MRSA: A Safe, Natural, Inexpensive Cure 1

MRSA: A Safe, Natural, Inexpensive Cure

**Stephanie’s note: This excellent post on curing MRSA is just a little sneak peak into some of the posts that will be coming in October, when we dive into all sorts of natural and home remedies, as well as looking at prevention for colds, flus and even cavities!**

How I Contracted MRSA

Late last June, I had total knee replacement surgery. It ended up being a bit of a nightmare with many complications, the scariest of all being a MRSA infection in my incision.

For those of you who do not know about MRSA, it is a staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics. MRSA stands for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. Staph infections, in the past, were treated with Methicillin. Now, however, if a staph infection is resistant to that drug, which was my case, Methicillin is no longer effective in killing the bacteria. In fact, MRSA has outsmarted nearly every antibiotic there is.

For nearly four months I struggled with MRSA and then, as quickly as it came on, it was a thing of the past. Here is how it happened:

The infection began 3 weeks out of surgery. I was given Bactrim (sulfa antibiotic), which cleared the initial site, but the bacteria mutated and became resistant to Bactrim, causing a second outbreak. Shortly after the second site had been lanced, a third and fourth outbreak began, all in the incision.

My surgeon did not want to put me back on antibiotics, because the MRSA would mutate again and get stronger. I had tried many remedies that I had researched online, and also some complimentary treatments suggested by a naturopathic doctor.

These included tea tree, lavender and other essential oils, colloidal silver, mega doses of vitamin C, golden seal, coconut oil, etc. These kept the infection from becoming full-blown but would not kill it. Meanwhile, with all the clinic co-pays and money put out for complimentary treatments and prescriptions, we had spent a small fortune.

We were discouraged about all of this. I wondered where it all would eventually lead, having heard a number of horror stories about people who had died of MRSA after having searched for months, even years, for a cure.

manuka flower
Manuka flowers
Image by kiwi flickr

The Natural Cure That Worked For Me

But late one night, after the pastors of my church had visited and prayed for my healing, I went online again and typed in “what kills mrsa”. It seems all the articles that came up heralded the wonder of a product called Manuka Honey from Australia and New Zealand. Some articles told about twenty years worth of studies that had been done with remarkable results which had been published in medical journals. Another article referred to the FDA here in the U.S. having approved a calcium alginate wound dressing (derived from sea algae) with Manuka Honey incorporated into it.

Seems this honey kills the protein in the bacterial cell wall, therefore killing the bacteria. Also, when it comes into contact with a draining wound, the honey produces hydrogen peroxide. The sugar in the honey also acts to draw out infection. It is supposed to work on any type of infection, not just MRSA.

So I plunked down some more money and within a few days had my liquid gold. I put the honey directly on my knee and covered it with a wound dressing. It changed dramatically within hours the first time I used it. It took only days before the MRSA was gone. My doctor cleared me of the infection at an appointment several weeks later.

Some Suggestions and Links

Since doctors can use anything that is FDA approved, it wouldn’t be out of line to ask your doctor to check it out if need be. Here are some of the links I found:

Click here for a link to the article about the product that has been approved for medical use called “Medihoney”. (This is the information you would want to give to your doctor if you contracted MRSA.)

Go here for a site that sells Medihoney.

Go here for another article about Manuka Honey.

Finally this link will take you to the site where I bought Manuka honey. This is what I used for the MRSA and also for several recent skin infections. Though I’ve tried Medihoney and the calcium alginate wound dressing, this simple inexpensive product works best for me. (Click here to save $10 off of your first Vitacost order)

Prayerfully, you will never have to be treated for MRSA (or any infection for that matter). But it is good to know that even MRSA can be cured easily and inexpensively.

Who Gets the Credit?

Behind this wonderful cure was God’s providential hand. Not only did He bring my attention to this wonderful resource, He created it to begin with. And, things changed only after the pastors came over and prayed for me.

To Him be the glory!

MRSA is a scary diagnosis – it's resistant to many antibiotics now. But did you know there's a natural cure for MRSA that's safe and inexpensive? Read this.

Have you recovered from an antibiotic-resistant infection? What worked for you?

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  1. This is absolutely incredible. First, thank you for sharing your story and the links to a cure. I have read abotu MRSA and the fact that this could be so simple (and probably, a lot more inexpensive!) is just so amazing.
    I am always astounded when I hear of God’s PERFECT provision in nature…and the stories just keep coming! Thanks for sharing.

    Sarah M

  2. A year ago the hospital that I work in began using sugar to treat cesarean-section wound infections. It worked on the same principle as the sugar. We didn’t use honey because it wasn’t as “clean” as sugar. It is an amazing concept. The bacteria eat the sugar instead of eating the flesh and causing further infection. The mom’s didn’t need antibiotics and the further complications that comef from their use. The sad part of it is that that hospital forced our unit to stop using this treatment. Why? Possibly from pressure from drug companies because our antibiotic use went down? Sad but true!

      1. Thank you for the info I saw articles where garlic cloves raw 5 to 6 cloves a day killed MRSA in mice
        Also I read another article that a Japanese study found green tea kills MRSA
        Yes I love God and I always say God is my drug dealer lol but true.
        God speed with love always

    1. @J,
      Hi J,
      My doctor seemed to be open-minded. I gave him several of the articles that I’d found online. He took them, thanked me, grinned and then told me to be careful of ants since I was using honey. I don’t know that he ever followed up however. But at least he wasn’t antagonistic.


  3. Thank you for sharing. I’m amazed at what God provides for us!
    We recently picked elderberries to make elderberry syrup for the winter-what a HUGE savings for our family of five 🙂

  4. That’s so fabulous, and so true! I remember a friend of the family having an awful skin condition of some sort for months and months when I was young. She had tried numerous rounds of medications, creams and the like. Finally, she called my mom and asked for a quart of honey and some help. (My folks keep bees.) Mom went over and they shellacked her all over with the honey (behind locked doors!) That horrible whatever it was disappeared within days. Good raw honey. Cures many ills…

    1. a 1″ sq pc. of honey comb daily for 90 days CURES your allergies !!!! it has to come from a hive w/in your area {what ever distn those bees travel to collect} NOT THE BOTTLED stuff wrong pollen collection for your problem.. what you’re doing is taking in the ‘antigen’ to the allergies you have, the bees collect the pollen U R allergic make the ‘comb’ U eat it &guess what…??? I will take the full 90 {maybe more??} according to U & uR ‘aliments’. ..but don’t give up it works…

      1. I have MRSA now .I have had for about 3 months now .I have been on 2 different antibiotics, and now on my third one.Im so sick of this!!! I will be ordering some of this honey. I am desperate for a relief. I have this rash all of my legs ,arms and butt..its so embarrassing. Then if I wear pants they stick to the rash and pus runs and stains my clothes. Thank you for this article

        1. Kela,

          Make sure you get a reputable brand — much of what is sold as manuka is NOT true manuka. (The amount sold in stores is much, much more than what is actually produced every year, meaning much of it is fake or adulterated.)

          Here is the link to the Manuka honey growers’ association list of certified brands (scroll down the page). Many of these brands are available on Amazon or elsewhere.

          I have used Manuka Health MGO 550 (UMF 15) in the past to treat my dogs’ pressure sores and they healed up in an amazingly short time, so I also tried using it on my cellulitis (staph/MRSA). That level is at the top end of “therapeutic” but not quite at the level of “medicinal,” but it is what I can afford.

          Applying it to my staph-infected legs makes me howl in pain, though I have no idea why, because I have never heard of anyone else finding manuka to be painful, and none of my dogs have shown any pain at all, even when I applied manuka to VERY deep pressure sores (you could see bone, in one case). Again, the cure of the dogs’ pressure sores was nothing short of miraculous, so I think it is worth a try for sure.

          1. I have switched over to ozonated olive oil recently. The ozonated olive oil stinks (smells like ozone!) so I apply it and wrap my legs in saran wrap before bed. When I go to work, I instead use colloidal silver gel, slathering it on thick and then again wrapping it up with saran wrap.

            You might also try using activated charcoal poultices, or Oregon blue clay poultices, or bentonite clay poultices. These take a different approach to dealing with the infection– they will pull out the toxins from your infected tissues, rather than kill the infection.

            The Oregon blue clay seems to work the best in the case of Staph aureus, but it is the most expensive. You can run a search for it online or buy it off of eBay. The activated charcoal works next best. You can also use bentonite clay (which is whitish-gray). You cover these with saran wrap.

            You can run a search on YouTube to find out how to make a poultice. These poultices are also supposed to be soothing and calming to the skin but these too make me cry out in agony sometimes. I have never heard of anyone for whom these poultices are so painful to use. With that in mind, I think my “manuka is painful, bentonite clay is painful” is maybe a rare situation.

            Also please consider using very hot baths (or leg soaks in a pail or garbage can) or hot water bottles atop your infection. Heated tissues have more oxygen in them than regular tissues, and it is exposure to the oxygen that kills the infection.

    2. The important thing is to use RAW, local honey. It is probably the bees’ processing that has the antibiotic property, not the flower that the honey was made from. And most of all avoid all honey from China or any honey that doesn’t say pure uncooked honey. There is fake honey being sold in the US, adulterated with corn syrup etc.

  5. Ok….I’m skeptical…what do you do when your are MRSA positive in your nose…like most elderly and nursing aides? Since MRSA is like herpes and comes and goes at will (once you get it it never fully goes away and can return at any time), taking antibiotics even a year later may still not work because you were previously MRSA +
    And, you can have MRSA and no one knows until you get sick for something and require antibiotic…it is now considered the new Aids. Horible stuff.

    1. @withajoyfulheart,

      I was given some kind of cream antibiotic to use in my nose and was told by that doctor that it could be eradicated. It’s been about a year now and I’ve not had anymore problems. Though I have had several skin eruptions in the past month or so, I used the honey with the desired results.

      One thing that I did not mention in the article was that the honey is available in varying strengths. The stronger the honey, you’d think that the better it would work. I found it to be just the opposite, however. The stronger it is, the thicker it is and I am wondering if the thicker honey does not absorb into the skin as well.

      Also, the stronger honeys can further stress damaged skin. So, if for instance, my skin was very dry, if I had psoriasis or eczema, etc., i would not want to use the strongest honey.

      1. How are you doing? I came across your article after having preseptal cellulitis in May and a leg infection, also cellulitis in June which was positive for MRSA. I’m researching to prevent further outbreaks and antibiotic use. Was curios to know how you were doing and if you had managed to eradicate it.

  6. I love that God creates the most perfect remedies.

    I saw an article in BBC a couple of years ago about garlic being a cure for MRSA. I’m not sure if it was MRSA or a black widow bite, but I developed a painful sore in my leg with a plug of pus (lovely, I know). It lasted for months, but I eat a lot of garlic and take a supplement, so maybe that was what finally cleared up my wound.

    I’ve heard of this honey too, and have used raw local honey on wounds but I guess there’s something in the Manuka honey that is more potent. Amazing what God can do!

  7. I have been using garlic to treat infections of various sorts in our house with seemingly good success. I am excited to hear about this honey though..will definitely be checking into those links. That’s the type of stuff I want to have around “just in case”. SO glad you are healed. Praise God! Thanks for the great article.

  8. Here is something to ponder. I’ve learned in the last couple of years, that the body actually creates bacteria, viruses and fungus in order to clean up and carry out dead cells and toxins/poisons. If there are no dead cells or toxins, there is no bacteria and fungus. It’s rather opposite of what we have been taught. This is the cellular theory of disease rather than the germ “theory”. Remember, if the germ theory was observable and repeatable like the law of gravity, it wouldn’t be called a theory, but a LAW. An illustration would include: did the sliver in the finger cause the pus (infection) or did the body create the pus to get rid of the dreaded sliver? I once had a huge sliver in my foot. By evening, the wound was full of pus. After a week of pussing, the sliver finally came out, then the pus disappeared. The infection got rid of the offending object.

    I suspect that the rounds of antibiotics (which are toxic/poison/fungus) caused a toxic build up and the body created MRSA to try to detoxify the antibiotic. Ever wonder why us ladies get yeast infections after antibiotics? The yeast/fungus gathered up and carried out the toxic antibiotic. The honey, which had hydrogen peroxide which is oxygen, oxygenated the area which helped to detoxify it and heal it. Do a search on the internet about the germ theory being false. When one believes in the cellular theory, you are not longer a slave to the medical and drug “INDUSTRIES”. I no longer take any prescribed medications including antibiotics . What freedom!

    1. @CN, I don’t think your explanation is much different from what a lot of scientists, doctors, and biologists tell us: that the body has its own natural, perfectly balanced supply of beneficial bacteria that break down our food and serve other productive purposes. It’s when we upset that balance (either by adding too many bacteria or wiping them out) that we run into problems.
      It also reminds of the way I’ve always understood fevers (an understanding that’s been validated by my daughter’s pediatrician): they’re a response to infection, not a symptom of it. They’re the body’s natural way of burning off the bad stuff. We don’t treat fever at our house unless it gets high enough to be a danger in and of itself–we let it do its job, and we find that generally shortens the duration of an illness.

    2. I totally agree with you! I had this thought the other day and have had it before and even more resonates now as I am healing myself of MRSA, with garlic, turmeric and …maduka honey, immediate relief, like a miracle. Amazing!

  9. Carla, that is wild about the sugar, because honey, unlike sugar is naturally antibiotic. Cancer, and other illnesses actually feed on sugar, making the problem worse. So, I would love to read more about the use of sugar for wounds, as opposed to honey. Very intriguing.

    Leah, honey and garlic are my all time favorites, too! I feel they are a very potent combination. 🙂

  10. I sent a link to this post to my sister, an Occupational Therapist who frequently sees MRSA in the nursing homes where she works. She enjoyed the article and said she’s heard of this honey. Evidently her patient’s doc suggested it to her when nothing else would heal her wound. It was a last resort and it was the one that worked. Just wanted everyone to know that this cure really is valid. This sounds amazing.

  11. For years wrestlers and fighters have been using a 100% natural soap with active ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective against Ringworm, Herpes, Impetigo, Staph, MRSA, Jock Itch and Athlete’s Foot. It is called Defense Soap. Defense Soap is no longer just for combat athletes.

  12. I enjoyed this article when it was first posted; I’m coming back to it now because we’re out of raw honey, and I was thinking I might buy some Manuka honey to replenish our supply. We would be using it primarily as food, however, and only secondarily as an antiseptic. Since it’s a bit different from regular (even raw) honey and such an effective antibiotic, I just wonder if there are any issues with eating it regularly. E.g., does it upset the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut?

  13. Manuka honey is amazing stuff. The Manuka tree is native to New Zealand, where I live, so Manuka honey is readily available here. However, it’s always more expensive than other types of honey. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s just because sellers know it does something special so they mark it up.

    All Manuka honey comes with a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating. The higher the rating, the more medicinal but less palatable the honey will be. I tend to go for a UMF rating of around +5, as that still cures all the little knicks and scratches I get on my hands, and it tastes good too.

    I love to mix a teaspoon of Manuka honey with the juice of half a lemon and some hot water to drink when I have a cold. The Manuka honey is also great applied straight to my nose when it has been rubbed raw from blowing it.

    I think God has created this world and the things in it to be able to heal themselves and each other, and Manuka honey is definitely a healer.

  14. Wow! This is very interesting. I have been taking my daughter to a natural path and have been getting treatments for allergies. I noticed a blister on her bottom that looked infected so i told the pathologist. She said it looked like MRSA and said this could be serious look it up do research on it but in the meantime to take these enzymes. From what i have read MRSA is on the skin but also in your body as well. The antibiotics (if they work) will take care of the problem topically. The problem is that you still are a carrier or still have MRSA in your body. It goes dormant and can flare up at anytime. So she put her on a series of enzymes that is supposed to clear it up all together… topically as well as internally. I am giving her the enzymes (she is only one year old so this has been a bit of a challenge) the enzymes are in pill form and i have to open them up and mix them with stevia and force her to take them. At first I had her on 4 doses a day that was not enough… this MRSA is very strong so i was recommended to increase to one dose each hour. My poor baby! I did it anyways she did well and they are finally clearing up. She is to continue these enzymes for 30 days after the MRSA lesions clear on her skin. The enzymes are supposed to clear it topically and internally. I pray that she is healed. Though all this I started thinking about myself. I have had minor boils since I was a young child so now I am thinking maybe i should go to the MD and get my nose swabbed to see if she possibly got it from me???? I sure hope not but it would only make sense. I remember sitting in my chair in junior high and not being able to sit down all the way because of the boil… and now looking back… after finding out my daughter has this… i may have it too! I wasnt going to post this but wanted to just incase anyone out there wants to try the enzyme approach. I can give my nature path’s phone number she is in redlands CA…MRSA is very resistant but with the wisdom given from our God I pray the word gets out there as to how to cure each one of us from MRSA all together… i am still in the process of giving them to my daughter so she is not completely clear from MRSA… only time will tell!

    1. HI Rebecca,

      I think what your doctor was referring to was not “topical vs. internal” but rather free-swimming bacteria (“planktonic” bacteria) vs. bacteria that have set themselves up into a colony and covered themselves with a protective shield (bacteria inside biofilms).

      The “free swimming” ones are easy to kill. A week or two of the right antibiotics will usually do it.

      The ones that have set themselves up into colonies and covered themselves up with biofilm are very, very hard to kill off. To kill them off, you would need somewhere between 500 to 1000 times the potency of antibiotics you need to kill off the free-swimming ones. So that ain’t happening.

      So the idea instead is to break through the biofilm barrier that protects the bacteria “town” living underneath, and THEN kill the bacteria inside, after that initial hole in the wall is made.

      That’s where the enzymes come in. They help to break through the biofilm barrier. Many people report success from using serrapeptase (the same enzyme used to dissolve uterine fibroids), also nattokinase and lumbrokinase. I have seen Kirkman’s Biofilm Defense and Klaire Labs’ Interfase Plus recommended (I bought mine off of and eBay, respectively). You can also look at the list of ingredients on the labels of those two and try to purchase those ingredients in other brand names.

    2. While we’re on the topic of biofilms, Cistus incanus tea is the latest “trendy” thing in biofilm busting. It’s hard to buy in the US but I hear it has been sold in Europe for years, not just as an “herbal remedy” type of thing but even as a regular “box of 20 tea bags” item in the store (at least in Germany, Poland, etc.).

      I bought mine amazingly cheaply via eBay and got it shipped straight from Poland and it was very fresh and wonderful in quality.

      It is said that you should hold some in your mouth before swallowing it to give the tea a chance to break down the biofilms in your mouth too! It tastes like chamomile tea– light and refreshing. Pleasant to drink, with no “medicine” taste. Definitely worth adding to your arsenal of biofilm busters!

    3. Hello Rebecca,

      I reside in California and I’m interested in obtaining your naturopathic drs information since I having ongoing MRSA with multiple autoimmune diseases. Also, did the enzymes work for your daughter? How is she doing?

  15. Hello! I stumbled your site looking for cures for STAPH infections. I’m not sure if mine is MRSA, but my doctor said I have impetigo with Staph. After coming off oral antibiotics, because I was allergic to them and to penicillin– I have continued the topical antibiotic Mupirocin. The infection looked horrendous and kept on draining. I was worried and my husband and I kept praying. My husband had just gone to church a few days ago and had asked people to pray for me. During that time– I stumbled on your blog and was filled with hope. I went online, researched, and bought a jar. I’m a little apprehensive now that I just read your reply to a comment about how you should get a low number if you have dry skin or eczema. Do you have any suggestions how to apply it?

    While waiting the for the honey to arrive, the infection has slightly improved. I just got my honey in the mail. I

  16. I have a question: my husband has a reoccurring staph infection under his arm. He had seven spots cut out last October. He took one round of antibiotics. The seven areas were still pink in color. About two weeks ago I noticed a huge spot making head and another trying to. We have connections with our naturewellness center- he is to use probiotic and silver shield gel. I was reading about your experience with the Manuka Honey, how is your infection? Do you still recommend the honey?

  17. I’m a carrier in my nose, they say, but I got one at the top of my leg, had to have it cut out, then another one close by and used the ointment on it. I went awhile w/out having problems, now they are popping up as boils on my bottom. Doc gave me more ointment because I have a problem taking antibiotics. I just feel so nasty down there, I would really like something to clear me up inside. My nose and ears stay full of fluid. Going to try honey, sure hope it works. I have bad side effects from drugs.

  18. Aparently we have had MRSA in our house and didn’t know it,I thought we had had spider bites. We had moved into a house that I did see alot of those buggers. Anyway, hating to go to a Dr for something that I could watch, and not have to go, unless it was worse, I have treated by squeezing out the puss, using peroxcide and then a coating of iodine, everything has healed up, and anytime something comes back it is much smaller and less painful.

  19. We are facing a possible MRSA diagnosis, awaiting culture testing right now. The link you sent for the manuka honey is no longer available – the manufacturer isn’t producing it at this time. Does anyone know of another good source for raw manuka honey? I would appreciate any prayers for my mother as well who is the one with the infection. Thank you.

  20. Sharon,
    I had a knee replacement a month ago and was admitted into the hospital this last 4 days with a MRSA infection. The put in a PICC line and released me today with a 30 day course of Vancomycin 2x/day. Which product on the website do you recommend. ? I whole believe in the providence of our Lord, and really want to apply this and hopefully reduce the harmful effects of this antibiotic on my body. Thank you for your help…

  21. I was using Tea tree oil with kanuka and manuka and Eucalyptus oil for my infection. Worked great! I would recommend diluting it in any base oil. Also make sure to get a high quality oils. Swiss oils are the best in my opinion and I got my oils at
    Here is what I did
    1/2 tsp – base oil (jojoba, avocado, olive)
    7 drops – tea tree oil with kanuka and manuka
    2 drops – eucalyptus oil
    I applied this mixture to the area twice a day

    1. Greetings Mira,

      Thank you for sharing. I am wondering how you learned about this combination and if a homeopathic practitioner has approved it.

      I look forward to reading your reply.


  22. Its just said that God creates his plan for remedies then our society markets it to cost an arm and a leg(which is what we could loose) to pay for it. Raw honey is what ive used myself in combination with a little H2O2. But make no mistake! Its not over yet! Always be alert for signs of another.

  23. Thank you Sharon for taking the time to tell your story. You are brave and kind for sharing your information on what worked. My daughter (5) and I have had several outbreaks of MRSA infections; its scarey and painful. I am at my wits end. I can’t keep accepting antibiotics from the doctors, I need another way. My daughter has suffered and been traumatized from being held down by teams of nurses to try and get an IV in her arm to begin putting antibiotics into her little tired body. Within 2 hours there were three sets of nurses holding her down and poking at her. All the while my daughter was panicking and screaming into my face “Help me Mommy, Help Me!” Despite the nurses trying to get me to leave the room I put an end to it an called for a head doctor at once. They could hear the commotion and he was glad that I had them stop it. This being a teaching childrens hospital – I think they just keep trying until they get it to work. Anyways, they sent us home to have my daughter rest and asked if I could come back in the morning for one more attempt. They assured me that they would get their top knotch experienced nurse to get the IV in … after some thought and consulation I agree. The next day it was a smooth easy application, no screaming and only a few tears while I had to hold her arm down. My daughter didn’t feel a thing and I was so grateful for this kind experienced nurse. But onto another topic, we have both been given so many antiobiotics, I can’t keep continuing with this. I have tried the Manuka Honey in the past and it didn’t seem to help with the large boils, but, mind you that we were also being treated with antibiotics. I have another bottle of the Manuka Silver Grade and I am going to start putting it on her small pimple looking infections and hope for the best. Thank you again and God Bless Us. PS, do you think that there is a link between the food we eat and MRSA? Be well, Sonya

  24. I am a rookie to home remedies & can’t seem to find an answer to the following… Is there a technique to mixing the honey & essential oils? Or do you add them & knead them into the honey?

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I guess by now you figured it out, but I mixed the a tablespoon of manuka honey with a tablespoon of organic extra virgin olive oil (50/50 mixture) to make it easier to apply. If that doesn’t seem to heal it, you should decrease the olive oil a little or try it full strength (will be very sticky). I know they say to put a bandage over the area, but you should also let it out in the open as much as possible. Otherwise, use the bandage when you are out and let it heal in the open air at home as much as possible. Some people use other essential oils I guess, but the manuka honey is all you really need. Also, you can take Kyolic Formula 103 Immune supplement and Yucca internally.
      Well wishes,

  25. Thank you for your info. A friend send me to your site. I have been struggling with MRSA infections all the time. I wind in the hospital on IV antibiotics. I just can’t get rid of it. Been to infectious disease.

  26. hi sharon and all-

    i have been diagnosed with mrsa for almost a week now. i might have caught it from an open wound i had on my lower calf. i am an athlete and train in BJJ. prime breeding ground for staph, mrsa, etc. it really stopped me dead in my tracks, i am an extremely active person! i just want to share some of the things i have been doing. thank god for sharon’s post as i was getting desperate. doc perscribed me with bactrim, and it has helped keep it at bay, i think. i have also been applying a salve and tea tree oil daily. i am ramping up my immune system, with a water fast, vitamin c, multi, pau darco tea and queen jelly. i am excited to try this honey. thank you sharon!

  27. In addition to the manuka honey and other remedies listed, I must add that for people struggling with a body system under assault by a bacteria, virus or disease, switching to a raw food diet is a miracle as well. As previously said, God provides all we need. The raw fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds provided by nature, when eaten uncooked (cooking = chemical reaction; remember chemistry class?) are medicine. This diet changes the ph balance in the body to be more alkaline; disease thrives in an acidic body environment.
    There are many, many raw food diet resources online, if you’re body is just worn out trying to heal. For me, going ‘raw’ stopped rheumatoid arthritis and frequent herpes outbreaks. I’m no longer 100% raw, and when I feel my body beginning to ache, switch right back to it and I feel clean, healthy, light, pain-free and balanced. My lab results are that of a healthy 5 year old!

    Blessings all, and good luck.

  28. I would like to thank everyone that has posted the things that have helped them. MRSA for me has been a nightmare and has brought me to tears many times. Not only from the painful boils but also that I can’t hold my children or let them get to close in fear they might catch what I have. On more then one occasion it has attached my face and head. It left me with a large bald spot on the back of my head near the neck. The boil started as a pea size lump and in less then 24hrs it was the size of a softball. When I was given meds from the hospital it took 3 to 4 days for the boil to completely drain. My MRSA was given to me by a friend of my daughters that took a shower at our house and I like so many others cleaned the shower without wearing gloves. The friend knew he was infected and contagious. The symptoms that I started with didn’t point to staph. Not until weeks later did I realize what I had. If you have MRSA please take all precautions to make sure you don’t pass it on. Truly nobody want this ugly gift. If you were wondering I did let the friend know I came up with MRSA.To my surprise he said, Oh! I had an out break when I was visiting but I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want you to hate me. I didn’t hate him but I’m considering it now. Once again thanks for all the helpful tips. Before my honey came in the mail I was using Medamusal on the boil/bumps on my face. It truly helped dry them out. I’m on the Munuka Honey, vitamin C, ACV and Cranberry pills along with AZO and I stopped the Medamusal. This last round attached my blatter, eyes, ears, face, lungs, tummy and vaginal area. I decided to go natural this time around and it has worked better than any meds I have taken before. Just a hint if you make tea and put the honey and the ACV in it, it’s somewhat an enjoyable taste. Good luck to everyone and let’s be thankful we were given the tools from a higher power that can help us.

  29. Wow! That is great news, I am so happy to hear of your success. Thank-you for sharing your story! I believe there is a natural treatment solution for everything, in fact more than one! Microbiologist, Michelle Moore, had her own resistant case of staph, and out of necessity, ended up developing her own natural, safe and effective treatment. (Reference: It is very encouraging to hear of others success as well!! God bless!

  30. Thanks for the great information Sharon ,I have been using the Australian Berringa+900 honey for all skin infections and sores with fantastic results. Came accross this verse while reading the quran regarding last week. Alex
    Your Lord revealed to the bees: “Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow.” From inside them comes a drink of varying colours, containing healing for mankind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect. (Qur’an, 16:69)

  31. I have had several bouts with staph boils on various parts of my body over the last 5 years – appearing anywhere from my big toe to my hip. I would have them lanced and take antibiotics and be clear for a year, and then another would pop up. Well, about 5 months ago I had a bump on the back of my neck – it didn’t really bother me, and it wasn’t sore, didn’t even think staph at all. All of a sudden I got really sick and the pain in my head, neck, and upper back became unbearable. It turns out MRSA had entered my spine! It was in my blood. I have total amnesia from the first day I felt ill – a Wednesday, until by the grace of God I became lucid the following Tuesday and went to the emergency room. I was dying, and would have if I hadn’t gotten there at that point. I needed emergency surgery through my neck to remove a staph/MRSA abscess which had formed in my cervical spine (neck bone) just below where that bump had been. I was told that if I made it through the surgery I could come out a paraplegic. I had also lost the use of my right arm and I am a professional piano player. The surgery was successful in releasing the spinal pressure and getting the large abscess out, although MRSA was still in the spine. A few days after the surgery, my arm began to work again. I felt incredibly blessed yet again to have made it to that point. I was put on IV Vancomycin antibiotics and was to stay on that treatment for 2 months at home, and I really prayed that it would get the MRSA out of my body. At a follow-up visit to my neurosurgeon, an x-ray showed that the MRSA, although no longer in my blood, was still in my spine, and had literally eaten away the bone in my entire neck – I would need another surgery to rebuild my neck or else face total paralysis. I had 5 levels of titanium inserted into my neck, and bone taken from my hip to add as well. And the biopsy showed that MRSA was still in my spine. I’m worried about my kids – my son has boils on his bottom. We wash with Hibiclens. The only success stories I read on the web involve natural remedies – first we discovered and ordered Manuka honey. Then I bought the book Herbal Antibiotics and ordered cryptolepis tincture. I take both of them in my tea 3 times a day. My son applies the honey to his boils. I still see an infectious disease doctor and am on large doses of Bactrim, which are making me very nauseated and weak (I’m sure the MRSA and surgeries contributed to that as well.) Does anyone have any experience with bone infection? I’m worried that no matter how well we can battle the skin outbreaks and consume the natural remedies I don’t know how they will get all the way into my bone to kill the MRSA. I pray a lot, and many many friends have prayed with me. That’s why I feel I’m not only alive, but not paralyzed. But I worry about the future with the bone infection. Thanks for all the amazing information and positive energy on this site.

    1. Hi,
      My wife and daughter both struggle with MRSA, my wife contracted it the first time about 3 months after my daughter was bor. We suspect from her C Section, but it came out in her cheek overnight with zero warning. My daughter was 6 months the first time she had it. they both have had it reoccur multiple times, but oddly always in the same areas. My wife is the face, lip, back of the neck.
      My daughter it always shows in the groin area or buttocks, which she has right now.
      its been two years since my daughter has had an outbreak, but my wife averages about 1.25 per year.
      I am so confused as I have never had it, and when tested they found no sign in my blood work.
      the last time my daughter had it prior to now, we went to a specialist in Hollywood Florida. She put my wife and daughter on a double dose of ( I don’t recall the exact name) a super antibiotic for 30 days.
      The specialist told me that MRSA was still on the rise and the only way she had success of ridding it 100% was by doing this.
      I inquired about immune systems being a possible Segway, as I noticed that any time my wife or daughter have an outbreak, it was usually during or right after they had a different kind of ailment such as a severe cold, soar throat ,etc. I on the other hand very very rarely get sick with colds, flu, soar throats etc.

      Thank you for the remedies and your experience, I hope you find what you need, and I will keep on this site to share anything else we find from our specialists.
      I will get the name of the last antibiotic that my daughter took to hold it off for so long and share it soon.

  32. I had eye surgery, after that I developed a case of staph. Noone would believe me but my sister, Cynthia Pettiford. I went to the Eye Emergency Room three times; they stated that they did not see anything. I went to American Family Care-they said they could not wait on me because they did not know
    what I had contracted. I then went to Princeton Emergency Department, they stated nothing was there and they gave me papers on suicide; how about that. I was so frustrated because people act like I was losing my mind! I then thought of a friend of mind that was an ENT doctor. I called him and he told me to come to his office, in which, I did. He has been treating me every since, he told me I had a lot of pus buildup. I looked on the internet and this is staph. I called and made an appointment at the Eye Foundation, but the doctor who had performed the eye surgery was overseas during community service. Therefore, I saw his assistant; she stated that she did not see anything, but I am still suffering. I had called prior to my appointment and informed them that I has staph. The doctor’s office is normally packed, but when it came time for my appointment-noone was there except me, my sister, and the staff, this was very strange to me. I still have a bad case of staph and it is getting on my last nerve especially at night. Thank you very much for your article-I will try. the products you mentioned. Suffering in Birmingham, AL Carla English

    1. Hi Carla – sorry you’ve had so much trouble. I have had surgery at the Eye Foundation at least 5 times. I haven’t had staph from surgery but now have a rare fungal infection in my cornea. A stitch from surgery 3 yrs ago came out and a fungal infection started in the opening it left! Anyway, for staph or MRSA, get a prescription for an antibiotic cream, Bactroban, and swab it in both nostrils every day. Also, the oral antibiotic, Bactrim, should get rid of staph.

    2. Carla,
      I had staph in my eye also. My eye hurt so very bad, it was unbelievable. Went to Dr. Hayes in Chelsea, AL. and he gave me drops to clear it up. I have had staph in my nose also and it was terribly painful. I have suffered with staph for 6 yrs. and it’s a constant battle. I have it right now on my knee and multiple boils on my upper thighs. I’m going to try the honey and see if it helps. I pray for anyone that suffers with this.

  33. Loved reding this information! I’ve been fighting with recurrent MRSA infections since August, and after 4 rounds of antibiotics and one other prescription, I just want it gone! I’ve looked at buying Raw Manuka Honey, but I’ve seen 2 different I’m assuming strengths (Active 12+ & Active 16+) and wondered what you used? Thanks for giving me some hope that this will go away!

    1. Hi Kris,
      I buy 30+ Manuka Honey (that’s the only type I’ve come across) from my local health food co-op here in New Orleans. But before I found it there I was able to order it online through I have a teaspon in my tea 3 X a day and it’s delicious. We mix it 1/2 and 1/2 with olive oil to use as a salve to apply to boils, also. The book Herbal Antibiotics by Stephen Buehler has a lot of interesting information. Good luck to you in beating MRSA. We have all got to share as much information as we can, since the medical community is certainly not interested in looking at the whole picture.

    2. Hi Kris, it seems that i recently have started to figth MRSA, it started at january, , i was preScripted at first with cephalex for skin infection, 10 days, nothing work, then 10 more days with the same antibiotic, it didnt work, i change my doctor now he is saying i have MRSA, i am prescripted with a topic and Bactrin!!! it seems its not working!!! could you tell me if Manuka Honey worked for you killing MRSA??? I REALLY WOULD THANK U!!!

  34. Thank you Sharon for the information.I am a practising christian and your acknowlegementof God’s hand was an added value of your article.My daughter has MRSA staph and I cam e across your article while researching alternatives. I will definitely try Manuka honey( we live in Sydney Australia) and big doses of prayer and I shall let you know my journey.

  35. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing. My household has been battling MRSA for a year now. I have had it reoccurring outbreaks more than the rest of my family and I have been treated by doctors and all the treatments have done was subside the issue not kill the infection. I ordered some Airborne (New Zealand) AAH+ Manuka Honey 500g / 17.85oz on amazon right after I read your article. I am desperate to win this battle over MRSA. It has caused me a lot of sickness especially with my weak immune system and has made me very depressed over this long battle of just wanting to be happy and normal again. I do have a few suggestions along with raw manuka honey, shower a lot more often and use anti-bacterial soaps and hibiclens on the infected areas, apply tea tree oil on the infected area once every hour through the day (I’ve just started using tea tree oil last week and it has shrunken the slight bigger than golf ball size lump in half within 3 days). I do hope and wish everyone luck battling with MRSA and to stay strong to not let it win you over. Thanks again Sharon =]

  36. I too struggle with MRSA. About once a year I have another round of external skin sores. I have never been able to get the hang of using Manuka honey but I utilize essential oils and LED Blue Light Therapy. Light therapy just kills it for me. There’s info on the web about how it can totally kill MRSA. Also look around for reasonably priced devices. Mine was bought for about $140. I am never without it. I use it on every little red spot that doesn’t immediately succumb to essential oils. I’ll usually use it for about 20 – 30 minutes, and the lesions just dry up.

  37. I had mrsa all through the Iraq war and mentally I was at an end. I was literally moments from taking my own life a few times because the docs could not figure out why it kept coming back. I had it for 3 years on and off after the war and my honorable discharge when finally a doctor told me to go on a diet of yogurt. It cleared right up and I have not had any complications until a few days ago when I was in Charleston SC at the beach. Again I have been eating nothing but yogurt and using tea tree oil. I am going to find this Mankura honey and use it! THANK YOU THANK YOU So very much for posting this article. Hope is the most powerful weapon I have these days and it has led me here. Again, THANK YOU !!!!!!!

  38. Struggling right now with MRSA. I ordered the honey from Amazon just 2 days ago. A question: What if the infection is deep under the skin? Will the honey still work to draw it out and kill it. This stuff is scary but God sees. Bless you for sharing.

  39. We have a grand niece that acquired MRSA at about 3 years old. She had recurring bouts with it. She was treated by a doctor with antibiotics the first time with mixed results. We were recommended a website called We read and followed advice of others to use Manuka honey and turmeric. It has worked for us flawlessly every time. We have told everyone we know that has had MRSA and it has worked better than prescription antibiotics for them. We have been ridiculed by some for being against medicine which is not true. Our nephew acquired a bad case of it and we gave him some honey and Turmeric. He had a deep infected hole in his shoulder that started from a boil that burst. He used the honey and the turmeric and after some of the naysayers talked to him he decided to have a doctor look at it. The nurse confirmed it was MRSA and asked how he was treating it. He told her about the Manuka honey and she said to keep doing it. She said it was well on it way to healing and was as clean a wound she had seen.We are for what works and MRSA is nothing to take lightly. It is a serious epidemic that can have tragic consequences. We all now take Turmeric regularly and have not had an incident of MRSA in our family since. Most of the naysayers we know call us when they know someone with it now and ask “What was the name of that honey again?” and the next question is “Where can I get it?” It is not too expensive and there are no side effects so you might as well try.

    1. Hi there, (question for Greg Richey)
      I was wanting to inquire about the dosage on the manuka honey & turmeric. Are you putting the honey on the wound & also orally? What strength & dosage of turmeric are you using & is that only orally or is it topical too? Please reply I am in dire need of help. Thank you.

  40. I appreciated your story and “cure” for staph. However, the link to your good source is no longer valid. Where do you get it now? Thanks,
    Please email me if possible as I may not be able to find your site again.

    1. My post was way too long! 🙂

      Long story short:
      * Husband showed me what had become a horrible, inflamed cluster on the back of his neck.
      * First started nightly drain & bandage with colloidal silver & an oral dose. Probiotics, vitamin C & other “good stuff” in mornings.
      * Research into turmeric thought suggested honey, ginger, & cinnamon. Also suggested was aloe vera. Also 2 or three drainings per day.
      * Weekend brought opportunity to do more, and aloe vera brought inflammation down.
      * Shower or hot compresses used before draining, including a neck warmer over damp cloth & towel.
      * Local honey & spices used once, perhaps drew out more pus. Also drank some in warm water.
      * He scrubbed shirt collars daily with alcohol & dried.
      * Added aloe gel slice, from a live plant, to wound dressings. Huge benefit!
      * Day 4, stopped adding aloe gel at night to allow drainage & not heal wound too quickly.
      * 5 days of good attention & PRAYER, and we avoided a trip to the doctor, harsh antibiotics for a type 1 diabetic, & potential exposure to current coronavirus outbreak.
      * Draining is clear now, but I plan to get Manuka honey today, so we can work on drawing out any remaining infection.
      * Praising God for lessons learned, amazing healing, and hope to kick this! Amen!

  41. Thank you for posting the information for free. I have researched and researched information on the Internet and everyone claims they had it, battled it, found a cure for it but they all want money for “their cure.” I am going to order the honey ASAP! My sister got it – her son – my beautiful 6month old grandson – me – and now my boyfriend who had once before, before I knew him. I am desperately tring to seek a natural cure. I don’t like medicinal methods, I myself go to an acupuncturist for severe migraines, after trying everything, acupuncture has almost eliminated my migraines. Fingers crossed, hoping for a cure! Thank you again for sharing your testimony!

  42. I’ve been suffering from these type infections in the groin and armpit area for the last four years. I have found that this type of bacteria can hold up through many remedies. Including a hot water wash through the washing machine, holding scalding hot wash clothes on the area, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol and garlic.

    So far so good with my latest infection. A hot bath, fill the bathtub, with one cup of bleach. In addition, when I don’t have the time for a bath, a cotton ball soaked in 2 cups of water with a teaspoon of bleach. Bleach will burn your skin. Be careful with this remedy. But other than antibiotics, bleach is the only remedy I’ve found to actually cause the infection to yield. If you have sensitive skin, if you feel any burning sensation, immediately wash with soap and cold water.

    1. Tracy, I’m right there with ya.
      Bleach is the only thing I’ve found, prescription or OTC, that works on my staph infection.
      I’ve been through 5 courses of 5 different antibiotics and about the same amount of creams and ointments in the past 8 months and nothing worked. I initially went to a dermatologist to have folliculitus on my scalp treated but nothing worked. I then showed her the large area in my upper nostril, she took a swab which tested positive for staph. After being frustrated with the lack of progress, I saw her one more time but she just doesn’t know what to do anymore except prescribe Doryx or some other antibiotic to keep it at bay, which it really doesn’t do.
      The next day, I woke up with a red area about the size of a silver dollar on my upper thigh and noticed that there were about 5 to 6 tiny little blisters. It looked like a poison ivy rash but I’m not allergic to it and haven’t been near any for months. Eventually the blisters broke and that’s when the staph took hold. That was over a month ago and the wound is still trying to heal. What look like scabs, was actually just damaged skin that would not release. I put all manner of antibiotic, steroid and prescription creams on it but it just didn’t respond UNTIL I finally started using my noggin and thought, what about bleach? Twice a day I stick the tip of my finger in full strength bleach and rub it onto the wound and amazingly, it has finally started to shrink.
      Something else strange has occurred. After course 1 of the 5 course of antibiotics, Doryx to be exact, I developed trigger finger in both index fingers.
      Now, as for the Manuka Honey. has always been a favorite place of mine to shop for anything homeopathic. Their prices cannot be beat and they ship quickly.
      Here’s a link to their Manuka Honey from Wedderspoon
      I know I’ll be giving it a try for sure. Thank you Ms. Kaufman for posting this. I hope I can report back soon with some positive results.

  43. Hi, I was wondering if mankura honey would be available at a store I could go to because I have an especially painful infection right now and its going to be hard to wait for it to be shipped from Amazon

  44. Hi. I have a few questions about this if you could answer them it would be so helpful. First I contracted MRSA simply by being in contact with several people who had it. I was a certified nurses aide and I lived with my best friend whom I didn’t know had it until after I moved out. I have I guess people would say “minor” out breaks. I am pregnant and I had 6 total outbreaks throughout my pregnancy and one prior. I haven’t had one in almost 3 months and now I just noticed another. My doctor usually just lances them and packs them and they go away but pop up again they have tried special skin cleansers, mouthwashes, antibiotics, creams, etc…they always come back eventually. My outbreaks are usually quarter sized abcesses in my under arm area sometimes I get them elsewhere but that is the most common area. I am wondering does this honey work on wounds that are not open such as an abcess? If so, on the link you posted how do you know which product to purchase for the particular situation or outbreak? Thank you for your help.

    1. He painted the plantain leaves with the honey and used them as bandages, applying them directly to the wound. The plantain itself has medicinal properties, and grows everywhere. I cannot say for sure how much of the process the plantain did in the healing. I can say that what he did was success.

  45. My son had a quarter size wound that became badly infected. The whole foot became red and then started to turn black and blue, even though we were addressing it. So I purchased manuka honey and he applied it once a day and covered it with plantain leaves. Within 5 days it was completely healed. Praise God for his provisions.

  46. I know that these posts were a long time ago, so I am just wondering if anyone has anything new to share regarding the use of the honey or if they have had outbreaks again after using the honey? I first got MRSA from my husband in the summer of 2016 after he used some gym equipment that probably wasn’t sanitary (we think). I had several boils throughout that summer and finally got “cured” after a round of muniprocin in my nose and washing with iodine. I was clear throughout my pregnancy but shortly after I had my second daughter, I got another boil on the back of my head. I’m pretty sure I contracted it again in the hospital after having her. Anyways, I had two outbreaks – one when she was 2 weeks old in May of 2017 and another when she was 4 months old in September of 2017 – did the same kind of treatments on the wounds and in my nose – and that worked for awhile. I was clear from September through January 2018, but recently discovered another spot on my leg. I’m feeling so depressed that it’s going to be this way forever – battling pimple like sores forever. I need encouraging stories of people being clear for years or not being carriers anymore after awhile – and how you got rid of it for good.

  47. I recovered from MRSA.
    I crushed garlic, turmeric, ginger and cloves and soaked it with water and apple cider vinegar.
    I soaked it for 5 days.
    And i take a half a glass cup morning and evening.

  48. Hi. I noticed that you posted this article about 5 years ago. I am so glad you give GOD the full glory in His creation. I need to ask you… has the MRSA RETURNED after treating it? I too had an operational procedure when I was got MRSA. Unfortunately it spread throughout my body… it pops up in little pimples now…. I have one area on my leg that just won’t go away but I am weary of trying anything new unless it can be “backed up”… I hope you can and are willing to help me by letting me know. and telling me the latest that you’ve done.
    Cordially; Anna

  49. Hello! I have struggled with MRSA in my nose for several years on and off. I’ve done the antibiotics (sulphur based ones worked best for me), I’ve gotten in a hot sulphur spring once, essential oils, etc. My most recent cure has been using a blue light therapy device ($40 on Amazon) and then putting hydrogen peroxide on after, then silver solution and a blue ozonated E + MCT + frankincense solution on top. I also combine iodine, thieves, and any oil on hand (olive oil/avocado/coconut) and that seems to help as well. You have to do a 1:1:1 solution. In my opinion, antibiotics really don’t work to actually eradicate the infection (unless possibly accompanied by blue light therapy). All in all I cannot stress blue light therapy enough, but also I’ve found that hitting it with all you have is the way to go. Look into blue light therapy and MRSA, especially combined with hydrogen peroxide. I wish everyone luck and pray that you can beat this horrible infection!!!

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