Enjoy Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning in Your Home 1

Enjoy Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning in Your Home

Have you struggled with how you can do non-toxic spring cleaning? Here are tons of resources for you and some easy ways to get started.

By Ann Timm

Spring is here and I’ve been ‘spring cleaning’ a lot lately! I spent all Saturday scrubbing every corner of each one my bathrooms. Normally the kids clean their own areas, but this is the perfect time to freshen up my home doing those once or twice a year tasks that nobody loves.

Opening up the windows and then scrubbing baseboards, washing walls, getting into those hard-to-reach places… and then there are the cabinets and blinds and all those other “cleanliness” tasks, but it’s also a great time to think about those unseen invaders lurking in our homesdangerous toxins!

It’s a little overwhelming, don’t you think? There has been an overload of talk the last few years of the many beauty and skincare products, cleaners, foods, kitchen items, and even furniture, decor, and clothing in our homes that contain harmful chemicals that make their way into our bodies through our skin, mouths, and lungs.

They may be invisible to our naked eye, and they are often absorbed in minuscule amounts, but these toxins have very real and serious effects, and we are just beginning to learn the negative effects they are having on our bodies and on the environment. Do what you can to stay clear of them and remove them from your home.

Here are some of the best posts from our archives to help you clean your home from toxins. Browse through them and see if there is anything you can start doing differently today.


Beauty, Skin Care, and Hygiene:

Gardening and Yard Care:

In Your Home:

In Your Kitchen:

For Babies and Children:

General Ideas:

Having trouble getting started? 

Just pick one area that you’ve been thinking about making the change in.

Maybe you have an old teflon pan that is peeling and you need to throw it out and replace it. Don’t feel like you have to replace the whole set at once, you can replace them one at a time with cast iron or stoneware instead.

Do you have some concerns about antibacterial soap and you are considering whether you should stop buying it? You could make your own pretty easily.

Or, as you use up one conventional cleaner you might want to replace it with a more natural one, like a soft scrub or air freshener.

There are many choices, but all you have to do is start. Just start somewhere. Anywhere.

Where are you focusing on going non-toxic in your spring cleaning?

It's time for spring cleaning, but how do you get started with non-toxic spring cleaning? Here are a ton of resources for you!

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