Baking Day: Making Progress!

Baking Day: Making Progress!

So far, so good! It’s almost 2pm and I’m on a roll with baking day. Just taking a quick breather to nurse the baby/eat cold leftovers/blog and tweet where I’m at.


Here’s my progress so far:

2 loaves soaked, yeast bread (from Sue Gregg’s grains book)- in the oven as I write!

Double batch of banana-cranberry muffins

Triple batch of soaked tortillas– Soaking!

Double batch of granola bars – Soaked oats, nuts and seeds are dehydrating and almost ready to use

2 meals of Chicken Tetrazinni

1 big batch of meatballs

A batch of yogurt

1 large Shepherd’s Pie- Mashed potatoes are made, meat is cooked, just picked fresh carrots from the garden.

Homemade mayonnaise

Dice several large, nitrite-free sausages I bought yesterday and split them into meal-sized portions

Cook 1 lb taco meat

If I have time:

Bake pumpkins for making pumpkin puree

Wash/freeze fresh cranberries

I’m fairly happy with what I’ve got done. I’m pretty sure the pumpkins won’t be happening, but that’s alright. I think I can finish everything else, or maybe just have 1 thing left to do tomorrow morning.

A few people have asked what I’m doing with the children while I bake/cook my brains out. Basically, I’ve just been finding ways to occupy/entertain them. They ate a leisurely breakfast while I started this morning. The little guy played while big sister helped me with bread kneading and muffin baking. Then they both watched a movie, and spent a bit of time on the computer playing phonics games on Then we had a drawn out, really random lunchtime, where they sat at the table for close to an hour while I worked, and I would just give them various different things to nibble on, drink, etc. We chatted together and Abbie came and helped me a bit.

The baby mostly napped or was calm during the morning, but around noon she got pretty fussy so I took a break to try to calm her and eventually got her to go back down for a nap. She’s up again now and I came to the computer while nursing, but she seems happy so I’ll soon be back in the kitchen with her in her little chair, watching me. The older kids are having quiet time/naps, probably until 3pm. Then I’ll occupy the little guy with some drawing or playdoh at the table and Abbie would like to help me press and cook tortillas.

I wish I had some method or technique to tell you for getting stuff done with little ones, but it’s all random. If the baby fusses, I use the sling. If that doesn’t work, I have to take a break. I work while they eat, because the table is in the kitchen. I work really, really hard while they’re occupied, sleeping, happy, etc. I let this be a day where they’re allowed to watch movies or play games more than I usually would. Once in a while, I think that’s ok (but normally, I’m not into plunking my kids down in front of a screen). I try to give them ideas of fun things they can play with and let them get a bit creative messy if it helps them to have fun while Mommy cooks!

If any other mamas have ideas of how to get stuff like this done with little ones, I’m sure we’d all love to hear them! And if you’re joining in baking day, I’d love to hear your progress!

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  1. Good for you dear! There is no formula as to how to get things done with little ones. I can tell by what you wrote you just roll with the punches, go with the flow and in the end it all works out just fine. With raising 6 of my own ( all grown up and on their own now ) It really doesn’t work to have a ridged routine – you just work around the kids and it pretty much works well. I got lots done with the kids at all stages of growth and found I could accomplish way more in a day that I thought I could.
    Could you post your recipe for soaked Tortilla’s? Thanks!

  2. my trick trick is indeed messy:) but with three under 3 any thing that keeps their attention works for me. I brought in our sand box and filled it with rice. My babies love to sit and pour and play for hours. Granted i have to sweep SEVERAL times but the whole kitchen is a mess at the end of the day anyways:)

  3. It must feel so good to accomplish so much like that 🙂 I think I do similar to you on days like that – go with the flow…and they’re good days for a video or some computer time. When I make bread they often make there own little breads too and I just let them play with it for a long time.
    .-= Suzanne´s last blog ..A peak… =-.

  4. I posted a few ideas on the forum for a mom that was discouraged in this area as well. I will see if I can remember or think of a few more that I have thought of. I realized after asking you what you do, that I also have a few tricks for cooking with kids. However, its also very often something that I have to put my own desires aside and simply be selfless and tend to the kids even though I just want to ‘get it DONE!!!” Its teaching me a lot. Working around them and their needs (while of course trying to maintain a routine…I mean when things come up like falls, dirty diapers, discipline needs, etc…) Being a mom is all about flexibility. I often plan way more than I can do in a day. I have come to the conclusion that this is it….I will never have a day where I accomplish everything I want to do. My hope is to accomplish all that God wants me to do instead!

    Tricks I have used:
    – baby in the sling, wrap or ergo (depending on what works best for the age).
    -putting the baby in the high chair and passing her things to gum on/suck on that are safe or things that she likes for like 2 minutes each. I keep a stack on the counter and keep passing them to her. She throws each on the ground and then I keep passing them. LOL This is my stand by “nothing else will work and I HAVE to get supper done” type of thing. I think it probably reinforces the dropping things…but I can live with that, its a tradeoff.
    -letting her play with my measuring cups and spoons. She especially likes the spoons she can shake and they jingle
    -putting the baby in the clean, dry sink. You have to be right there, and do it with caution. I don’t do it as much now that she can pull up. I clear the counters, make sure the tap is not hot, etc etc. She likes being at my level. I know some might think it is not safe.
    Anyways sorry this is so long, just some ideas. I try different things depending on the mood of the baby and I also might do several things within a short frame of time to keep her busy. Different stages I find can last longer at one thing.

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