Spring time= Modesty check!

As always, the GirlTalkers are right on target with a recent post.

As the sun begins to shine more frequently, and daffodils and tulips poke their heads up, it’s time to be reminded that warmer weather does not not give us permission for less modesty or purposefulness in our dress.

I really appreciate their link to the Modesty Heart Check that they have put together (see the Girl Talk link above, to find the link to download the Heart Check). As a member of the same family of churches (Sovereign Grace), I am familiar with these guidelines and questions, but had forgotten about them and was so pleased to see that they have put them together in a downloadable file.

These questions are perfect for reminding ourselves of the necessary checks that we need to make in determining the modesty and appropriateness of an outfit, and would also be perfect to work through with our daughters as well. Even though Abbie is only 3, I am already teaching her about tops or skirts that are not modest, and how to wear dresses and skirts like a lady. I think the earlier, the better!

As well, they linked to a great modesty clothing store that I had never heard of before– it’s called DownEast Basics . They carry tops, camisoles and tanks, below the knee skirts and dresses, as well as few other items. What impressed me was how reasonable their prices are, even at regular price, and their sale prices are quite good! Check it out!

On a side note, I’ve noticed in my stats that my Feminine and Modest category is a popular one, and I feel so bad that it’s one that is so infrequently added to– I hope this helps a little to satisfy those who are interested!

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  1. Would you mind if I say that I feel like the lady w/ the black top and white sweater on your blog heading looks immodest… I hope that comment will be helpful, not hurtful! You have a neat blog!

  2. This is good stuff. I think I’m pretty modest and then my shirts shrink, etc. I need to go through and check everything again. Thanks for this reminder!

    My sister and family also are part of a Sovereign Grace church in South Carolina.

  3. Firm believers in modesty over here on the North Shore! I was really pleased with the DownEast Basics store. I agree that the prices are very good, and I was impressed that they sell only skirts, dresses, and tops – very nice!

  4. Hey, Love the post and thanks for the reminder, going to check out the store you suggested.
    New Blog page is nice, Good Job.

  5. It’s my sister Kathryn who goes to the SG church in Greenville. They do have a new pastor from somewhere in the Northwest so I think they’d be it! We are originally from Oregon so we love making those connections.:-) I’ll direct my sister to your blog!

  6. Thank you so much for letting me converse w/ you about the picture in the heading! I am so glad we can. What comes across to me as lacking in modesty is the 1) STYLE of the white overshirt; see how it is so open and crafted to be that way; open shirts seem to say:”Look”; would you agree? 2) LOW CUT of the black undershirt; see how much bare skin is exposed; again-why does a woman want to expose that much of her skin in this particular area? I have really become sensitive to these issues over the past few years, and try to consider it from how it affects brothers in Christ/men in general. The type of shirt chioces the lady in this photo made do not seem to readily help men avoid lust, yet appear to me to entice it. It’s almost impossible to shop nowdays, much less go anywhere without seeing the lack of modest choices! I can definitely sympathize with your photo plight…that picture just seems to contradict your blog’s heart. Thanks for chatting about it with me, Stephanie!!!!!!

  7. Kelly, thanks for your observations. I can understand your concern about the style of the white shirt. When I tried to find a larger copy of the image to look at, I realized that it was quite fitted around (well, mostly under) the bust area, which I hadn’t noticed before. The deep v-neck of the shirt doesn’t bother me so much, provided that an adequately covering shirt is worn underneath (and I know that there are varying opinions in that regard- this just happens to be my opinion). But the fitting of the shirt does bother me, now that I notice it. As for the black shirt, I would agree, it’s a bit on the low side. The more I scrutinize it I can see that it really is lower than I would feel is appropriate.

    Truthfully, I hadn’t fully examined this picture in detail as I probably should have before choosing it, but made a fairly fast choice as I was on a deadline. I saw the low white shirt, but was happy to see it paired with a higher tank underneath (something rare to see these days!), and just didn’t take the time to look much further than that. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss the issue with me. At this very moment, I have no other photo to replace it with, but I will begin to keep my eyes open for a replacement. It is certainly important for me that what is up my blog is reflective of what I wish to communicate!
    Thanks Kelly!

  8. I subscribe to the downeast clothing catalog. They have some things that I would purchase for my daughter who is soon to be fifteen.

    I got a new catalog in the mail today. Some of the dresses are shorter than I prefer, but I have considerd adding a layer of fabric to them to make them longer.

    Overall it’s a good start in the direction of modest dressing.

  9. You are so right the earlier we teach our girls the better. Marketing is already influenceing our young girls. Consider this fact: In 2003 1.6 million dollars were sold in thong sales to little girls alone! That is outrageous. I work for an organization that is speaking out against this and we are getting a petition signed and sent to fashion indsutry leaders to make them aware that sexaulization of these little girls are unacceptable! Take a minute a sign the petition…you can find it at secretkeepergirl.com.

  10. I appreciate the open honest conversation here on the string. I agree with the heading picture to be immodest, but not because of the white blouse, but rather the slit between the thighs where you can see the jacket that hangs behind her. That picture really does draw the eye to the thighs and area between each leg. I know that in a perfect world, all pictures would conform to what I or someone else would want. I just thought I’d try to gently suggest that the picture does indeed seem to contradict just what you are trying to shine! The black modesty top under the white shirt is also a little low to me as well, showing a lot of the breast plate. But then again, I might have a very different standard due to my past. I respect what you are doing here on this blog and hope that you will understand my point of view.

    Lord Bless and I hope my words were received gentle and loving!

  11. Hi Stephanie, I recently found your blog and love all the wonderful encouragement you give to other Christian moms! As far as the photo in your header goes…I think it represents modesty very well, especially when compared to the many magazine photos that one can view daily while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store….let’s be real – in this day and age I would give anything if the above photo was what graced the magazines covers lining the checkout isles! God bless!
    .-= Donna´s last blog ..A helping hand… =-.

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