank you! I needed this today! I have four as well and people do shake their heads and ask “How do I do it?” “With God’s help” I want to say but never say it enough! We never really planned on having four and I came from a small family so this is all new and sometimes scary and too loud but we are truly blessed. I appreciate your story on the swimming lessons because too many times I don’t want to “mess with it” and my children don’t get out of the house as much as they should. But every time I get them out whether to the park or beach we have a blast. It’s just the preparation that can be burdensome. But it’s worth it.
    BTW-two of my children had a “french” accent/Missouri accent and a friend of mine from Illinois, her child has a “New Jersey” accent 🙂 thanks for making my day!

  21. I love being a Mom because God uses motherhood to refine me and make me a better person. Sometimes the lessons are hard but the blessings are out of this world! 🙂

  22. I love this post. I love your blog.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this. It too bugs me when people impose upon me how they feel about children: Are of what you’ve said I’ve heard plus ‘When are you going back to work?’ ‘Do you want any more children?’ ‘You’ve got three boys? Wow’, etc.

    I love being a mom, especially when I see how happy my children are, how compassionate they are to one another and how much fun they have with each other. It also gives me great joy that they love being with me and in our home. They are a hilarious buch, too! I could go on just like you said, but I want to end with I love that God chose me to mother my sons and entrusted me with their care. As I home educate them and see them forming into the image of Christ, I praise God so much for the awesome privilege of motherhood.

  23. I have 18 month old twin boys and I get a lot of “glad its you and not me” sometimes I will respond with a, “me too,” but mostly I just smile. I love being a mom because I always have company, my husband works 4 hours away and I am never alone. I love teaching them things that others don’t think of, (they know about 25 signs and one says, “hat a dood day” for have a good day. I love their humor and their curiosity. They give kisses all the time and will “nngu” (said in the back of the throat) for snuggle. I love how much they love me, no matter what. I also love not going to work, I remember that afternoon time when I would be tired and eating just to do something, that never happens now! Thank you for this article!

    1. I have 19 month old twin boys!! 🙂 Watching them develop is such an amazing joy that not many other people have the privilege of observing! We are so blessed!!

  24. Thank you for this post!! I have really been thinking about this alot lately-why has it become such a “burden” to some to be a mom?? Children are such a blessing from the Lord, it even says so in the Bible! 🙂 I hope to be able to have a large family-I have 2 toddler girls & another due in Feb. We will be happy & cherish how ever many God decides to give us!! Bless you all for sharing your thankfulness-I hope this does spread!

    A few things I LOVE about being a mommy:
    *listening to my 1.5 & 3.5 year old singing along to Christian radio in the car
    *my girls pretending to read books by themselves
    *listening to the children playing together off by themselves-laughing, talking, pretending etc.
    *watching my kids enjoy something for the 1st time
    *seeing how excited they both get when their daddy gets home from work, or suprises them during the day.

    For those who are blessed to be able to stay home with your children, enjoy every minute! Society may make us feel that we are not contributing in anyway, but we have the most important job of all–shaping a new generation!! God Bless you all!

  25. Yes yes and yes! My last blog post was on the same topic! Sometimes it is hard to be a mom of young children (isn’t anything worthwhile hard sometimes?), but I look at their littleness and feel almost enobled by their great need for me. I love overhearing them play “church” with their little toys–usually dinosaurs–or house with each other. The little conversations are so funny! What a joy they are!

  26. Thanks for this post, Stephanie! I had a similar post on Friday about children being a blessing. I listed all the negative things people told us we were expecting our 3rd in 4 years. Why are people so negative when you have more than 2 kids?!

    Your swim lesson experience sounds similar to mine earlier in the summer–except I was only trying to juggle two kids while being very pregnant! (BTW–I’m even MORE pregnant now…10 days overdue and counting!)

    I feel like I need to do a better job showing that I love my job on my face. I know I can show frustration, embarrassment, etc.

    Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  27. I love being a mom – but I want to really focus on your post and how I think you are right on about how important it is for all of us moms to talk about how much we love our children, ALL of them, even when they are a handful, even when it’s stressful, even when it’s expensive, even when we have to make do with less! Way to go! Thanks for getting this started!

  28. Thank you for this post. I am absolutely blessed by it and have posted it on my facebook, encouraging people to share their reasons for loving parenthood!

  29. Thank you for this reminder! I need to focus on my blessings as I am setting up in a new place near family while my husband is deployed. The thought of him being gone for so many months is a little daunting. I have an almost 23mo old son and almost 5mo old daughter. I’ve gotten the “you’ve got your hands full”,

  30. Stephanie, if you are struggling to herd your troupe of 4 tired and hungry kids across a car park, without a stroller because it’s broken, of course you are not going to feel full of joy and smiles at that moment. There is nothing wrong with being honest and realistic. Motherhood is difficult. At times, it is drudgery. At times, it does suck. Why paste a smile to your face and tell strangers about the blessings when that’s not how you’re feeling? That just seems dishonest and fake to me.

    I am a mother, but I work outside the home too. I find this most fulfilling. The times when I have been a stay-at-home-mum are the times I’ve felt most frustrated. If I work outside the home part of the time, I feel more fulfilled as a person and furthermore I enjoy my time with my children far more (and resent the drudgery far less). I’m not saying my set-up is for everyone, but then, neither is being a stay-at-home-parent.

    Personally, I think large families ARE going to be harder work and ARE going to make more demands on the mother. Large families aren’t for everyone either.

    1. I can’t imagine using “motherhood” and “suck” in the same sentence. It might have its moments of drudgery, but so does any job. I also work outside the home part-time, and would quit in a heartbeat if money were no object. Being a mother is so much more fulfilling to me than my part-time job.

    2. You’re right, we don’t need to be dishonest and fake when we’re truly exhausted. I do think it’s ok to admit when we’re tired or struggling. But those hard moments don’t define motherhood, and unfortunately, that’s what is most often represented to others. An honest response in that particular situation might be to smile and say “Yep, I’m really tired right now. But my kids are worth it.”

      There has been this interesting shift in recent years where our “honesty” and “realness” is valued so highly (especially in the blogosphere) that we’re almost congratulated for complaining about the hardships, instead of choosing to have a good attitude about this life that we’ve chosen (ie. being a mom). There is a time for admitting the difficulties of being a mom and coming alongside of each other, but personally, I’d love to hear about the joy and delight more frequently. Speaking positively and encouraging one another about what is good is always a helpful practice (in any area of life, not just being a mom!).

  31. *and “you’re done now, right? You’ve got a boy and a girl”. I try to respond with something like we’ll see, if the Lord chooses to bless us with more I would love them too. I love my nursing/sleeping baby girl snuggled around me. I love when my boy runs off to explore but then comes back and looks for me and hugs my leg. The smiles and giggles are infectious. When I’m upset with him especially when we are both tired and he gets up in my face and gives me a hug and kiss.

  32. I love reading to my girls!!! That is my number one best thing that I love about being a mom.

    I also get many comments about being a mom, and I only have THREE! I won’t begin to comment all the comments I get, or my husband gets, but its also terrible the ones we get because we have all girls (and no boys).

    This is a great reminder, thank you.

  33. I love looking into the faces of my children and seeing my husband and me looking back. They all look like us and every one says there’s no mistaking they are all related and of the same parents. I love the fact that I CAN take something to heaven with me, so my husband and I invest in their them instead of earthly things. I love having someone to love and someone who loves me too just because we belong to one another. I’m never lonely (or alone). I love that I have a reason to always work harder at be a good example, they keep me realistic. And I love that I have THE most important job in the world.

  34. I love watching my kids get the hang of something new; The way their face lights up and they tell everyone they can a million times, “I DID IT!”

  35. I live being a mom because I thought we’d never be able to have our own. I love being a mom because God listened to our prayers and answered them. I love being a mom because it is the hardest, most grace-giving thing God has used to draw me closer to Him. How could I not glorify God for such an amazing blessing? Even in the trying times!?

  36. Whew! I *needed* to hear this today! Thanks for the reminder!
    I am so grateful that I can still rock my babies to sleep.
    They don’t need to be rocked to sleep, but (at 3 and 1) they still let me. Praise the Lord! They are so sweet, innocent, beautiful, lovely, wonderful little people.

  37. I hear those comments all the time… My 5 kids and just 7 years from oldest to youngest. I don’t hesitate to pack everyone up for a trip to the park/museum/grocery store/market/etc. because they are a joy and I enjoy doing things with them. But, there are often good comments too. The other day two people stopped me to comment on my “beautiful family” and compliment me on how well behaved the kids are – Those comments go a long way in the heart of a momma 🙂

    I love being a mom because:
    -there is nothing more precious then holding your wet newborn for the first time
    -spontaneous kids hugs and kisses are straight from the heart
    -my kids make me smile 100 times a day
    -listening to my 7 yr old read his own devotions
    -hearing my 6 yr old carefully sound out word and seeing her “get it”!
    -watching them play together and be best friends

  38. Oh and the easiest way to do swimming (that I’ve found) it to have everyone in there bathing suits before you leave home. Dry off pool side afterward and throw some clothes over top, then get properly changed at home. You don’t have to bring nearly as much stuff.

  39. I love getting them back after they have been at grandma’s for a week!

    I have a single, childless friend who is always bemoaning how I am “stuck at home” and can never “get out and have fun.” I used to defend my husband, who I thought she was blaming for keeping me home in chains, and then one day it hit me. She just didn’t get it. having my kids wasn’t a punishment that I had to ‘get through” or ‘escape’. It was a choice my husband and I made, and we have them for so few years…and I finally had to tell her, somewhat rudely, that this is the life I chose, and that I am incredibly lucky to be able to stay home and do it at all! Then I told her in 11 years my last will be 18, and off on her own…and that we can hang out then, ok?
    She doesn’t bug me about it anymore 🙂

  40. Thanks so much for this post today! I am a mom of five ages 23 months to 8 and due with baby # six in about twelve weeks. I hear the negative comments daily and I struggle to find gracious replies for them on occasion. My go to answer that I believe with all my heart is that they are a blessing! I love being a mom because I truly believe it is what God has called me to be. These beautiful children He has so graciously blessed us with are precious and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

    Here are a few of my favorite things:)

    Listening to my youngest singing little songs in his baby voice.

    Teaching my five year old how to write his favorite words.

    Cheering on my eight year old as he plays baseball.

    Baking treats with my three year old who is such a momma’s boy.

    Spending time reading with my sweet seven year old daughter.

  41. I look forward to the sweet and funny things young children do. My first child is nearly three weeks old and holding him while he sleeps is so sweet (like right now!). Sure, waking in the night to feed him is wearing on me, but I can look ahead to a day coming soon when he will sleep through the night. It helps to remember things will not always be as they are presently.

  42. Loved this! I have 3 (4 in January!) and I’m preparing to be across the country for 11 days to be there for my friend after the birth of her first. Knowing that I won’t be spending each day with my precious little ones for that long has made every moment more special these last few weeks. There was a time when they were younger when I felt so overwhelmed and tired that I think I might have welcomed the “escape” much more than I do, now. At this point, I can honestly say I will miss them terribly, even though I’m sure it will be a time of refreshment as well. What a blessing that God has worked this attitude change in me! He gets all the glory, because I know in my own strength I would definitely agree with all the strangers who say they couldn’t do what I do. Neither could I without the grace of God!
    Things I’ll miss while I’m gone:
    Good night kisses with my girls (we have a ritual of kissing each part of each other’s faces)
    Watching the incredible enthusiasm on my son’s face when he discovers something new
    I could go on, but it’s making me cry too much!

  43. I recently started a gratitude journal and I aim to put 3 things in it daily. This has really helped me put things in perspective. I use an online one, http://happyrambles.com/, as it emails me each day and all I have to do is reply to the email. You can even include pictures! It is a great reminder to take at least 5 minutes for reflection every day.

  44. I loved this post! It blesses me to see other women with the heart to inspire moms to embrace JOY in their journey. 🙂 I’m THRILLED to be a mom… we have an almost 2-year-old and one on the way via adoption. 🙂 Life as a mom is good today for a zillion reasons…. one of them being that I love the way my son’s vocabulary and ability to communicate (and understand us) are developing. I just absolutely love it!! Blessings to your family today!

  45. Thanks for this post. It’s a great reminder! It amazes me how often I get the “hands full” comment with only two littles. I saw an article a while back written by a mom who always answered that comment with “Yes, full of good things!”. Here are some of the good things I love about being a mommy:
    – seeing my three year old little girl giving her one year old little brother a big hug
    – the whole family playing dinosaur and seeing how loud we can roar
    – dancing to silly songs after dinner
    – smiles and giggles while nursing
    – all the cuddles
    And many, many more!

  46. This post really makes me look forward to motherhood! I grew up as the oldest of 5 and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. What a joy it was to experience life in a big family! Thank you for taking a stand on the beauty of the family as God intended.

  47. My little guy is 8 months (almost!) and I love seeing him change, grow, and learn new things every day. It’s fascinating to see how God designed us to develop, little by little! And I love that he loves me just because I love him–not because I’m so funny, or especially beautiful, or have a perfect home. He loves me for being his mama! 🙂 Thanks for this great reminder! (And I get the hands-full comment, even with one. 🙂 )

  48. I love the millions of pictures and cards they have made for me and still make for me everyday.
    I love the giggles that come from their rooms in the morning, even though they are supposed to be in bed quietly.
    I love the MANY hugs, kisses, and cuddles I get ALL day long.
    I love the moments in which I can show them that mommy also needs Christ for everything, all of the time.
    I love the songs that they make up about God and His love for them and oh how I love hearing those sweet voices singing them! 🙂

  49. I love being a mama! I love getting to see the wonder of how God created us each to be so different and how we were created with amazing capabilities right from the start!
    I have two little ones and am amazed at the “you’ve got your hands full” comments I get when I take them both out. You’re right – it certainly does make you want to think… gosh maybe I should think that way too, but I don’t want to! 🙂
    I love my babies 🙂

  50. I am a stay at home mom as well and sometimes motherhood seems more like a chore than a joy, especially with 9 and 7 year old boys. I have to remind myself how blessed I am to have 2 very healthy mommas boys.
    Cuddle time is still my fav time. My 7 year old crawls in bed with me, wraps up in my arms and kisses my forehead and tells me how much he loves me. Melts my heart and no matter how old they get I always love to watch my Angela sleep.

  51. I have 5 girls and get ALOT of comments about having 5 children, but even more so about the fact that they are ALL girls. Most people act as though we are in complete misery in our home because we have all of one gender, especially a gender that is deemed as moody and mean girl like. But this could not be further from how my husband and I feel. We are so proud of having 5 girls and love the attention and chance it gives us to tell others how blessed we truly are to have them! It takes people back to hear a response that is against today’s norm. When people meet my girls they are surprised at how nice and sweet they are. I believe our family is giving people just a little glimps into what a blessing children really are and hope they are changed just by seeing/meeting us. I ♥ being a unique, by being a family of 7! Aren’t we suppose to be ‘set apart’??? 😉

    1. AMEN! We have 5 children as well with just one boy….and you know, you said it just right, I am truely thankful for the girls! God does know best and seeing this was nothing we could choose I trust HIM.
      We are currently thinking we are going to be “done” having kids, why is this such a difficult decision?! I love being a mom! emotionally, financially, and homeschooling…just not sure we can have more. BUT wait…almost losing a child to cancer sure makes you think again about the preciousness of life. and then having to say goodbye to my brother in law who was just 19 …my MIL had 10 children…I couldn’t imagine her not having ALL of them. oh, and followed by the last instance of my Sister-in-law delivering twins only to have them pass in her arms…Just all make me so thankful for the chilren God has blessed us with…wondering if we will be ‘blessed with more?’

  52. That you laugh a lot over what they do, what they say , and how they look. Precious moments of God working in their hearts. Prayers theologically sound and sweet from my 4 1/2 year old. Their interaction with each other and what they come up with in play. Helpfulness from them. Watching them process and grasp even difficult things and trust God in it. Learning new things. Beginning to talk. Sweet kisses and hugs. Moments of cuddling. That they still want to be held and near even if I’ve been grouchy toward them. How God uses them to challenge, convict, and bless us. The things they laugh about! So many blessings. Hearing them sing or saying verses…

  53. I love the quote that says, “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.” It gave me the courage I needed when people said, “You have your hands full” to reply, “Yes, but all with good things.” 🙂

  54. when people use to tell me “you have your hands full” i use to respond, “yes, and it’s a good full.”

    why i love being a mom…too many reason!
    my son’s tenderness toward me on his FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL! (last night he said, “crying is not a crime”).
    hugging my too tall 13 yr old daughter in the kitchen.
    my 10 yr old daughter’s bright smile for first day of school pictures.

  55. I love being a mom because It was my calling. Although I enjoyed watching my blueberry stained toddlers at Saturday morning breakfast. I also enjoyed watching those toddlers grow up to serve me blueberry pancakes. What I relish most, is seeing them as adults serve orphanes from Ghana, sick children needing heart surgery in Iraq, and street children in Bihar India. I hope you catch the hint.

  56. what a great post! i so enjoyed it. we do all need to reflect on how blessed we are to have been chosen to bring new children of God into this world.
    I love being a mom to have my two year old insist on a “big kiss mommy”.
    I love watching my son love his little sister and pull out her soother so he can give her a “lip kiss” along with his big hug before naptime.
    I love being a mom to sit on the side and watch my two little kiddies and my husband play and giggle, the overwhelming love simply warms my heart. 🙂

  57. Just today in Walmart I was conversing with a woman about soap holders. She heard me on the phone to my son asking about them and she realized we color coded things for each kid. She said she had 4 and that was a good idea, she wished she had thought of it, etc. I said I had 6 and it has saved us many arguments. She then proceeded to tell me that if she had 6 she’d commit suicide. Really? I just stopped and looked at her. I told her no, she would have just taken them as they came, and that we were quite thankful for our 6 (5 are adopted). When exactly did our kids become curses…I just don’t get it.

  58. Thank You! In this age when you’re admired for complaining or being “honest” it is good to have a wake-up call. We as christians are not called to be complainers, but overcomers!

    I love the end of the day… And my 16 month old twin daughters have just gone down to “sleep”… This means they spend the next hour playing peekaboo and laughing hysterically at each other. Instead of picking up the house or sitting down I end up peeking at them and cracking myself up. They are my reminder to smile and be joyful! This is such a huge blessing to me because my husband works graveyard and often times at the end of the day I can feel overwhelmed and begin to play the “poor me tape” in my head… Then I hear the giggles and the laughing and hear the “bump” when they fall down from laughing so hard… That is when I smile and clean up the kitchen:)

    They are my joy, and when I lay down alone in my bed… This new surprise growing inside of me keeps me company as I feel it kicking. A few months ago I was crying because the thought of 3 children under 21 months had me overwhelmed. It may be overwhelming, but it’s my job and it’s the best job I know of. I get paid in kisses, sticky hugs and “ahhhs”(their way of saying “I love you”)

    Thank you Stephanie! I have been following your blog for almost a year now, and you feel like a best friend. You’ve encouraged me, made me laugh, helped me grow as a mother and taught me so many things. So many days I’m thinking about something, and you(or one of the other lovely ladies) write about it that day. Thank you!!!!

    1. Brittany, you are just so sweet. Thank you for your encouraging words, and also for sharing what you love about being a mom. Congratulations on your coming baby! You’re in a challenging season with all little ones, but I love your positive perspective. Keep it up, mama, and enjoy those sticky kisses and hugs. 🙂

  59. I love big, wet, open-mouthed kisses from my 9-month-old. I love reading books with my 6 1/2-year-old. We take turns reading paragraphs. I love hearing his dramatization while he reads. I love hearing him try to do an English accent. 🙂 I love how forgiving my children are. I love how they accept me back with open arms if I’ve yelled at them, or grouched at them. Such a precious, humbling embrace indeed! I love watching what toppings my boy chooses to put on his frozen yogurt (yes, we splurge at Yogurt Mountain every once and a while)! I LOVE to watch my 2 boys play together. My oldest prayed for a brother and a sister for about 3 years until the Lord blessed us with little Noah. 🙂 Caleb couldn’t be a better big brother. I LOVE hearing them laugh together, and coo and talk to each other right before they go to sleep in their room at night. I love watching my husband wrestle around and throw them on the bed (yes…even my rambunctious 9-month-old likes to be thrown on the bed)! I love their chuckles. I love that Caleb asked me the other day if the Holy Spirit was God’s and Jesus’ pet. 🙂 Their sweet, innocent questions…hehe….I could go on, too…Thanks for this post, Stephanie…I really needed it! I thankful heart, indeed, is a joyful heart…I’ve got to stop more often and count the joys of motherhood!

  60. I try hard never to forget how blessed I am to be the mother of two. If I had been diagnosed with Cancer earlier I might not have had one or both. I love overtired giggles even when I know they’ll crash soon. I love their sense of wonder at the world and how they tell stories and make puppet plays. I love being pulled into the moment – whether for a bruised knee or lost dolly. Being a mother turned me outside of my own little storyline in a profound way.
    I always wanted a larger family so I’m the quiet woman with the two little ones smiling at you at the grocery checkout when you’re frazzled feeling blessed to have your family in our world.

  61. Thanks for the post! Shaping and molding our children towards following Jesus is the most important job in the world! I am so thankful to be a part of my kids lives 🙂

  62. My oldest is turning 8 tomorrow and it has been so cool to see her heart for evangelism. She is always bringing her Bible with us to the store ‘just in case..’ and talking with children and adults at the park or wherever else we are about their views of God. It brings such joy to my heart. I tell my kids the only 2 things I desire for them is to 1. Love Jesus and walk with him passionately and 2. Love to learn. If they grow to have those qualities I will know (by the grace of God) that I have done my job as a parent well. 🙂

  63. While I love my children, I find, more than not, I do not love being a mom. I want to love being a mom, but I don’t. It’s as if I did it because it was what we’re supposed to do, without a second thought. I do love how it has helped me become less selfish. There are moments with my children I love, then the moments fade and I’m left empty. What does that say? What does that mean? Everyday looking for a way to experience what all of you wonderful moms have. I wish, how I wish, it came naturally to me. I have religion, and feel close to God on occasion. I have a decent loving husband for most of the time. Life is good…. but the emptiness remains, the disconnect. Please comment how you reached this enviable view of motherhood. It would be helpful to know the path to love motherhood, rather than just the idea of loving being a mom.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear CB, this is a challenging post but I love your honesty and respect the yearning of your heart. As someone who was not blessed with the role of mother, I had to come to terms with the roles God chose to give to me. I had to learn to trust him. I hope and pray you will be blessed, comforted and given much joy as you continue to grow and to learn about the faithfulness of the One Who created you, knows you intimately, and gave you the challenges that He specifically, wisely, and lovingly designed exactly for you. I find it is a great encouragement to read the Gospel of John, especially Chapters 14-17.

    2. CB… You love your kids. Period. That’s awesome!! Don’t feel guilt if your way of loving your kids doesn’t match up to someone else’s idea of motherhood. It’s different for all of us and God created us and gifted us uniquely, not to mention we’re all in different situations.

      Nurturing and loving on my kids does not come naturally to me either. I made choices in life, like quitting my job to stay home with the kids, primarily because it was ‘the right thing to do’, not because I had the desire to. The Lord has really worked on my heart in this and now I see that being around my kids more has been a blessing in many ways, like you mentioned – being less selfish as well as getting to know them as people, unwrapping their personalities and characters, being a positive influence in their lives. But… it’s a responsibility and a lot of work. If we’re looking for fulfillment & happiness in our kids, we’re ALWAYS going to come back empty.

      Love your kids – yes. However, find your joy in Christ. He loves you more than you will ever be able to love your kids. He was willing to lay down His life for yours. Add to that – he already lived the perfect life so we don’t have to live up to the perfect standard in order to achieve salvation and acceptance. Thank you Jesus for your love and substitution! Then He gives us His Spirit to empower us to change to become more like him.

      Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

      Praying for you, CB, I totally know how you feel. Comparisons are dangerous. See what God desires for you and your family, based on His mandate to raise them up in the fear of the Lord. And then pray, pray, pray and lean on Him as you go forward.

    3. After my first child was born, I had a very difficult time becoming adjusted to my new role as a mom. It seemed to change everything and I didn’t like a lot of those changes. I loved my daughter but was not in love with my new life. I knew I needed help but I was too embarrassed to get it. Instead I talked to close friends, my husband, and did exercises that I thought the therapist would have me do. A year later, I got pregnant with my second child and was very worried that I would be horribly unhappy. Luckily, this time around has been wonderful. I don’t know if I am more comfortable being a mom now, if it is easier for me to have an older child that can communicate, hormone differences, or just feeling like I now know what to expect. Whatever the reason, I do wish I would have seeked professional help when I needed it. If you think it might be worth a try, I encourage you to seek it out. It’s never too late and it doesn’t hurt to try. I know I wished that I had. Good luck and I’ll be praying for you!

      1. That’s really interesting. I am constantly questioning my levels of happiness and wondering whether it would be wise for me to have a second child. Did you feel that you had resolved your issues at the point when you got pregnant for the second time?

  64. I have two boys, 3.5 and 5 yrs old and I always get the “hands full” comments (well meaning, I’m sure!). The bad part is that up until now I nodded in agreement… Not that I didn’t consider them a blessing; jeez! Every time I look at them I want to cry in gratitude inside, but I do feel like I have my hands full. Is that such a bad thing, though? I guess you could have your hands full even if you didn’t have any kids at all. I know I’m such a basket case myself I couldn’t handle my own thoughts sometimes. God is gracious. The key is in having the right perspective in the Lord and surrendering each and every thought of my mind and my heart to Him constantly. Having children drew me back to the Lord after years of rebellion, helping me realize that life’s not just about me and if I love them so much I want them to know what is good and right and not to live in the pattern of this world.
    So yeah, I have my hands full. But I will make it a point to stress what a blessing they have been to me since day one every time someone makes that comment.

    Things I love about my children: And I say this with tears in my eyes. And I bet every parent will agree with me on this one: How God can create two little persons who are different in every single way: physically (they don’t even look like brothers), in personality, in strengths and weaknesses, yet they could be both equally beautiful and precious. How can that be? Only God in His perfect creativity and wisdom could do such a thing. I used to wonder this when I was pregnant with my 2nd one… “How could I love this one just as much as I do the 1st one?” “How can he be just as beautiful?” Well, the minute my little one popped out I got my answer, and I was amazed. I still am.

  65. My parents got the “hands full” comment with their homeschooled brood of six, along with our personal favorite – “Are you running a daycare? No, you can’t be. They all look exactly like you!”
    Now that I’m starting my own family I’m so thankful that I had a whole mess of siblings and I am looking forward to giving my little girl some of her own.
    Why I love being a mom:
    When my baby sees my face, she stops crying and smiles.
    When my husband comes through the door, he relaxes and smiles.
    When I think about where I’ve been and where I could be, I’m so thankful that God predestined me for motherhood.

  66. “so your done now” is what I hear when people see my youngest is a boy, (I’ve two girls 3 and 2) just getting started is my reply usally followed by I’m
    one of 14. ha I love the reactions.
    I think its important too to listen even on the busy days to older people reminess about their children, you’ll both walk away with a smile.

  67. Thank you so much Stephanie and all the commenters. I’m not a mother yet but I’m hoping and praying to be one soon. This is so encouraging to hear from so many mothers who love being mothers. I have had a lot of criticism because I’m a full time homemaker and don’t plan on doing anything else aside from some artwork that I can do at home, no office necessary. I’m so glad to hear that other women are taking a stand and saying how much they love motherhood.

    I will be talking about how awesome it will be for me once I have children and I will for sure be sharing these stories about how much other God-fearing moms love their job. I fully believe that being a wife and mother is what God called me to be (again along with some art projects He’s put on my heart), and I’m glad to know that all over there are moms who I can emulate.

    Thanks again all!

  68. Talking about aphorisms… My youngest one says “baking suit” instead of bathing suit. I crack up every time. Just hope I never forget these things as time passes so quickly.

  69. My favorite part (well, maybe A favorite part!) of being a mom of 7 is when they are all home for dinner! We have a range of ages from 5 (almost 6!) to 23..6 boys and 1 girl. Our 21 yr. old has a lovely wife! When we can manage to get them all together, I feel like it’s heaven on earth!! Hearing all of their voices, sports often roaring on the tv (???boys!??), laughing, carrying on…. I. J.u.s.t. L.o.v.e. I.t.!!!
    I can often feel overwhelmed by it all…work, homeschooling, cooking, church “stuff”, hubby’s business, cooking, housework, gardening, did I mention cooking??…but the Lord grabs my attention and I realize how completely blessed I am. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. Thank you , Lord Jesus, for your goodness and faithfulness to one so undeserving!!

  70. my favorite part is when my children seek me out to tell me something they are thinking about. It may seem like a little thing, but I love to hear their thoughts.
    I also love when my 2 year old daughter gives me a kiss and says “I kissed you and you kissed me.”

  71. When I pick my son up from daycare he backs up a few steps so he can give me a real running hug.

    My son is the unyielding, unfading inspiration to seek truth and become everything I have the potential to be. I AM SO BLESSED to have him in my life!!

  72. I love seeing my only daughter, whose 9, be so motherly to her younger brothers. I love how my oldest son, whose 8, has an amazing imagination and continually comes up with new inventions, always needing aluminum foil to make them work!! I love my 5yr old son’s freckles and how he can do great impressions at such a young age. I love how my 7mo. old looks at me with adoring eyes and how he is learning so fast. I really and truly love that I get to be at home with them. I need to “tell my face” that one a lot! I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be a mother. This is such an excellent post.

  73. what a refreshing post! perfect for me to read this morning.

    i love…
    sweet coos of babies when they first wake up
    sitting on the hard wood floor and playing with my toddler and preschooler
    jokes told by my 8 year old and his hearty laugh after his own joke
    dandelions from my 6 year old
    squeals of delight over the simplest things
    “i love you’s” in the morning when i first wake up and am groggy and a bit grouchy
    holding my son(s) hand
    the sincere repentant heart after correction

    my recent post: when it feels like no on sees you

  74. “When a full-time career woman with no children wonders aloud how you can handle being home with your young children all day, are you quick to tell her that you can’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling and that you love spending your days with your kids?”

    I feel like both lifestyles are being cheapened with this statement. The career woman seems to be indicating that being home all day is intolerable and the stay-at-home mom seems to be implying that only raising kids can be fulfilling. I think both lifestyles can be fulfilling, depending on the woman and her hearts desire. Personally I have not felt the desire in my heart to have kids, however, I am not a “climbing the corporate ladder” career women. I think that children are a gift from God. They are precious miracles. As a married woman with no kids, people tend to assume I think kids are burdens, but I don’t. And I have tons of respect for parents and the job they do raising kids.

    I know that moms with multiple kids get looks and rude comments thrown their way (I have witnessed it and I think it’s awful!), however, please know that us married folk with no kids get quite a bit of looks and rude comments too and it hurts. I think people on both sides of the fence (kids vs. no kids) should try to understand that the opposite persons lifestyle isn’t bad or tiring/not tiring…fulfilling/not fulfilling…easy/not easy, etc.

    1. I can totally see how it sounded that way, but I definitely didn’t mean to say that all women who work full-time and don’t have children have a negative view of being a mother. There are certainly plenty who do, or perhaps more than even being negative about it, they simply don’t understand why you would want to do it or why it would be fulfilling. But, as you say, there are also many who feel as you do, that children are a blessing and that you have respect for the job of parenting. In fact, I have several married friends my age who do not have children yet, and still we have a wonderful relationship with respect and understanding between us. 🙂

      I really appreciate your comment and desire to clear this up. I agree that there are certainly difficult things on both ends, and that us moms are not the only ones that receive unfair or critical judgments. Thanks for sharing, C!

  75. i have 2 children a 6 yr old boy and a 4 yr old girl that i’m very lucky to have i love all of the i love you momma, i love reading bedtime stories to them, i love their imaginations ,all of the hugs and kisses, i love having to tuck them both in at least 3 times every night before i can actually set down with their daddy and watch tv shows that they can’t watch i love getting up in the middle of the night just to check on them & covering them up and seeing how peaceful they look i love being a stay home mom i could go on and on and on i love my kids so so so very much i live for my children and i love that too they are my world

  76. I love being a mother for so many reasons. I love that my kids love me even when I am not lovely. I love that I have had to learn to be less selfish and that life is not all about me. I love that I get to see so many personalities, all related to me (I have seven unique children). I love that my children teach me to see life fresh over and over again. I love knowing that I have been part of God’s plan to bring these eternal beings to this earth.

  77. Why I Love Being a Mom (and a Step-Mom)-
    – watching my first baby girl find things she’s talented at and LOVES to do
    – planning and acting out “fashion shows” with my little girl and her two step-sisters
    – watching my little boy and his step-brother defend the world from evil as super-heroes
    – hearing, “Huggy??” from my 4-year-old step-daughter twenty times a day
    – my son crawling into my lap and saying, “I just want to cuddle with you.”
    – hearing, “Mom, LOOK!!!” at every new thing they’ve discovered or cool trick they just figured out how to do
    – “Mom, can you come play with me?” – even when I’m exhausted 😉
    – that God picked ME to take care of this wonderful mix of amazing kids

  78. Why do I love being a mom? Because I am one. Sounds like a simple, almost silly answer, but the truth is, it only by God’s grace I hold the privileged title of “mother.” “Mommy” to be exact. I have PCOS and it has resulted in my “gift” of infertility. I have two babies, both conceived through the miracle of IVF. Our son was conceived on our first “try”. He is now 4 years old and I am having the time of my life beginning our homeschool journey. After our son we attempted pregnancy again and through many failed cycles lost 9 embryos. Then we became pregnant with our baby girl! Oh the absolute joy we had. However we had to let her go home into the arms of Jesus, as she was still born this past March. Why do I LOVE being a mom? Because I AM one.

  79. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All I ever see nowadays is either mothers who so desperately wanted children complaining about them non-stop in person or on Facebook (never anything positive to share) or article after article on the web taking about how anyone who loves parenting is fooling themselves and not fessing up to the realities of being a parent. I have suffered from severe clinical depression, I suffer from OCD and PTSD. I have my moments and I can stress out very easily. Can my beautiful, sweet, maniacal 4-year-old son cause some of that stress? Sure! Of course he can. However, give me 5 minutes to an hour after he stresses me out and ask me about it again. I’m able to look back on it with a smile. It’s like my husband, the love of my life. Do we have our moments? Sure! Can he drive me nuts? Of course! But, when I look back on our close-to 10 years together, I see nothing but happiness, love, and fun. There was a time when I looked at everything through a negative lens and I was a miserable person. I hated being myself, I was so miserable. I stored a huge amount of love inside of me, but I couldn’t seem to let that love show me what was beautiful around me. Now, I’m able to see the world for what it is. There is a lot of ugly out there, but there’s far more beauty. It’s just that sometimes you have to look differently and stop looking through anyone’s eyes but your own. My son’s way of saying, “OH! Sawry!” when I tell him he shouldn’t be doing something or when he hugs and kisses someone goodbye and follows up with, “I love you!” Everyone seems to be drawn to and love my little boy. I think I know why. It’s because he’s happy! He doesn’t see ugly in anything, except fighting and yelling. He certainly doesn’t like those two things. But, everything else? It’s a wonderful world in my son’s eyes. We can all learn so much from our little ones.

  80. I love that this post was written the day my first born girl, Sydney, was born! I love being a mom! There is not anything much better then seeing that huge happy grin on her face when she recognizes me. I love when I walk back into a room after having left her laying on a blanket for about a minute and I get a big smile when she sees I have returned.

  81. Wow. That has cheered me up so much and jolted me out of a really bad day with my 22 month old daughter! I had crawled up to bed in an attempt to hide away, hoping that she goes to sleep…I decided to go on the Internet to commiserate with other mums who have admitted they hate motherhood. I could sympathise with their comments and then found your blog… It has helped me reflect more positively on a day of illness, exhaustion and anger. Even amongst thoughts of running away, I can now recognise that were some beautiful moments: her little hand on my knee to steady herself, her ability to amuse herself in spite of her mummy on the sofa huddled under a duvet. As with all negative thought patterns, it is so easy to ignore the balance, especially when you are dog tired or ill and you have been cooped up inside all day. I am going to try and follow your advice by constantly looking for the positive and remind myself of its worth. In practice, tomorrow I may still be stressed out and exhausted but you never know, maybe I won’t…Thank you.

  82. Thank you for sharing this!! I loved (finally) reading a positive story about being a mom. I was actually googling to find stories from other moms who are enjoying their time and it took me quite a while to find one hahaha.
    I love being a mom so much, everyday I am so thankfull that my dream has become reality! And although I ofcourse have my moments, and like laughing about the sometimes hilarious tough times, I am above all so happy to have them with me :). So here it comes haha
    – my three year old in her ballet outfit
    – my daughter waving to me as I leave her and seeing her tell her friends ‘ that is MY mommy ‘
    – my one and a half year old giggling when my husband tickles him
    – holding my sleepy sick baby boy
    – stroking my daughters head when se is upset
    – watching my daughter being so sweet to her little brother
    – my daughter defending her little brother when he is being told no
    – my daughter writing her name fornthe first time
    – my boy being soooo quite when he is eating something he likes
    And I could go on for a while hahaha.
    Thank you again!

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