Name my blog!

As I mentioned the other day, I am about 98% certain that my blog is due for a name change (although the content and topics will stay the same!).

So, here is what I am proposing- A contest to come up with a new name for my site!

Let the fun begin…

Here are a few thoughts to get you going. A few weeks ago, I spent some time brainstorming my site vision and what I wish to communicate (for design purposes), so I will share some of these thoughts and words with you:

  • desiring to be natural, healthy, sustainable (green) to the glory of God
  • a gentle approach (not harsh or in your face)
  • embracing Biblical womanhood and femininity
  • approachability- these concepts are for everyone and anyone, and do not require one to be Superwoman!
  • Biblically founded, a thoroughly Christian worldview
  • A few words I think of: beauty, natural, growth, joy, abundance, sustainable, responsible, stewardship, creativity, thankfulness, simple
  • a focus on sound nutrition, conscientious/natural/responsible living, healthful cooking, frugality and simplicity, a love of children and family, cherishing and upholding the Biblical role of homemaker
  • the title still needs to be general enough to allow me to write on a fairly broad spectrum of topics (ie. it can’t just be about being green or nutrition, but all of the focuses I mentioned in the point directly above this one)

And I’m so excited to announce to you the incredible prize that has been so generously donated by Soapalaya Soaps!

I discovered Soapalaya Soaps at their Etsy shop, where they sell luscious looking (and I’m sure, delicious smelling) handmade soaps, lip gloss, talc, cleansers and more. The best part is that their ingredients are all natural and pure!

Here’s a quote from Alex, the owner, who hand makes these lovely products herself:

"My goal is to provide natural products formulated from natural
ingredients that provide nourishment and gentle cleansing and will
offer buyers a healthier choice for their skin care products."

This is one passionate woman, and I’ve enjoyed exploring her shop and our emails back and forth. I would highly suggest reading her bio, where she fully explains what handmade soap is all about, and why she absolutely loves making her soaps (and why her skin loves them, too!).

She has generously donated a gift package containing samples of most of her incredible products, including natural laundry soap, after bath powder with mini puff (you choose the scent), cuticle balm, facial cleanser/scrub (for your skin type) and a detox bath soak and possibly a few other goodies. As well, you will be able to choose two of your favorite full sized soaps and one lip balm!

Here are the contest details:

  1. You may enter as many times as you like, by leaving a comment
    with your name suggestions below (family friendly, of course). You may also leave several different name
    options in one comment, and each one will be considered individually.
  2. Before you comment, visit Soapalaya’s shop, and peruse the wonderful selection of soaps and more. Choose your two favorite soaps and one lip gloss, and leave a comment saying which ones you would choose if you won!
  3. I will keep the contest open from now until Tuesday night (March 4th) at 7pm, at which point I will close the comments.
  4. At the end of the contest, I will choose the name (or possibly the
    concept) that I love the best, and will provide
    a little link loving, along with the fantastic giveaway from Soapalaya!

Thinking caps on… ready, set, go! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Edit: Just a quick reminder to make sure that you visit Soapalaya and let me know which items you’re interested in when you enter the contest!!! Thanks! 🙂

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  1. I had so much fun perusing the shop! Very affordable prices, too. I am dying to try the Cafe Mocha Vanilla soap and also the Oatmeal Milk and Honey, because I love coconut! But I am also very interested the shampoo bar. As for the lip balm, I would pick the chai tea and share it with my hubby, because he loves chai tea and he is always stealing my chapstick!

    Anyway, on to the blog names. I really enjoy your blog so I thought long and hard about this. My suggestion is “Crunchy Christian Mama.” I think it describes three main characteristics about you, and it’s fun! (My second choice is “Crunchy Christian Canuck” – hee hee! just kidding). I’ll see if I can come up with any more because I’d love to win those prizes!


  2. I’m finally delurking. I think I came across your blog when your Savvy Spending Challenge was linked on Money Saving Mom. Since I am trying to move our household to more natural living and went to a Christian university near where I imagine you are in the Lower Mainland, I keep coming back to read more.

    If my naming suggestion was selected I would go for the Oatmeal and Honey and Rosemary and Tea Tree soaps and the Asian pear lip balm.

    Naming idea: Naturally Inspired.

  3. Well.. I can’t say too much about the “Crunchy” part because it’s in my blog name. (I had the same delimma this afternoon of name hunting.)

    BUT, I think I might have found it… Crunchy Angel.

    It’s the best I got at 11pm 🙂
    Good luck. I love the giveaway.

    I would LOVE to get some of the
    1) Peppermint Spa bar
    2) Cafe Mocha Vanilla bar

    1)Orange Sorbet lip balm.

    Thanks again!
    Warm Blessings

  4. I’m not exactly the creative type, so I probably shouldn’t enter this, but:
    Naturally Homey
    Joyfully Simple
    Natural Excellence
    Simple Excellence
    Simple Abundace

    And I’m a sucker for anything peppermint or rosemary, so I would go with those scents. Ooo, and the orange sorbet lip balm.

  5. Those soaps look like so much fun! The cafe mocha vanilla bar looks more like it’s meant to be eaten than soap! How cool!

    I have a couple of name suggestions:

    “The Green and Simple Truth”
    “Joyful Simplicity”

  6. This is probably not it – I’ll have to think about it some more. But I did want to leave this as an idea before I forget…

    Living Healthy and Whole for the Glory of God

    …or something like that.

  7. My creative brain is in a funk,so I have no ideas for you. Just wanted to say I like your blog!

  8. The Good Steward (or The Good Stewardess)
    Abundant Simplicity
    Healthy Hearts, Healthy Home
    Happy Hearts, Healthy Home
    Faith, Family, Food
    Minding My Talents (ref. to Matt 25:14)
    The Fruitful Vine
    Tending the Vinyard (from Prov 31)
    A Lady for my Lord
    Simply Martha (ref to Luke 10:38)
    No Need of Spoil (from Prov 31)

    I like Tea of Tranquility, Peppermint Spa Bar, and Almond Biscotti lip balm.

  9. Home LIFE would be a nice name! LIFE of course, being in Christ :). Your blog is a fav!

    bar naked soap and any lip balm

  10. I am not very good at this but I keep playing around with:
    Wholesomely Joyful Living

    Faithfully Simple Living

    Simply Persuing Christ

    Faithfully Simple Homemaking

    Naturally Faithful

    If I think of more, I will add on. What a fun contest! Thanks!

    As for soaps, I would love to try the Oatmeal and Honey bar and the Grey Flannel bar.
    As for the balm: I would love the Cappuccino.
    Thanks again!

  11. A couple more came to me:

    Faithfully Green
    Faithfully Green Living
    Living Green Faithfully
    Simply Celebrating Family Life
    Thankfully Green Family Living
    Responsibly Faithful
    Faithfully Simple Responsiblity
    Simply Glorifiying God at Home

    (You could substitute the word natural for the word green in any of them for a different feel)
    Okay, I will stop now!

  12. I just came across your blog and what came to my mind was “The Vine” from John 15. Verse 1 says “I am the vine and my Father the husbandman.” The whole chapter talks about abiding in Him and bearing fruit, loving one another. Hope it helps. God Bless!

  13. Hey there, I have been a lurker for a few months now andjust love your journal. And I always thought the name was perfect! But here are a few suggestions…


  14. Well, I thought of a few names:

    Getting Back to the Garden
    Restoring Eden in the Home
    Only God’s Best
    Growing Faithful Gardeners
    Green House of God

    I guess a hard part might be making sure that the one(s) you choose arent already out there! Good luck 🙂

    My soap choice: Rosemary and Teatree
    LipBalm: Iced Pineapple and Tangerine

  15. For some reason I really latched onto the word “gentle” when I thought about an appropriate name for your blog. 😉

    Gentle Life
    Gentle Living

    (“Life/Living” covers all things spiritual, family, homemaking, green, etc., and “Gentle” the spirit in which it is written…)

    And I would go for the cafe mocha vanilla creme and the rosemary & tea tree soaps, and the asian pear balm. Mmm!

  16. really like the peppermint soap. I can almost smell it already.

    As for a lip gloss, I would like the chi tea lip gloss.

    Name Suggestion:
    Thankful Earthen Vessels

    I really enjoy your site. It is very encouraging to learn from other devoted Christian women about how to live a life that brings glory to God. We are all vessels made in the image of God. We are damaged and cracked due to the sins we commit, but oh how wonderful the gift of salvation is. God fills our vessels with His love and the Holy Spirit so we can continue to live according to His will.

    God Bless, Karla

  17. I love contests! 🙂 As far as the soaps go, the Oatmeal Milk and Honey sounds the best! My second favorite soap would be a double of the first! 🙂 The Chai Tea lip balm sounded lovely, too.

    Here are a few name suggestions:

    “A Greener Grace”

    “Glorious Green Grace”

    “Sustainable Radiance”

    “Sustainably Radiant”

    “A Greener Glory”

    “Greens & Glory” (And Other Glorious Tales from a King’s Daughter & Joyful Homemaker)”

  18. Thanks for the contest! I’m submitting the name Sanctuary of the Heart. Lip Balm – French Vanilla Soaps – Tea of Tranquility & Somali Rose.

  19. De-lurking to enter and to say that I have really enjoyed your blog. I love your sincerity, and enthusiasm. Your blog inspires me.

    My suggestions are:

    Growing in Grace


    Growing with Grace

    My soap choices would be:

    Oatmeal, Milk and Honey


    Lavender (if it’s ready) or Rosemary and Tea Tree oil (if Lavender isn’t available)

    Asian Pear for the Lip Balm

  20. oops- I didn’t follow directions very well- I think the Lavender soap sounds delicious! I am also interested in those hemp soap savers. It seems they melt away to nothing in the shower.

    Sorry for not playing by the rules.

  21. No problem, Jeannie! Just wanting to make sure everyone gets to check out the giveaway! 🙂

  22. “Gracefully Green”
    “Graciously Green”
    “Gracious and Green” (or in reverse, “Green and Gracious”)

    “Natural Reflections”
    “Naturally His”
    “God’s Green Earth”
    “Gracious Natural Living”
    “Green Kingdom” (living green for the Kingdom of God)
    “Heavenly Earth”
    “Godly Simplicity”
    “Pool of Siloam”
    “Considering Lilies”
    “A Touch Of Eden”
    “Crunchy Christian”
    “Musings of a Crunchy Christian”
    “Natural Musings”
    “Mama’s Green Kingdom”
    “Crunchy Christian Woman”
    “Natural Christian Woman”
    “For King and Kingdom”

    I really like the rosemary and tea tree oil shampoo bar, and the hemp soap keeper sounds awesome. If the shampoo bar counts, then that plus High Maintenance for soaps, and the cappucino lip balm 😉

  23. I live in the UK so I guess the soap prize wouldn’t get to me. But I am willing to put my oar in anyway for the simple reward of possibly seeing my idea on your website!
    “Keeping home naturally”
    “Keeper of a green home”
    “Keeper of a natural home”
    I thought you must have liked something about the original title so I thought it need elaboration rather than full on change.
    p.s: If the prize can be sent to the UK please let me know and I will have a look. 🙂

  24. Ok, I thought of one more. “God’s Green House” A bit of a spin off of one I already suggested…

  25. Thanks for the opportunity to name your blog. My choice of products is Lip Balm – French Vanilla Soap – Tea of Tranquility and Somali Rose.

    Suggested Title: Simple Times of Grace

  26. Virtuous Living
    A Home of Virtue
    Keeping a Virtuous Home
    Living in the Spirit
    Pure Living
    Womanly Virtue
    Abundant Grace
    Flowing With Milk and Honey
    My cup Runneth Over
    Love’s Abundance
    Saved by Grace
    Rejoicing Hearts
    Striving For Excellence
    Keeping With The Father
    My Father’s World
    Keeping My Father’s World
    Virtue Seekers
    Purely a Homemaker
    Divine Nature
    Through Christ Who Strengthens Me
    For Heaven’s Sake
    Flourishing in Christ
    Naturally Driven
    Seeking His Way

    I’m just having fun! The prizes sound great! I would just ask for Alex to send some of the most popular scents. I love it all, and I love surprises! You are in my Favorites! Thanks!

  27. Some ideas I had for a name were:

    A Godly “Green” House
    A House for the Lord
    Wholesome Living in the Lord
    Going “Green” for the Lord
    My “Green”house for the Lord

    Au naturel pour le Dieu – Going natural for God
    Godly natural living
    A Godly natural home
    Back to Basics Living
    Living naturally “green” for Him
    Life the Way God intended

    I stumbled across your site the other day and could not pry myself away from the computer. You have such a kind and loving manner and this comes across beautifully in your posts.

    I live in Sylvan Lake, AB Canada and I would never expect you to send a package so far away. Just wanted to give you a few ideas that I had floating in my head.

    I love anything with peppermint or tea tree or any fruit smell.

  28. I like the bar naked soap and the rosemary tea tree oil bar. For lip gloss, I like the orange sorbet.

    Here are ideas:

    Flowered Inspirations
    Celestial Serenity
    Holy Ground
    Faithful Findings
    Inspired Virtuosity
    Green Pastures
    Godly Natural Living
    Wholesome Abundance
    Abundantly Whole
    Tree of Life

  29. Here are a few of my ideas:

    Nutritious Grace
    Simply Abundant
    Basic Abundant Life
    Heavenly homes and health
    Redeemed nutritious mama
    Gracefully healthy
    Natural & Nutritious Faith
    Faithfully nutritious
    Simple healthy living
    My abundant healthy life

    Good luck with choosing. Oh – and the chai tea lip balm looks good!

  30. My suggestions would be:
    Purposefully Natural
    Purposefully Sustainable

    I’ll have to get back with you with my wishes…as I don’t have time at the moment. 😉

  31. Whoops. it looks like my first comments didn’t come through. I suggested: Green Frilly Apron

    And I liked the laundry soap and the chai lip balm.

  32. Hello girls! I’m Alex, owner of Soapalaya Soaps! I’ve read that some of you gals from other parts of the world are thinking you don’t qualify for the prize….that is not the case at all! Wherever you are, if you win, I will get your prize to you! So, go back and take a look at the shop (just in case you win, you’ll need to know your way around!) ; )

  33. Thanks for offering the lip balm and soaps. My balm choice is french vanilla. My soap choices are Tea Tranquility and Somali Rose.

    Suggested Blog Name: Green Earth and Godly Living.

  34. My suggestions:
    1)A Beautiful Life, in Home & w/ Christ
    2)My Balanced Life

    Cafe Mocha Vanilla (2 x) lol
    Orange Sorbet lip gloss
    Everything just looks so yummy!
    God bless!

  35. I like the asian pear lip gloss and rose clay and oatmeal soap:)

    Here’s a few titles

    “Simply Said”
    “Simply Made”
    “Green in a Greenless world”
    “Everything Green”

  36. Really some good suggestions on this site. Soapalaya Soap’s products look yummy. My choice of lip balm is French Vanilla. Soap choice is Tea of Tranquility and Somali Rose.

    Suggested Blog Name: Simply Stewardship – One family’s attempt to honor God and His Creation.

  37. More ideas:

    Purely Natural (Pure womanhood & natural living)
    Pure & Natural
    Whole & True (whole foods lifestyle while pursuing true womanhood)
    Focused Sustainability

    My choices: Cafe Mocha Vanilla (x2) and the Orange Sorbet lip balm

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