Remember all of my garlic galore?

Well, I've just finished preserving it all for this fall and winter! I've now dried all of the bulbs out completely. Just recently I did some sorting into piles: gorgeous and intended for planting this fall, good for storage, and not so good for storage.

I set aside any that had cracks or openings in the bulbs. I have read that those ones may not store well, and should be used quicker or else preserved in a different manner. 

After searching the web quite a bit and talking to a friend, I came to the conclusion that the way I wanted to go about it was to peel my cloves, mince them in olive oil, and then freeze the garlic in usable portions. This method was recommended to me by a friend as something that she does herself whenever she has too much garlic that's going to go bad, and though it is a bit of work up front, it will make using my garden garlic throughout the year a snap.


After peeling it, I put the cloves into my food processor with enough olive oil to make it run smoothly and mince them up well. It's not a puree, but a nice, fine mince that is quite smooth because of the added oil. The oil will help to preserve the texture and flavor, or so I've read.


Next I made little dollops onto a cookie sheet with parchment paper. I used a teaspoon to do it, and I figure that each dollop is about 2 cloves worth of minced garlic.

After I filled a couple of cookie sheets, I put them in the freezer so that they could freeze individually. Then I scraped them off of the parchment paper and put them all into a ziploc bag.

Voila! Instant minced garlic at my fingertips!


Of course, I will still have the other half of my bulbs which I will be keeping in dry storage (which you can see above- just a bin with air holes, and layers of dried garlic in newspaper which will be kept in the garage) and I will use the dried bulbs whenever possible. But I love having this frozen garlic as a really convenient option, and also a way to make sure that none of my garlic will go bad before I get to use it!

Has anyone tried this or a similar method before? How do you preserve excess garlic?

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