Wouldn’t you know it, that within days of posting on garlic and all of its healing properties, we would come home from a weekend away with several sickies (including myself)?

I’ve spent the last 4 days on a computer fast, as suggested by my wise and loving husband. He knew that I was a bit burnt out and needed some screen-free time to just regroup and rest. I thoroughly enjoyed taking a break and was eager to come back from the weekend with lots of energy and inspiration for new posts. Instead, I’m going to spend the next day or two putting all of my herb and natural healing studies to good use, as I nurse myself and my daughter through a yucky cold and help everyone else to stay well!

Sometimes it is nice to see how others use herbs to promote healing, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what I’m doing so far:

  • Got my daughter to eat a small clove of raw garlic with applesauce. Made a delicious piece of raw garlic toast for myself and my husband (I had 3 cloves, he had 2).
  • Made a tea with comfrey and ginger. The ginger is especially good for circulation and warming the body, the comfrey is great for the immune system, and both are helpful for decongestion and to draw out the toxins (since a cold is one of the body’s ways of healing itself and detoxifying). From what I’ve read, they work well together, as well as when used with raw garlic. We (my daughter, husband and I) drank our tea with just a bit of raw honey to sweeten it. Both comfrey and ginger are fascinating herbs that I’ve been studying, so you can look forward to a post on at least one (or both) or them in the next few months.
  • I also added a few sprinkles of Cayenne powder to my tea, also excellent for decongestion and circulation. Not enough to make it hot, though. I’m a wimp!
  • We took an extra dose of our fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil from Green Pastures, for all the good fats and the boost of Vitamin D (helpful for immunity).
  • Made a bed for our daughter on the floor of our bedroom and set up the humidifier (so that the 3 of us who need it- her, myself and the baby who has a mild case of the sniffles) can share it. The warm, moist air will help to clear our sinuses and chests so that we can sleep well, and I added a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil to help us breathe even more easily.
  • I’m about to take a Ginger bath before bed. The warmth from the ginger helps to relieve chills and aches, and speeds up circulation to promote healing, and will also help to clear my nose a little bit more so that I won’t have too hard of a time falling asleep. Plus, it sounds relaxing. 🙂
  • Tomorrow, I’ll bring out the chicken broth and make a huge pot of steaming, delicious, nourishing soup for lunch (and maybe dinner, too)!

You can see this older post of mine for some other examples of what I do to naturally help myself get over a cold quicker, or at least feel better (without the use of medication) while I’m in the midst of it.

What types of herbs or other natural treatments do you use to deal with a cold?

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