Cook More Real Food: Join Me For Some Freezer Cooking!

cook more real food banner high quality 1Today is the day to put so much of what we’ve been doing throughout the Cook More Real Food event into practice!

I will be spending most of today and tomorrow (Mon/Tues) in my kitchen, cooking up a whole lot of food. The point? To fill my freezer with plenty of good stuff to help make cooking whole foods, from scratch, more of a reality in the day to day busyness of life as a mom and homemaker.

I know that many of you have been following right along with each of the challenges and are ready to cook your brains out today (yes, that’s what it feels like at the end of it!). It’s long and it’s hard work, but it is SO worthwhile when you’re finished and you look at what you’ve accomplished!

If you’re just learning about this event now, we’d love to have you still join in! Why don’t you see if you can put aside a few extra hours today and tomorrow to do some food prep, make a few meals for the freezer, or maybe do some extra baking?

You can see my plan for these freezer cooking days. The only change is that I think I will be making some Chicken Divan instead of Chicken Apple Sausages because I couldn’t get to my special meat store to get more ground chicken.

I’ll be checking in throughout the day on both Facebook and Twitter. Please “like” or follow me if you haven’t already. I’d love to hear your updates as well! On Twitter, I will use the hashtag #cmrf so that you can follow along.

Alright, time to do some cooking! I’ll update the blog later tonight or tomorrow morning with my progress so far!

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