Although I’ve been canning for 4-5 years now, it was only about 2 years ago that I learned this simple trick for peeling peaches that has made canning an easier task. I was missing out!

My 6 year old and I made this short video the other night, while peeling 40 lbs of peaches. She’s behind the camera, so I apologize for a few rocky moments (but overall I thought she did pretty well!).

If you wanted to use this method for when you are canning tomatoes, it’s exactly the same. I often find that tomatoes need even less time than peaches, more like 30-60 seconds. Experiment with your first couple of batches until you get the timing that seems to work well for you.

I can my peaches very similarly to how I can pears, with a few small differences:

  • I peel them by blanching (which you can’t do with pears), as shown in the video above.
  • When I slice them, I don’t soak them in water or in lemon juice.
  • I add 1 Tbsp of lemon juice to the jars, after I’ve put in the peaches and the syrup.
  • Timing is just a bit longer. 30 minutes for quarts, 25 for pints.

Rather than making a syrup with sucanat or rapadura this year (which the family generally enjoyed, but my husband found slightly too dark/caramel tasting for his preference), I made a honey syrup instead.

Light Honey Syrup for Canning Fruit


  • 1 quart/litre of filtered water
  • 1 3/4 cups honey


  1. Bring to a boil in a large pot. Can easily double, triple or quadruple this recipe.

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For 40 lbs of peaches, I tripled the syrup recipe and that was just about right. My end yield was 16 quarts and 7 pints, plus a few leftover peaches and 2 jars that didn’t seal properly which we are eating right now.

Up to your eyeballs with preserving season?

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Do you preserve peaches? How is your summer preserving going?

Image by Stevie Rocco