Artisan brea
So, I have a new cookbook that I’d like to buy (surprise, surprise)…

It’s called Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
, and here’s why I’m interested: I stumbled upon this video last week and was instantly curious as to whether I could incorporate this into my practice of making healthy, digestible (ie. soaked, sprouted or sourdough), whole grain breads for my family. This bread dough whips up in about 5 minutes, requires no kneading, and is enough to make several small loaves by storing it in the fridge and simply taking out the dough you want, letting it rise and baking it. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

It looks amazing, but I had three main concerns. One, they’re using unbleached, wheat flour and I use whole grain, alternative flours (spelt, kamut, etc.). Two, although this bread is being sort-of soaked (not so much the first day’s batch, but all the days after that, when the souring dough is taken from the bucket in the fridge), but not sufficiently. Three, it’s a yeast bread and I want to move towards mostly sourdough breads.

Undaunted, I decided to go ahead and try it anyways. Here’s how I did it:

1) I used freshly-ground kamut flour, at a 1:1 ratio, in place of the unbleached flour.

2) I used the suggested amounts of yeast and sea salt and warm water.

3) I also added about a Tbsp of whey, to help with the soaking/souring process.

4) I did it in a large, stoneware bowl.

5) Two hours, schmoo hours. I let mine sit for 8 hours. Gosh, I’m such a rebel. 🙂

6) I didn’t bake it the first day, due to lack of time. Instead, I stuck it in the fridge with a plate over the bowl. The next day I baked it exactly as they showed in the video (the temperature isn’t mentioned, but it should be 450 F for 30 minutes). Note- put your broiler dish in the oven very shortly before you start baking, or it will start to burn and smoke with nothing in it. Ask me how many times I smoked out my oven (the answer- more than 2. I’ll let you do the math considering I made 3 loaves).

The verdict?

It’s soooo incredibly easy! I can’t believe how fast and simple it is to make a delicious loaf of bread! The loaves are small, and I found that the recipe made 3 round loaves, each a little smaller and denser than the rounded loaves in the store. Since it’s so easy to make a new loaf, though, it was nice to have them small (each one lasted us around 1-2 days).

My bread turned out a bit too salty, which was probably because I added in the whey and possibly I just need to slightly lower the amount of salt called for in the recipe. But otherwise, the taste and texture were really nice, for a non-wheat bread. The whole family enjoyed it.

I’m going to try it again, altering the salt a little and I’ll let you know how it goes. If I like it on that attempt, I’m going to go ahead and buy the book, which has tons of other recipes, including rye breads, breads that substitute sourdough starter for the yeast, and even pizza doughs and dessert type breads. Sounds like fun to me, if it’s all this easy to make!

Think I’m on a bread kick, now that I’m back to baking again?

Has anyone else tried this method or bought the book? What do you think of it? Am I the only one trying to find the most simple, least time-consuming method of healthy bread baking possible?