Stocking Your Summer Medicine Cabinet (Plus 23 recipes)
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Stocking Your Summer Medicine Cabinet (Plus 23 recipes)

Summertime means fun adventures outside, completely different from the viruses and cold of winter. Don't wait until you get home from a long day out and about to try to figure out a natural, home remedy to soothe the pain. Stock your summer medicine cabinet now.

By Jami Leigh, Contributing Writer

As I scroll through my Pinterest board for home remedies, most of the things I see are flu remedies and cough medicine. While you might need these during the summer, it’s more likely that you will be hunting for bug bite spray, poison ivy salve, and sun burn relief.

I decided I needed to update my board (and my medicine cabinet) with all my favorite summer home remedies and recipes. I encourage you to pin these recipes and remedies and even make some of them now, before you need them.

Summertime means fun adventures outside and if you have kids, that means lots of boo boos including bug bites, sunburns, scrapes, bumps, poison oak, bee stings, and more. Don’t wait until you get home from a long day at the beach – your entire family sun-burnt and exhausted – and try to figure out a natural, home remedy to soothe the pain. Stock your summer medicine cabinet now.

My advice is to order the ingredients and make a few of these ahead of time so you have them on hand to grab at a moment’s notice. Here’s my guide if you need baby steps for stocking a natural medicine cabinet (including where to buy ingredients).

Dealing with Pests and Bugs

Bugs and their bites are a common problem through summer. The easiest way to deal with these pests is to avoid them in the first place with recipes below, but you might find yourself having to deal with bites!

Indoor/Outdoor Homemade Bug Spray by Your Thriving Home

Essential Oil Insect Repellent Spray by Tasty-Yummies

Homemade, Natural Bug-Spray Recipes by Wellness Mama

Natural Insect repellent Lotion Bars by Thursamaday

Dealing with the Sun

Choosing which sunscreen to use is a big deal as most commercial sunscreens are full of harmful chemicals and can cause more damage than good. But avoiding sunburn is also really important so here are a few natural, homemade sunscreens to try or whip up a batch of sunburn relief if you need.

Homemade Non-Toxic Sunscreen Lotion Bars by Homemade Mommy

Make Your Own Sunscreen Lotion by Keeper of the Home

Natural Shea Butter Sunscreen by Day2Day Joys

Herbal Remedies for Sunburns by Keeper of the Home

DIY Sunburn Relief Spray by Modern Wellness

The Best Natural Sunburn Cream by Modern Wellness

Treating Bee Stings & Bug Bites

Ouch! Bee stings can ruin a great trip to the park and mosquito bites can ruin your camping trip. Have these remedies on hand to quickly help heal the pain and get your family back to fun this summer!

Activated Charcoal for Bug Bites and Other Itchy Situations by Crunchy Betty

How to Treat Bug Bites Naturally by Keeper of the Home

Bug Bite Relief Stick by Live in Art

20 Natural Bug Bite Remedies by One Part Sunshine

Herbal Bee Sting Paste by Keeper of the Home

Dealing with Allergies

Hopefully you are getting over seasonal allergies, but if you are still battling pesky allergies, here are some great natural remedies to try!

Say Goodbye to Allergies with Raw Local Honey by Simply Rebekah

The Ultimate Guide for Dealing with Allergies Naturally by Common Sense Home

Treating Allergies with Essential Oils by The Encouraging Home

How to Treat Seasonal Allergies Naturally and Without Medications by Nourished for Free

Other Essentials for Summer

Here are some other things that you might be really happy to have this summer in your natural medicine cabinet!

Homemade Natural Chapstick (better than Burt’s Bees) by Young Wife’s Guide

Simple Summer Skin Refreshers by Keeper of the Home

Homemade Daily Facial Moisturizer + SPF by Homemade Mommy

Homemade Calamine Lotion by Nourishing Joy

You might also want to check out our suggestions for what to include in a simple, summer first aid kit!

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  1. So timely & useful! Here in the midatlantic biting insects are everywhere all summer. Thank you for the great article!

  2. Thank you so much for this post. We too use natural remedies. This summer we’ve been spraying the kids down with clove oil and water, it seems to repel those pesky bugs. We’ve also found a great tea-tree oil cream to help with swelling and to clear up any bites they’ve gotten when we neglected the clove spray.

  3. I recently placed a garlic poultice on my knee where I had such pain could not bend my knee for
    about two and half month, no one seemed to be able to help me. Then there was a missionary in
    Bismarck who a friend went to listen to for arthritis place a garlic poultice (fresh) six hours you will
    have a blister, well I did have a blister but I also had a greenish discharge and pain free.
    ab bourgois

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