When you’re submitting a name for the contest…

…please don’t forget to let me know which soaps and lip balm you’re interested in!

I’ve noticed several people have left comments without this info, but it’s definitely part of the contest! If you didn’t let me know your preference before, you can just comment again and let me know what it is (without adding another name suggestion).

Here’s the math:

Favorite soaps + name suggestion= good!

First comment with favorite soaps + secondary comments with only name suggestions= equally good!

Only a name suggestion= You need to take a quick visit to Soapalaya, tell me which soaps and lip balm look incredibly scrumptious to you, and then come on back to leave a comment!

Make sense? Thanks so much! 🙂

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  1. I already submitted a name suggestion, but forgot to leave my choices. They are: Peppermint spa bar and cafe mochoa vanilla and the capuccino lip balm.
    Sorry about that!
    Have a good day!

  2. So sorry I messed up! Forgot all about the giveaway! I would love the rosemary/teatree soap and the chia tee lip balm….sounds wonderful?

    also I though of more


    hope these help

  3. OK…while painting our pool fence…a name came for your new blog:

    From the Garden to the Kitchen.

    it’s a tad long…but perhaps something of that nature could work…

    and….IF it’s a winner….rosemary mint sounds wonderful.

  4. It seems to me that you are trying to fulfill the idea of becoming a good and faithful servant, but I’m not sure how you would make that into a short name! 🙂

  5. I couldn’t remember if I had submitted the soaps that I would love to have if I won. I don’t think I did. But I think the cafe mocha vanilla bar is so neat, and the peppermint spa bar looks wonderful as well. And the chai tea lip balm would be great, since that is my favorite drink! Stephanie, thanks for introducing me to these wonderful soaps. I have no doubt that I will order from them and tell all my friends about them! It’s nice to find a natural, mild soap at such a reasonable price, and with such yummy scents!

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