Just a couple of weeks behind schedule, all of my garden seedlings have been planted! It doesn’t look like much, but yesterday morning I planted 7 heirloom tomato varieties, Purple Beauty peppers, 3 winter squashes (Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Butternut, Delicata) Sugar Baby watermelons, Far North melons, Couer de Boeuf des Vertus cabbag, Green Sprouting broccoli, Purple of Sicily cauliflower and too many herbs to name.

Spring snuck up on us all this year and my outdoor garden is actually ready for planting my frost-hardy and early spring veggies already! I can hardly believe it, but I’m eager to get out there and start getting all of my direct-seed crops into the ground. I’m dreaming of snap peas and baby lettuce and fresh radishes…

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How are your garden preparations going? What do you have in store for your garden thing year?