Baby Steps: Goodbye for now

Baby Steps: Goodbye for now

Sadly, this is the last of the Baby Steps series. Though I’ve loved sharing some of the steps we can take towards a more natural and healthy thing, the time has come to say goodbye to this series.

I’ve thought about continuing on, but I’m stopping for two reasons. One, these posts take a considerable amount of time to put together, and although I enjoy writing them, I wanted to free myself up to write substantial posts on other topics of interest.

Secondly, I am in the midst of writing a Baby Steps ebook, and if I keep doing this series I’m going to write myself out of topics! I am trying to keep the overlap between my blog and the ebook as minimal as possible, so that it’s full of fresh new topics.

The ebook will hopefully be coming out in September. I had originally planned for July, but 2+ months of technical blog issues, and then having students this summer, etc. have added up to put me far behind in my writing goals. Nonetheless, the book is seriously in the works and I’m eager to share it with you!

For those who have missed any of the posts, here they all are:

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Get Growing

Eating Cultured and Fermented Foods

Shoo fly (and mosquitos and fleas…)

Using Alternative Grains (and the How-to of Using Alternative Grains)

My first new series in lieu of Baby Steps is Nutritional Foundations, where I’ll be going back to some of the foundational topics in cooking and shopping nutritionally (food groups, adapting recipes, changing your shopping strategies, etc.). Look forward to the next post within the week!

For all of you who participated in or even just read the Baby Steps, I would love your feedback! What topics were the most useful and interesting for you? Which steps did you try? Which seemed the most difficult or daunting? And do you have any victories you’d like to share with us, of the baby steps you’ve been taking?

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  1. I am now using dried beans instead of canned. I also am growing my first garden this year. One baby step that seemed like a huge stretch for me is eating cultured and fermented foods. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one. Oh, and soaking grains. I KNOW I should get on that (I bake nearly every day and we have waffles and pancakes at least once a week) but I haven’t soaked… yet! I’d also like to explore a few alternative grains still. I use only wheat and oats and a little bit of rice. Thanks for doing this series. Very interesting!

  2. I am sad to see the series end. Do you have a price yet on the ebook you will offer. I would be interested in purchasing it.

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