Menu Plan Monday- Dec.1 (and the start of some great giveaways!)

Christmas mpm
Here's another 2 week menu plan, as I continue to work on cooking to please my husband more:

Monday: Chicken Divan over rice

Tuesday: Samosas (homemade, using the Nourishing Traditions recipe) with plum sauce and spinach salad

Wednesday: Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes and Chicken Apple Sausages

Thursday: Lasagna, salad and garlic bread (with guests)

Friday: Taco Salad

Saturday: Sandwiches

Sunday: Leftovers

Monday: Beef Stew (using bone broth, not soup mix, and adding onions, as well as some turnips and cabbage, because I have some that needs to be used) with homemade bread or biscuits

Tuesday: Crispy Potato Pancakes (I shred extra veggies into the batter) with Whole Baked Salmon (ok, so this fish still has the head and eyes on it, and my daughter has decided to name it Bella, and since I bought it, she has come up to me multiple times and asked to see "Bella the Fish" from the freezer! We've gone over and over how Bella was already dead, and how we're planning to eat her just like all the other fish I buy- think she'll need therapy over this??)

Wednesday: Spud Special Soup with raw veggies and dip

Thursday: Root Vegetable Millet Cobbler

Friday: Baked Beans (I'm looking for a new recipe to use in my crockpot- any suggestions?) with Dijon Scalloped Potatoes and a side veggie

Saturday: Homemade Pizza

Sunday: Leftovers or something creative to clean out the fridge (this is becoming my new Sunday dinner ritual- I like it!)

Lots more great menu plans at Organizing Junkie!

Now here's the giveaway…

Who wants to win a stainless steel water bottle?

Me, me,
me… oh wait. I can't win one. I already have one. Besides, I think
there might be a blogosphere riot if I started giving away my giveaways
to myself. 🙂

Blue kids bottle ttt
Guess I'll have to give it to one of you instead! One awesome water bottle. Every week. For four weeks in a row. How fun is that???

the scoop. When I was at the Baby Purity Conference last month, I met a
sweet mom from Vancouver, who happened to be selling stainless steel
water bottles and food storage containers, for 1/2 the price you'd find
them anywhere else. I ended up buying two, to get a complete set of 4
for our family (we already had two Klean Kanteens).

Flat cap silver bottle ttt
These bottles are virtually the same as Klean Kanteen, and are actually made by the same manufacturers. They are high quality stainless steel, with the same type of lid variety that Klean Kanteen offers, but for a much (much!) friendlier price.

Carolyn first began looking into affordable plastic alternatives for the same reason as most of you have- to keep her kids safe from harmful and unknown chemicals in the plastics, and now she has expanded that into her business The Tickle Trunk, where she sells not only water bottles, but also food storage containers, cutlery, cups, and more items coming soon.

Here's how to get in on the giveaway:

1) Head on over to The Tickle Trunk to take a look around and choose which bottle you would like to win.

2) Leave me a comment letting you know which product you like the best, as well as which bottle you would choose if you won.

3) To be entered a second time, mention this giveaway on your blog with a link to the giveaway, and leave me a comment with the url for the post where you've mentioned it.

4) Contest ends Friday, at 3pm PST.

5) If you didn't win, make sure to come on back next Monday, to enter yourself for the next bottle giveaway! There will be one every week, for the next four weeks!

Edit: Comments are now closed- thanks everyone!

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  1. I love all the products if I had a million bucks:) I would like to win the large pink stainless steel h2o bottle:)

  2. I thought the stainless steel small containers(good for baby food) were a great idea. I would love to win the Pink 12 0z water bottle. It’s awesome!

  3. What a great deal! I would have to choose the 27 oz in stainless steel with the loop cap… so there’s enough for my daughter and I to share on a long walk.

  4. I think I’d take the black 27 oz. bottle with the sports cap lid. It would be perfect for our hiking trips and would eliminate the need for washing the plastic bottles. I’m interested in seeing what the popsicle molds are like, too.

  5. Hmm…I’d have to pick the “Tiffin” as a favorite product, just ’cause all those levels are fascinating. 🙂 I love the idea of stainless steel in the kitchen – using stainless steel makes me feel so safe. No plastic! The Lord blessed me with a set of stainless pots and pans not too long ago, through an amazing set of ‘circumstances’! (Read the story here: )

    Anyway…if I were picking a bottle, I’d go with the 18 oz. WB02.

    By the way, I just have to say how much I love all the info you include on my blog. It’s one of my favorite blogs to visit! Thanks for making it so informative.

  6. I bottles are my favorite, but the stainless steel storage containers come a close second. They would be great for taking snacks to the park or on road trips. I often use glass, but am afraid it wil break. These would be awesome.

    If I won a bottle, I would like the stainless steel 12 oz bottle, with a loop cap – good for throwing in my purse.

    This is a great giveaway! Thank you.

  7. Oh dear [blushing pink] – I HAVE to correct that typo! I meant to write “I love all the info you include on YOUR blog.”

  8. I love the stainless steel cups! And the bottles are a great price. I would pick a pink 12 oz. with the sippy adaptor for my little one.

  9. I love this give away! I would love to win the large bottle in pink with the sports cap, then I could get rid of the plastic bottles I have!

  10. I love the Food Storage Container 5 (the Tiffen). It’s perfect for my husband’s lunch. I just sent him a link at work to see what he thinks.

    I like the 27oz stainless steel bottle with the loop cap. It would be perfect for me and the boys to share.

    Thank you!

  11. I think that that site is great! I never knew there were other neat products like the stainless steel food storage containers- how neat! I would like to get some of those someday.

    I would like to win the 1182 ml bottle.

  12. I am trying to find a water bottle cool enough for my 7th grader to be willing to use it. I think that Stainless Steel one with the black cap just might do the trick!

  13. Thank you for posting The Tickle Trunk site. I have held out ordering from Klean Kanteen due to price, so I was excited to see this alternative.

  14. What a great business! I love the 18 oz. pink water bottle. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I really like the Water Bottle ‘Pink’ 12 oz. It’s the right size and it’s pink! LOL in a house full of boys I rarely see pink. Plus it will keep them from taking it! 🙂

  16. I really love how inexpensive these are, I’ve been wanting to switch over from plastic but dreaded the cost. My husband and I have decided to forego Christmas presents to each other but I was just saying how if I was to get something, a non-plastic water bottle is what I would want. Maybe they could be stocking stuffers? I really like the pink and the blue versions but I would probably go with the 27oz one so I could make sure I got my daily water needs met without constant refilling.

  17. I’ve been planning to buy some stainless steel waterbottles — so those are easily my favorite product on her page! I’ve been reading and comparison-shopping waterbottles, so I was definitely intrigued by her prices, too! 🙂

    I like the plain stainless steel waterbottle, in 18oz. It would fit in my purse. 🙂

  18. I really like the Pink 18 oz bottle with the sport cap. It would be perfect for taking to the gym, then I could get rid of the potentially dangerous bottles I have now!

  19. The “Tiffin” is my favorite product other than the water bottles. I’d like to win the 27 oz. stainless stain bottle with the loop lid.

  20. Wow, what a great site! The food storage containers are genius!
    I’d like to win the 18 oz. pink water bottle!

  21. ‘ello stephanie! Wow what a great find!!!! I went a-browsin’ and found that my favourite product is the 40oz water bottle with the stainless steel flat cap. I love that you can get so much in there and i drink ALOT of water during the day to keep my skin hydrated and the milk production up;) I will be posting this on my blog! Thank you!

  22. These look like great products! In the event I won I would go for the 27 oz. stainless or 18 oz. pink, with a sport of flat cap.

  23. Oh, wow! I can’t wait to order from this company. I adore my Klean Kanteen, but I’ve been putting off buying one for my husband because of the ridiculously high price tag. I’m completely enchanted by the lunch box (The Tiffin)–definitely the coolest product on the site! As far as bottles go, I would love to have the 40 oz with the loop cap. My husband drinks a ton of water, and right now he’s still using Nalgene. Ick.

  24. I like the larger (18oz) pink bottle with the sport top-perfect when running errands with the kids. Also I liked the cups-nice size for the little ones.

  25. Those are good prices, much better than the Kleen Kanteens. Their food containers look so good. And really, not bad prices. I really like the 18 oz pink one. I know my husband wouldn’t steal that one from me!

  26. Wow – this is such a great resource! If I were to win this giveaway, I would love the 27oz water bottle with the loop top. I have twins, and even though they have their own sippy cups, they always like to sip out of my bottle as well! So this bottle could be big enough for all three of us.

  27. I would be sooo excited to win a bottle – my favorite is the 18 oz. with the loop cap (no color). I’ve been waiting to find some extra cash to buy a Klean Kanteen. Maybe this will solve my dilemma. =)

  28. I just put one of these bottles on my wish list, as I’ve still been using a (gasp) Nalgene! I like the 12 oz. blue one with the loop cap.

    I was also interested in the popsicle molds, but it doesn’t look like they’re available yet.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I have been searching for a reasonable priced stainless steel container. If I win, I would love the 18 oz pink one with the stainless loop cap. Thanks.

  30. I would love to win the 18oz pink one… of course! (there is no better color in this all girl house at the moment)

    Thanks for the chance.

  31. Hey Stephanie–thanks for sharing this great find! My favorite products are the bottles–they’re so handy! My favorite is the pink one (like most the other gals!)–my daughter would love it! thanks!

    Love your blog…I read it daily! Great job!

  32. I was thinking of buying my husband one of these for Christmas! I like the 27 oz. one Thank you

  33. Oooh! I’ve been looking for a stainless steel water bottle at the right price, and free is definitely the best price available! If I win I’d love to have theStainless Steel ‘Pink’ Water Bottle 18 oz – 532 ml, with the sports top!


  34. Ohh…thanks for the info! I have been wanting to get a good stainless steel bottle for Karis. Add me! I would take the 12 oz pink bottle with the adapter cap to use as a sippy.

  35. Love the bottles, love the prices.
    I also bought one at the conference, and yes, they are identical to the Klean Kanteen. Same Same Same. (seriously exactly the same) This is not some Walmart cheapo bottle, that feels like a thin tin can. (yes I’ve looked at those too) In fact I like this one better, no logo!

  36. Ooh – Love this giveaway! I’ve been wanting to get some stainless steel water bottles but couldn’t handle the price tag. I would love to get the blue 12 oz. for my son. Thanks!

  37. I really like the food storage containers as I always send a lunch with my husband to work. And I really like the large water bottle. Those are too nifty! What a great site!

  38. I will have to keep checking her site. We NEED those popsicle molds! I would take a black water bottle with a flat lid. Thanks!

  39. We love our Klean Kanteen bottles but that pink bottle is so cute! I also think the stainless steel cup is adorable!

  40. I love the 12 oz pink water bottle with the sports cap.

    My favorite item would be the Food Storage Container Tiffin. That looks great!

  41. I like the pink ones! Very cute! I think I’d go for the 18 oz one, but I don’t know which top I’d like… hard decision there.

  42. Hi! I am a new follower to your blog! I just love it! I am enjoying your blogs and have been blessed by them. Thank you~!
    I would of course love to win! My fav products would have to be the bottle, the cuuute little cups and the storage containers! As far as if I was the lucky winner, I would love the SS 18oz bottle. ~!
    I also blogged about it here!:

  43. Kelsey, I’m adding this in as your second entry, because you blogged about the contest. 🙂

  44. I liked the Tiffin the best. Her prices are great!
    If I win, I would like the blue water bottle (I have three boys). Thanks!

  45. I like just the plain black one, although I may have to go w/ the pink so my husband doesn’t steal it and take it to work! The prices are fabulous, thanks for introducing the company to us!

  46. Hi.
    Great giveaway. My favorite is the blue 12 oz bottle with a sport cap.

    (I’ll be back later to check out more of your recipes!)


  47. Hello! My husband would love the stainless steel ice trays. He is a landscaper and goes through more than 2 gallons of water on a really hot day with lots of ice…so the 40 oz. bottle with a loop cap would be great- right now he “gingerly” carries all his water in glass mason jars.

  48. I Would love the Water Bottle 40 oz – 1182 ml – it is the biggest so my hubby, baby and I could share it around – saves time, saves money and saves extra luggage! We LOVE bottles – we have a sippy cup one and it makes the water taste better and stay colder longer! Always a winner!!

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