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Green apple book
See, I told you that my ebook was getting close to being ready! You know, the one I've been working on since last spring? Feels a bit like having a baby, this whole writing a book thing. Took me just as long, anyways! 🙂

As I put the finishing touches on it, I thought it would be so much fun to involve all of you in a naming contest, which gives me a great excuse to tell you what the book is all about!

As promised, it is a collection of "baby steps", ranging from very basic to some slightly more important and involved steps, but all intended to slowly guide you towards better nutrition and healthier, more natural living.

There are 26 steps in total, one step for every two weeks, which means that it is a one year journey (though I've also given other options for working through the steps at an alternative pace). Each one gives you a simple goal, explains some of the why's behind the step, offers suggestions to get you going, and plenty of book and online resources for further study or to help you keep moving forward.

Topics include:

  • improving produce, meat and dairy quality
  • cleaning out the "no-no" items in your pantry
  • learning to use natural remedies for sickness
  • making homemade (and cheaper) yogurt
  • practicing nourishing cooking techniques, particularly for grains
  • ways to reduce your waste and consumption of disposable items
  • reducing toxins in your home and your beauty routine
  • assessing the plastics you use
  • and many more…

This naming contest is going to happen in three stages. Stage 1 consists of y'all giving me your absolute best suggestions for a fabulous title for my new ebook!

Stage 2 is where I take the names and narrow them down to my top 8 or so, and then bring the vote before you lovely ladies in a poll. In Stage 3, I will choose my favorite name, and also announce the other top 3 choices from the readers poll.

Each of the 3 top readers choices will receive a free copy of my ebook. The grand prize winner, who actually names my ebook, will receive a copy of the book as well as a package of natural, toxin-free home and beauty products (which I am choosing, so it'll have some things that I love in it)!

To enter, all you need to do is:

1) Leave a comment with your top name choices, including both a serious and a not-so-serious title suggestion for the ebook (if you're feeling not so creative, like myself, feel free to give me just one or two serious suggestions 🙂

2) Make sure that you leave your email address so that I can contact you if you're the winner (just in the comment form, not the actual comment).

3) Contest closes Sunday, Feb.1 at 7:00pm.

4) Look for the poll on Monday morning and make your vote known (and yes, if you're a finalist, you can vote for yourself!)

So, what do you say? Name that ebook!

Edit: Comments are now closed. Thank you, ladies, for all of your incredible name suggestions! You blew me away! 🙂


  1. Just took a break from writing an article on “Trolls in Norway” for the read your blog. This 74 year old brain does not work well at 5 a.m. but did put it into gear for a few suggestions.
    1. “Trial and Error”.
    2. “Starting with the Basics”
    4. “Starting from Scratch with Stephanie”
    I’m sure there will lots of great suggestions for you to pick from and will be keeping watch.

  2. I’m thinking of something going along with the name of your blog, so…

    “keeping the home… green”
    “keeping your home… nourishing”

    Or because it is a one year process…

    “One year to a more nourished home”

  3. “Baby Steps To Natural Living”

    I’m feeling to sick to give anything creative! This is my first time commenting but I have been reading your blog for a few months!

  4. Here are a few ideas:

    1. Help for the “Not-So-Healthy” Homemaker
    2. A Year’s Journey to Better Health
    3. The Homemaker’s Guide to a Healthy Home

    Your ebook sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to see it!

    In Christ,

  5. i think nourishment is a theme of the book as well as your values!

    – simple and short: ‘nourish’ (perhaps with a subtitle?)

    or… ‘a nourished home’ ‘nourishing homemaking’ ‘making a nourished home’

  6. Keeping a natural home? I’ll give it some more thought and see if I can think of anything else

  7. How about something like:

    Step Up to Natural Living
    Keeping a Nourished Home
    Nourishing the Home

  8. A Journey to Natural Living
    Stephanie’s Natural Living Guide: Baby Steps to Better Health
    Keeper of the Home’s Natural Living Guide
    Keeper of the Home’s Baby Steps to Natural Living
    Easy Steps to a Natural Home
    Easy Steps to Natural Living or Living Naturally
    A Homemaker’s Guide to Living Naturally
    A Homemaker’s Helper: Baby Steps to Natural Living

    I hope I didn’t repeat any. I look forward to reading your ebook!

  9. These are the two that I came up with :

    1) Keeper Of The Organic Home

    2) The Nourished Organic

  10. The scripture “By small and simple means are great things brought to pass” keeps coming to mind, so maybe:
    “Simple Means to a Great Life” or
    “Simple Means to a Wonderful Home”.
    Or, given that when you are well nourished you’re really LIVING
    “Bringing Your Home to Life”

  11. I keep thinking about how you have to crawl before you can walk so:

    Steps to a Nourished Walk


    Crawling to a Nourishing Walk (not serious about this one)

  12. A Homemakers Guide to a Home Makeover – Naturally!

    Natural Living Home Makeover

    The One Year Healthy Home Makeover

    Healthy Homemaking: One Step At a Time

    A Healthy Look at Your Home

    Transforming Your Home For Natural Living

    The Practical, Natural, Annual Guide to a Healthy Home (closest to a joke one I could get!) =)


  13. The Homekeeper’s Guide to Naturally Inspired Living or

    The Homemaker’s Guide to Naturally Inspired Living

    Naturally Inspired Living: A Homemaker’s Guide

    Living Naturally: The Homemaker’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

    These ideas stem from your website heading. I’m sure the ebook reflects what your whole website is about!

  14. -So, You Want to Live Green? 180 in One Year.
    -So, You’re Interested in Natural Health? Give Yourself A Year to Make the Switch.
    -Journey Toward Natural Living: 180 in One Year.
    -Greener Living, Step by Step.
    -From Extreme to Mainstream, How to Become Healthy Naturally Without Joining a Commune. (heehee)
    -You Can Live Naturally: A Step by Step Guide to Making the Switch in One Year.

  15. I suggest something simple:

    a) “Nourishing Steps”

    b) “Nourished Home; step by step” ….

    blessings, grace and endurance on your endeavours…keep in mind that for many of us this is a much needed ‘ministry’ to help us get started and organized to nourish our families and homes…


  16. One step at a time… a one year journey to healthier living

    You can do it too….A one year journey to healthier living

    Baby Steps….. A one year journey to healthier living

    Take charge of your health one step at a time

    Live healthy… one step at a time

    Make it happen….one step at a time

    Honor God with your health….one step at a time

    Healthy Living Takes Time

    Walk, don’t run!….Healthy living takes time

    Take your time…steps to a healthier life

    Patient Endurance

    Give a year… Gain a new life

    Greater health….give it a year!

    Keeping it simple…. a journey to greater health

    Keeping it simple…. a year-long journey to greater health.

    Good Luck!!
    Erin :o)

  17. The Naturally Healthy Home
    A Frugal Mom’s guide to a Healthy Home
    Happy, Healthy, and Green 🙂
    Having a Renewable Household in a Disposable World
    Renewing Your World
    A Christian Mom’s Quest for Healthy Living

  18. Don’t mind me, I’m on a role.

    Not serious:
    Crap ’em and Scrap ’em
    Goodbye Gut Rot, Hello Happy Tummy.
    From Hotdogs to Wholesome Goodness

    Processing Our Processed Homes
    Keep Your Home Well.
    Live Wellness.
    It’s Good For You! (well, it’s a little silly too)
    A Healthy Home – One Day at a Time.
    A Guide to a Wholesome, Toxin-Free Home.

    Oh, pick me, pick me.

  19. Sorry, change that last title to:

    Your Guide to a Wholesome, Toxin-Free Home.

    How can you not buy it if it’s yours?

  20. Serious title- Healthy Living, Healthy Home

    (Steps to) Pure Living

    Sorta serious title- Detox Your Life

  21. How about:

    “The Nourishing Year”
    “One Year to a Healthy Home”
    “Nourishing Your Family”
    “The Nourished Pantry: A Complete Makeover, Step by Step”

    Or just

    “The Nourishing Pantry”

    I thought of some silly ones but I think they’d only be funny to me. 🙂

  22. Good for you, Stephanie!!! Can’t wait to read your book!

    My suggestions…

    Keeping Your Home: One Year to a Healthier Family

    Small Steps for Big Changes: One Year to a Healthier Home

    Homemaking Naturally: How One Year Can Make a Big Difference

  23. Simple Steps to Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser Living

    Simple Steps to Living Wisely

    Nurture Your Home Naturally

    I can’t wait to read your e-book! It sounds interesting.

  24. I am not creative but I’ll try: Some of these can be mixed and matched as well:)

    (1) Keeper of your Home Naturally
    (2) Keeping your food and home the Natural Way :26 Steps
    (3) Keeper of the Home: 26 steps to a healthier family and home
    (4) Making life simpler, healthier and non-toxic
    (5) Back to the basics of a healthy Family and Home
    (6) A One Year Guide to a Healthier Family and Home
    (7) Making Your Life simpler, nutrition and home healthy
    (8) Starting from the beginning: 26 Steps to a more non-toxic inside and out
    (9) Keeper of the home: Stephanie’s 26 steps to a better you and home
    (10) Stephanie’s Guide to a Non-toxic, simpler diet and home

  25. How about
    Keeper of the Home: Basic (or Baby) Steps to a Healthy Home & Family

    Keeper of the Home: Basic (or Baby) Steps to a Natural Home & Family

    funny (sorta):
    Let Keeper of the Home detox Your Family and Home

  26. “Natural Living That Won’t Break the Bank: A Step by Step Guide”, “Toxin Free Frugality” (it rhymes, but perhaps doesn’t capture the main purpose of your book?), you could add a subtitle to it “Toxin Free Frugality: A Step by Step Guide”. “Natural Living, One Step at a Time”. My creativity juices have ceased flowing :). Thanks for your blog, by the way. I found out about it about 6 weeks ago (I don’t even remember how!)and really enjoy your posts. Blessings to your family and I look forward to reading your ebook.

  27. Congratulations! It must feel so exciting. Can’t wait to read it!

    Okay here’s my contribution, for what it’s worth. 😉 And apparently I got stuck on subtitles for some reason, sorry. 🙂

    IncrEdibly Simple: Basic Steps to Healthy Eating

    Stepping Stones – A Guide to Healthy Living

    Keeping Your Home…Simple, Healthy, and Natural

    Keeping Your Home – Foundations for Living Simply, Naturally, and Healthy

  28. Here are my ideas- I haven’t read everybody before me, so if some are similar or the same, it is not my intention.
    1. Natural Simplicity: 26 Foundational Steps to Better Nutrition and a More Sustainable Lifestyle
    2. Simple Sustainability: 26 Foundational Steps to Better Nutrition and a Greener Lifestyle
    3. Simply Green: 26 Foundational Steps to Better Nutrition and a More Sustainalbe Lifestyle
    4. Nutritional Foundations: 26 Steps Steps to Better Health and a Greener Lifestyle

    A humerous one is: Soak Your Troubles Away

  29. 1. Extreme Home Makeover…26 Steps to Better Health and a Natural Lifestyle (Greener Lifestyle, More Sustainable Lifestyle)
    2. Natural Home Makeover…26 Steps to Better Health and a Natural Lifestyle (Greener Lifestyle, More Sustainable Lifestyle)
    3. Home Detox…26 Steps to a Healthier Home (One Year To A Healthier Home)
    4. Natural Home Detox (with any subtitle)
    5. Natural Home Cleansing (with any subtitle)
    6. How To Be The Keeper of A Naturally, Healthy Home (with any subtitle)

    Oh, and congrats on finishing your book!!!!

  30. Hey I don’t have a name for you, but a thought (that you may have already thought of)… is a typical “make your own book website” BUT the advantage of making a book with them is that you can sell your books online through them. It could be an option along with your ebook because once you upload your book to their site, it will tell you how much it costs to print, and you can add an additional amount to sell the book at so that you make a profit still. Anyway, if you were looking for an idea like that, it’s something you can try. I have made a photo book there and plan to do one a year. (They also upload blogs) I love blurb… 🙂

  31. Love the ideas you have outlined for us in your book:) All I keep thinking of is…

    natural sustainable living
    easy step goals you can achieve

    Wow there are some great ideas, I don’t envy you having to choose:)

  32. Baby Steps to Better Health
    A New You By The New Year
    Keeping the Healthy Home
    Keeping Your Home Healthy

    I can’t wait to read your book

  33. I just found your blog, and this looked like fun. I’d like to read your book. There are a lot of great ideas here, but I didn’t see this one, so I’ll throw it out there:

    Keeping it Natural: Simple Steps to a Healthy Home

  34. My title would be: Doing What’s Natural.

    Thanks for the opportunity to help, this is fun!


  35. This sounds like a wonderful book, thanks for writing it! It seems to encompass many areas I have been trying to incorporate into my life.

    A Natural Voyage – Steps Toward Living a Nutritious, Healthy, and Natural Life
    26 Ways to Live Naturally
    One Year Guide to Living Naturally

  36. I recently found your website and wanted to contribute to the book title. It is very simple:

    Healthy to the Core: Live Simply, Love Deeply

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