I have used my NaturoKit natural first aid kit more than 5 times in the past two weeks. I usually think of first aid kits as getting more use during the outdoor, summer months, but our family is rapidly disproving that theory.

What did I need it for? 

  • An upset stomach due to travelling and bizarre food options. Twice. (Thank goodness for activated charcoal!)
  • My 4 year old burned his finger on our gas fireplace. Apparently he didn’t believe me when I said it was actually hot. (Calendula Success drops, Cantharis and some Crisis Calm saved the day)
  • I accidentally gave the 2 year old something with whey protein in it (she is very sensitive to dairy). She promptly smeared her food-covered hands on her face, and broke out in hives. (Apis helped to calm down the allergic reaction and the hives were completely gone before bed)
  • I cut my fingers while trimming rose hip hedges with thorns. Two of the cuts got infected. (Wild Weed Salve helped to heal it faster)
  • A nerve-wracking event left this mama just a bit flustered. (Crisis Calm helped to take the edge off beautifully)
  • A constant stream of owies, bumps and bruises have caused our Arnica pellets to be the most-used remedy in the whole bag. (I refer to them as Owie Pills, and my kids gladly accept)

I had no idea how much I would be using my kit when I agreed to share about Naturokits or when I planned the date of this post. I can’t say I’m happy to have used it so much recently, but I am always so relieved to have it available for when these situations occur.

Aren’t We All Looking for Better Solutions?

Just today, this email landed in my inbox:

I just have to write and say how thankful I am for your blog and these AWESOME, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, WORTH-MORE-THAN-A-MILLION-BUCKS posts about natural healing. From the ear infection post (which I had to refer to yesterday) to this one. I am always uncomfortable giving my children antibiotics and using OTC remedies, such as Vicks, but any homemade recipe I’ve seen always requires much more time than I have and the ingredients and instructions just kill me.

I was just so encouraged to know that the natural remedies that we share on this blog are truly meeting a need (and I didn’t even write those two posts she mentioned, so 3 cheers for truly awesome writers!).

I get the time limitations, and the struggle to research on your own, and then figuring out what to buy and how to make and use it… when you’re a busy mama, you’re constantly on the go and in demand, and having someone else give you a nudge in the right direction (or do the work for you) can just be so. very. helpful. 

Last year around this time, we talked natural remedies for a full month, and it was amazing. I loved sharing about the things that I do, and I also learned so much from others. Coming up with simple and gentle ways to treat discomforts and illnesses is a valuable thing to share and learn about, for sure.

One resource that I’ve talked about multiple times on my blog is the NaturoKit, the natural first aid kit I was referring to above. I got mine over a year and a half ago, unsure of how valuable it would be. After all, I’m a resourceful, research-capable, crunchy granola health-freak who is capable of making and coming up with my own remedies, right?

Yet in those crisis moments, I pull it out again and again, because it removes the thinking element and allows me to simply administer something to relieve the one in pain or distress, and focus on comforting instead of flipping through home remedy books and scrounging to see if I have what I need.

If you, like me, are seeking to keep your first aid treatments more simple and natural, and avoiding conventional and over-the-counter medications as much as possible, you may love it as much as I do. Or maybe you know someone else this winter season who is looking to make some changes to how they treat mishaps and owies in their own home, and you’d like to bless them with a simple way to do just that.

Each kit comes with 9 remedies, carefully chosen by Naturopathic Doctors, intended to treat a very wide array of injuries and emergencies, yet in a gentle and holistic way. Each one is neatly packaged in a zippered, cotton bag, and comes complete with instructions for use and a very helpful alphabetical list of specific uses (for a burn, use this. for an insect sting, use this.) They have also created a MiniKit with 3 common remedies, for those who want something small and simple to carry around in the car or in a purse. Both would make a very thoughtful Christmas present (or stocking stuffer) for someone naturally-inclined or beginning to head in that direction.

For our family, it comes down to a resolve to seek natural treatments before other options, and making sure that we actually have those options readily available to us.

How do you treat first aid situations? Are you moving towards more holistic, natural remedies in your home?

Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by NaturoKits. All opinions and the concept behind this post are my own. I genuinely use this kit on a regular basis (you can come and peek in my “medicine” cabinet if you like, to see the half-empty bottles!), and I am very purposeful to only share products and companies with you that I sincerely believe in and do/would use for my own family. Additionally, any information shared by myself or NaturoKits is not intended to treat any illness, nor to take the place of consulting with a healthcare professional.

Top image by Josiah Lau Photography