Attention Vancouverites- Baby Purity Conference!

Hey all you locals (local to me, that is)!

A dear friend passed on a newspaper article to me yesterday, about a great conference that's happening in Vancouver, BC at the end of this month, and I thought some of you may be interested.

Baby purity banner

It's called the Baby Purity Mother's Conference, and it's happening Saturday, Oct. 25 from 9am to 5pm. For more information on it and to buy tickets ($38 which includes a nice lunch), check out this link.

Here's a quote taken from the website:

Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by all the allergies in our
children, the debate between organic versus non-organic and the
frequent green living conversations?

As a mother, I certainly
have and thought it would be great if all this information could be
condensed to help mothers understand how these issues affect her
family. Hence, the reason for the Baby Purity Mother’s Conference. Come
to this one day event, have a great lunch in downtown Vancouver and
listen to experts discussing first foods for your baby, safe household
products and good nutrition for your entire family.

They have some great speakers, including a local Naturopath, as well as speakers from Healthy Child, Healthy World and Environmental Working Group. There will be booths with lots of different products to learn about, and also some Q&A sessions and panel discussions. I'm not sure exactly how in depth it will go, but I'm sure that I will learn something useful, and be encouraged in some of the things that I am doing for my family.

For anyone that plans on going, I will definitely be there and would love to connect with you at the conference! Please send me an email at keeperofthehome (at) canada (dot) com to tell me you'll be there!

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