;plan it 3 D 300px 1What if you could learn to meal plan in a way that helped you to eat better, while saving you money, time and stress?;

You can… for the price of one boxed convenience meal or a fraction of the cost of one night of eating out.;

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Is meal planning really worth it? The answer is a resounding YES, if you want to:

  1. Stop spending too much money and start making the most of every grocery dollar
  2. Avoid the stress and panic of what to cook each night for dinner
  3. Serve your family more balanced, healthful meals (rather than resorting to convenience or compromise foods)

I hear time and again from both homemakers and women who work outside of the home how meal planning is the key that makes all the difference.

In fact, many of you probably already do meal planning, in some manner, to some degree.

But do you want to learn to do it better?

I’d love to help you learn how to:

  • Find the method of meal planning that will suit you and your family best
  • Tweak and perfect your meal planning style with unique tips and strategies
  • Make it easier to work around special/restrictive dietary needs
  • Become a grocery-shopping ninja and never go to the store without a genius plan in place for maximizing your money
  • Learn how leftovers can become your best friends in the kitchen
  • As well as how to store your recipes, easily find your favorites, plan for hectic times, and even what to do when you mess up…

Not only that, but this 82 page eBook also includes:

:: 4 weeks of real, whole food meal plans, complete with breakfast/lunch/dinner and recipe links

:: 11 printable planning pages including 3 different weekly planners, 3 monthly planners, a seasonal menu planner, grocery shopping checklist, pantry and freezer inventories, and a freezer cooking/baking day planning page.

My Own Experience With Meal Planning

I first started tinkering with meal planning 8 years ago, as a brand new wife and mom. It’s been an on-again and off-again journey, thankfully more on than off, because the times when I’m off? Scrambled eggs and toast for dinner, anyone? (Again.)

Now, as a busy mom of 3 (soon to be 4) young children, a homeschooler, a full-time homemaker and part-time writer/blogger, I need meal planning more than ever. Planning, shopping and food preparation become a simpler part of my daily and weekly routine and this mama can juggle all of life’s demands just a little bit easier.

I have proven to myself over and over and over again that meal planning really does work. Our meals are more balanced and nourishing, our grocery budget stays where it’s supposed to, and (wonder of wonders) dinner ends up on the table. On time.

(And yes, I am almost 9 months pregnant in this video!)

Full disclosure: This eBook includes some past content that I’ve written, both from my blog and a bit from a previous eBook. If you really wanted to, you could search through my blog and find many of my thoughts, techniques and meal planning tips for free. And you’d be welcome to!

The difference with the eBook is that I’ve brought it all together into a truly unified and coherent package and added to it;significantly. Rather than having to search and sift for unknown post titles and try to make sense of it all, you can simply download the entire package, which has been edited, re-written and added to until I felt it was a complete and easy-to-use resource. You’ll also get the bonuses of the 4-week meal plan with recipe links (3 meals, 7 days a week), as well as the 11 printable planning pages that cannot be found on my site.

What Others Are Saying

“Stephanie’s written another practical, easy-to-read homemaking guide. If you’re stuck on how to plan meals, or even wondering why you should bother, Stephanie will answer all your questions and walk you through several possible methods for getting started and maintaining your plan – even when times get tough and you’re temporarily derailed. This is a must-have for those looking to organize their menu planning and save money while doing it.” ;Kate Tietje, Modern Alternative Mama

“Even though I’ve been menu planning for years, this ebook breathed new life into my resolve to menu plan and gave me lots of helpful suggestions and fresh advice. I found some new tips and websites to try out that I’d not heard of before and also found it very helpful to step back and examine if my current method of menu-planning is working well for our family or not.” Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom

“Once again, Stephanie has put out a book that inspires you in your homemaking pursuits. plan it don’t panic is an excellent tool to give you the direction you need, whether you are new to meal planning, or just looking to step it up a notch. With her engaging writing style, you’ll enjoy the time you spend reading this book, as well as come away with practical, realistic tips to help you no matter where you are at in the process.” ;Becky Zale, Purposeful Homemaking

It’s nice to find an organized book with various types of meal planning to fit around you instead of plans that you have to make work. The section on seasonal meal planning was great for me to read and I also think it will work great on my budget! (Seasonal products = cheaper!)” ;Merissa Alink, Little House on the Prairie Living

“I’ve seen quite a few ebooks on meal planning, but Plan It, Don’t Panic is the most in-depth and helpful ebook that I have read! Whether you are single, on a special diet, or a mom of many, you will find tips and helpful advice on how to meal plan. I highly recommend this book!” Caroline Allen, The Modest Mom

“There’s no better feeling to me than before a big trip when you manage to use up every wee bit of fresh food in the fridge. Wiping down the shelves and returning to sparkling produce drawers and glass just makes me smile. It takes a lot of creativity and planning to budget, shop and cook delish food. I am a homebody and like to make big shops last, and Stephanie’s new book gives you all the tools to plan and prepare amazing food for your whole family while saving money and precious time.” Kerry MacLeod, snickerdoodles

Plan It, Don’t Panic is nothing short of brilliant. This is the exact resource that so many families need and until now, there is absolutely nothing that comes close to what Stephanie Langford has created. Every aspect of meal planning is covered and the information is presented in a way that removes the overwhelm for those new to meal planning while still proving valuable to those more experienced meal planners. I cannot recommend this Ebook enough. Quite frankly, I see this as a life changing resource!” Jennifer, Hybrid Rasta Mama

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(Also available on Kindle)

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