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Sourdough A to Z eBook: Win a Copy!

Sourdough is a champion traditional food (don’t miss Stacey’s post on sourdough next Friday). By slowly fermenting the grain during the souring process, it becomes easily digestible (sometimes even for those with allergies or particular grain sensitivities), it reduces phytates (for better mineral availability and absorption), it even lower the insulin response to consuming the carbohydrates….

What is “Real” Health?

What is “Real” Health?

Written by Kate Tietje, Contributing Writer These days, it’s hard to pinpoint what health really is. Our country’s health is going down the tubes – there are constantly reports on how more and more people are suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, chronic infections, stomach disorders, reproductive disorders/infertility, cancer, neurological disorders, learning disabilities…. And yet,…

Attitude Towards Sugar

Attitude Towards Sugar

Written by Kate Tietje, Contributing Writer Back when I used to eat SAD (Standard American Diet, for those not familiar), I tried to make the “healthiest” choices wherever I went. So, if we happened to be getting fast food (not a rarity growing up), I would choose grilled chicken and salads over burgers and fries….

Nutritional Foundations- Making the best of the regular grocery store, Part 3

Let's continue on with our tour of the conventional grocery store, and how to do the best we can with what's available to us… Dairy This is a tough one. The dairy at our local grocery store has unfortunately been dealt with rather poorly. First off, it has been pasteurized: Pasteurization destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamin…

Sweet, little nurslings

If there is one thing that I just love about being a mama (and there isn’t just one thing- there’s a gazillion, but this is one thing in particular that I love), it’s the sweet simplicity of nourishing my darling babes through breastfeeding. Last week, Caden and I celebrated 13 months of being a happy…

Menu Plan Monday- Feb.4

Happy Monday, all! Well, tomorrow (I’m posting this on Sunday night) I officially start my new diet. I’m allowing myself a few days of grace as I use up some stuff that I have on hand, since I just found out my diet details on Friday, but over the course of the week I will…