Living Simply Saturday: The “A Mother’s Work is Never Done” Edition

** I apologize for yet another departure from the book I’m working through, but since leaving our house in such a hurry, I completely forgot to bring it with me. I’m going to diverge for two weeks, until I’m home again, then I’ll continue on with where I was at!**

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I think that being a mother and homemaker must be one of the most constant, full-time careers out there. Fortunately for us, it also happens to be one of the sweetest and most rewarding!

I’m willing to bet, though, that most of us have times when we just wish that we could take an actual “vacation” day. A true day off. No cooking, no cleaning, no bath giving or diaper changing. Not that we don’t love the work that we do, but everyone just wishes for at least a small break from the everyday sometimes.

Hungry tummies always need to be fed, though, and the dishes don’t stop either. Dirty laundry happens and sometimes needs to be dealt with quickly to prevent stains. Babies need to be nursed, changed, dressed and rocked. And if you are anything like me, you find it difficult to stop and rest in your own home, because it is also your place of work and you see it through the eyes of one who is constantly seeking to keep it tidy, homey and well cared for.

In keeping with the theme of this Living Simply carnival, focusing on what makes our lives simpler (and thus frees us up for what is most meaningful), I wondered if it might serve all of us to share some of the techniques, tips and tricks that we use to bring the work to more of a minimum at certain times, such as weekends.

It’s important to find times when we are able to rest and refresh ourselves for the upcoming week and all that it will hold. To be able to spend enjoyable and meaningful times with our families, rather than worrying about everything that is left undone or yet to be crossed off of our to-do list. To take Sundays as a true Sabbath, a day of rest, where we can focus on worship, hearing the Word, and having fellowship with other believers.

Next week (see, don’t worry- I’m giving you a whole week to think about it!), I would love to hear your ideas:

** How do you keep the weekends (or whatever your family days are) simple? Restful? Worshipful?
** What techniques do you employ to keep your kitchen or other housework minimal?
** What ways do you pre-plan or prepare during the week, so that your load is lighter?
** Anything else you’d like to share with us along this topic!

Anyone else interested in sharing ideas for keeping our weekends more simple and restful? Has this been an area of struggle for you? Will you join us for the carnival next week? 🙂 I can’t wait to hear your wonderful ideas!

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  1. Since having my second baby, Sunday mornings have become more hectic, since there are now 2 little ones to dress/diaper/get food for. That has been my recent goal – to plan ahead sufficiently so that Sunday mornings do not become stressful and we can begin our day of worship in the Spirit, not the flesh 🙂 I’ll be interested to hear other mama’s ideas for the weekend. Great idea, Stephanie!

  2. I have been trying to do this very thing lately, keeping a “Sabbath” (not kosher, though) like Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies talks about, only I try to do mine on Sunday instead of Friday/Saturday. I’m still struggling to just have a nice meal ready for us on Sunday by getting it mostly prepared on Saturday. But I do try to get the big chores out of the way during the week, and get the house picked up Saturday afternoon so there isn’t anything to do on Sunday but concentrate on the Lord and my family.

    However, it’s a struggle and I’d LOVE to hear practical ways how others are making their weekends more simple and relaxed.

  3. Sounds like a good topic. I can always use ideas. I’m glad to have a week to think about it before adding mine!


  4. I keep a box in my car of relevant child items such as wipes diapers a change of clothes, crayons, cherrios,peanut butter cups, ritz crackers,first aid kit and juice boxes. Also I have 3 bags ready to go, so when it is time to leave I am as ready as possible. I have learned the hard way that as a mommy, I can’t be spontaneous unless I am prepared. If I am not prepared, I just dont have as much fun.

  5. I have nine children and one thing I’ve done that really simplified daily laundry chores was just DON’T SORT. Try it. The world will not come to an end. Your whites will be fine. And you’ll have time for an in-house movie at the end of the day. I also created a system where my olders can earn extra computer time. They are always asking me how they can help out to earn some extra time. There are plenty of chores to do and I welcome the nearly constant help. They are cheerful about it, too. I don’t let them earn more than 30 extra minutes, however, so they don’t overdo screen time. Anyway, this general system has helped me and has simplified my life in countless ways for years now.

  6. I’ve really struggled with this and in fact wrote a post a week or two about this very thing! I desire so much to have a sabbath and yet I feel like Sundays are horribly busy what with getting 3 kids ready for church, having company over, and all that goes with that. Even if I try to make chores easier on Sunday, I still find that the kids need constant attention, discipline, feeding, etc. and frankly, I’m burning out! I desperately need some rest but don’t know how to get it. My husband isn’t a big help these days since he broke his wrist.

  7. I only do laundry on Fridays and Mondays. Sounds crazy but I don’t want to spend my weekends doing dirty laundry. That’s our family time. Friday nights are game nights at our home. We mostly play board games, not video games. Family bible study is on thursday night and that really gets our family into a great mood to be together and focus on lifting our family up. The kids are assigned chores and have a chore chart. By everyone pitching in, things get dne alot faster and we have more fun time. My home binder helps keep me organized and that also saves time.

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