Video Blog: Making My Own Shampoo and Conditioner (Using the No 'Poo Method) 1

Video Blog: Making My Own Shampoo and Conditioner (Using the No ‘Poo Method)

One of the themes at Keeper of the Home this month has been making your own beauty supplies. Beth has showed us how to make our own soap, and Angela gave us a plethora of simple options for making beauty supplies like facial moisturizer, body scrub, even hairspray and more!

As for me, I’m breaking out of my comfortable little mold. I happen to enjoy “hiding” behind my writing and my computer. It’s tidy and safe and it has a delete button. 🙂

Behold, I give you my first ever vlog… Using the No Shampoo Method. Let me show and tell all about how I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to clean and condition my hair!

Want to learn more about going “no shampoo”?

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For those who also do “no shampoo”, how is it going for you and how do you make it work for your hair? Anyone out there making other types of homemade shampoo?

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  1. This was so interesting – thank you for posting! Oh, and I love your Canadian accent – so cute! 🙂

  2. Nice to hear your voice 🙂 I was thinking how nice it sounded and then I read the accent comment LOL I don’t think you have an accent…I wonder why. 🙂

  3. Great to hear you again. I really enjoyed getting to visit with you at Blissdom. 🙂

    What an interesting idea! I may have to try this!
    .-= Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home´s last blog ..Saying Hi… =-.

  4. I’ve been sneaking around your blog for a bit, but this is my first comment! I really absolutely LOVE your blog, and this vlog was wonderful. I have read a lot about the no ‘poo method and even tried it for a bit, but watching this gives me the ambition to try it again!

    I love your squeeze bottle – what a great idea! I bought a spray bottle for the ACV conditioner, but I might have to get a squeeze bottle for my shampoo.

    Hope to see more of your vlogs soon – and Hallee’s right: you totally have a Canadian accent! 🙂 Thanks again!

    1. @Amy, how do you like the spray bottle? I am thinking about getting a spray bottle for both, just to help spread it out over my hair more easily. I have used a squeeze bottle and it feels like I use way too much, or that I’m dumping half of it down the drain.

  5. Great video!

    I started doing the no ‘poo method after the last of my conventional products ran out. Sometimes it works, sometimes my hair is still kinda greasy. I henna my hair for color, and oh man did my hair look terrible after using this method with it lol. I also noticed after time the ACV wasnt working the same and my hair felt dry. So I bought a natural shampoo and conditioner and its back to what Im used to.

    I plan to rotate the two. I do get great body from the no poo method but if Ive gone too long w/out washing (like my week long summer camping trips haha) or done something different to my hair (like the henna, or some sort of spray) I have to try something different lol Im sure most of that is just from my hair trying to adjust, and I havent been doing it near as long as you so I definetly plan to keep it up until my hair is rid of all the icky chemicals I used in the past!

    Ill have to surf your blog too but I was wondering what method you use for your face? I have tried natural soaps and the oil cleansing method. None work perfectly but between the two and moisturizing with natural oils (and getting off a hormone BC method. Boy was that a bad idea to begin with!) as well as healthier eating my skin is finally getting a little better!
    .-= Ashley C´s last blog ..Wir bewegen uns in Deutschland! =-.

  6. Great video, Stephanie! How fun to see you in person =) I loved seeing how you make the baking soda poo. I also had trouble with dry scalp when I tried this method. I’ll have to try the rosemary, and the EOs are a lovely idea.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..a poem and some news =-.

  7. Crazy you posted this today. I’ve been experimenting with this for a couple of weeks, and so far my hair’s been greasy, greasy, greasy. This morning I used ‘real’ shampoo because I couldn’t take it anymore, so hopefully I haven’t negated any of the no-poo washed I’ve done. My hair has been greasy since Jr. high, and I’ve washed it everyday since then. Maybe it won’t work for me to give up shampoo. Any thoughts?

    1. @Christy, Mine was greasy at first. There is definitely a transition period. In the beginning, I would use no poo a couple times, then use a natural shampoo once a week or so. I also used to wash my hair everyday and was able to slowly, slowly get down to once every second day. It will get better!

  8. I work in a kitchen and am covered in grease and oil when I get out of work. I am not sure this will work, but I think I will give it a try this week. Does anyone have any advice?

  9. Thanks for the vlog. It is fun to hear you and see you in action. I only hear a very slight accent, but then again I am from MN so I probably have a similar “accent”. I don’t really think I have an accent though because everyone in the movies sound like me 🙂
    Can you use the cheap ACV for this or does it need to be the unfiltered, organic like you would use in cooking? Also, have you found it to make your hair lighter? I always thought that vinegar had bleaching qualities.

    1. @Sheri, I use the good apple cider vinegar, but only for ease. I just don’t bother to go out and buy something different, but I don’t think that you need to use the really high quality ACV for this purpose. And I haven’t found it to lighten my hair at all. I know that lemon juice can bleach hair, and maybe vinegar can too, but since I always rinse it out thoroughly I haven’t noticed any difference in my hair color at all.

  10. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks (sometimes using an egg yolk for the wash, which works even better than the soda!), but was just thinking today that I needed to get some tips from some other people who use this method, so a timely blog post! Just wanted to say I noticed your accent too. 🙂 Great video! Thanks for inspiring!

  11. Hi Stephanie!

    I didn’t think you had an accent, but then again, I’m Canadian too 🙂 I think we sound just lovely! 🙂

    I tried the no-poo method, but I stopped after feeling like my hair just wasn’t the same… it felt dull and just not soft and nice… kinda like it had a build-up of stuff that was making it feel almost waxy. I only did it for 3 weeks.. maybe that wasn’t long enough? Also, I’m 31 weeks pregnant, and this was in my 2nd trimester, around New Year’s. When I heard you say that you didn’t use this method during pregnancy, it really caught my attention. Can you elaborate on what happened when you tried to do it during pregnancy? Perhaps there’s hope for me after all… maybe I’ll try again after this baby is born…


    1. @Beth, I found that during the first 4-5 months of my last pregnancy, my hair was just oily and out of whack, I’m sure because of the high hormone levels. I just wasn’t satisfied with using it during that time, so I went back to a natural shampoo. At about 5 mths, I gradually went back to no poo, just once or twice a week at first, until I was back to it completely by around the time I delivered (and I probably could have fully switched over sooner than that). This might not be the way it goes for everyone, but it was my experience while pregnant. Once I was post-partum, it was back to being my regular method of hair washing.

    1. @Jen, I could, but I don’t. The only one who really needs much in the way of shampoo is my 5 year old (our toddler is a boy with buzzed hair, the baby has practically no hair). For her, I usually just wash with either plain water or a drop or two of Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap. A hairdresser told a friend of mine not to bother with shampoo for as long as you can avoid it (until hormones start to make their hair more oily), and I have found that doing so works just fine. Her hair doesn’t really need to be shampooed, so I only use that teeny bit or soap here and there.

      1. @Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home, that was kinda of my opinion as well. I have just been using either lathered up bar soap or a tiny drop of the natural kids shampoo I use on the boys for my girl. Though she doesn’t really have enough hair to bother with 🙂 I don’t think I will replace this bottle of kids shampoo when it’s gone and just switch them to castille soap.

        Any feedback on castille soap getting in eyes? Obviously we try to avoid it, but if it does, does it sting bad or is it no worse then baby shampoo?

  12. This is SO HELPFUL! I’ve been wanting to go no-poo for a couple years, and this shows me how truly easy it is! I’ll be buying those little bottles as soon as I go to costco so I can do this! Thanks!

  13. For me personally – I have also been doing this for over a year. Slightly different method, but same concept. And I find – #1- you don’t need to wash with either this or real shampoo every day, 2-3 times a week is usually good. And #2- I usually use a nice high quality natural shampoo and conditioner once a week. And I use alot less of it when I do, instead of a nice dollop size, it’s more the size of a quarter. I use shampoo mostly on the top of my head and then let it rinse down and the conditioner I start at the nape of neck and work it down into the length (I have waist long hair) and don’t condition the top at all. I like the feel of the real conditioner on occasion so I have compromised on using it sparingly and only weekly. It is working nicely for me doing both.
    I also find I like it better when I rinse in cold-ish water- not freezing, but cooler then the normal shower

  14. Great video! I’ve long thought about trying to go the no’poo way, this post really shows how simple it is!
    I’ve also been wondering about a better alternative to disposable razors… I really don’t like them. I asked for a nicer razor for Christmas and received the Intuition razor, but it still uses disposable heads… anyways, anyone have any better ideas??

      1. @Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home,

        I know this thread is a little old, but I have been reading up on the old-fashioned safety razor of days gone by. Mostly it’s threads from guys that say they will not look back now that they use it, but I have seen a few posts by women as well using the old-fashioned method with the shave soap, brush, and double-edged safety razor. Once you make the initial investment in the razor, the blades are super cheap to replace. I think you can get 100 of them for like $15….hope this helps someone! 🙂

  15. How fun was that to watch! I’ve been reading your blog for a year and LOVED to see you in person (& your accent). Keep ’em coming 🙂

  16. I have been very curious about this. I actually almost did it about a year ago, but I am a chicken! lol I think I will try it though… OK, I will! Thanks for the info!
    .-= Amy Caroline´s last blog ..BURNOUT or Is It Summer Yet? =-.

  17. This was great. Like everyone already said- it is nice to see you in video, see how it’s done & it was also helpful for me because my hair is like yours- similar length, texture, & characteristics. I’m really hoping to transition to using this when we are in Rwanda, although I’m not sure if they have ACV there. I know they have regular vinegar though- have you heard of people using regular vinegar?

  18. I just found your blog today. I love it. I also bought your e-book today. Can’t wait to dive in.

    I have been using no-poo for almost a year now. I actually blogged about it recently and tell about how I use it.

    I found that with our hard water, I had to boil the water and then pour it into the baking soda. I let it cool for a while, obviously. I also remember reading somewhere that those with lighter hair tend to do better with a lemon juice rinse. That has been true for me and my 2 daughters. I am getting ready to move my 11 yod to no-poo. Thanks for the tips about the rosemary. She’s struggled with this for a while, especially when using shampoo of all kinds. I also want to start using this on my 18 mod because she has the most beautiful curly hair and I think the shampoo is causing the curls to go flat. I don’t use the lemon on her though.

    Thanks for sharing this. Great job on the vlog.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Laundry Day with Young Children and Preschoolers =-.

  19. For everyone who’s having trouble with greasy hair: you have to “train” your hair by washing it less often. I started doing this a year or so ago and now I only have to wash my hair once a week! And it looks really great, if I do say so myself. Really shiny and healthy. And it has saved me so much time! I do use regular shampoo, but I’ve found that the ones with oil in them are amazing! Oil cleans oil!

    1. This method does not work for everyone. I tried natural shampoos and no poo for five years, and my hair was always awful. I tried to train my hair to washing only three times a week and that didn’t work either.
      I think it is a great idea, and I’m glad it works for so many people, but if doesn’t work for you, don’t worry about it…not all machines are made the same 😉

  20. thank you so much for this post and links to others…I cannot wait for my shampoo to run out now!! I am ready to save my money, my hair, and my family’s health!

  21. Thank you for this great post! I’m on my 2nd and was wanting to wait longer with her (she’s 3 mo), but never even realized I could wait that long. With my son I made his baby food, but I think I’ll try the gumming table food with my little Muffin. 🙂 I look forward to delving deeper into your blog. Just came across it today via Frugal Granola’s site.

  22. I’ve been using ‘no shampoo’ for over 2 years now and I love it. I have altered it a bit from what I originally read. I use 1 T of Baking Soda to 1 cup to wash with. I have hair past the middle of my back so for me I focus on the hair at my scalp since it takes a while for my natural oils to get to the end of my hair. Then I put 1 T vinegar and 1 cup water in a squirt bottle and use only about a teaspoon to tablespoon total per hair washing. I found if I used too much vinegar it made my hair too oily to fast and if I didn’t use any my hair was fried looking. So I found a middle ground for my hair.

    Another point was that yes your scalp has to remember how to produce oil slower. It’s used to having nearly all natural oil washed out everyday. When switching there is likely to be a transition period of crazy oil. When I started I had already been using some high end natural shampoo for several years so my hair didn’t freak out when I switched.

    I do use this on my children as well – why start them on chemicals or expensive natural options when I can start them on this now – no adjustment time needed!

    I absolutely love using ‘no shampoo’. My hair is so healthy and beautiful from my scalp to the tips of my hair.

  23. That’s so cool! I might just try that 🙂

    Does the vinegar actually condition your hair?
    And… baking soda?! Isn’t that damaging to your hair?
    Even so, I am intrigued and might just give it a go. Apart from frugal and healthy, it’s also environmentally friendly since we are dumping far less toxins into the environment.

    This Good Life

  24. I’ve been using homemade shampoo and conditioner for a while, and my hair is so soft and there is no tangles like before! A bit of advice, I put two tablespoons of Dr.Bronner’s castile soap to about a 90 percent full shampoo bottle. My oily hair has been a lot better since I used it, and I advice it to anyone with oily hair. And to anyone trying out no poo, do not use oil in your hair. it will not get out unless you use commercial shampoo. Good Luck!

  25. Hi there! I just started using the “No ‘Poo” method about a week ago. I am relieved to see in your comments that you did the switch more gradually, interspersing natural shampoo in your regime. I have done baking soda/vinegar only for a week and my hair is pretty dang greasy. It’s funny, though, it only looks greasy on the lower half of my hair…the hair near my scalp is fine. I did use a bit of my son’s castile shampoo/soap on the ends of my hair to control the grease and was worried that I had reset the transition period. I’m just trying to stick this out and see if I can make it work, I love the idea of all the money I can save and also the uber-natural way of cleansing my hair. Thank you!

  26. You are so wonderful! Your website is so helpful and informative! I am constantly worried about what I’m exposing my body to and what I’m putting in it so all of your tips have been awesome. I noticed you use apple cider vinegar in your shampoo, and I’ve been doing a lot of natural remedy research lately and ACV seems to be a super food! It has all sorts of health benefits like supressing the symptoms of fibro myalgia, aiding digestion and curing migrains!

  27. Never knew making shampoos could be so easy and cheap! 🙂 Will try this method with soda soon. Great site! Thank you!

  28. I just tried your recipe for the no poo today and my hair is nasty feeling! It still feels dirty, oily and just icky. Is this normal? It has no body or bonce either. So far I’m hating this. Please tell me this gets better because I really do care about what I put on my body. Thanks!

  29. I was wondering if you had any ideas on a safe homemade shampoo for colored hair and gray hair? Thank You

  30. Hi,

    You know I was just thinking of you with only one squeezy bottle and I was wondering if a washing -up bottle would do the trick…… Thanks for the tips and info by the way!

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