Readers Poll: Choose your favorite name for my ebook!

Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies, for the incredible response to the "Name my Ebook" contest! I was amazed at the number of interesting and relevant names you came up with, and choosing the finalists was no easy task, let me tell ya!

These 9 names were selected by my husband and I after much discussion. Although we will make the absolute, ultimate name choice, your opinion in the poll will be so helpful to us in narrowing them down even further!

If you have any other suggestions, such as liking only the title but not the subtitle, or thinking that one title would go better with a different subtitle, etc. I would love to hear those thoughts in the comments section! Any input is good input!

I'm not sure whether I can actually close down the poll when I'm finished with it or not, but I will take the results from it as of Saturday night at 5 pm. 

Happy Voting!

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  1. Those are great titles! I wanted to say that I think that maybe the title should have something in it to do with homemaker/homekeeper/keeper of the home etc since it is made for homemakers. Just my opinion 🙂 and its not biased since I didn’t make up a title LOL (not very creative that way!):)

  2. I like the title toward the end of the list that uses the word “journey.” It has a good ring to it. 🙂

  3. Hi! I don’t think I have ever commented, but I have been reading your blog for a while. It has been so helpful to me as I make the transition to a more natural way of life. I can’t wait for the ebook!

  4. Hi! I like the combination of: Living Naturally: A One Year Journey to Healthier Living OR Naturally Inspired Living: A One Year Journey to Healthier Living.

    Just my suggestions!

  5. I really like the name of your blog reflected in the title, which was I voted for Keeper of the home: Baby steps to a healthy home and family, but may I suggest, if you like that as well to combine #1 and #5 to:
    Keeper of the Home: Baby steps to natural living. It seems to more fully reflect the content of the series you did as well as point to the title of your website, which was one of the things that drew me here in the first place. :o) Just my two cents worth of thoughts! I was so impressed with everyone’s creativity from the list of ideas!

  6. I like the previous poster’s suggestion! Because I, too, liked the title with your blog name in it, but not so much the subtitle, so I think combining it is perfect! Can’t wait to read the book 🙂

  7. I like Keeper of the Home: A Homemaker’s Guide to a Healthy Home & Family

    I definitely like incorporating the title of your blog somehow in your book’s title.

  8. I prefer something without the term “healthy” since everyone has their own idea about what constitutes ‘healthy.

    Wishing you all the best!

  9. Fantastic choices all. I voted for Healthy Homemaking: One Step At a Time because I think it is succinct yet perfectly describes what we can expect to read. Good luck choosing!!

  10. I chose
    Naturally Inspired Living: A Homemaker’s Guide

    It seemed to encompass everything in a short and sweet title! 😀 Some really creative ladies out there!
    Great job. 😉

  11. I am a single married woman who reads your blog and would love to read the ebook. I dont like the idea of the title making it seem that its only for moms or families. Even though I dont yet have a family and am not a mom, I am still a homemaker. Just my thoughts!

  12. I agree, Sara- you are definitely still a homemaker! 🙂 Point taken, and thanks for letting me know your thoughts!

  13. As a mom of 1 awesome teenager and 2 fantastic ’20-somethings’, I love the truth and wisdom reflected in the “Healthy Homemaking: One Step At A Time” title. Covers the gamut of what you do and the attitude that is so important to carry in your heart as you go…one step at a time.

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