I ’ ve been tagged!

Lucky me- I got tagged by Tara, at Super Mom Saves Money, to answer these questions for you, my dear readers, and then I get to pass on the blog fodder joy!

1) What did you accomplish this past week?

In line with the Making my Home a Haven challenge, I managed to do a really nice tidying job of almost the entire house yesterday morning. The best part was that my husband noticed and commented how clean it felt, and how much he loves it when it’s so clean!

Also, we took advantage of a near-blizzard (ok, not quite, but over a foot is a lot of snow for this mild, coastal city!), to attempt to finish our Christmas shopping in one day! We came very, very close!!!

2) Did anything not go as expected?

Naturally. I didn’t expect to lose this entire post just before I was about to publish it! Sigh… We also didn’t expect to be caught with nearly bald back tires (which are specialty tires, so every store needs 3-5 days to special order them) in the snow, or to get seriously stuck in the snow, not once, but twice!

3) What was the highlight of your week?

I had a wonderful date night on Friday with my sweet hubby, who planned it all. Children in bed at home with Auntie and Uncle, yummy food, excellent conversation, clean movie, and the perfect man to share it with- what more could I ask?

Knowing that the details of my cow share are all coming together and that I may get some raw milk as early as Thursday was pretty thrilling!

And… paying off our car loan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (one can never use enough exclamation points when saying that they are debt free!!!)

4) Did anything exciting happen that you did not expect?

Honestly, being done with Christmas shopping is a pretty exciting unexpected happening!

Continuing to be the undeserving recipient of God’s amazing grace also makes me excited- and although I know it well, every once in a while it catches me by surprise all over again.

And now, it’s my turn to pass you on to these lovely ladies:

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  1. i am so delighted to be a part of your tagging…i’m not so good at it…got tagged once, and wasn’t sure quite what to do…you know it’s the “meno-moment” kind of thing…oh, your not there yet 🙂

    anyway….i just smiled big and said, “Honey, guess what i’ve just been called?…The queen of healthy soup!” you just don’t how full of joy that can make this mama…

    and, tonight’s soup … from my mom’s kitchen…pennsylvania dutch potatoe soup (with some dill added)…i’ll post the recipe in a bit….

    have a fantastically blessed day…you’re just too cute!

  2. Thanks, SAHMmy says! It does feel really good to be free!
    As far as I can tell, my links are ok and her site seems to be fine. Perhaps there was an issue that’s already resolved itself? Please let me know if it’s still not working for you and I’ll repost the link. 🙂

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