What Makes You a Steady Mom?

What Makes You a Steady Mom?

What Makes You a Steady Mom?

What makes you a steady mom?

This is the question that Jamie of the blog, Steady Mom, is asking this summer. This wonderful series is taking a look at a wide variety of moms, with different circumstances and family situations, and exploring what helps other moms to cope with the challenges of everyday life!

I love Jamie’s blog, as it always helps to bring me back to feeling more grounded and focused on what’s important as a mom. She’s even written a book on that very topic, called Steady Days which I reviewed last year and still find myself going back to often (the short chapters make for good bathroom reading, in those precious 2-3 minutes of “private” time!).

Here are the questions that Jamie had for me:

  1. What is one important, practical step you take that helps you maintain a steady rhythm in your home and how does it make a difference to your days? (For me, taking my showers at night helps to get our mornings off on the right foot.)
  2. What is a personality weakness that motherhood has made more obvious to you and how have you tried to overcome that weakness for the sake of your children?
  3. We all have those days–where all our good plans and intentions crumble around us, the children are miserable, and we are exhausted. On a really rough day, what techniques do you use to try and turn the mood around and redeem the day in your home?
  4. You have three young children, aim to cook and grow whole foods, just started a new blog on top of your other one, and just moved to a new house. What does being a steady mom look like when you’re in a survival, just trying to get by period of life?

If you want to read my answers, you’ll have to visit her blog and find out What Makes Me a Steady Mom!

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  1. I saw this post over at Steady Mom (but did not comment since I already have your book!) Your answers really resonate with me, since I have the same struggles and thoughts. I am WAY too hard on myself. Just today a friend dropped by unexpectedly to pick something up and she commented on how tidy my house looked. LOL I was just thinking it looked bad. My husband also said it looked great. Yes there are a few piles, I need to dust a bit, the kids toys are around, dishes to do beside the sink (lots of them!) but overall her impression was tidy…interesting…

    I am very glad again to see how YOU are not being too hard on yourself by using this post you wrote for another site. 🙂

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    I really like Jamie and Steady Mom too and have been a regular reader for sometime now. Really liked your interview and am so glad, that you, too, like Jamie are real and practical about being a mom and homemaker. Thank you for being who you are.


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