Site Troubles and Plan to Eat Giveaway

Some of you may have noticed that there was some downtime for my blog this weekend. There are more things going on in the backend and with the design (nothing major- just trying to work out some kinks) but unfortunately the work resulted in a brief outage.

There are a few aspects of the site that are still missing and/or on the fritz, but we are doing our very best to have everything back to normal as quickly as we can.

plan to eat logoDuring the outage, some of you may have attempted to enter the Plan to Eat giveaway.

I apologize that you weren’t able to do so! Because of this, we have decided to extend the giveaway deadline from Tuesday until Wednesday!

Click here to enter the Plan to Eat Drag and Drop Meal-Planning Software giveaway

While you’re entering, consider signing up for their free 30-day trial membership to give it a try and see how this program can work for you!

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