Plastic-Free Ice Cube Trays (and a Giveaway)!

"How on earth does a non-plastic ice cube tray work?" was one of my first thoughts when Carolyn of The Tickle Trunk asked me to review her latest stainless steel product. I was about to find out!

Ice cube tray empty 

This incredibly nifty looking contraption soon arrived at my doorstep, and I couldn't wait to give it a whirl!


Here it is, full of ice, straight out of the freezer.


In the process of being cracked (by my 4 year old, who can almost do it by herself but needs just a bit of help at the end).


And voila: a tray full of ice that has not had to sit in plastic or have nasty chemicals leached into it! I love it!

I was actually having some mild difficulties with my lovely new ice cube tray, until my Mom came to visit us a couple of weeks ago. She quickly exclaimed that these were just like what they used when she was a girl (before plastic ones even existed, although my understanding is that they were previously made of aluminum, which we now know is also not a healthy option)! Who knew?!

The only real troubleshooting I had to do was learn to fill it up just a smidge lower than I would fill up my regular trays (thanks Mom!), so that the lever is able to move smoothly and crack the ice cleanly without any struggle. Now that I've figured it out, it works like a charm every time, and it's actually quite nice to have ice just sitting there in the tray, rather than needing to pry it out of the little ice cube holes.

My last concern was regarding how I would fit several of them into my freezer, since they don't stack easily to the the lever on top. Looks like Carolyn has already found a great solution, and will soon have some stacking trays very similar to this one:

Ice cube tray stacker

Carolyn's priority over at The Tickle Trunk is to find great quality products, made using stainless steel as a safe alternative to plastic (which we know has the unfortunate ability to leach toxic chemicals into our food and beverages), and make them affordable for moms like you and me. She carries a wide selection of other products including the wonderful water bottles I use, various sizes and styles of food storage containers, cups, cutlery and more! Reviewing (and personally using) some of her fantastic products is always a no-brainer for me!

Would you like to win one of these ice cube trays for yourself? Here's how:

1) Leave a comment with your name and email address, letting me know one of the following things:

  • One other product from The Tickle Trunk that appeals to you.
  • A product that you've already purchased from her store and how you like using it!
  • Any suggestions you have for new stainless steel products that you'd like to see The Tickle Trunk carry.

2) To be entered a second time, simply post about this giveaway on your own blog and and leave a second comment with the post url
Subscribe to my blog's feed, either through a blog reader or through email, and leave me a comment letting me know that you've done so.

3) Giveaway ends next Thursday, at 3:00pm PST.

This giveaway has now ended.

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  1. ooooh! i want this! 🙂

    another item on the site that looks good to me is food storage container 4, the lunchbox one. i’d love to buy that someday.

  2. $29.95? The only way I’d get one is if I won it. It is pretty cool. I love the water bottles, stainless steel keeps water cool an fresh!

  3. I just love the pink water bottle. Appeals to the girly side of me LOL. Anyway, would love to enter for the ice cube maker. Thanks!

  4. 1) The pink water bottle (for my wife)
    2) I’ve never purchased anything from them before (too expensive at this stage of our lives)
    3) I’d like to see them carry water filters. I looked for a while, and couldn’t find them on their site.

  5. And I am subscribed to your RSS feed. Thank you for making this available.

  6. I’m definitely going to get the food storage items and the ice cube tray. The cutlery was also nice. I can’t wait for the popsicle molds! Thanks for showing us this site.

  7. I had to laugh when I saw this….when I was growing up those were the ice trays we had – not sure if they were actually stainless steel but they were metal with that handle contraption to crack apart the trays.
    Neat little reminder of my childhood – and I bet my mom still has them somewhere in her cupboards.

  8. Oh my goodness, I haven’t seen one of those trays in YEARS!!! We used those when I was a kid!

  9. I would love to have this. I think my parents had something similar, but it was probably made out of aluminum. I also liked the lunch box, Food Container No. 4. I am also interested in seeing the Popsicle molds. Kathy (O:

  10. I think the water bottles are great, and would love to see the popsicle molds when they’re available.

  11. I’m subscribed as a Google Reader. I’d love to see the Popsicle molds when they’re available too.

  12. I would like to be entered into this contest. The other product that appeals to me is Food Storage Container – 6.0 L, because it would hold my stock for the week so I wouldn’t have it leave it in the pot or put it into ziploc bags.


  13. I’d love to win this! The popsicle mold looks like a good idea too. Thanks!

    christy.vw @ gmail

  14. We used these kind when I was a kid too….does that make me old?
    I remember as a kid loving to pull up the arm.

  15. I like the ice cube trays. They’d be great for making baby food. The cup and water bottles are right up there on my short list too.

  16. I would love to get the stainless steel waterbottles. The popsicle trays that she is planning on gettinig would be neat.

  17. I like the lunch box, food container 4. But honestly, the first thing I would buy would be the ice cube trays, although they are a little out of my price range right now. I made my daughter’s baby food and would freeze the different purees in ice cube trays before storing in baggies, and I always cringed at using the plastic trays when I was trying to avoid nasty stuff by making her own food.

  18. I like their food containers…those are pretty nifty, somewhat like what I saw at World Market the other day all stainless and fashioned after the food containers workers would take with them to work in the mines but were tin back then.
    I got to say…the Ice Cube tray isn’t something new…it’s just now all stainless steel. This is the exact old fashioned style from years ago…say 40 or more years back that came with refrigerators…it’s identical just stainless which is far better than the aluminum ones.

  19. I would love to have a stainless ice cube tray. The other things on my wish list are the stainless steel cups and the popscicle molds when she gets them. I want so badly to make popscicles with my kids, but I DESPISE plastic!

  20. I’ll show my age and say I used those as a kid. 🙂 A stainless steel water bottle would be nice. Thanks!

  21. I don’t want to be entered in the contest since I have already had the benefit of winning a tickle trunk item from you, but I just wanted to comment and say how much I love my water bottle and storage container from them. I use my water bottle every day and now that soup season is over, I’ve been using the storage container to hold my homemade ice cream. They are both great items.

  22. The question really is, which stainless steel item would I NOT want from her site! If I have to pick on that I’d really like, it’d have to be the pink water bottle. I mean, who knew stainless came in pink??

  23. I am probably giving away my age, but I remember those from when I was a kid. 🙂 I had no idea they still made them. I will check out her shop!

  24. I would love those food storage containers (can you really just pick one?)! 🙂 Those ice cube trays look great, too!

    I”m hoping she’ll come out with some stainless steel muffin tins that I can use for my gluten-free baking.


  25. I already subscribe to your blog! It’s one of my favorites! 🙂


  26. I like the food storage containers w/ the seal- they look spill-proof, which is great. 🙂 Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  27. I am already a subscriber! I love the 40 oz Water Bottle, from The Tickle Trunk.

    Should I leave a second comment, in order to be entered twice?

  28. I’d be most interested in the storage containers and the pop-cycle tray, when it’s for sale.

  29. I like the locking storage containers, and the water bottles, and the round storage containers…

  30. 1) the popsicle molds appeal to me.
    2)I subscribed to your blog through email

    Those are neat molds!! My MIL has one that is the old kind, when her old fridge died a long time ago she kept the ice cube tray. Hers is alumninum though, but still I thought it looked cool.

  31. I also subscribe. My father-in-law has cancer and my m-i-l and I have done a lot of research on nutrition and plastics, etc. This is one item that we had been trying to figure out how to replace, so it would be awesome to win!

  32. Ooh, I’m excited! Another blog (Nourishing Gourmet?) had a tickle trunk giveaway awhile back. I love the food storage containers (sorry, not too exciting) and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the popsicle tray.

  33. We love stainless steel! We have the Klean Kanteens and use them daily. The little cups look wonderful and I can’t wait for the glasses to become available. Also the popsicle molds are a great idea!

  34. I would love the popsicle tray (when it becomes available) – I had to get rid of my plastic one, and I miss making cider pops with Farmers Market apple cider. I would have said I wanted them to add tiffins, but it seems those are well loved (and sold out).

  35. I love the Stainless Steel Cups, they almost remind me of those funky aluminum cups from the sixties- if only the stainless steel ones came in different colors!

  36. I’d love a water bottle or the popsicle molds (to come soon) from her site. I’m already a subscriber to your blog!

    It’s funny how things come back around, i.e. the metal ice cube tray!

  37. I like the storage containers, and I’m already subscribed to your feed. Thanks!

  38. WHat an awesome ice tray. I would love to have the pop-cycle molds when they are available. We are big homemade pop cycle fans over here.

  39. I like the food storage containers . . . not sure which size I like the best – but really like the concept!

  40. O.K. My Dad still uses those types of icecube makers at his camp (cottage). We have an automatic ice maker in the fridge, so I’m not sure I need the icecube thingy, but the popsicle molds (which are not up yet) will be cool.

  41. I like the pink water bottle. I wonder if you could use the trays to freeze baby food?

  42. I used to use that style ice cube tray at my grandma when I was a kid. I like the water bottles and the popsicle molds look cool.

  43. I’m really impressed with her prices! 40oz stainless steel bottle for $13! Too bad they’re out of stock! I’ll definitely be checking back soon. Thanks, jessica

  44. This would be great to use. I like the Food Storage Container 3 also.

  45. I really like the idea of the stainless steel cups! I can’t stand drinking out of plastic, and I’m sick of the glass ones breaking so much. These would be really great!

  46. This would be SOOO nice to have! I love my ice and need to quit using plastic.
    I also like the idea of the lunch box food storage container. Very nice! This would be great for my husband. Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway!

  47. i really like The Tiffin for packing lunches! i am all about easy & safe ways to pack lunches for my daughter.

    as i looked at the site, i saw popsicle molds coming soon! i still am trying to imagine how that will work. i am wondering if there is a chance the childs tongue would end up sticking to the stainless steel! (ie… cold vs metal in winter)

    interesting stuff!

  48. I’ve broken more dishes this year than any other the 11 years I’ve been married. I’d love to replace my dishes and glasses with stainless steel. Non toxic and the kids and I can’t break them, beautiful!

  49. My first entry… ever!
    I like the round storage containers on the website and… any alternatives/ideas for juice/water jugs? I usually use glass, but they invariably break/shatter!

  50. Oh, I love that ice cube tray! I really liked all of the other storage containers especially the split level one. I can think of many uses for that one! I haven’t purchased anything from her store because I did not know about it. Thanks for sharing with us! I will be sure to become a customer soon 🙂

  51. what a nifty idea! i like the food storage containers. they would wonderful in my pantry

  52. I like the Stainless Steel Popsicle molds. I remember my parents had an aluminum ice cube mold similar to this. This would be great to win!


  53. I would LOVE this….as I am making and freezing baby food in ice cube trays!! I also like the stainless water bottle ‘black’ on her website, among many things!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see her popsicle molds!

  54. I’m looking forward to the popsicle tray being available. I’m a big fan of glass dishes, so I don’t see the need for stainless steel there. I already subscribe to your reader and will post about the giveaway on Monday!

  55. I’m looking forward to the popsicle tray being available. I’m a big fan of glass dishes, so I don’t see the need for stainless steel there. I already subscribe to your reader and will post about the giveaway on Monday!

  56. I would love the big sandwich box! My husband takes his lunch to work and goes through sandwich bags like crazy, despite me suggesting he reuse them!! I make baby food too so the ice cube tray would be PERFECT!!

  57. I think it’s a toss up between the plate and cup. I’m always looking for non-glass options for my boys as they’re a little rough on plateware!

  58. The food storage containers are very cool. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

  59. That little cup appeals to me! I’d love some little kid cups that aren’t the base to my sippy cups.

    Thanks… I love the look of this ice cube tray!

  60. The stainless steel water bottles look really great….. but those ice cube trays have really impressed me!! I would LOVE to have one or two…. or 10! lol!

  61. I like those ice cube trays, but they are a bit pricey! Maybe sometime in the future, though. The popsicle molds look cool – we’ll have to see when they’re available!

  62. We do not have an ice maker and this looks so much better than our plastic ice trays. The water bottle looks good to me. We love water around here!

  63. I subscried!!! (via e-mail). I remember I saw one of the ice cube trays when I was a girl, and a friend of mine has the cups. I love the site!!!

  64. I would like to be able to buy a stainless steel water pitcher. We used to have a glass one. I’m not crazy about using a plastic one so we usually just have our water in our glasses at room temperature.

  65. So cool that you can finally find these trays again– I hate the plastic ones! My parents had these in their ancient fridge until they remodeled the kitchen in ’88, so I remember using these and thought the design was so much better!

    Anyways, I’ll definitely be ordering these (if I don’t win them), though I’m also looking forward to the stainless steel cups they’ll be carrying soon.

  66. I would love to get my hands on these trays. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  67. I LOVE these and I would love to win one! I would like to slowly buy the food storage containers in all sizes and also the popsicle molds. We have the waterbottles. Please pick me:-)

  68. I would love a few of the stainless steel cups – they’re the perfect size and won’t break if my toddler drops one.

    I’m already subscribed to you via Google Reader.

  69. I love anything on that site, but I think container #4 would serve us the best.

  70. I love the water bottles and especially that you can choose the different caps. I would have to choose the dishwasher safe one–I don’t do well with handwashing. 🙂

  71. We, too, had a tray like this when I was growing up (only it was aluminum). I also like the popsicle mold (“coming soon”).

  72. Those trays are too cool! I would love to have one (I freeze all kinds of things in ice cube trays-it is so handy!) I would also love to have one of their water bottles. I have Sigg bottles but am a little concerned about the aluminum (of course, I invested quite a bit so I’m not ready to switch!)

  73. I am a subscriber and absolutely love your site! I am steadily changing the way we eat and am learning to cook thanks to you! I am so blessed that I found you!!!

  74. I can’t believe these awesome ice cube trays!! Any of the food storage containers would be awesome, too. Thanks!

  75. I’d be interested in the popsicle molds, mind you those aren’t available yet so I’m not sure which category this falls under 🙂

  76. I remember these ice cube trays. I would love to have one or a couple again. As for the other item I would like it was hard to choose, but I have to go with the food storage containers. I would love a whole set of these.

  77. Wow, these are neat! As for other tickle trunk products, I need some food storage containers, so I’d pick those!

  78. Love the stainless steel cup option and look forward to the popsicle molds!! Would love to win!

  79. What a cool site! Thanks for clueing us in on it. I’d have to go with the basic water bottles… They’re so handy, something I could use everyday, and they are priced SO reasonably!

  80. The ice tray looks pretty awesome. I think the other item that is very appealing are the round food storage containers that come in so many sizes. They just look so convenient!

  81. I was just thinking that I need a safer ice cube tray, as we don’t have an automatic ice maker in our freezer. I really like the looks of this one!

    I would also like their food storage containers (the round ones look so neat) and, of course, their popsicle mold. 🙂

    I love your blog, and my whole family is indebted to you for that peanut butter-carob smoothie recipe. YUMMY!

  82. I’m just waiting on my stainless steel sippy cup and a water bottle for my husband to arrive in the mail. We will officially be a family full of stainless steel drinking receptacles! 🙂

  83. These look great. I also think the Food Storage Container 4 (suitable for an individual lunch) would be very handy.

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