You Tell Me : What Will You Do (If Anything) About Radiation from Japan?

You Tell Me : What Will You Do (If Anything) About Radiation from Japan?

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I had intended to write the second installment of the How to Plan Your Garden post for today (don’t worry, it’s still coming) but between a bout of illness in our own home and all of the conflicting reports that we’ve been reading in the news and on the web, this topic seemed more timely and relevant.

I can safely assume that word has spread widely of the risk of nuclear radiation exposure in North American, due to the nuclear power plant crisis after the recent tsunami in Japan. I can safely assume this because if you tried to purchase a bottle of any sort of iodine supplement in either the USA or Canada, almost anywhere, you wouldn’t be able to. It’s all sold out.

My husband and I have also been reading and watching and listening to all that’s going on, in this grand debate between the government and it’s experts who say that there is absolutely no threat to our health at all, and all of the various internet personalities who are insisting most vehemently that there most certainly is a threat and that it is a grave threat indeed. Who are we to believe?

I’ll tell you right now that this post is not a “how-to” anything. It’s an “I honestly don’t know” post. That’s the truth. I have no idea.

We fall on the side of generally not believing much of what the government tells us, because 1) it is in their best interests to keep public panic at bay, and 2) governments in general tend to have a long and glorious history of not dealing fully in truth. And yet, in the ever so eloquent words of my husband last night, “It’s so hard to know whether we can trust any of these wackos on the web” (hmmm, now honey, what does that make me?) 🙂

So what will we personally be doing?

First of all, we are not panicking. As I’ve said before, we have a great and sovereign God who intricately ordains all of the affairs of this world and it is in Him that we put out hope, not in human wisdom or in the plans of man.

Second, we are going to do our best to be proactive and responsible, especially with these three little lives that we have been entrusted with, doing what we feel is reasonable due diligence.

For us, although we could still change our minds as things unfold and as we learn more (particularly if we feel the situation is worsening), this will include taking some moderate steps to boost our family’s bodies to better withstand the effects of any radiation (however minor) that we might be exposed to.

Now, as I said before, iodine is basically impossible to purchase at this point, so what other options are there?

While I’ve been sick, my mother-in-law has been doing some research for our entire family and I particularly appreciated one of the articles that she sent to me, Fighting Radiation Exposure- Naturally. It has a whole host of suggestions other than iodine, including many food options. Probably the most important of the foods that we could consume to offer protection are the brown seaweeds, kelp, kombu, arame, wakame. These sea vegetables are naturally high in iodine. There are many other suggestions as well, including bee pollen, nutritional yeast, green tea, vitamin C, milk thistle (or other liver supports), charcoal, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and clay (like bentonite clay).

But more than anything…

Though I am slightly worried for my own family, I feel so much more concerned for our dear friends in Japan and the beautiful, generous people that we were privileged to know and live among for the first year of our marriage. When I see the pictures in the news of that familiar land, my heart aches and my desire is to be back there now, helping and supporting them.

Please, continue to pray for the courageous Japanese people, who so desperately need Christ more than anything else, and yet so few of them know Him or realize that they need Him at all. Pray that God would heal their land and people, yes physically, but even more than that, spiritually.

So, my dear readers, I would love to know…

What are your thoughts on the radiation exposure issue? I’m curious to know, what will you be doing to protect yourselves, if anything?

Top image by garycycles4 (this is the countryside in Yamaguchi, the Japanese prefecture where we lived)

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  1. Hello! My husband and I are military and stationed in Japan. We are approximately 200 miles South of Fukushima and as it is now, we are in no heightened threat of exposure to radiation. I feel like it’s a shame the way the American media has misconstrued and sensationalized the facts. There is more radiation in Denver, CO than there is at our small air base 200 miles away from the nuclear power plant. I hope that Americans aren’t worrying too much about this. Even in the worst case scenario, the radiation is too heavy to make it across the Pacific Ocean.

    1. @Cait, Has your base been testing for radiation? I’m just curious whether those in Japan are hearing more accurate reports than what we’re hearing?
      I’ve never heard anyone say that radiation is too heavy, though. My understanding is that it goes up in a cloud and can get up into the atmosphere.

      1. @Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home,
        Hi Stephanie! Our base is testing our radiation levels on the hour every day. Not to mention our iodine levels in the water as well. That is our most current and real concern at this time for the Tokyo area. Our levels, on the base, have been even below what normal was before the quake.
        I’m including a couple of different news sources to check out. Our friends and family in the states have been worried SICK about us everyday since March 11th. I’m contributing that worry and fear to the American media. I’m also including a very popular clip that has been all over the Japanese TV to help explain to children the worry over Fukushima. It’s very cute but it also demonstrates the difference between this issue and the ones at Chernobyl and Three-Mile Island in the US.
        Kid Cartoon:

        I really hope these little snippets help put your heart at ease about what is really going on over here in Japan. I know radiation is a terrifying thing, especially when it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do… 🙂 God bless!

        1. @Cait, Ok, I just watched the kids cartoon and it had me laughing so hard, especially since I could understand some of the Japanese. I can see the Japanese kids loving that video, even though it’s totally different from what we might do in N. America, and really understanding what’s happening much better from it. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. We’ll diffuse essential oils in the house daily. There are many, especially when used in blends, that can help defend against harm and bring balance to the body. They help to shield from effects of common chemicals and VOC’s as well.

      1. @elaine,
        Dear Moderator: please feel free to edit!


        Essential oils are amazing. Their many health-supporting properties are too numerous to list here, although the study of them is so much fun! I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils because of their attention to purity of product, and their commitment to keep us very well versed on what’s happening around the world and how to approach it with a clear head (and not smelling too shabby, either!) However, since this is another’s blog, and one I love to follow, I’ll have to let your curiosity take over now, but suffice it to say that even here on Keeper of the Home, oils such as Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) have been mentioned as helpful more than once, and my favorite blend (“Purification”) contains this plus others like lemongrass, rosemary, and citronella. Oils coming from plants in the melaleuca family (like “Melrose”) are used to create blends that are especially powerful germ-killers and DNA-protectors.

        As for neutralizing odors and fumes naturally, there is a very short article, not written by me, at:

        For a nice wide selection of diffusers, Abundant Health website has a good selection at very reasonable prices. Our family prefers the ultrasonic ones that create a very fine cool mist, like a mini humidifier. Combined with the purest possible essential oils, they’re easy to use, powerful everyday air purifiers.

  3. I’m not worried. The info we are getting is conflicting and not reliable at all. I have no control over if, when, and how much radiation is/was released. Although it’s fairly safe to remind people that we are a LONG way from Japan, and probably receive more radiation from x-rays, our TVs, and the atmosphere on a normal day than we will receive from this incident. For people within a few miles of the plant, sure, they should be worried and especially concerned over the poor information being released. They NEED to know EXACTLY what is going on (it’s possible that no one knows yet for sure, but probably those at the plant and in close proximity should have a pretty good idea).

    There’s no way for us to know at this point what, if any, problems this will cause for us in the US. I live in GA and a pharmacy friend said he receives many calls each day for the potassium iodide pills. To me this is panic and insanity. Those pills need to be available for those who need them (soon or in the distant future), not hoarded by those who do not. Besides the fact that taking them unnecessarily can cause icky side effects.

    For me, the thought I keep coming back to (besides the fact that I truly do believe that God is in control and that this situation is out of our hands, so “worrying” is completely futile and counter-productive to our daily walk) is that two atomic bombs were dropped in the same country 70 years ago when the whole of nuclear science was basically a baby, and we’ve all survived any escaping radiation from that (sure, maybe that’s why there’s in increase in cancer, but it’s pretty commonly believed that there’s no one cause for all the different cancers we face today). This incident in Japan is nothing in the world like that, or like Chernobyl (again, did we have any long-term problems here in the US because of that? not that I know of). The earthquake and tsunami was a much worse disaster than the ongoing drama at the power plants. The news media knows that we are scared to death of radiation and nuclear power, so that’s what we are given.

    We’ll be ok. The people of Japan are the ones suffering loss of homes, lives, and futures, and we need to be praying for them and not forgetting in our fear of our own future that they are the ones who have to deal with these disasters right now.

    I’m all for being prepared, but I perceive danger from flooding and tornadoes as more likely than anything else, and that’s what I prepare for. People in earthquake prone areas prepare for that danger. Preparing is good…. but we prepare for “perceived risks” and the news media is directing people to perceive a risk that is actually a low risk in comparison to most dangers we face every day.

    I don’t mean to dismiss another person’s fears… these are just my thoughts, and while I do have a chill occasionally as my mind wanders to “What IF……?” I remember that I trust God every day for safety in the car (we just had a horrific accident near here where a 15-passenger van had a tire blow out and 13 people were seriously injured and 2 killed), safety from random violence (a local police officer was shot and killed 2 days ago), safety from weather threats (we’re now in tornado season), safety from disease ( a friend of a friend’s little Silas is waiting for a bone marrow transplant, and because he’s so ill and not responding to much, he may not get it), etc. If I can trust Him for those every day “dangers”, I can trust Him in this too. And if He chooses not to keep me safe, the “worst” thing that can happen is that I may get to meet Him a bit sooner than I expected. 🙂 Not a bad prospect!!


    1. @Michelle, I can totally relate to the fact that we trust God every day for safety in every regard, not just things like this. I can also sometimes struggle with fears of “what if”, but the only place of peace I’ve found is to simply lay each of my fears back at His feet and trust that He really is in control, regardless of what happens. And amen to the “worst” happening and meeting Him early. 🙂

  4. Stephanie- Very timely article and yes, Japan’s incident will definitely effect so many of us all over the world…
    Noticing your mention of ‘what to do’ and bentonite clay…YES.. it is definitely one of the safest, and most effective ways to rid one of radiation exposure and protect one from such…. part of ‘God’s Pharmacy’ ; just one of the many things he provided us with.
    Perry A~, author of ‘Living Clay’ recently wrote an article regarding using clay and radiation.. IF ANYONE is interested please contact me and I will email it to you….
    Unfortunately many our there are trying to capitalize on Japan’s incident; and although some remedies might help some, including other inferior clays… not all clays are created equal and when dealing with something this serious.. you want the BEST…a pure, natural calcium bentonite clay….’Living Clay’
    Hoping all is ‘o’clay’ and ‘visualizing Japan minimizing the damage and rebuilding’

    1. @Bethany, That’s a really interesting article, well worth reading. I like Ann Coulter and I do appreciate hearing a unique perspective. Doesn’t make me know what to believe any more than I did before, but interesting to consider nonetheless. Thanks for sharing, Bethany!

  5. For me personally, I think it’s rather rude to be worrying about what is happening in Japan and how it will effect us. We can be so self-absorbed! Shouldn’t we be doing what we can to pray for them and concentrate on them and take our eyes off of us for a moment?

    1. @Jenn, I agree that we should absolutely be praying for the Japanese people, as I said in my post, and considering the ways that we can help them in this time.

      But, I don’t think it’s rude for us to consider how it will affect us. Beyond our prayers and financial giving, most of us are not able to do much more than that for the Japanese people, and yet we are still responsible to care for our own families. If my children are in danger, even if someone else’s children are also in danger, I am no less required to ensure that my own children’s needs are met. I think that we can be both concerned for the Japanese people, and also for our own families. Care isn’t a mutually exclusive thing.

      1. @Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home, I must agree with you, Stephanie, it is not at all rude to be concerned about your own family. Would it be rude if I had a family member in Japan that I was more concerned about than any other person living there? It is natural and right to worry about your own family/friends, heck it’s biologically appropriate. That doesn’t mean you can’t be concerned for others.

        That said, no, I’m not worried at all. The media is blowing this totally out of proportion. I’m not fan or believer when it comes to the government, but my husband and I agree with them this time. We’ve done a fair amount of research about nuclear/nuclear power (before the Sendai Quake), and we are confident that nothing bad will happen here.

  6. I have been watching videos on youtube, and reading things on the web, listening to podcasts, ect. I strongly believe that the government DOES hide things from us, yes, but they ALSO use (and actually create) situations to scare us into saying “oh government, please help us” and so putting us right where they want/need us to carry out whatever it is they are doing at the moment. Will this radiation reach or affect us? Who knows! It could be a ploy to make us scared. It could be real. The only SOLID thing we have is this – PRAYING TO GOD, and trusting in HIM to take care of us. Knowing that whatever happens is in HIS plan and it is what is the best for us. Peace!

  7. I too believe that God is in control and will rely on him…I try to hand all of them over to him but sometimes I try to take them right back! of course that doesnt mean that we should not consider and prepare for dangers but I agree with the fact that we should be concerned w/Japan and the wonderful people their who have such a sad ordeal and pray that God does a wonderful work their in surrounding them with his protection and love. ( I have Bentonite in my home….enough for all my family and friends if needed.) 🙂 No I did not buy it for this …we are exposed to terrible chemicals everyday…its unfortunate but we now live in a “chemical world”

  8. We aren’t planning to do much differently. I am using it as an opportunity to learn and adding a few new things to our natural remedy medicine cabinet at home. I take comfort in knowing that God is in control and also knowing what happened at Cheronobyl (which was so much worse than Japan will be) didn’t harm anyone in the US. We did have a large radiation cloud move over the US high in the atmosphere. It wasn’t low enough to affect us. That’s likely the worst case scenario for us. That being said, we have two nuclear plants with 100 miles of my home so I’m taking this opportunity to take just a few precautions in case something ever happens closer to home. Here is another good article written by my local herbalist that I trust implicitly.!/notes/four-winds-natural-healing-center/nuclear-radiation-and-natural-healing/10150222593659676

  9. This is great to think about.I have posted a lot Japan on my blog. My heart is broken for those people and the devastation there. I am glad you posted this because I wasn’t aware there was much risk to radiation exposure in NA. Most of all, like you said, God is in control and it is in him that we place our trust. Thanks.

    1. @Jenny, I would be curious to know why you feel that way about iodine, Jenny. Based on a wide variety of sources (both mainstream and alternative) that I have read, iodine is supposed to be very protective against radiation, and also just important for general good health (one of the many reasons why seafood is such a beneficial food).

      1. @Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home,

        Thyroid hormone is beneficial. There is some protein bound iodine in the thyroid hormone. Over the course of time, they started claiming iodine by itself was of benefit. That is sort of like saying sodium by itself is the same as REAL sea salt.

        Of course, we need a little bit of iodine in balance as we need sodium in balance…but not to the degree in which it is currently being promoted.

        1. @Jenny, I’m not in favor of promoting iodine in supplement form, but rather in food form. So I think you’re just saying that you don’t agree with the push on iodine supplementation, not on the importance of iodine in the diet. It’s a trace mineral, and so we don’t need massive amounts of it, but I do believe that we need trace amounts of it regularly.

        2. @Jenny,

          I feed kelp to my dairy animals as they are ruminants. They eat it only at certain times of the year. I do NOT eat it myself. Iodine is NOT protective in the way it is being promoted, so eating MORE…even in food form…is not beneficial. Iodized salt is not a good thing nor eating a lot of seaweed.
          Chicken necks or fish heads would be a food source for actual thyroid supplementation.

    2. @Jenny, The research that I have read, as well as that of my own MD and Nurse practitioner, says otherwise. Iodine is essential, which is why they began adding it to table salt. We live in an age of depleted soils and stripped down foods and, according to my sources, there has never been a greater need for iodine supplementation than now. Have you noticed how it seems SO many people are suffering from thyroid disorders these days? Iodine is crucial for thyroid support.
      Interestingly, Japan is a goldmine for iodine. In the foods they harvest from the sea, in the air… even their soils are rich with it. My hope and prayer is that this will aid them in their recovery from this disaster.

      1. @Bebe, I would agree with you, Bebe, about Japan being a goldmine for iodine. The foods that they eat there are so rich in iodine, as well as antioxidants from things like constant green tea (and truly, they drink it non-stop), that I expect that the Japanese in general would have far better natural physical protection against radiation exposure than would most North Americans! I also think that we need to make sure that we get enough, by eating complex sea salt with trace minerals, lots of fish and sea vegetables, etc.

  10. I love meeting all of you who are as deep thinkers as I am. I hadn’t even considered the radiation from Japan as I don’t watch too much news. I suppose I just can’t handle it, it is never good, and always saddening.

    So glad I’ve found this blog and all the others who are commenting on it. Great reads all around.

  11. I’m with you in the “I just don’t know” category. I’m not worried about it, but I’m trying to stay informed.

    In an effort to stay more informed and know how to pray for the Japanese, I’ve been watching NHK world (streaming Japanese news in English), and happened to see an interview with a woman whose older sister had been swept away in the tsunami and died. This woman pulled a photo from a plastic bag and showed her family–her parents and sisters–and told of a trip they’d all taken recently and how happy she was at that time, how much joy it gave her to be together like that. Then she said, “The gods must have been angry that I was so happy. And this is my punishment.” Oh my heart breaks for her and those who have no HOPE in Christ! That is far worse than the effects of radiation, or the devastation of the tsunami/earthquake!

  12. I was really struck by an article that compared the Japanese situation to Chernobyl. Currently, it’s not believed that things are quite as bad as Chernobyl – we will see. However, I was impressed by how few deaths there were relative to how much space Chernobyl takes up in our mind. I think it’s really easy to be afraid of invisible particles in the air we can’t see.

    They estimate that from all of the cancers, about 4000 deaths will result from Chernobyl. That is a lot of people. But by comparison, many times that many people just died in the Tsunami in Japan. However, they estimate that the biggest damage from Chernobyl on people’s health is their mental health. The fears of the radiation exposure have changed how people feel about themselves. They choose high-risk lifestyles, feel damaged and like they are victims not in control of their fate, and this is having even more dire consequences than the radiation.

    This is not to say that it’s not scary, that I haven’t thought about iodine (apparently a little too long as there isn’t any left), that the situation isn’t catastrophic, that the environmental damage and human toll wont be horrible. But, it’s also important to remember that sometimes these things live larger in our minds than they should. We’re still more likely to get killed driving our kids to preschool or church!

    So, I’m trying to keep my fears in check, keeping my eye out for iodine pills – just in case, plan to visit our east coast family if things turn dire, and try to remember that the thing to fear most is fear itself.

  13. Bethany, thanks for sharing – that is a great article… I tend to agree with Michelle – the amount of radiation we’d be seeing here would be so low as to not even matter… I am not concerned and won’t be doing anything differently than I would otherwise.

  14. Thank you, Stephanie, for addressing this topic! I appreicate your thoughts. I am surprised at the lack of concern expressed in the comments. Maybe living on the west coast makes me more cautious than folks living in the east? Or perhaps my inherent distrust of government puts me on greater alert when I hear assurance from them that we shouldn’t worry?
    Anyhow, we are monitoring the situation in Japan a few times a day to try to keep informed. From what I understand, at this point, there is no danger to us. However, this can change at any time and if there is a full-on meltdown, we need to be prepared for radiation exposure.
    We’ve purchased kelp (in tablet and liquid form) and made sure our emergency supplies are well-stocked, including plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal ourselves in our house if necessary.
    Praying that they are able to get the situation under control so that none of this is necessary. I’d be more than happy to appear foolish in preparing if that were the case!!
    Most of all praying for the Lord to draw many to Himself through this crisis. So thankful that one day (hopefully soon!!) the Creator will deliver His creation “from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God” (Rom. 8:21)!

  15. We are also just trusting in God on this one, but are still doing the things we always do to stay healthy:
    -drinking lots of water kefir and kombucha
    -eating probiotic rich foods
    -taking enough vitamins C and D
    -eating healthy saturated fats, especially coconut oil
    -eating sea veggies and iodine containing foods
    -getting enough sleep (or trying with three little ones 🙂

    I’m also glad Spring is here and little plants for the garden are growing on my counter to go in our garden in a few weeks. I always feel better knowing exactly where my food came from!

  16. Here is an excellent article from Dr Rima on what to do for radiation exposure. There is very good information on what to do with iodine, (As in don’t over do it either) and various other helpful detox instructions.
    She also has a Sunday morning online radio show that is archived as well. This coming week is part two on Radiation detoxification

  17. My family is taking a while food suppliment called Prolamine iodine. It is all derived from food, (organic food). This is a daily suppliment, so there is no harm to the thyroid… In fact it helps alleviate many problesm in the body. Our society has been led to believe iodine is bad for us, but in reality, it is a building block in our bodies, and it need what food (real food) provides. In addition, we are drinking a glass of homemade kombucha a day. The kids aren’t a fan so much, so I sweeten it a little with stevia. This will keep the gut healthy. I completely trust Jesus, my Lord and Savior through all of this. He has put me in this place and time, and equipped me with tools. As for comments about Chernobul… The death toll from that was far greater than 4,000. 250,000 people have died from cancer over the years since who lived within that area. Countless birth defects… The governments (US and Japan) have put a media black out on what is happening… Ever since March 16. We definitely should be concerned with what could happen… Since they have plutonium stored at that site… The Pacific coast of the US will be effected, an our food chain will be as well. I am not alarmed… Just aware. And… This is all foretold in the Bible… So it is not a surprise either. I don’t tell God how big my storm is… I tell the storm how big my God is!

  18. Good question. I do believe in being prepared and this unfortunate disaster has brought to the forefront my own UNpreparedness! My whole family has underfunctioning thyroids, five of the seven of us take Armour thyroid and we all take iodine as a daily supplement to support our thyroids. I always try to keep at least a couple ‘spare’ bottles of crucial supplements in the cupboard for just such occasions as this and guess what? I had NO iodine. None. I planned to buy some when we got back from our family vacation last month and I procrastinated. We are on the “list” for when the next iodine order arrives (scheduled for Friday, but I for one doubt it) at our health care provider’s practice. It IS a bit disturbing to be a regular consumer unable to buy what you need because of panic on the part of the general population. But I don’t blame them either, everybody deserves the opportunity to take care of themselves and their families. I did manage to find some iodine at my local health store but only because of a nice policy instituted by the owner: all the iodine was behind the counter and already spoken for but if somebody comes in looking for some and it is something they regularly rely on (like me) she wants to make sure they get some. They sold me one bottle, which will hopefully last until the next becomes available. I was/am extremely grateful for that foresight. I also bought kelp granules and am adding them to soups, stews, etc… I plan to make my own furikake (Japanese condiment) for sprinkling directly onto food as well. The store-bought versions all contain sugar and are too sweet for my taste.
    I appreciate your link to the natural radiation treatments/protections. Baking soda makes complete sense to stock up on as we use a lot of it anyway and it is cheap and stores easy. Bentonite clay as well.
    That said, I don’t really plan to do much else OTHER THAN practicing more diligence in my own normal preparedness. I believe God is sovereign and holds me in the palm of His hand. I also believe in being prepared for any and all emergencies that may arise, as much as is humanly and sanely possible. We have a Biblical model for that and it makes sense. If we are prepared we are better able to serve our communities as well.

  19. I wanted to add a little not of plea here: my husband is a naturopathic doctor and very cautious with our family’s health and that of our family. He has been extremely upset by the circumstances surrounding the purchase of potassium iodine. There is a very limited supply in the world right now, and it NEEDS to go to those people who are in CRITICAL danger- namely, the population of Japan. With the exception of some areas of coastal California, and possibly southern Oregon (and even those areas are unlikely), the radiation will not be traveling to our country. I think boosting your immune system through various other ways is a MUCH better, and much more unselfish way of dealing with the fear of radiation poisoning. My husband has told every one of his patients, and all of our friends and family strictly to NOT purchase any iodine, even should you find some available for sale. We feel it is simply unethical to further prevent any families in Japan from obtaining this commodity which could very likely save their lives.

  20. Maybe someone already said this, (as I cannot read through each comment, though I would like to), we must remember the spiritual law that what we fear will come upon us–just like Job. In the book of Job we read that he said, “the very thing I have feared has come upon me.” (Job 3:25) Also we know that if we are reacting in fear we cannot be in faith. Remembering that God is not moved by need or fear or tears, He is moved by faith! I plan to eat up the Word of God to build my faith up for anything that may come! If this proves to be blown way out of proportion and becomes a non-issue, fine, but what will be the next thing to come along. See what I am saying? Right now everyone wants iodine, but what will everyone want/need when the next crisis hits? The Word of God is “healing to all our flesh.” The way I look at it, the only thing that is a sure bet is putting the Word of God in us! Remembering Mark 16:18 “…and when they drink deadly poison it will not hurt them at all…” (NIV) If actually drinking deadly poison is not to harm us then I suppose radiation in the air floating across the Pacific Ocean is in the same catagory! I am not saying that we ought not be wise, we should be led by the Holy Spirit at all times, but the Word is never a waist of time!
    Thanks for your blog, by the way, I thouroughly enjoy it everytime I read!
    God bless.

  21. I slightly feel like the end of your post is offensive. It almost implies that the people of Japan died because they weren’t Christians. It’s kind of like what people were saying about New Orleans. Yet, there so many died who were devout Christians.

    1. @AmandaonMaui, I honestly have no idea how you are hearing me say that anyone died because they weren’t Christians. I am simply saying that many of the people in Japan don’t know the Lord and that we ought to pray for them, but I make absolutely no connection to what happened in Japan and whether or not any of them knew the Lord. I am sure that many Japanese Christians have died in the tragedy, as well as those who did not believe. I have no idea why the Lord allowed this. None at all. Our response should be compassion and prayer.

  22. I have taken 1 drop of iosol daily for a long time, and will continue to. Iodine is great for thyroid health and is something that most Americans have been low on since flour companies switched from iodizing the flour to brominating it back in the 30’s.

  23. I don’t have the time (or resources) to be taking all the supplements and eating all the exact right foods to keep our family as healthy as could possibly be. If I did, there just wouldn’t be any time left for Kingdom Work. There has to be a balance. Yes, there’s probably more I could be doing for our family’s health but some of it I HAVE to leave up to God or I would be chasing after too many things that are futile. That said, no, we’re not doing anything special b/c of possible radiation exposure from Japan. 🙂

  24. I completely agree with Michelle. For what it’s worth, I think the media has done a great disservice to its readers by using scare tactics to sell news. My microbiologist brother lives in Hawaii, has studied this in depth and is furious at the news outlets for how they have handled this. He is not concerned about radiation effects for his family at all. The type of radiation that is coming or would come from Japan is (as I understand) a result of chemicals that have a different half-life than those of Chernobyl (the half life of the radioactive material they’ve tested in Japan is two weeks, so not very long, whereas those of Chernobyl were much, much longer). Also, the Japanese used much better technology in constructing their plants than Russia (at that time) did. Chernobyl didn’t have containment vessels around the nuclear reactors for example, and Japan does. In other words, any effects felt from the radiation at these plants in Japan wouldn’t be close to “another Chernobyl.” Granted, no good could come from releasing radioactive chemicals into the atmosphere, but I personally don’t believe it is nearly as bad as what the media has reported it to be.

    Basically, I am going to do the best I can to care for my family, but I can’t prepare for everything and I know that in whatever circumstances we encounter, God is our refuge and strength and will sustain us.

  25. my husband assures me that there is *zero* risk. he is a former engineer in the navy and is a media consultant, huffington post blogger, and journalist for 14+ years. i asked him for a nutshell version of why there is no real concern and he explained about radiation half-life; about how radiation dissipates and “disintegrates” (and more detail that i can’t recount!) he concluded by saying that procedures we have done in the hospital expose us to much more radiation – good point!

  26. My MIL is an international flight attendant and just worked a New York-to-Tokyo flight that required a two-day stay in Tokyo. She tested clear of radiation. So I think being concerned about exposure here (particularly for those of us who live in the Eastern half of the U. S.) is really unnecessary. Based on science and the actual circumstances of this nuclear situation, I just don’t see how it’s possible for any harmful levels of radiation to make it this far.
    I think any hype about a Stateside radiation threat is the result of paranoia at best, or it’s-not-relevant-unless-it-directly-affects-Americans narcissism at worst. And it really peeves me that it’s feeding a run on iodine supplies. It just seems really selfish to rob someone else of medicine they need to function or even survive, just on the miniscule chance you might encounter some barely significant level of radiation from Japan.

  27. Currently, my husband and I are living in an area that is 200 miles south of the power plants. To date, very minuscule amounts of radiation have been detected in the air, but it’s not more than you would get on a typical day. The sun emits more radiation in a day than what is in the air from the power plants. The way my husband put it… you would receive more radiation flying back to the United States than you would receive going outside every day for 2 months with current conditions.
    I completely trust my husband’s judgement because he has been nuclear trained for more than 16 years, and he has been an instructor of nuclear power for more than 5 years.
    The U.S. media has blown the situation completely out of proportion!!!! Which, is not surprising, since most media outlets are looking for ratings just like any other TV channel.
    So, I did not evacuate, and I feel completely safe here! Each day there is good news coming from TEPCO and the Japanese Nuclear Agency about the reactors. Repairs still need to be made, but they are working around the clock to make it happen! Remember, there are many people working at these plants who are risking a long life to make sure the people of Japan are safe. I have every confidence that they will keep radiation exposure to a minimum and repair the reactors quickly.
    Check out this website for live Japanese news that has been translated into English.

  28. Not too concerned about this. Are you sure iodine is “impossible” to find?
    I looked for Lugol’s solution on Amazon and their stores claim to have it in stock.
    A lot of really good comments on this thread…. thanks.

  29. My husband just returned to the States from Japan. He arrived in Japan one week after the tsunami. He was outside of Tokyo. And truthfully? He’s done nothing. I was really concerned before he left and asked him if he maybe wanted to buy iodine pills, but he declined. On a day to day basis we do the best we can and treat our food as a healing element for our bodies. Other than that, there is so much we can’t control. That’s where faith comes in.

  30. Hi there. I live in Portland, Oregon and on the news we’ve heard a bit about the radiation reaching us here. And it has, but not to the extent that there appears to be fear over. Here is a link to Oregon’s Air Monitoring Station’s link about our current radiation vs last month:
    Basically, the amount of radiation we’ve received here (which would be higher than any other state except Hawaii, California & Washington) was at it’s highest on 3/22 at 0.000153/mrem (0.001 rem = 1 mrem = 0.01 mSv)

    In comparison, I had 7 chest x-rays (1.05/mSv or a little over 100/mrem) & 1 abdominal CT Scan (10 mSv or 1000 mrem) last year alone which is greater than 10,000,000x compared to what we here in Oregon saw 2 days ago from Japan (and I have yet to need iodine). We also are daily exposed to things such as rocks, soil, bricks and the sun (although we don’t see it often here 🙂 that contain radiation. My point? Everyday, most American’s are experiencing more radiation from our own environment than we could from this disaster in Japan, yet think nothing of it. Maybe the media is hyping this up? (anyone remember Y2K?)

    Taking unnecessary quantities of minerals can be harmful to our bodies just as too much radiation can be. But also, iodine is a RARE commodity and it would be most unfortunate if when it is truly needed it is not available.

    1. @Marie, You’re absolutley right that taking unnecessary amounts of minerals can be harmful to the body. That is one large concern that I do have with all of the health articles, etc. promoting the merits of iodine. Yes, it may be protective, but has anyone been reading the fine print on the side effects of those crazy high dosages? I read them out loud to my husband and he was like, “no way, unless we knew for sure that we were being seriously affected”. I’m all for people knowing information on how to protect themselves if necessary, but I think that the real risks need to be clearly stated.

  31. Ideas for information gathering…..

    The only souce for the real news (not propaganda) is Alex Jones; or They provide a daily radio show able to be replayed throughout the day.

    Mike Adams Natural has also keep a lot of interesting articles coming out with relevent information. Dr. Brownstein also has a blog for iodine information as well, he discusses dosing for children as well.

    If your listening to mainstream media……it’s all propaganda. An example is how after 9ll, all emergency workers were told the air was completely safe to breath and work in…..most workers are now sick , dying , or dead already. SAD!!!

  32. Don’t know if anyone’s seen the latest in the news about this situation, but I think it’s a perfect example of the media making the situation sound worse than it likely is. Three workers suffered radiation burns after contact with radioactive water inside the most damaged reactor. So, of course, all the headlines say alarming things like “Reactor Core May Be Leaking” or “Reactor Containment Possibly Breached” and lead off with sentences talking about a release of dangerous amounts of radiation. E.g., here’s CNN’s version: But note that, at the very bottom of the article, almost as an afterthought, it mentions that the reactor container is still holding pressure, so it’s probably actually not cracked or breached–the water likely just leaked out through some vents or grates. In other words, there’s probably no serious danger for anyone not inside the plant itself–they just needed something to amp up the fear factor so people would pay attention to their “news” coverage.

  33. I also am in the “I don’t know” category. There are fleeting moments when I feel concern and start to wonder about what or if we should do anything about it. But then the baby cries, or my kids get in a fight and I forget!

    My prayers are with the people of Japan though. I cannot imagine such great heartache. I’m thankful there is more to life than these years on earth.

  34. LOTS and LOTS of sushi!! 😀

    But really, living in FL I am not terribly worried about it. I have been following this site:
    which is the UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Air Monitoring Station. So far, “Levels remain extremely low, but we are maintaining a close watch on these trends.” We are thinking about moving to N California in a year or two, so I am keeping my eyes on this….but other than that, GOD and sushi are my friends in regards to radiation 😉

  35. Some comments were made regarding iodine and the thyroid. If you have hypothyroid or any antibodies – autoimmune thyroditis- this can cause an immune attack on your body. You can find more info on My heart goes out to the people affected by this disaster.

  36. I am so glad to have read this post and all these responses. I also look forward to reading the articles that so many have attached. I have been worried lately about the radiation from Japan because I have 2 little ones and so badly want to protect them. I have no idea how bad the radiation is but like so many have pointed out, God is in complete control and He is so good!!! We just need to do our best to protect our families in whatever ways we feel led, in all areas of life.
    On this topic of radiation though I am curious if anyone knows how harmful to our health the radiation is that we get from our wireless internet and cell phones? I have heard it is not big deal but I have also heard it is a VERY big deal. I often turn my wireless of at night and sometime during the day so my kiddos have less exposure. Any wisdom?!

  37. You’re so right that God is Sovereign and He is ultimately in control, what comfort! I do think that there is a lot of “background radiation” that we are all exposed to and sometimes in high amounts depending on where you are! What a thought! Scary to me especially as nuclear fallout isn’t something you can see, taste, feel, or hear…it’s sneaky! My husband and I have been praying much more specifically for wisdom and discernment these last few weeks. We took the information we were getting from some alternative news sources (like and used it as motivation to jumpstart some basic emergency preparedness we have been talking about for a long time. Things such as some water storage, long term food storage and the like. We did find iodine ( and ordered some, if only to take as a healthful supplement once we’ve talked with a naturopath about how to do that wisely. We live in Belgium because my husband is a US Army soldier stationed here and since reading this article -> ( we decided that since we have three children ages 3 and under and I’m still nursing our 6 month old that we would be avoiding milk and fresh dairy products and also leafy green veggies for awhile. At least until we can learn more. I had read that post Chernobyl there was a dramatic increase in thyroid cancer in children and it remarked about their consumption of locally produced milk over the next months. If God sees fit to let a trial like cancer in my children come to us through His hand I wouldn’t want it to be a consequence of something I did or didn’t do. To me it’s about stewardship and being responsible to do what we can and leaving the rest up to God. We have been taking spirulina as well to boost our natural iodine. God bless us all in this fallen world.

    1. Hi! Thank you SO much for your reply!!! I took a look at those websites and learned a lot. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old whom I am still nursing. I am really worried about the leafy greens and milk products now. The problem is, we live on both of those things regularly. The thing I have the hardest time with is snacks. Do you have any good suggestions on what to feed little ones for snack time? Thanks again for your input!!! God bless and thank you and your husband for your service to our country!!!!


  38. My belief is that Jesus is coming very soon… prepare your children; nurture their souls as much as you desire to keep them healthy.
    There will soon be a battle between God and Satan and we will be fighting in it.

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