Another H2O bottle giveaway!

First off, a winner…

Carey (Alberta)

is the lucky winner of an 18 oz pink stainless steel water bottle! Congrats!

Wish it was you?

Then today's your day, because I'm kicking off the week with yet another fantastic bottle giveaway!

Just like last week's giveaway, this is for 1 stainless steel water bottle of your choice, from The Tickle Trunk!

To give you a bit more info on these bottles, in regards to some comments that came up last week, here are some things that I've been discussing with Carolyn, the generous lady who is bringing these great giveaways to you:

  • The bottles are responsibly made in China, at a factory that is verified by Global Sources, and approved by the FDA, GS, UL and CE
  • She has made two trips to China, to meet with the reps of the products she carries, and is very satisfied by the quality and manufacturing process of her bottles
  • The bottles are quality tested for contaminants and toxins, and I have seen one of the official certificates for those tests
  • They are made with a high-grade #304 stainless steel and #5 plastic BPA-free caps
  • They are fantastic and I love using mine!

And one of you is going to win another of these babies!

Same drill as last week:

1) Visit The Tickle Trunk to see the bottle selection and decide which bottle you would most like to win. While you're there, take a look around and pick out your favorite item (or items- it's hard to pick!).

2) Leave a comment below with your bottle choice, and tell us which other product you like the best!

3) If you'd like to get entered twice, post about these giveaway on your blog, and leave another comment with the url of that post.

4 Giveaway ends Friday, December 12 at 3:00pm.

Good luck, everyone! I love giving away these bottles!

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  1. Great giveaway. I have several plastic BPA free cups but I would love one of the 355 ml sippy cup bottles. We have a few around here at a market but everything has to be ordered. Thanks for the link to the site, I am still a little leary about ordering online.

  2. I still like the 1182ml one.

    Who knew there were so many neat stainless steel products? I think the ice cube trays are neat too. I’ve seen non plastic ones before (very old ones) but I think they were made from aluminum, although I am not sure.

  3. I love pink, so of course I love the pink water bottles! I’m also intrigued by the stainless steel popsicle molds that are listed as coming soon!

  4. I like the stainless steel 18 oz. bottle. The food storage containers look great. I hate putting my leftovers in plastic but these containers seem reasonably priced AND can be used to send foods into school with the kids since they maintain the temperature for hours.

  5. I really like the pink 12 oz. Water Bottle because my daughter LOVES pink and loves drinking lots of water! I want to get her a nice quality water bottle for Christmas.
    I also like the Stainless Steel Food Storage Container, seems like a much better idea than the glass ones I have, since glass breaks. Nice stuff and reasonably priced.

  6. If I had to choose, I’d pick the 18oz black bottle with the loop cap.
    Nice to know these items are available!
    Good giveaway.

  7. I would love to have the 27 oz stainless bottle with the loop cap – so my daughter and I could share one bottle on our long walks! What a great product at a great price! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. This is a great giveaway Stephanie!

    I would love the 18oz Stainless Steel bottle with a loop cap.

    I think the stainless steel food storage containers are great. They are probably my next favorite product after the bottles.

    Have a great day,

  9. I love it…it is very cute. I like the bottle you have above or the pink one. I also like the food storage container #4. I like the fact you can remove the handles to put it in the oven to heat up. Thank you for the giveaway and have a great day!

  10. I’d pick a pink one too! And I love the stainless food containers. Would be great for sending lunch to work with my husband.

  11. On second thought (from last week’s favorite bottle), I will go with the black stainless bottle for my son – very cool for the every picky 7th grader!

  12. What a great giveaway! I love the black stainless steel bottle – would be just perfect for a teacher. I love the food storage containers which would be a great way to safely take a snack or lunch to school. Awesome shop, thanks for sharing!

  13. The 18oz stainless steel loop cap waterbottle would be grand. 🙂 Good prices, too, if I don’t win!

  14. I would love the blue 18 oz bottle, I was also taken by the tiffin 3 layer food storage container, nice site, can’t wait to see the ice cube trays and popsicle molds…hope to see them soon!

  15. I won, how exciting. I never win. Thanx, and one thing I always am looking for, but am too frugal to buy. Thank-you. I love your BLOG. Great topics and always relating to our Father….

  16. I would absolutely LOVE to have the ‘Black’ 27 oz water bottle – although I am definitely a ‘pink’ girl I am outnumbered by men in my household and they would certainly prefer me to pick a more gender neutral colour!!! I love this size because we can share it around and have lot of water – we are all BIG water drinkers – my hubby drinks at least 2 L a day, me about 1.5L and my little guy drinks about 200mL.

    Thanks Steph!

  17. I love the blue color…the 12 oz is a better size for me to carry around too. Thanks for the giveaway! As an attempt to get rid of plastic we’ve used glass bottles, but it kind of makes me nervous to take on the go! 🙂

  18. Still love the pink 18oz bottle with the sports cap. I can see myself hiking on the mountains with that one. Great giveaway. Love your site. Thanks

  19. I love the 18 oz black bottle with the loop cap. I’ve been looking at these stainless steel bottles a lot lately….I’d really like to get one, and get rid of my plastic one. And the food containers are sweet, but I think the Tippin is my fave!

  20. My girls all take ballet so I think the 12 oz blue water bottle would be great. I so need to replace all of our plastic water bottles and storage containers. Although I have an ice maker, I think having some ice trays on hand would be a good idea.

  21. The 18 oz water bottle in black would be great to take on our family hikes! We need something that isn’t plastic and has a great loop top like this. Without any doubt I would say that the popsicle mold would be great to have!

  22. I think the pink 18oz. bottle with a sports cap looks awesome.

    I also love the Food storage container 3. It looks so fun and workable!

    On a side note, I am SO glad to have found this site!! There’s a lot of coolness to it, and just in seeing this give-away I have had a bit of my wonderings sorted! I had been wondering what to use for running without using leeching plastic bottles!!

  23. I would love the 27 oz black bottle for my husband. I love this site – I use pyrex glass for most of our dishes, and as we do not yet have children did not think of how all glass dishes might not be child friendly. What a perfect solution – Food Storage Container 3 looks perfect for lunch.

  24. I like the 40 oz bottle – it would be perfect for the fridge. I also really like the storage containers, and the avent nipple adapter. Great products!

  25. The 27 oz stainless steel bottle would be awesome for our hiking trips and to carry around town doing errands. I also liked the 9 oz cup as my little girl is drinking out of a cup so well now. Lots of cool options!

  26. I love the 18 oz waterbottle with loop top! This website is also a great resource…I wasn’t sure where to slowly start replacing my other bottles from and it’s reasonably priced. Thanks!

  27. I like the stainless steel 12 oz bottle with a sippy cap for our daughter. I love, love, love the stainless steel cup!

  28. I just found your website this week and it has been so much fun reading your posts.

    I have also been looking online for this type of bottle, but they are so expensive. These products look great and are so reasonably priced. I am also interested in the popsicle molds that are soon to arrive.

    If I am chosen I would like the pink 12 oz bottle with sippy cap. I have 2 little girls and would like to try this product out. A free one would be even better.

  29. I like the 40 oz. stainless bottle. I like to take water to work to drink and that would keep me hydrated all day long. Thanks for making me aware of these bottles!

  30. I am so loving the 12 oz pink bottle with the sippy cap. I have 5 girls and I sure ONE of them would love it! lol! And even though they aren’t available yet, I love the popsicle molds!

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