Fall Giveaway Week: Win a Download Membership to ListPlanIt or 1 of 2 100 Days to Christmas eBooks

Fall Giveaway Week: Win a Download Membership to ListPlanIt or 1 of 2 100 Days to Christmas eBooks

Fall Giveaway Week: Win a Download Membership to ListPlanIt or 1 of 2 100 Days to Christmas eBooks

Fall always finds me preparing new schedules and routines, re-organizing, and yes, writing lists.

There’s something about getting back into the regular everyday groove after summer that just makes me want to get organized. I held a garage sale a couple weeks ago, have been setting up a new homeschooling binder for the year, am tweaking a daily routine for myself and the kids, getting back to meal planning, and all of those good things that make my life run a little bit smoother.

Whenever I take time to plan, one of the first places that I go is to ListPlanIt. I’ve  had a membership there for several years and I truly love it and use it.

listplanit 4 lists

How I Use My Lists

Meal Planning 

The meal planning pages are among my most used. I like them for taking inventory of what food I already have, for making lists of my favorite recipes, and for both weekly and monthly meal planning. I’m also a big fan of making my own customized grocery shopping lists.

(In fact, I love these lists so much that I asked Jennifer to partner with me and create custom lists that go along with my meal planning eBook, Plan It, Don’t Panic. But I’ll let you in on a little secret… with a download membership, you can actually create many of your own customized planning pages from an even larger selection of options.)

Home Educating

Just the other day I printed out a list to organize our daily schedule, with all 4 kids on one page (so that I could show what each one was doing at any given time). I don’t like to plan out my entire day or week that way, but for the homeschool hours, it’s so helpful to be able to really break it down like that.

Also for homeschoolers, there are great lists for organizing your curriucula, books and resources, for planning lessons and themes, or even planning your Circle Time (I literally just noticed this list tonight and had an “aha” moment. It’s printing as I type this…)

Daily Organization

Rather than buying a planner, I prefer the freedom of picking and choosing which style of weekly and monthly planners (or even daily ones) that I want to use, and adding them in to my homemaking binder.

Monthly Cleaning Sample


The blank monthly cleaning schedule helps me stay mostly on top of the cleaning chores (or at least, attempt to– it tells me what needs to be done, but I only wish it did the cleaning for me!).

It’s also easier to keep track of my four growing kiddos and their sizes and clothing needs using the clothes inventories. They allow me to record multiple children/clothing sizes on the same page, so I have one for my two sons and another for my two daughters. I bring these pages with me when I go garage sale, thrift store and swap meet shopping, and then I know exactly who needs what in which size.


Seed starting and planting was made simpler last year with a list to help keep me right on track of what to plant when. It’s also good to be able to go back and remember when you planted different things, and then jot down notes for next year to remind you how they did.


Thankfully we haven’t moved for over 2 years now, but the last time that we did, the moving pages were invaluable to me in creating a moving binder. It helped me to see at a glance what tasks needed to be done and when, as well as keep track of what had been packed in each of the rooms of the house, including an inventory I made of the contents of each box.

Those are just some of the ones that I use most frequently. Other types of lists include:

There are literally hundreds of lists to explore and use!

100 Days to Christmas

Are you one of those people who has good intentions about the things you want to do and make and give during the Christmas season, but find yourself so overwhelmed and behind every year that hardly any of your intentions become reality?

If I’m honest, I can be one of those people.

I don’t think about a lot of things until it’s almost too late. Then I find myself rushed and stressed to try to just get those Christmas cards made… but wait, I don’t have a photo… take a photo (ignore the pouting toddler- it looks good enough)… order the cards… now I might not get them in time to send them to those who live far away… oh darn, I thought I had so-and-so’s address, where did it go… gasp! Is Christmas really just 9 days away? (Sound familiar, anyone?)

For those of us who just need a little help a swift kick in the behind a loving friend to guide us along, Jennifer has written 100 Days to Christmas. This eBook begins you on September 16th with one simple activity to do or thing to consider or plan for each of the 100 days leading up to Christmas itself. 

It includes pre-planning your gift lists, thinking about your budget, considering who might enjoy homemade gifts and planning for what you will make, rounding up those addresses (that one’s for me), taking that family photo, and even stopping to enjoy the seasonal moments along the way, like picking a pumpkin or making some apple crisp to celebrate fall.

To help make it even more practical, there is an active 100 Days to Christmas Facebook page, as well as a Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration. The eBook is a mere $5 (I think most of us would save that amount of money just by being a bit more organized!), or it comes free with the purchase of any ListPlanIt membership (which start at $20 per year).

This week I’m excited to give away one Download Membership and two 100 Days to Christmas eBooks!

Rather than simply leaving comments, I’m trying out a new method for entering giveaways. Click below to complete one Rafflecopter form, for all of your multiple entries, and then you’re done!

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Disclosure: This giveaway was generously sponsored by ListPlanIt.com.

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  1. I would use ListItPlanIt for meal planning or financial planning most likely. Thanks for the great giveaways this week.

  2. I’d love to have the 100 Days to Christmas E-book because I am never organized for Christmas! I always end up doing everything last second and not accomplishing much of what I’d hoped to do. This being our first Christmas in our new home, this would be an excellent resource for making the most of the season!

  3. I’d love to win either, but 100 Days to Christmas would be nice so I’m prepared before my in-laws arrive for three weeks.

  4. Ahh. I would love to win the ListPlanIt to keep my life in order. This would be such a blessing!!! Thanks for the opportunity

  5. I”m using Ann’s 100 Days list from her blog A Holy Experience. I would love the 100 Days to Christmas as last year was a total fail for me!

  6. I like to keep lists for homeschooling, meal plans and cleaning. I would love to have a ton of lists ready for me! I would also love to utilize the Christmas ebook! What a great idea!

  7. I try to be organized in my home but Christmas
    Seems to elude me. I would love to win this ebook
    And learn some steps to take to make this year run smoother 🙂 thank you for
    The opportunity !

  8. The Chirstmas planner looks great – I love to start planning for Christmas in October so I can have a peaceful Advent!

  9. The Christmas plan book appeals to me because I always wait until the last minute and spend Christmas week saying “Oh, I forgot to…” It would really make a difference for us.

  10. I soooo need the “school” lists. My kindergartener has been in school less than 3 weeks, and already I’m overwhelmed by paperwork and information!!

  11. I use lists for everything…problem is I make them on any scrap paper around and then the lists get misplaced…I so need everything in one central easy to use place!!

  12. I could probably use just about any list on there! however, i do like the home management lists and the family matters lists. i have a big family and it can be hard to keep everything organized!

  13. I have a rough time at Christmas, so maybe new ideas would help? But I would *love* to use the ListPlanIt!! I’m a huge list-maker and it is just so satisfying to check things off when they are done. 🙂

  14. Both look fantastic! The Meal Planning lists could really help me! Tomorrow I start with a small group from church called “Fix, Freeze & Faith” which incorporates bible study, missions and making freezer meals each week. Really hoping this will help me waste less and cook more often!

    Thanks for leading me to a great source of help!

  15. I’ll be moving (again!) as soon as my place has sold, and I had a ton of lists last time we moved. Love to have a more organized approach with the ListPlanIt ones, but I would also use the ones for Family Matters, and Holidays (my “holiday info” is a little, ahem, scattered!)

  16. I love ListPlanIt! I use a multitude of the available lists, but I really like the monthly menu planning lists as well as the shopping lists. I also love the detailed spring cleaning list. The homeschool lists help me to plan my day.

  17. I would love to read the 100 Days of Christmas ebook. This year is mine and my husband’s first year participating in the Advent Conspiracy which includes making all our Christmas gifts. I have started, but with big families, I still somehow feel behind.

  18. i would love the ListPlanIt! I make my own monthly menu, grocery list, and cleaning list already…but something a little bit more organized would be most welcome. The Christmas ebook sounds fantastic! We recently had our income downsized, so homemade gifts are a must now. A record for what to start when would be most welcome.

  19. 100 Days to Christmas appeals to me because I usually end up putting things off and then rushing at the last minute. I’d like to prepare for Christmas better so I can spend more time on the meaning of the season.

  20. I love the cleaning schedule. I am adding chores for my kids as their morning routine before homeschool starts and I’ve yet to settle on a format for them to check off daily. Seeing this possibility has given me the inspiration I need to make my own…unless I win the download membership! Thanks for the opportunity. I also make lists for Christmas, but it would be awesome to see other ways other fellow listmakers organize the holiday. I’m sure I’d be inspired to improve!

  21. The 100 days to Christmas ebook sounds like a great thing for me because I’m expecting our third little baby on December 26. I want to make sure I’m organized and ready for the holiday so that it can still be a fun time for my family even with the addition of a new family member. 🙂

  22. YES…HELP at last!! I am so ready to begin 100 days of Christmas!!

    THanks for an opportunity to WIN BIG!

    Melissa from WA

  23. I would LOVE a guide to help me more intentionally prepare for CHRISTmas. I always end up procrastinating, becoming stressed and then sadly the joy and meaning of the season quickly fades.

  24. I cannot plan to save my life!! Even with a weekly meal plan subscription, I still fail to be prepared. Going to the grocery store: “Yeah, I /think/ I need this. I’ll buy two.” I’ve seen the ListPlanIt via your site, but always talk myself out of committing. 🙂

  25. Both give always sound fantastic! We just bought a new house & are going to start remodeling soon. Anything that helps me organize would be a blessing.

  26. I LOVE lists – they keep me sane and I use lots and lots of them. Some of them don’t work as well as I’d like, so I’d love to have ListPlanIt to at least give me inspiration. And boy, could I use that Christmas planner. Christmas is always pretty low key for us, but somehow I can’t seem to get it together far enough ahead of time and I HATE feeling stressed in December when I want to relax and enjoy it.

  27. menus…kids….household duties & cleaning….lists of accounts and cc’s. My father just passed away and I have a renewed interest in getting all that together so if my husband and I were suddenly not here someone could just pick up our home binder and settle our estate. Think about someone coming into your home to try to sort thru your life and figure out who needs to be notified and how someone would know what bills to pay or what accounts to close. It’s a big task but it is even bigger if someone had to come in and figure it out from scratch!

  28. I currently have lists of meals that I make so I can meal plan easier. I need to get a chore list going to I can catch up on all my house cleaning.

  29. I have currently try to have a daily to-do, sometimes weekly, and seasonal lists. Also try to do lists of meals and snacks for the week. Would love some help!

  30. I am almost in tears!! I SO need the 100 days to Christmas it’s as if it were written for me! Thank you thank you thank you for the giveaway!

  31. My problem is I keep a lot in my head and I need to write stuff down! I really don’t have a regular list that I keep other than a list of meals for the week and my grocery list but I should…that’s why I need to win :).

  32. I use good ol’ fashioned bullet point list to stay organized. The 100 Days of Christmas book would be a great help for getting ready for holiday parties!

  33. I would love to win the list prize! I love list and use them often! They help keep me motivated, on track, and efficient! And NOTHING beats crossing something off a TO DO list!

  34. Ohhh…the meal planning list!!! I TRY and TRY but it sure would be nice to have a ready made list! 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE 100 days to Christmas…the nice thing about having the book would be if one task on a particular day doesn’t apply to you, you have the book to go on to the next day’s task. AND you have it all year to think about if you have time before 100 Days starts! *sigh* I love planning……. 🙂

  35. I use some hand scribbled lists, but this would be great, especially the meal planning and the children clothes sizes ones.

  36. I tend to make lots of lists that are scattered and everywhere, so this really appeals to me to help me get all of the lists organized and where they go. I’d love to create a house cleaning list, a daycare (owner) to do list, etc!

  37. I would definitely use the childcare related lists- I’ve been looking for a good list to leave with my son’s babysitter.

  38. 100 Days of Christmas is deff right up my alley because we always get overwhelmed right before the season. This would help keep everything spaced out and give us something to do bit by bit 🙂

  39. I am a perpetual list maker. Sad thing is, the lists get lost among everything else in the house (kids papers, medical papers, homeschool books/work). I live for lists and to check something off the list. The list is my “brain”.

  40. I’ve tried making these types of lists for myself in the past… That can be more frustrating than completing the task! It would be great to have somebody do all that work for me.

  41. I’ve been wanting to redo my binder and I love the options that List Plan It has for making it personal. Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. I have enjoyed reading Keeper of the Home. And I know I used ListPlanIt a while back. I would love to be able to get organized.

  43. I am starting a study group and the first month we’re working on making notebooks for our homes. Also I have started my Christmas shopping, but surely can use help in preparing for this special season.

  44. The only type of list I am using right now is a standard to do list. however, I am feeling overwhelmed and really need to get organized!

  45. I have been trying to get more organized with an ever growing family. It’s hard and I could use all the help I could get, especially with meal planning and homeschool

  46. I adore list’s! Having this would be such a bonus in making and using them.
    Yellow sticky notes just don’t get it sometimes. 🙂

  47. I’m currently using a spiral notebook to keep track of my packing/moving lists, so I could really use the moving lists from ListPlanIt!

  48. I amn excited at the prospect of winning either of these. I have been going back and forth for a while about whether to sign up for a listplanit membership…but the 100 days to Christmas sounds like it would be soooo helpful!!

    Thank you for having these giveaways!!

  49. Oh boy! The Christmas ebook sounds like an invaluable resource for my Christmas/Advent goal: to slow down and really appreciate what we are celebrating! Rushing around during December does NOT contribute to reflection and appreciation!

  50. I am a list-maker. for EVERYTHING. I have laminated the kid’s morning & evening routine (with pictures) and have found that to be the most useful list ever. I’d love to win either one. thanks for the chance.

  51. I have recently discovered this fab list-making site. I’m one of those that likes to be hyper organized and have had a hard time since becoming a SAHM then a WAHM then a home schooling mom as well. I have been drooling over her things. I would love to win a membership!

  52. I got excited when I thought of the lists to organize my kids wardrobes. That is an area of need that I haven’t done yet.

  53. I use lots of lists, but one of the most useful is the children’s clothing inventories. Makes getting what I need at consignment sales easy!

  54. The Christmas ebook sounds like a good way to prepare for the Christmas season so that it can be enjoyed and appreciated and not just a stressful time of the year.

  55. I always use a menu and a grocery list, I usually use a to-do list, and I’m always looking for better ways to be organized!

  56. Christmas is a very frustrating time for me…trying to make extended families happy, attending too many functions, not enough time to complete tasks for the holidays, over budget…can’t wait to read this book!

  57. Would love to win the 100 days to Christmas ebook! Need any help I can get for organising this annual event in our busy home!

  58. My husband and I were just talking last night about how we need some really good lists to help us organize and prioritize tasks!! Would love either of these! FABULOUS! 🙂

  59. I make to-do lists, “honey-do lists, lists of what the kids would like to learn in our homeschool, books we’ve read, easy meals to make on a regular basis, lists of grocery needs split up into where we get them from, and more. 🙂

  60. I make lists all.the.time! Currently, I use a blank notebook, and just make my lists (grocery, meal plan, to-do’s, etc.) in it page by page. ListPlanIt looks awesome!

  61. I love lists. I use a cleaning list, meal planning, chores for kids, pantry item list….. We use a home management binder and could use more lists! I want to win this free download soooooo bad!

  62. I have been using Excel to make our family’s schedule in order to become more organized. Simple, but it’s a start.

  63. EVERY year I start thinking about Christmas in September, and then end up rushing like crazy with 10 days left. I think I have a lot of time and then *poof* it’s gone and Christmas is upon me. I hate that I have good ideas but never implement them!

  64. I have been drooling all over these lists for about a year. These would be an excellent addition to my family and business planning activities.

  65. I really love the Christmas season, but I don’t love feeling rushed – I’d like to get a head start so I can enjoy the time with my family more!

  66. I love all things “list.” It’s the only way I stay organized. I actually use ListPlanit and my year is just about up. I’d love to win a “free” year!

  67. I desire to have this e-book, 100 days until Christmas, to organize my somewhat chaos. Just looking at the overview is giving me vision!!!!

  68. I love Christmas so much, and I always miss out on some great experiences because I forget until December 22 how much it matters to me! More than anything, 100 Days of reminders that I love Christmas would make a big difference.

  69. I just use a daily organizational notebook from Walmart to write out my daily to-do lists. I hope that something like ListPlanIt would help me to be more organized – especially when I start homeschooling in a year!

  70. I’ve been following ListPlanIt via Google Reader for quite awhile and I’ve always taken advantage of their free lists and I keep hoping to free up a little money for a membership. A free membership would be even better! I think I would use the home management lists most. I’ve been trying to create a home management binder on my own, and I’ve made a lot of progress, but it’s really slow going, creating all of the lists on my own.

  71. I use lists for shopping, meal planning, and home management all the time. A membership to this online resource would benefit greatly!

  72. I love making lists and I use lists for everything! It just helps getting all the jumbled thoughts out of my head and onto paper!

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