It’s time for another Bloggy Giveaway!

And I couldn't be more excited to share with my contribution to all the giveaway goodness going on this week in the blogosphere!

This is actually so timely considering my post last night, and the recent talk of grocery budgets, etc.

I am thrilled to be offering one budgeting software system, from to one very blessed reader!

This is the software that my husband and I have been using for almost 6 months now, and we are thrilled to pieces with it. Back in January my husband wrote a rave review of it, with much more information about the ins and outs of how it works and how he likes using it, so please go ahead and read that if you'd like to learn a little more about it.

Jesse from YNAB has generously offered to give one of my readers a YNAB Pro system, valued at $39.95 (and worth every single penny!).

Here's how to get in on this absolutely fantastic giveaway:

1) Make a quick visit to YNAB's site and get an idea of what this system entails.

2) Leave me a comment letting me know what aspect of the software most appeals to you or why you could really use a program like this.

3) Make sure that you leave an email address, so that I have a way to contact you if you win (as always, this contest is open to bloggers and non-bloggers).

4) Contest ends Sunday, April 27 at 4pm.

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  1. The aspect that most appeals to me is that it is software and not pen and paper–which is how we have been budgeting thus far. It would be so much easier to do it all on a computer program.

  2. In looking over the software, there was not any one aspect I saw that I could not use. We had been doing good fiancially until last november. Now it is all I can do to squeak through one payday to the next without bouncing something. The debt eliminator and the concept of living on last months money and assigneing every dollar a job really struck home with me.

    Thanks for the opportunity to lrearn about this!


  3. I could use budget software like this because right now I just write down all the bill due dates and pay them when we get a paycheck. It’s hard living paycheck to paycheck but that’s how it is.

  4. The whole thing appeals to me! My husband and I are currently doing a church financial study (similar to Dave Ramsey’s) and we want to get into the program, but don’t like the paper format they have and didn’t have much luck creating our own excel version. We are using Quicken right now and it doesn’t work well with the ideas behind the “spending plan” – this sounds like it would do the job very well!

  5. I like the focus on being debt free!
    Thanks for your giveaway! Sign me up!

    In Christ,

  6. My husband and I have been talking about getting a good budgeting system for a while, and this looks like just the thing! I love the thought of NOT living paycheck to paycheck, and I gotta admit that it was a new concept for me : )
    I love that your giveaways are not only fun, but they’re also so useful. Thank you!

  7. Budgeting has always been important to me. I like the fact that it’s on the computer- easy to keep track of, and that it has tips and help for people who are ‘new’ to it all.

    alaskawildrose AT

  8. I hope a double post doesn’t come through. I just tried posting and something happened (it disappeared).

    I love the car maintence part of the software, especially due to recent repairs and services we needed on both cars.

    My husband uses an Excel spreadsheet for our finances and I think something like this would be A LOT more efficient.

  9. If I don’t win, I think I might buy it anyway… but I sure would like it if you’d pick me. We’ve been followers of Dave Ramsey for a while but life has been throwing us so many curveballs it hasn’t been funny… 4 job losses in a year, 2 trips to the emergency room after we lost our health insurance, then our house burns down Sunday before last.

    We’ve tried Mvelopes but this looks like it has more functionality and is easier to use.

  10. I saw lots of things that would benefit us in this software but my favorite is the Debt Snowball list that counts down how much you’ve paid off already and
    many months before you are debt free! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I have the hardest time keeping track of things and am on the computer a lot so this would be great!

  12. I love how organized this program is. I try to keep my budget organized but I’m not very good at it. I looked at the software when I read your posts about it before and it looks like a great investment.

  13. Ahhh, I’ve read all you have written about this software and have been eyeing it since January. I’m just finishing my MAT leave and we have decided that I will stay home so needless to say our budget is going to take a BIG hit! I love that this program seems very userfriendly. I think we could totally benefit from this in the new era of our lives that we are entering!
    THANKS again for all your great posts!

  14. What impresses me most about this is how simple it is. Right now we have a system on the computer with a spreadsheet (I think its Microsoft Word) but I don’t even understand it….and it takes my DH so much time. This system seems much simpler to me.

  15. Right now we aren’t using anything, so this would be great. I like the idea that it keeps everything visible so you can see what you have done.

  16. The aspect that appeals to me most is the car maintenance analyzer. I’m ALWAYS forgetting when to get the oil changed! I’m also trying to get out of debt, so anything like this would help tremendously. Thanks for the contest!

  17. Currently we write our budget down on pieces of paper every month-this woudl be a great way to keep it more organized and be able to find it 🙂

  18. WOW! Do I ever need this! We always have an “ideal” budget at the start of the month, but it’s usually shot by the last week of the month. I would love to have this software because I need someone to tell me what to do and hold me accountable! What a great giveaway. Thanks, Stephanie!

  19. I have been looking for some software that would fit our family but nothing has seamed to work. I read your husband’s review on this last week and I have been praying & trying to decide about purchasing it, since it is a WANT & not a NEED. But maybe it is a NEED so that I can stop overspending in certain catagories. I do know that I am a very visual person & being able to see the numbers will help our family ALOT! God says “let all things be done decently & order” & that is what I am striving to do. Thanks! Brook

  20. Thank you for this opportunity. We own a small business. Unfortunately, running a household & a small business from a corner in our home is quite a challenge. This software looks enticing and so helpful. It would be wonderful to actually manage our home budget and allow for savings, retirement & college preparations. But I believe the best & most important issue is the ability to visually see the differences. Such as our business, the money is accounted for but there is usually no luxuries of investments. So, any advice and method to shave off a little here & save more there would be appreciated. Thanks again.

  21. This is one of the last areas of my life that I have not organized. I am avoiding it like the plague! My husband and I were talking last night about budgeting and what was the average amount that we could live on. I think that this software could be perfect for us…it would help us to monitor the month to month fluctuations and come up with an average income that we need to maintain. What a wonderful giveaway!


  22. Hi, I could sure use a budgeting software. I use a pen and pencil now,lol so it could def be a major break through for me!

  23. I desperately need the help in the budgeting department. I like that the software will help you to stop living paycheck to paycheck. We are a family of 6 and we have no emergency fund so the help goes without saying!

  24. The software looks wonderful! Probably the most helpful aspect for us would be the mortgage analyzer. As missionaries with only one of us working
    another job ouside of ministry, we want to get out of debt and be completely out of debt (including the mortgage) as fast as possible in order to be able to
    minister more fully at the International House of Prayer and give more to others in need. I love the “4 Rules” too. I think that software would definitely help
    us to see more clearly where we could save. Thank you so much for the recommendation, Stephanie!

  25. We are in our forties and have just started learn to budget. The software has so many tools that would be a blessing. The retirement planner and debt snowball being two that look really helpful.
    I need all the help I can get with organizing!

  26. What appeals to me most is having an organized system– I just can’t seem to get it all together in a way that makes sense on my own.

  27. Thankfully, we seem to manage our one-teacher income really well, but I would LOVE to “assign each dollar a job” and see how that improves our spending and saving!

  28. I love how simple it is. I have tried to use Excel to make a budget sheet, but I always seem to mess it up. I don’t think that I would be able to mess up this program.

  29. We’re moving, looking at selling our house at a loss . . . money is beyond tight. Some good budgeting software would be invaluable for us right now!

  30. LOVE that!! It looks so user friendly! My husband and I are trying desperately to get out of debt, but neither of us are really “accounting” people, so we need ALL the help we can get!! I think that this would be a great tool for us. (If I don’t win this one, I’ll probably end up buying it!)

  31. We have never had a budget and we’ve been married for 16 years. I have no idea where to even begin planning a budget. I’m certain this would help.

  32. I would love this software as I write everything done haphazardly. It would be great to have it all neatly and in columns and really see where I could be more frugal. I budget, but I would like to be better and put more money away. My husband already thinks I do a great job, but I’d like to do better and surprise him with having more money delegated to savings and retirement put away! Great give:)

  33. I could totally use this software because I would love to get out of debt and more importantly stay out of debt!

  34. The Debt Snowball function on the Pro version is something I could really use…doing it by hand can get rather tedious!

  35. This is the year that I’ve decided to get on track with a real budget, and this would be perfect for helping me reach that goal. I especially like idea that it adjusts for overspending so you can fix your mistakes before moving on to the next month. Also, starting the next month with a clean slate will help prevent me from beating myself up over past failures. Thanks for the great giveaway, I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  36. I really like the graphs they show…I’m a visual person so if I see where my money is going it helps better than the numbers.

  37. I love that all the formatting and everything is done online. We do all of our budgeting by hand on paper and, let me tell you, it gets tedious. I also love that you can import right from your online bank statement. How easy is that!

  38. Great giveaway! I like the bonus features best: the income tax forecaster and the retirement planner!

  39. I like the “give each dollar a job” idea!
    And since we are currently living on just one salary I think we would definitively have use for this!

  40. I’m all for ANYTHING that will make budgeting something I ACTUALLY do! And to not stress about money everyday? Sign me up! I love the idea of giving each dollar a job. I think (HOPE) that is something that would actually work for me!


  41. We have just become aware that a budget would make our lives better. This would help! I love software that makes a not-so-fun thing seem fun…

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  42. Boy do i need that! :o)

    I like the fact that itís got the pie charts. To me i think my hubby & I need the visual of WHERE did the money we earned get spent. An that pie chart is going to be an ugly but true visual. But if we want to follow the Lordís call we need to not be tied to our things by debt! Which praise the Lord we have mostly gotten away from. Although we do need to be beter stewards of our money!

  43. I love that its online, not manual. I do so many things online, it has become a real shift of gears to switch to pen and paperÖ

  44. I love the goal of being debt free and working together to get that way. Our main problem is that I am the saver and my husband is the spender. This software would really help us.

  45. I like that it looks pretty easy. I don’t know much about the computer -but I think I could figure this one out. Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. I definitely need to learn how to budget! My husband and I are still trying to pay off our student loans. Trouble is, I tend to be an emotional spender (I buy things when I feel down to cheer myself up) but seeing the numbers in a way this software could present it would really help!

  47. Saving for retirement is something I always mean to do and it never seems to happen. This program looks so helpful!

  48. We deeply need to get on a budget – we have crazy credit card debt from my hubby’s medical school years, and it’s starting to eat away at me.

    Seriously — as soon as I saw Rule One (live this month on last month’s pay) I’m sold. That sounds like HEAVEN — to not be worried about paying all the bills, to have that money socked away so I could pay them as they come??? I NEED this software!!! I’m bookmarking – if I don’t win, I’m going to have to buy it! 🙂

  49. The hope of not living paycheck to paycheck draws me to it. That and the fact I need a better method than just a monthly calendar I print to organize my budget and our bills.

  50. Feeling like I have control over my money instead of it having control over me. Or rather, the people/business that want my money having that control. Sounds like a great software!

  51. I would LOVE to win this! My husband and I struggle with our finances and have recently decided to try somethings like this, just haven’t bought it yet!

  52. My DH is a software engineer so the fact that it is computer based is great! We (he) would be more likely to use it because of that fact. Right now we both feel so overwhelmed with finances that we tend to pretend things are fine, when in reality we are falling more and more behind. This might just be what we need! Maybe we will shell out the $$$ if we don’t win, but *fingers crossed* that we do!

  53. Wow! I have never heard of this program. I get SO frustrated with MM, and YNAB seems far more user friendly. That would be my favorite feature 🙂

  54. I love the part about being debt free!! My husband and I have been reading the Total Money Makeover and he listens to Dave Ramsey on the way home from work and loves everything he has to say. I would like this software because I could do it myself instead of relying on my husband to do all the work. I think I could implement this into our lives with ease and hopefully start lowering some of our debt, groceries is my big thing having four children! Thank you again for your blog, I just love it:) Lezlie

  55. I think what appeals to me is it looks like a solid way to get things paid and stay in a budget. From the testimonials it seems to work well if followed

    peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

  56. i have a tendency to spend emotionally (like other commenters!) but love seeing everything in a spreadsheet. software that was designed JUST for this would help…

  57. I love the whole program because I was just online looking for something like this yesterday! I like the graphs b/c it makes it so easy to SEE how (or where) things are going!

  58. I’m intrigued by “giving every dollar a job” That sounds like a good idea. I could handle that.

  59. We’ve been trying to put ourselves on a budget for months and just can’t seem to get it done. I would love some help! And this looks great!

  60. I think we could use this in our family. We are having a hard time making ends meet since the price of EVERYTHING has gone sky high! Gas, groceries, teenagers…we need help.
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway.
    Tiffany Rosson
    tiffanyannrosson AT yahoo DOT com

  61. Anyhting that can help me lives below my means is gold in my book!! cookiecutter hotmail com

  62. This sounds great! I’ve been trying to keep up with our budget on an excel spreadsheet but because it’s so much work I end up inputting all our expenses after the month is over and then find out if we stayed on track (which usually never happens). I need a way to keep on top of it and this sounds great.

  63. four simple secrets and a income tax forecaster. this sounds like a great program!

  64. Our budget (or lack of) needs an overhaul and this would be a great way to kick things off. My husband will be starting a new job & lots of things are going to be changing. It would be nice to have the ease of an automated system to help track things.

    Thank you for offering this for the contest!

  65. I could really use this because I have tried budgeting with just an Excel spreadsheet in the past and it doesn’t really do everything I need it to.
    This would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. I have been trying in vain to use the budgeting feature in Microsoft Money for at least 3 or 4 versions of the software. It just isn’t really a budget, it’s more of an expenditure listing. I’d love to have a system that could truly keep our family on track.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    dburdenbates (at) gmail (dot) com

  67. I love how easy it looks and the debt free portion. My husband is self employed and it’s always been hard for me to figure how to budget. I think this would be a great help and we need it right now. We had put money back to live off in January when he went in for knee surgery but never expected when he returned towork he would be hurt and off work for 6 months now with no income. We need out of debt! Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  68. I love that I couldn’t lose it. haha. seriously, i write down out budget on scraps of paper and tend to lose them. we do have a master “plan” of sorts that I saved on the computer.

  69. I like simple money management in one places. Having a ton of different account can be confusing. The car maintenance option sounds great too.

  70. Oh WOWWOWWOW, I would LOVE this! I am the budget keeper in our home and currently use BOTH Quicken and Excel…it seems this program merges the two together in such a user friendly way. I love the “rules” idea and that it’s developed by someone who needed it and did works! Great great concept. thanks for this wonderful giveaway! 😀

  71. Gosh, I could really use this, we are planning for a big vacation right now and keep going over our food and gas budgets, especially. Great giveaway – I’d love to win! Thanks and please enter mine, too! 😀

  72. We definitely need to assign every dollar a job. And I’ve heard a lot about paying cash for all purchases. That would be a challenge. Oh! And then there’s retirement… I’d love to have it! Great giveaway.. keep up the great blog. I’m a daily reader!

  73. This looks like a great thing! I think it would be a great tool to achieving a good working partnership between spouses regarding finances,
    while bringing about financial peace of mind. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  74. I like the budget application. We really need to get a handle on how much we spend and have a hard time knowing where to start.

  75. GREAT giveaway!

    I like that it is software versus the spreadsheet I use now. I also like giving every dollar a job. Seems like something we could really use right now.
    Hey, if you have a chance, please stop by and visit my contest page too!

    my email is:
    racoo.smith at gmail dot com

    Thanks and have a lovely day!

  76. Finding wasteful spending and getting out of debt would be the two features I would be most interested in on the software. Thanks for thinking to give something like this away. We all need it…unless we’re already really good at this.

  77. i like that this truly seems to be geared toward family vs. personal expenditures

    Great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner! 🙂

  78. This looks like a neat system, and I appreciate that it is based on a thought-out methodology. I have my finances on a computer program, but that just tells me where I spent everything; I really need help looking forward and planning ahead! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  79. This would be wonderful! My husband and I are always trying to do better with budgeting, and a program like this would be an awesome blessing to us!!


  80. I think it is neat that the program will monitor and tell you about your spending trends. Sounds neat. I enjoy hearing the statistics about just about anything. Thank you for the chance. I would really like to figure out a budget for myself. Thanks!

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