In need of a whole foods, allergy-friendly holiday meal plan? Jessica has you covered!

By Jessica, Contributing Writer

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Do you have family or friends with food allergies? It can be tricky feeding folks on special diets, but I can help!

Unfortunately, I know it well…because we’re the ones with the food allergies. We’re the ones with special requests, the anxious bringing-our-own-dishes, the trying-not-to-be-rude refusals.

If you’re trying to cook for someone on a special diet, I just want to say one thing.

Thank you.

White Chicken Chili

I know it’s not easy. I know it involves an extra headache, extra researching, extra cost substituting this or that. I am so, so grateful for people like you.

Your guests might not even notice all your hard work. They might not see you washing the dishes “one more time,” just to be safe. They won’t see how you spent a few extra dollars to make the dish allergy-friendly. They may not get it.

But here’s the thing…He does. How comforting that lesson has been to me in my silent struggles!

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But back to the matter at hand. You have these guests, some gluten-free, some who can’t do dairy, all hungry…What can you feed them this Christmas season?

I have a great menu for you, but first here are a few quick but important tips regarding cooking for people with food allergies. Don’t skip these!!

  • Wash your hands prior to cooking and handling food.
  • Wash your dishes and counters before cooking. Even if they’re clean. It sounds harsh, but we’ve learned the hard way with my little guy, Sam, that even a residue of milk in a pot, yogurt in a blender, baked egg in a pan can cause an allergic reaction. I know, I know…it’s a pain. Remember the part about how God sees all your hard work?
  • Even if something “seems” safe, it may not be. We learned this lesson the hard way, too. My son had a terrifying reaction to some store-bought sorbet that “looked” safe. Now we know which brands of things we can use, and which we can’t.
  • Bottom line: Ask your guests! If you have friends with food issues, just talk to them. I’d like to make this…I’ll use this and this…Is that okay? I always feel so honored and grateful when anyone takes my son’s allergies into consideration when making the menu.

Okay, so now, the meal plan! Here’s my go-to whole-foods holiday menu that is allergy-friendly (free of gluten, dairy, eggs, and nuts).



I often have guests in my home a day or two before “the big meal.” For these meals, I like serving a cozy, casual-type dinner that can simmer on the stove (or the crock pot) as guests come and go.



I like doing a “light lunch” for my guests so we don’t spoil the big meal. Here are a few ideas:

Allergy-Free Appetizers:

Main Dishes



Are you hosting guests with food allergies? What is on your whole-foods, allergy-friendly holiday meal plan?

Entertaining For Food Allergies: A Whole-Foods, Allergy-Friendly Holiday Meal Plan


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