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How to Make Healthy Ice Pops & Frozen Treats

Are your kids starting to ask for frozen treats now that warm weather is here? Don’t go running to the ice cream man – make your own healthy ice pops and frozen treats!

By Kelly, Contributing Writer

Growing up, there were few things more exciting during summer than hearing that little ditty playing that meant only one thing … the Ice Cream Man is coming!

Soon he’d be rounding the corner of our street, and so my little brother and I would make a mad dash inside the house to plead for some cash – and quick – so we could make it back outside in time to get our hot little hands on a cool, refreshing ice cream treat.

Fast forward to today … not much has changed. Precious little faces still light up each time they hear the familiar tune that promises sweet treats in colorful wrappers. Sadly, we now that know these nostalgic treats are chock-full of unhealthy preservatives and harmful additives.

So what’s a real food lovin’ momma to do? Why not say goodbye to the ice cream man and hello to the “Ice Cream MOM!”

Are your kids starting to ask for frozen treats now that warm weather is here? Don’t go running to the ice cream man – make your own healthy ice pops and frozen treats!
Seriously, making homemade frozen treats with your kiddos is not only easy and fun, it’s delicious and nutritious, too! Trust me, real kids love real food frozen treats!

In fact, by stocking your freezer with these fabulous frozen treats, you could very well become the most popular mom on the block this summer!

Then, each time that ice cream man comes by with his tantalizing tune a-playing, you’ll be delighted to see your children running inside – not to ask for money – but to instead ask for one of YOUR healthy homemade treats!

On a mission to help you become The Ultimate Ice Cream Mom, we’ve provided 15 all-time favorite frozen treats that are certain to bring a smile to your kiddos’ faces, while keeping the ice cream man at bay! With these recipes in hand, you’ll learn how to make healthy ice pops in no time!

I also encourage you to pop over and check out my Top 10 Tips for Making Healthy Homemade Frozen Treats and FREE Healthy Ice Pops & Frozen Treats eBook.

all fruit pops 1 1024x 846Fabulous All-Fruit Pops

Banana Split Pops
Favorite All-Fruit Pops
Fruit Juice Pops
Limeade Popsicles
Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles

The Nourishing Home imageCreamy Pops & Bars

Fruit & Cream Bars(DF Option)
Fudge Pudding Pops(DF)
Kefir Fruitsicles
Lemon-Lime Frozen Yogurt Pops
Mango-Strawberry Cream Pops
Tropical Creamy Popsicles

Real Food Real Deals imageIrresistible Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cheesecake Graham Cracker Cookie Sandwiches(GF)
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches(GF Option)
Lemon-Vanilla Cream Sandwiches(GF)
Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sandwiches

What are your family’s favorite healthy, homemade frozen treats?


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  1. What a fun post! I love the picture up top. I would love to start making some frozen treats for my children. I know they would love it! I think the kefir fruitsicles would be a hit at our house! Now to get some popsicle molds. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kristen. I wanted to have some fun with this post and hopefully inspire some great opportunities for kids in the kitchen. Frozen pops are a fun treat that kids love to make. Hope you and your kiddos have a great summer! Appreciate your encouraging words! Blessings, Kelly

  2. Just bought some molds this afternoon! Looking forward to trying out some of your recipes. What a wonderfully positive way to break that habit of such good memories about something so yucky for you… Thanks!!

    1. Thanks, Aimee! Hope you and your kiddos enjoy making pops as much as we do! Blessings, Kelly

  3. I didn’t get the ebook not sure what I did wrong. I tried to re subscribe it wouldn’t let me. please help me get the ebook!!!

    1. Hi, Kay! I will email you directly. The free Healthy Pops eBook is for subscribers of The Nourishing Home. So if you subscribed, you will notice that it appears at the bottom of every single email you get from The Nourishing Home. Simply scroll down to the bottom of today’s email and you’ll see the link right there at the bottom of the email. 🙂 Again, I’m emailing you, incase you have any trouble finding the link. Blessings, Kelly

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