Natural dry cleaning alternatives?

Natural dry cleaning alternatives?

After an unfortunate spill (alternative “coffee” beverage + dressy wool jacket= an unhappy mommy) at church this past Sunday, I’ve had dry cleaning alternatives on my mind.

My sweet sister-in-law said that she had heard of a more natural dry cleaner in the city we live in, so I gave them a call. They’re using something called “Ecosolve”, which I struggled to find much information about online, but is apparently what they use in Europe since the regular dry cleaning chemicals have been banned. It is supposed to be biodegradable, and have no harmful vapors, no chemical smell and no toxins. It is a hydrocarbon process, they said, to which I nodded and simply said “hmmm”, because really, it’s all Greek to me.

Quite honestly, I know very little about dry cleaning, as it is expensive and we try to avoid it as much as we can. But I knew that I wasn’t into the chemicals and toxins that are used in the process, so now I’m looking into it a little bit more.

I did find this article on the Green Guide, discussing some of the different methods of cleaning. Does anyone else know more about this subject or have any great links to share with the rest of us? My wool jacket thanks you…

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