Healthy, Natural Pregnancy: Counting our Blessings!

Pregnant woman We’re often quick to talk about the difficulties of pregnancy, but one thing that is so helpful in having a wonderful, healthy pregnancy is simply maintaining a positive, cheerful attitude!

I really appreciated Crystal’s focus on choosing joy during her last pregnancy:
However, the last two pregnancies I spent a lot of time wishing I could fast-forward to the end of the nine months–or at least to the end of the first twenty weeks. Wish as I might, though, there is no fast forward button on life. I can either muddle through this difficult season with a grumbling attitude, or I can choose, by God’s grace, to embrace today–nausea and all!
And so, I’ve landed upon a new motto for this pregnancy: “Embrace today!”

Choosing to cheerfully endure and make the most of this season won’t necessarily mean that it goes by any quicker or with less nausea, but a joyful spirit in the midst of it certainly won’t hurt anything!

I struggle many days with the challenges of pregnancy, just like most of you do. I have blessedly healthy pregnancies, but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy, comfortable or fun. Though I do as much as I can to stay healthy, there are still many discomforts and challenges. Some days are downright hard, and I can find it easy to want to throw a little pity party for myself or complain about how I’m feeling.

But the fact is, despite it’s challenges, pregnancy is a blessed state! A wise mom of 6 reminded me early on in this pregnancy that to be pregnant is to be blessed among women. I couldn’t agree more!

Let’s practice cultivating an attitude of joy and thankfulness in our pregnancies, and do our best to embrace the season that we are in!

My challenge for you is to think through and focus on one or more of the things that you enjoy about pregnancy, or it’s blessings, or simply it’s outcome (hmm, that’s an easy one!).

For me, here are a few:

  • Feeling my sweet baby move inside of me. There’s nothing quite like it!
  • Anticipating the arrival of baby- that wonderful time of “almost but not quite yet” (kind of like being engaged!)
  • The fact that, unlike many other disorders or physical challenges, this season has a very definite end in sight! That makes it so much easier to endure, doesn’t it?
  • Developing that adorable, early baby bump. I think cute little baby bumps are just beautiful, and it’s so fun to announce to the world that you’re expecting!
  • Sharing the joy of it with my other children and helping them cultivate a love for their new sibling.
  • One from a dear friend of mine- she just loved being really obviously pregnant, and the happy, approving looks that she would get whenever she went out in public!

It’s your turn! What do you love about pregnancy? Which aspects are the most joyful or enjoyable for you?

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  1. Hi! I’ve been blog-stalking you for a bit now; thanks for a beautiful compilation on so many topics!

    My body handles pregnancy quite well also, and I second all your “favorites” heartily. When I have a rough stretch, I remind myself, too, that unlike most physical maladies, pregnancy has an end! And what a blessing comes at that end!

    I’m expecting our 3rd (in 3 years!), and my oldest loves to wrap her arms around my belly and talk & sing to her baby sister. How sweet.

  2. I too am expecting our thrid. When this child is born I’ll have three 2 and under! I don’t really remember what it was like not to be pregnant…LOL. I rejoice in the fact that we are blessed with so many cute babies and that I am able to get pregnant easily while others out there have a difficult time or are never even able to get pregnant. I am sure they would love to deal with nausea for nine months strait if it meant a preicous little baby for them.

  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I woke up today with nausea, hip pain and a negative attitude, but reading this cheered me up! A dear friend of mine is suffering from infertility, and I realize how blessed I am to have my two beautiful boys and one on the way. I am joining you in adopting a more positive attitude this pregnancy.

  4. Healthy hair and skin and an increased you-know-what drive… added bonuses, in my book.

  5. Ohhh… I just love the joy of having a special little package inside of you – early in pregnancy no one can see it, or know except you. It’s so special just holding a new life right next to your heart!

    I am so thankful that I have not been plagued with bad nausea like so many moms are – my pregnancies have been easy in that regard!

    It seems like just remembering that you have a baby inside of you will bring a smile to your face any time of day or night when it comes to mind! 🙂

  6. These days, knowing that there is an end in sight is often the only thing that keeps me going. Learning the difference between joy and happiness is a difficult but good lesson. Happiness depends on circumstance (at 32 weeks, I am in too much discomfort to be happy in the traditional sense). Joy is a choice that finds its roots in the Gospel and the salvation that Christ has graciously granted me. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with all the positives mentioned before – so thankful God’s blessed us with fertility, when so many have trouble.

    Another one I’ll add is a calmer emotional pattern. For me, at least, pregnancy (except very early and very late) lends a more consistent relaxed emotional pattern. The hormones must balance out, and I enjoy being PMS-free for a good while! I am reminded of this b/c I’m 6 months postpartum now and my cycle is trying start up again – yuck (rolling my eyes).

  8. Being pregnant always makes me feel so confident. I’m not typically a very talented person, but pregnancy, I can do. Haha

  9. Thanks for this post! I’ve been thinking a lot about how much attitude affects pregnancy. I can’t believe how many people have told me that they “hate” being pregnant. I LOVE being pregnant! I know that I am very lucky to have had an easy pregnancy so far, and had no nausea to speak of. I know that many women have it much harder.

    I worked for a woman as a mother’s helper/nanny for a year just before I got married (in August of last year). She is my pregnancy attitude inspiration! This woman is one of twelve children, and when she got married, they couldn’t get pregnant. They tried for six years before having their first. Fast forward nine years later, and they have had a total of eleven miscarriages, adopted one child, and after help from a pro-life fertility institute, they just had their seventh child! This mama gets SO sick when she conceives, which is made worse by the high levels of progestone that she takes to avoid miscarrying. She is terribly nauseous, dizzy, tired, and miserable for months. But I have never seen a woman so happy and grateful to be pregnant! If she can have such a wonderful attitude, I can certainly smile through my sciatica 🙂

  10. Thinking of all the generations of mothers before me who have birthed all God’s children–my mother, my grandmothers, Eve and Sarah and Rachel and Mary—that encourages me. I am late to comment on your post “Pregnancy Update Week 28” but THANK YOU. I was hoping and anticipating you’d post your freezer meals. Very helpful and I’ll get right on cooking now that I have some great ideas. Even using ziplocks was a tip for me. I was thinking I’d need to buy a load of tinfoil pans. Oh I’m so glad your due date is so close to mine. It’s motivating me to actually do and gage my own to do list. When I become discouraged in the garden with so much work I will think of you and your garden accomplishment with a growing belly. Squash, beans and corn and I think I’m done…and keeping up the war with pests and weeds and deer and rabbits and little 21 month old footprints in the tender lettuce! If all fails the farmer’s market is 2km from our place. joy.

  11. To be completely honest, this pregnancy has been very different. I forget that I’m pregnant most days (until I’ve been on my feet all day and can’t figure out why my back hurts!), but I’m thankful for every minute of it, even the aches and pains! I miscarried in January, and losing a loved and wanted baby changed my life forever in so many ways. Now I am thankful for the backaches, the dizziness, the headaches, the morning sickness… because that means I have a baby inside me. One that is going to be ok. I try not to complain too much about the disadvantages, because I would rather go through all those tough pregnancy symptoms than lose another baby!
    I may come back and say more, but for now, I am exhausted and must go experience my favorite part of pregnancy… a nap!! I love taking naps, and I love that I have a reason to take naps now! 🙂

  12. What a great post! I always enjoyed being pregnant once I got past the first trimester. I was amazed by what my body could do, I loved feeling the movement of my baby inside me, and I knew that the aches and pains were temporary and then I would be well rewarded. With my third pregnancy, I had complications. My baby wasn’t growing and we didn’t know why, and her movements were always sluggish compared to my other 2 pregnancies. I was put on and off bed rest. It was a stressful and worrisome time, and then my precious little one was born 9 weeks early. She is a healthy and busy 3 year old now, so it all had a happy ending, but I really appreciated those first 2 “normal” pregnancies that I was able to carry to completion. Love every moment of it. It’s a different story when something is going wrong, and we should treasure all of a healthy pregnancy – even those last few uncomfortable weeks. I would have preferred for my youngest to be inside my womb where she belonged for the last 9 weeks, even if it caused me back pain and swollen ankles. I’m going to go kiss all my precious little people, even my stubborn 8 year old boy who thinks he doesn’t need kisses anymore! Silly boy.

  13. I did not enjoy much about pregnancy (threw up daily for 5 months!! Often 3-4 times daily.) But I did enjoy being so well taken care of by everyone. “No lifting!” they would say. “I’ll get the door.” “Let’s go out for dinner.” “Why don’t I take the kids out so you can nap.” “Do you need help with that?” Even total strangers would offer to lift my other kids into the shopping cart for me or put my bags from the cart into the back of my van. I truly felt cared for, as I was caring for the little one inside me. I felt as though I was doing a great noble thing that the world admired, and they were thanking me by helping me whenever they could. The special-ness people lavish on pregnant women is wonderful.

  14. I hear you about wishing away your pregnancy. At least at the end. I remember when spoke about embracing each day when she was pregnant with her last. It really resinated with me. I’m due with #3 in Sept. I’m in the blissful middle stage, but no I’ll be slowing down soon- I think you wrote about this the other day. It’s so wonderful to feel busy with the other two. Also, I am guessing this is likely the last pregnancy so I appreciate the movement and moments in a different way. Lastly, I feel so much more comfortable in my prego skin this time. I know the baby weight will come off. I’ll be beautiful with a handsome husband and three great kids. Not so bad!

  15. I have a REALLY hard time getting pregnant…about 3 years worth of ehem “work” with medicines and diet and thermometers and the whole bit. So each of my children come into the world wanted and loved before they even arrive in my arms. I LOVE being pregnant, especially with the kicking and moving and ultrasounds and just the knowledge that I (with the help of hubby and God) can grow a human being inside my belly…amazing stuff! Now you might think that with this love-athon of being pregnant that I have an easy and care free time… far from it. I am sick 5 months (everyday…all day…and live off of toast and orange juice). Then from month 6-9 I have bad contractions and lots of complications…and always go overdue and have had hard 25 and 30 hour labors. So you might think I would be discouraged…but I CHOOSE to be happy, and more importantly grateful. I believe God let’s me really want a baby for those 3 years of trying so that when I get pregnant I relish every moment!

  16. Two things that are resonating with me through your comments:

    1) I think it’s important to remember just how blessed we are to be pregnant, when so many other women would give anything to be in our shoes, sickness, discomfort, and all. I’ve gone through a period of infertility due to my PCOS, and known many friends who’ve experienced loss and prolonged infertility- it really puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it? 🙂

    2) It is so much about making the CHOICE to be happy, joyful and content in our circumstances, regardless of whether they are easy or difficult! And thankfully, God gives us the strength to make that choice daily, even hourly, through His abundant grace!

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments so far, ladies!

  17. Boy did this post come at a good time for me! I’m 40 weeks pregnant and desperate to meet this wee baby, wishing away every day. You’ve reminded me to be thankful for the uncomplicated pregnancy I’ve had and to enjoy these last few days of quiet and rest.

  18. i loved how pregnancy made me feel that my body was doing something miraculous and that it had a purpose beyond the way it looks. being pregnant helped me get past a lot of body image issues.

  19. I am 36 weeks pregnant with my second girl. I have been trying hard to maintain a good attitude throughout this pregnancy, though I struggle with it on some days. In addition to the usual nausea and aches and pains most mamas get, I am dealing with a blood clotting disorder. I have to give myself shots of a blood thinner twice daily to keep good blood flow to the baby, and it is quite painful sometimes. It is also mentally stressful worrying about baby’s health.

    But when I get down about it I try to see the other side of it – I am thankful that God allowed us to find out about this disorder just two days after finding out we were pregnant with our first daughter. And for blessing us with modern medicine and doctors that know how to treat this. Just 10 years ago the treatments that have helped me carry my babies were practically unheard of. So really, I am lucky to be giving myself shots!

  20. You’re totally right, its actually an attitude I often think of when coping with anything in life. I’m not able to think that way as much as I want to so its good for a reminder!

    I actually miss being pregnant a lot. I see other pregnant women and I sort of get a longing again…but I know it would be really hard to be pregnant now with a small baby…but hopefully God will choose to use my womb again one day.

    The most enjoyable part of being pregnant for me is feeling the baby move and having my husband or this time my older child feel the baby move. Also, I love feeling so big in one way…yes its uncomfortable and sometimes painful but I think pregnancy is so beautiful and I love my body’s curves while being pregnant…I don’t know how to describe it but I just love to feel that way. I feel feminine and motherly or something.

    I also love the anticipation. And this time, as painful as it was, I enjoyed giving birth. I was so blessed to have more knowledge and learning behind me this time so that I felt in control and it was awesome. I loved praising God admist all that pain.

  21. I just wanted to say hi and thank you for your blog! I really enjoy visiting it!

    I really wish I could post a comment here about pregnancy. I met my husband on a Catholic Singles website and we were married in June 16th 2007. We have been now trying for almost two years to get pregnant, without any success. After surgery to remove two ovarian cysts February 12th 2008, I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage four. I just had my second surgery on April 1st 2009.

    Do you have any other visitors/readers with endometriosis? I have managed to lose thirty pounds so far. I am also looking into diets to discourage the endometriosis from returning. I have learned that the hormones in food especially dairy, meat, and eggs should be avoided.

    I am a frequent visitor to your website and have learned a lot so far. You have given me many great ideas to try. I want the husband and I to eat healthier, exercise, and avoid ingrediants in foods and products that could harm us.

    If you have any tips or know anybody else who has endometriosis, I would love to hear from them! I will be forty three August 2nd and I feel very discouraged right now about being able to get pregnant. My doctor who did my last surgery gave us a fair chance on being able to get pregnant. I want so much to have a child and be a Mommy. Could you please pray for husband Ed and I? Thank you so much!

    May God Bless you!

    Maria Therese

  22. I LOVED being pregnant with our son. Due to some unforeseen complications, my son was born at 27 weeks, scariest time of my life. I went to the hospital every day for 3 months to see him and there were many, many, many, many times I wished I was still pregnant. I would hear other women say how they were so tired of being pregnant and think “what I wouldn’t give to still be carrying my baby.”

  23. I LOVED being pregnant with our son. Due to some unforeseen complications, my son was born at 27 weeks, scariest time of my life. I went to the hospital every day for 3 months to see him and there were many, many, many, many times I wished I was still pregnant. I would hear other women say how they were so tired of being pregnant and think “what I wouldn’t give to still be carrying my baby.”

  24. this resonates. i needed to read this today – thank you!
    i LOVE being pregnant and … struggle with wishing the time to pass primarily due to my anxiety/worry that plagues me after experiencing a pregnancy loss. we have an 11 yr old daughter; tried for several years for another and when i got pregnant, we miscarried. 2 years later i got pregnant with our precious josiah, our gift! – who is now 9 months.
    and i just learned i am pregnant again! amazing, miracle, joy … a gift.
    my determination this pregnancy is to rest in HIS peace; to choose gratitude and hope over worry and fear. because aside from those emotions, i LOVE … my growing belly, feeling baby move, the anticipation and expectation and excitement and planning … there is so much that i love.
    i am a wee bit nervous about having babies 18 mos apart – 😉 – but again, this is a gift and i am *GRATEFUL.*

  25. Thank-you for this post and all the great comments. After 3 miscarriages and spotting during my first trimester I am thrilled to be 31 weeks, however this pregnancy could not go fast enough. Even though I have the perspective of loss and that anything is worth it, each day feels like it crawls by as I’ve been desperate to meet this little one for over 2 1/2 years. Also worry is a hard thing to keep away and struggle with worring about preterm labour, breech, cord entangelment, like I never did with my first sucessful pregnancy. Every baby is a miracle and I rest everyday in the grace and mercy of our Father.

  26. i wake up every morning and tell myself that I’m blessed to be pregnant. Among many friends who struggle with infertility, I am blessed. I tell myself everyday, all day. I know God has put certain things in my life, like this post, to remind me that I am truly blessed and to rejoice. The truth is that I’m not happy to be pregnant again. I’m not ready for a second child. I struggle with these feelings everyday. I know I shouldn’t feel this way but I just can’t help it. Thank you for the post. I hope to continue to read more like this and pray that i have a change of heart soon.

  27. I’ve enjoyed reading these posts, but i have one problem. They are all geared towards the married woman, husband/wife and family. I am currently pregnant with my first baby. I am 27 years old and was saved when I was 16 years old. I was raised in a strong christian family and have a wonderful, loving, christian family. The truth is, we all struggle with pressures and temptations of this world, no matter what our faith/belief. This period of my life has brought a lot of sorrow upon me. I will be a single parent and, after a few months of sleepless nights and heartache, forgave MYSELF for what I did. Shame and guilt still overwhelm me, but am trying to stay positive and look to God for comfort in knowing that all life is precious, no matter how it comes to be. My goal now is to look forward and raise the baby in Christ and pray for him/her every day, hoping that I will be a good mom. My biggest struggle though, is feeling the joy of being pregnant. Unlike most mom’s to be, I am not looking forward to showing my “bumb” off to the world. I feel ashamed when people see a bump with no ring on my finger. I know Christ has forgiven me, but it doesn’t erase the struggles in my heart. I hope some day soon I will consider this pregnancy a joy. Believe me, every day, whenever I think of all the negative things that come with my situation, I replace it with at least one positive. Just to get thru the day. Thanks for listening

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