9 Toxins to Remove from your Life 1

9 Toxins to Remove from your Life

With my husband being a doctor, I have learned and am constantly learning new information about things in our everyday life that are dangerous to our health and are making our bodies toxic.

Although you might not know it, there are environmental, household, food and life factors that play a role in how toxic you are. From the moment of conception to your current age, you have been around “stuff” that has gotten into your body (and even your mind) and could possibly causing you to suffer from health problems. Sometimes it’s easy to make statements like “A little won’t hurt me!” or “Everything’s going to kill us some how so what’s the big deal?” However, God gave us wisdom to make the right decisions for our family.

“I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life so that you and your children may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19

I am almost certain God planned for us to choose to live a healthy life! In the modern age of convenience, it’s true, we simply can not avoid everything, however, there are steps we can take to help our children and family lessen our toxicity in our bodies and live a healthier life.

If you take one step at a time you won’t get overwhelmed! As you read about these toxins to remove from your life, I encourage you to think about some baby-steps that you may want to take and to dig deeper and research to find out the “why” for yourself. When you find the why for choices you and your family make, you can help teach others.

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1. Household Cleaners

Everyday cleaners found on the shelves of grocery stores are full of petrochemicals that are hazardous to our health. When you clean with them, they get into the air and are sucked into the air vents which keep releasing the toxic fumes out.

Take a spray cleaner for your kitchen counters for example, every time you clean, not only do the chemicals get released into the air but also leave a residue on the table (even though you wiped it up) where food is prepared and then eaten.

2. Water

Do you really know what you are drinking or cooking with when you use tap water?

Tap water has been treated with Chlorine, Fluoride and over 300+ other chemicals so it’s no surprise that this water can cause an assortment of health problems including: bone disease,  thyroid function, reproductive function, and immune system function and the chemicals are hormone disruptor’s according to the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency also discloses that Lead in tap drinking water is linked to learning disorders in children and hypertension in adults.

  • Alternatives: Buy reverse osmosis water at your local grocery or health food store. You can also install a reverse osmosis filter in your house. These can range in price from less than $1,000 to over $10,000. Baby-steps to take are to buy a shower and kitchen sink filter… start there!

3. Mold

Believe it or not, thousands of people each year suffer from mold toxicity annually in the United States. Most importantly, the majority of these people don’t even know that they are sick from mold. They often suffer from alternating bouts of fatigue, asthma, allergies, itchy eyes, skin irritation and headaches. The symptoms do not always come up simultaneously so one might think “I haven’t been to lucky with health this year” when the truth is….they have MOLD in their home or even school.

  • Alternatives: No alternatives to mold here. A few ways to clean mold are to use apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil. The best way is to just throw out whatever has mold, and if it’s in the wall; you’ll have to knock it down and re-build.


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4. Pesticides

Pesticides are spayed to remove or kill lurking pests, so it is obvious they are toxic and can have harmful reactions in our bodies. There are a number of effects pesticides can have on your body including: reproductive disruptions, they are carcinogenic which means they are cancer causing, and the are immuno suppressive, among other problems.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has listed the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables that can be bought either conventional or organic. To print out a copy of the list, click here. This list is a great way to start removing these toxins. Pesticides are also sprayed by your city or county to control mosquitoes so be aware of the days (or nights) that they will spraying.

  • Alternatives: Always take your shoes off when you come into your home so you don’t spread poison to your carpet and floors. Try your best to buy organic. If you are on a smaller budget, at least make sure you buy the Clean 15, that’s what we do! (And whatever you buy, wash it well!)

5. Food

There is a huge attack on food makers to increase quality in our world today. Great stores like Whole Foods, Earth Fare and other larger companies are becoming more common because the demand for quality chemical free food is on the rise.

We often tend to skip over ingredients because it sounds healthy but a lot of the time, that is all it is: a healthy word or sound. Just because it says blueberry muffins, doesn’t even mean it has blueberries. Look for: hydrogenated oils, words with numbers like Polysorbate 8O, MSG, aspartame, sucralose, hydrolyzed yeast extract and Red 40.

  • Alternatives: Read labels. That doesn’t mean check the salt and fat content. What are the ingredients? Always shop in the horseshoe: Try to avoid going down middle aisles at the grocery, that is where the pre-packaged junk resides. Eat vegetables and fruits as much as you can. Also, be aware of hormones and antibiotics in your meats.

6. Plastics

After years of dominating our cabinets, we have come to realize that storing in plastics can truly cause health problems including hormonal changes in male children and diabetes. Simply do not buy plastics with number  3, 6 or 7.  Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 are better.

I’m sure you’ve heard of BPA or bis-phenol-A.The EWG states “Trace BPA exposure has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system and trigger a wide variety of disorders, including chromosomal and reproductive system abnormalities, impaired brain and neurological functions, cancer, cardiovascular system damage, adult-onset diabetes, early puberty, obesity and resistance to chemotherapy.” So we need to be mindful and cautious about using plastics, especially since everything comes packages in plastic.

  • Alternatives: Glass. Glass storage containers are making a comeback. Minimalization is key here. We have come too far that we can not avoid plastic. You can minimize exposure by spending $50 on glass containers at a Walmart. NEVER put plastic in the microwave! The bad chemicals  are release when heated and go directly into the food you eat. Stainless steel containers for water instead of plastic water bottles is also a good change.


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7. Cookware

People love non-stick pots and pans, they’re easy to cook with, especially clean, but cookware like Aluminum pans and Teflon contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA.) which can lead to infertility, cause cancer and other health issues. PFOA is a dangerous chemical that releases toxins once heated so you want to avoid non-stick cookware!

  1. Alternatives: Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Cast Iron, Stoneware and Glass.

8. Air Fresheners and Candles

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes the smelly candle smell? I love the smell of candles, especially the Yankee candles at Cracker Barrel restaurants. The problem with these is that gingerbread lemon candle or the holiday spice isn’t really ginger, lemon and cinnamon but are dangerous benzene chemicals that have serious side effect, including death.

Think about this, most of the people you know either use a car air freshener, febreze, smelly soaps, shampoos and other fragrant items that actually contain harmful chemicals. How many people do you know with headaches, sinus problems or digestive issues? What if they removed the benzenes from their life? Just sayin’.

Fragrance is listed by ewg.org’s skin deep website as to cause skin infections, respiratory problems and reproductive issues.

  • Alternatives: Essential oils and soy-based candles are becoming more popular because of the demand for chemical-free daily use products. I happened to find an inexpensive candle at Target last week! (and I didn’t get a headache when I burned the candle!)

9. Skincare Products

Most of your soaps, shampoos and toothpastes and even make up contain sodium laurel sulfates (SLS). It is a surfactant which means it is used to break down and clean slippery grease havens like pavement and car parts. Yes, the same harsh chemical used in industrial cleaning is being used in your mouth, armpits and hair. No wonder you get so fresh and clean!

All joking aside, you need to be aware of what you are putting on your skin, it’s living organ that soaks up everything you put on it.

  • Alternatives: Nowadays, the market is bursting with tons of new products that are safer than your average choices. There are brands like Jason’s, Avalon Organics and other brands that are developing products that don’t contain toxic chemicals. If you are really brave, you could make your own shampoo, toothpaste or other skincare products. To check the toxicity of skincare products in your household, use this database.

These are just some of the toxins found in our everyday lives. My husband and I also avoid other toxins such as amalgam fillings, vaccines and medications that can be toxic in our bodies. Although, at times medical emergencies happen and we are thankful for care.

We believe that our bodies have a unique ability to heal themselves and believe that is how God intended us to be. If we take the right steps to have a peaceful mind and relationship with Christ, to eat a balanced diet, to maintain a healthy nervous system which effects your immune system, to exercise weekly, and to remove these toxins, we will be on the right track in living an abundant life!

Choose Life, a Healthy Life!

“I came that they might have life, and that they might have life more abundantly” John 10:10

Did you know that everyday items in our homes are full of toxins? Here are 9 toxins to remove from your life – and advice on how to make the switches!

In which areas have you been working to remove toxins from your life? Which areas do you still want to address?

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  1. I’ve working the past several years at gradually getting rid of chemicals in our home. It started with cleaning supplies, then laundry soap. I now make our soap and shampoo and have switched to a natural toothpaste. Also, our skin care items are natural. I still need to switch to a complete natural make-line and I’ve yet to find a natural deoderant that I can deal with. But, I’m baby stepping there…

  2. I’m making baby steps just like Pam M. 🙂 Little by little. When something is empty, I replace it with something better. Up next on the list? Homemade soap for the shower….I’m blessed to have a great local source.

  3. I’ve been working on cleaning chemicals – using mainly white vinegar or Seventh Gen.
    I need to use our human-friendly (haha) toothpaste, but I hate wasting the other stuff…. I need to just get over that.
    My latest project has been shampoo, conditioner, and makeup! My hubby uses his own homemade soap for shampooing, but I think it leaves me hair greasy. So I caved and bought shampoo and conditioner for $6 each. It’s expensive, but that was the cheapest I found. If you know of anything for less (other than the homemade vinegar concoction :), let me know!
    I really loved this post. I’m right there with ya!!
    (PS Your CommentLuv plug-in needs updating I think… it’s been acting up for awhile now. I just keep forgetting to say something.)

  4. What an excellent article! Sure, there’s a more lot to work on even for someone who’s been working on it for years like we have, but it’s so freeing to have a whole list set up! Thanks for organizing my future projects for me.

    Annie Kate

  5. We have been slowly working through cleaning products and personal care products, and I am now looking into making our own soaps and lotions to further control what we put on our bodies.
    Thanks for the reminder about plastic and pesticides. I find I get tired sometimes of being vigilent and little reminders help. Also thank you for this scriptural perspective. I think your right about God wishing us to live healthy lives both spiritually and physically. Great post.

  6. I do almost all of my cleaning with vinegar, baking soda, castille soap and tea tree oil. I got rid of almost all of my plastic food storage containers and we now use mason jars for storage. Next I want to update my pots and pans as we’re currently using non-stick ones. I just need to save up the money to pay for a new set.

  7. Pam M. – It’s all about BABY steps. I’m with you on the make up! That stuff is EXPENSIVE! I use an organic foundation & mineral powder and at one time mascara- which ran so I looked like I had raccoon eyes. I still use regular (yes, probably toxic) eye shadow, blush, lip liner and I just use a natural chap stick instead of lipstick. (We all can afford everything, so you have to make the best choices you can!)

    Ashleigh – I feel the same way about the homemade shampoo, I feel it makes my hair greasy and I have to wash it everyday when it’s like that and I usually go 1-2 before washing again. I cave and but shampoo (don’t really use conditioner) but I found a Jason’s shampoo at Walgreens the other day for $4… yay!

    Annie Kate – I’m truly glad you like the list! This is a life-long change that will take many years to a life-time! Good luck on your journey!

    Holly- We did the same, saved $ for pots & pans, we got a big stainless steel set from Sams Club for $99 a few years ago. We use the mason jars for drinking (like a county bumpkin’ lol) and to store in. Thank you for your awesome comment!

  8. We have been Dye-free for years (one of my daughter is deathly allergic), Then we started buying wheat and grinding it… Another kiddling is Autistic and allergic to the bleached flour… This year, we started making our own laundry soap, and I changed out all of our other cleaners to the Melaleuca brand. LOVE THOSE!

  9. With the exception of ziplock bags for cheese, there is no plastic in my kitchen. I just put out word with several ladies at church that I needed glass jars with lids. Preferably canning jars, but any jar would do. So now I have a gazillion apple sauce and spaghetti sauce jars to store food in. Which is why cheese is the exception, I have yet to figure out how to get it in and out of a jar 🙂
    I also have a 2 year old, she drinks from a glass cup. I just make sure I give her cheap glasses, but so far, she’s only broken 1.

  10. My daughter and I have been using a mixture of baking soda and water for shampoo (1 Tbsp baking soda to 1 cup water) for many months now. When we first started we used a vinegar rinse also. We found that the vinegar made our hair greasy and we stopped using it. The baking soda and water are working great, even better than shampoo, for both of us. We’ve found we don’t need a rinse or conditioner. There has been one exception to the baking soda mixture working. Last week our water softener (our town has VERY hard water) ran out of salt for several days. The baking soda mixture does not work with hard water! I’ve read some posts where people made the mixture work by boiling the water and baking soda, but we just went to the store and got salt for the water softener! Problem solved!

  11. This has been a long term project of mine. I started by switching some of our cleaning products and now use Seventh Gen, baking soda, vinegar, and orange oil. Last year I started making my own toothpaste from baking soda and cinnamon but my husband won’t use it. I have gotten rid of everything containing triclosan and most products with SLS.
    We have one nonstick pan, it’s supposed to be hard anodized whatever, that my husband won’t part with but otherwise we recently bought a new set of stainless steel pots and pans that I LOVE. I also use cast iron or my ceramic coated cast iron dutch oven. But for the life of me I can’t seem to keep my cast iron frying pan seasoned. What’s the catch?
    I was just diagnosed with Celiac disease and now am also looking to replace any gluten containing beauty products. Now THAT’S a challenge! I just want to be itch free and so many companies give you a vague “we can’t guarantee anything” kind of answer. It’s frustrating. If you can’t tell me whether there is gluten or not, do you really know what is in your products??? It has really opened my eyes to manufacturing processes. GMP doesn’t seem to mean much in my experience.
    As a healthcare provider and a patient, I can tell you that this stuff matters. A LOT! Thanks for these kind of articles. I have shared it on my Facebook page and I intend to hand out copies to my patients and direct them to your site. Education is the best tool!

  12. Man, I can put a checkmark next to all of those except air fresheners and candles. {Blush…} I do love me a good, fall-smelling candle! We are also trying to replace our cookware one pot and pan at a time. My hubby bought me two new stainless stock pots last weekend! We make our own deodorant, and I’m willing to try making my own shampoo just to say I did. Great post! Thanks!

  13. Just curious, I’ve never been to a Scentsy party, but have a few in my home. I believe they are soy based, does this mean they are safe? I have so few luxeries in my life, I’d hate to lose this one ;-). As far as everything else on the list…done.

  14. Thanks! Great list! I would like to find better shampoo & mascara…but due to major sensitivities, i’ve switched out a lot of these things. We have a local laundry detergent place called sun&earth…and we can refill our containers at the local health store. I prefer vermont soap company over dr bronner’s. Vinegar is a wonderful cleaner…and safe to let the kids help with. :)And alima pure makeup is incredible and affordable!

  15. Erin – I’m not sure if you would be able to get an ingredient list (I tried just know) but then you could see what is in them. I say just use them up (unless they are giving you headaches.. ditch them now) and then don’t get them again because most likely what is making up the wonderful smell is toxic. If it doesn’t state in/on the candle what they ingredients are then I’d say to move on. (Example of safe ingredients: natural soy wax or bee’s wax & essential oils) I put a picture on my FB page just now on the one I got from Target. Great job on everything else!

    Deah – Great list of alternatives! Where do you happen to get Alima Pure make up?

    1. Hi Amanda!

      Just wanted to share some information regarding some excellent cookware. First off all cookware except titanium either releases chemicals either in the air or in our food. There was some studies done through the Mayo clinic regarding this. I came aware of this as I have had severe stomach problems for the last decade and have been to numerous doctors trying to figure out what the cause was. I own a cleaning business and use safe products and while cleaning one of our business I would have never thought of cookwear. Saladmaster cookwear is amazing and changed my life after cooking in the cookwear for less than 3 months my stomach problems have went away! I do not sell for them , I was just amazed after they showed me what comes out of other pot and pans. I hope that this helps and if you get a chance to check them out it will be well worth it. http://www.Saladmaster.com

  16. Rita Gleason – Thanks for the encouraging comment! Sometimes we all get say this is just too much & throw in the towel! (I can myself at times definitely!) And remember BABY steps!

    Kris Mazy- That’s great! We’ve seen some Melaleuca products, but didn’t get involved with the business bc we don’t need very much!

    Kara – GREAT idea for asking church friends for their glass from products they’re not going to use! I need to do that! We do use ziploc bags too for certain things!

    Tracy – What a simple recipe for shampoo & simple solution for hard water problems!

    Liz – I feel honored! Thank you so much for that encouragement! I am still learning about cast iron, so can’t help you with seasoning it… sorry! Think there is a link on Keeper of the Home though! What kind of healthcare provider are you?

    Lindsey- I know what you mean about the candles, I love the smells too. Once we starting living a more “natural” life I could barely stay in a place with candles bc a head ache starts right away. I’m glad they don’t effect you like that! I’m so happy with all your other changes! Way to go girl! It’s ALWAYS fun to get new cookware!

  17. I’ve done all of these that are in my control (eg. all of it in my home that I can, but like anyone, I encounter these things out in the world and our budget also only allows so much, so I do my best with what we can like avoiding the worst sprayed things and growing my own but I can’t possibly do everything).

    Just wondering, why is there no “reply” option at the end of people’s posts anymore? That was so convenient because if someone replied to my post then I could check the box to get it sent to my email and I would never have to sift through the comments for a second time to get my reply. Maybe its just not working…but if its gone, I’ll really miss that, and I am sure I will miss many of the replies too.

  18. Rachel….great resource. I will save this for later. I have worked really hard over the past few years of using only natural…now I am dappling in making my own. I have done my own dish soap…not sure what next. Any suggestions?

  19. We’ve been on this journey seriously for about a year now (casually over the last 10 I guess). We aim for not only safer but more frugal. We make all of our detergents and cleaners now. The last thing I use that I’m wondering about is Magic Erasers for soap scum removal in the bath about once a month. I can’t imagine that something that works with so little effort is safe…need to research that. I found it amusing the other day when my daughter’s Girl Scout leader was wiping the table down with bleach water my daughter asked what the horrible smell was…she has no memory of us using that junk in our house. We all use Dr Bronner’s diluted in a foam dispenser for shampoo. Floride free natural toothpaste was also a success. My husband is still firmly holding on to his old deodorant but the rest of us went aluminum free. We are at the mercy of our local water supply for now, but I still hope to change that. Our pots are hard anodized steel but look like they have a non-stick surface. Not sure about them safety wise but they will have to do until more research is done and money saved. My last hardest baby step is food storage. Plastic is everywhere and calls to me with its cheapness and convenience! Must resist…have to take the first baby step on this one then it won’t be as daunting anymore. Thanks for the list. It helps us all on our journey look back and appreciate where we’ve come from without getting overwelmed with where we still need to go.

  20. Well I was kind of thinking about the other kinds of toxins… 😉
    Toxic Friends, gossip, timewasters….I could go on and on.

  21. Nikki- I would say make your own laundry detergent, it’s super easy & cheap!

    Amanda- Great job on all your steps you’ve taken in the past 10 years! I’m right there with you! Plastic is sooo very cheap and it’s hard to say “No” sometimes! Good luck on your continuous journey!

    Momof4- You are VERY right… those are very toxic as well. I was going to have 11 toxins and one of them was going to be behavior. Our behavior can be very toxic as times (like unforgiveness, laziness, grudges and the ones you mentioned) and it is something we need to remove as well! The post was so long that I didn’t want to overwhelm the readers with #10 & #11. Thank you for bringing that up!

  22. This is a very helpful post! There is such a variety of issues that it’s nice to see a list and not just get overwhelmed at all the things I DON’T do “right”! I have been quite attached to my perfumes and deodorants in all these things, but since I became pregnant, they have become disgusting to me! Even other people’s perfume can give me allergies. I can’t help but wonder if becoming extra sensitive to these things while pregnant is the Lord’s way of protecting the unborn from these “toxins”. I believe I will be willing to give up the aluminum in my deodorant now. 🙂 Any good recipes?

    Perhaps this is a stupid question….do the refrigerators with a water filter/dispenser built in remove the bad stuff?

    @ Kara, you could use a pyrex glass dish with a lid for your cheese. I know the lid is plastic, but it wouldn’t have to touch the food.

    1. Rocky Mountain Soap Co. has some great roll-on deodorants… I don’t typically use anything, but on those days when I haven’t showered and that game-y smell is presenting itself : ) , I use my RMSC deo!

  23. I am ALL about removing toxins in my life and doing everything to make our bodies/homes/environment healthy and safe, however I am super sensitive to the promotion of skipping vaccines. This is why we are seeing the recurrence of preventable disease in America. The “pros” of vaccinating our children FAR outweigh the “risks”– I was seriously considering not vaccinating my child when I was pregnant with him, but after he was born I couldn’t imagine not giving him a small amount of vaccine that would prevent him from getting a serious/possibly deadly disease. No offense to anyone, just stating an opinion. Thanks for the great post!

  24. Excellent post!! We have been working hard to remove toxins in our home. I recently resumed using essential oils and diffusing them in our home and using them for the health benefits. Now, using scented candles make me sick! I use the essential oils as room freshners and mix with vinegar to make cleaners. I also use one from our company called Thieves that is made into a household cleaner and you can use it for EVERYTHING! Plus, it kills cold and flu germs.

    For the water purification, we have started using Living Clay. We drop some in our water and the toxins settle on the bottom. We also use it to for health benefits, skin care, brush our teeth, bathe in it to remove toxins, and more. A cheap product for so many benefits! Thanks for the great checklist to see how well we are removing toxins from our home!

  25. Thanks for all the great information! I’m currently working on using gentler shampoos and even wrote this week about some shampoo alternatives I’ve tried. The homemade shampoos are definitely not for me, but I’ve heard Jason’s is very good and am going to try that!

  26. Haley- I bet that is the Lord’s way of protecting you! I don’t have any homemade deodorant recipes yet, but I bet you can find one on Google or from maybe one of the other contributing writers blogs. I think refrigerators filters do remove some things but they don’at last forever, depending on your manufacturer you may need to replace the filter every year. Congrats your your little bundle coming soon!

    Krista- This post didn’t discuss vaccines, but thank you for your view point! We are all blessed that we can all have different opinions on things!

    Mary- Essential oils are so useful for many reasons! Thank you for sharing info about Living clay, I haven’t heard of it, I will have to look into that!

    Michelle- Making my own shampoo isn’t really for me, I’ve come to realize I just CAN’T make everything homemade! Plus, the homemade kind makes my hair oily. I hope you like the alternative brands! Let me know how it turns out!

  27. http://momsaware.org/ which is How to Live Healthy in a Toxic World, from that site, I used a recipe for a heavy duty scrubber that is a nontoxic bathtub cleaner, did a little scrubbing & now my tub is white again!

  28. Pyrex makes a wonderful line of glass containers with plastic lids. I refuse to microwave anything in plastic, and these Pyrex glass containers are a great alternative. They are super-handy for my husband’s lunch, they freeze well, they clean perfectly, and are nearly indestructible. Anchor makes a line too… often cheaper, esp at Cdn Tire. I even bake cornbread in my Pyrex glass round containers.

  29. Thank you for this wonderful post, which I sent to my Facebook page immediately. So many people are not aware of the things in our environment that make us unhealthy. I am putting a number of your suggestions into practice already but your article is a reminder to make better choices in other areas.

    1. It isn’t the water that is killing us. It is the CHEMICALS the govt puts in it. I use a filter. Why on earth would I KNOWINGLY give my kids a drink of water filled with chemicals??? I also use a filter that makes my water Alkaline. An alkaline body is a cancer free body. We are mostly made of water. I want to be made of clean water, not cancer causing chemical water. More good info on my Facebook page “Chemically Cautious”

  30. As it relates to BPA people may not know that BPA or Bis-phenol-A is still contained in all canned goods. The BPA is located in the sealing process i believe so when you open the can it gets contaminated into the food inside. Yes pop cans are included in that. I was surprised to find this out myself. Obviously its near impossible to cut all canned goods from your shopping list but use wisely would be my best suggestion. Use fresh organic whenever possible or frozen. Frozen produce (organic is better then regular whenever possible) is fresher as its harvested and flash frozen within hours of picking.

  31. You make some good points but including water on the list is a very big mistake. I don’t even know where to begin…I hope your readers have enough sense to take the wheat from this article and leave the chaff. We are lucky beyond belief to have access to potable water from our taps in most of North America. Before anyone spends money on reverse osmosis water (or filters or bottled water or whatever) in N. America, I would hope that you would give money for a well in rural Africa where people are dying from water borne illness. So crazy – this hyper awareness of every tiny nuance of our own wellness while others made in the image of God are dying of easily preventable disease.

  32. Hi Rachel!
    Thank you so much for this awesome post! I learned so much and have already thrown out all my plastic tuberware, ordered glass replacements, and thrown out all my son’s sippy cups with number 3, 6, or 7 on them. However, I was wondering if there was a specific line or lines of kids cups and plates that you recommend? I have a 2 1/2 year old who still likes to drink out of something with some sort of top on it.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Sarah, so glad you enjoyed this post as well as learned some things! Once we made a switch our kiddos still needed to have sippy cups too, so what we used were stainless steel cups with lids. You can find them online or even at Walmart’s. Sometimes they have kids size stainless steel water bottles at Old Navy and we love those! Thank you so much for your comment!

  33. Liked and believed everything you said till I got to the part about vaccines, so you would rather a 6 week old baby die of whooping cough, how selfish of you, we don`t have polio and lots of other diseases since vaccines have started, and anyone who say`s other wise are kidding them selves. It makes me question every thing you have put on here.

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