Tattler Reusable BPA-Free Canning Lids: Review and Giveaway

Tattler Reusable BPA-Free Canning Lids: Review and Giveaway

peaches with tattler lids

I’ve had a few comments here recently in regards to how much work it was to can tomatoes, as some readers followed my step-by-step tutorial for canning diced tomatoes. I agree. Canning takes a lot of work. Much as I love the end result, it isn’t really something I do just for kicks.

Though it certainly can be money saving, particularly if you are using garden produce or buying ripe produce at end-of-the-season prices, that isn’t the only reason that I do it. When I first learned that canned goods expose us to significant levels of BPA, because of the can’s inner lining, my motivation to do my own canning suddenly went up a few notches.

I was feeling really good about my efforts to reduce my family’s exposure to BPA in canned goods until I learned last year that the flat canning lids that we use in home canning have a similar lining to store-bought cans, and yes, it includes BPA! Take a minute to groan and mutter how you can’t believe how BPA is just EVERYWHERE… then come back and read on, because I have finally found a great alternative for canning lids!

In my reading last year and on the Keeper of the Home forum, I first heard the name Tattler. This spring I decided to look into it further and discovered that Tattler is a company that makes plastic, but BPA-free, reusable canning lids.

I love the concept of these lids for a number of reasons:

  1. Less waste, because they are reusable year after year.
  2. Less cost, because I don’t have to buy new lids each year.
  3. No BPA (the obvious reason)

Tattler kindly allowed me to review some regular and wide mouth lids for my summer canning this year. They are used in almost exactly the same manner as a regular canning lid, with a few small differences. Instead of being just a single piece, they are a combination of two pieces– a flat plastic lid, and then a red rubber ring.

tattler box and lids unused

After you wipe the rims of your jars, you simply fit the rubber ring onto the underside of the plastic lid, and then carefully place it on the top of the jar as you usually would. Screw on your ring cap, and that’s it. Pretty simple stuff, hey?

My Experience with Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

I did notice that the rings don’t screw on quite as tightly as usual, because the Tattler lids are a little bit thicker than the metal ones. The difference is pretty minimal, though, and it didn’t seem to affect their performance. Out of 16 jars of peaches, I had only one that didn’t seal when it was all said and done (and one that I was unsure of in my first batch, that I decided to re-process just in case, although it might have been just fine).

The only disconcerting part for me was that I was listening and waiting for that unmistakable “pop” that happens when a lid seals as the finished jar cools on the counter. If they made a sound, it was unnoticeable to me as I continued to bustle around and clean up. I found myself bending over the jars at strange angles, trying to look and see whether the lid had really been suctioned and sealed properly or not. In the end, they did all seem to seal just fine except the one, and that can happen even with regular lids.

Though I obviously haven’t had a chance to try reusing any of my lids yet, Tattler has customer testimonials stating that people have been reusing lids and rings over and over for even 10 or 20 years! After multiple uses, the rubber rings can begin to wear out, but you can buy inexpensive boxes of the rings to replace the old ones, and continue to use them with your old lids.

top of peaches with tattler lids

My only complaint is that the lids are plastic. Yes, they are BPA-free, but I am still a bit leery of using plastic that is being heated up in the canning process. My preference would be to find a lid that was made with metal instead, although I’m not sure about the feasibility of coming up with something that is both plastic-free AND reusable.

The price is fairly reasonable. A box of 3 dozen lids and rubber rings costs $21 for regular size and $24 for wide mouth. So about $7-8 per dozen, which is triple the cost of conventional canning lids. But if they last at least three years, and keep the BPA out of my home canned goods, then they’re easily worth while. If they last longer, then it’s a great deal!

Would you like to try using Tattler canning lids yourself?

I have a package of 3 dozen regular lids and 3 dozen wide mouth lids to giveaway to one lucky reader!

Here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment and tell me why you first began canning.

2) Subscribe to Keeper of the Home, either by RSS or by email (or let me know if you already do).

3) Share about this giveaway on your blog, or through your favorite social media (you can find Keeper of the Home on both Facebook and Twitter). One extra entry per social media share.

Giveaway ends Tuesday, Sept 28th. Giveaway has now ended.

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  1. I first learned how to can as a teenager when my family was going through tough times, financially. We planted a large garden and I got up at 5:00 most every morning on those hot summer days to learn how to can with my Mom. I will always cherish those days……..I’ve been canning and gardening ever since. BPA-free lids would be great!

  2. I have not started yet, but am in the process of planning for next year. I have been wanting to do this for some time and now have enough room to put in a garden next year! I have been reading up on all things canning and am really looking forward to doing it! It is amazing how many things we use on a daily basis that contain BPA. It can be very frustrating.

  3. I have been canning for 10 years now. I doubt I could get these lids out here in NB Canada I would love to try them though, not having to worry about stocking up on lids before canning season when they are all sold out everywhere would be a bonus. I have been a subscriber for many years. Thanks

  4. My mother canned when I was a little child but I was more inclined to play than help her out. Now that I and my family are pursuing an organic lifestyle, to offset the costs, organic gardening and canning our bounty just seems to make sense. I’ve been canning for about 4 years now and always looking for better ways to can and preserve. Tattler lids seems like a good direction for our family! Thanks for sharing the information!

  5. I have only been playing with canning for the last couple of years – before that I always thought it was too hard! I did it to preserve the excess fruit we had, but loved it so much I hope to continue doing lots more!

  6. I first began canning to control what foods we eat (i.e. less sodium) and to preserve our huge tomato harvest. I would love to try these lids! Thanks!

  7. I am just beginning my canning journey. We are in the process of building some large raised beds and I’ve been doing lots of reading for next year. Sadly my little containers this year didn’t grow enough to can. 🙂

  8. I’m 21 & have been married for a year now. I became interested in canning as a way to preserve all of the foods my husband & I love so much, & am JUST really starting to pick it up.

    These lids are amazing looking! We’re currently switching up our kitchen & eliminating all BPA plastic products. This would just be one more step!

  9. Oh I would love to win this! I originally started canning to enjoy fruit all winter long and to give jams and jellies as gifts, but that has changed into wanting to provide my family with healthier options that are more local.

  10. We began canning to save money, but it’s also turned into a great family activity that’s created some fantastic memories as we harvest and process the food together!

  11. I first began canning to preserve my tomatoes and applesauce when I ran out of room in the freezer. I had to have my granny come help me, b/c I was completely scared I would mess up!

  12. I started canning simply because the jam I could make was so superior to the store-bought kind! So far I’ve only made 3 kinds of jam and would love to keep expanding my repertoire of canned foods. I had no idea there was BPA in generic lids – so regardless of whether I win, I feel informed. Thank you!

  13. I subscribe to Keeper of the Home in my Google reader. Whether that makes me following in RSS or e-mail I’m not sure, but I’m here! lol

  14. I’ve been interested in these lids since I first heard of them. I’ve made far too many last-minute runs to the grocery store to buy lids; it would be nice to have reusable ones. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

    I guess I first started canning when the house we were renting had an apple tree. I canned applesauce every day for weeks and learned to love putting food away for winter.

  15. I started canning 3 years ago. I had never canned and only did freezer saving before that. I had a friend that canned and she helped me learn how to do it correctly as well as offered up some supplies since I didnt have anything. I have a very small amount of supples but i buy more whenever i am at a rummage sale.

  16. I don’t know when I began canning. It’s something I remember doing with my mom and grandmother. I know that I continue canning because I love being able to catch a taste of summer when there is snow on the ground and no leaves on the tree. I love to grow my own food and then look at the jars lined up showing their rainbow of colors!

  17. I first started canning to control what was in our food and to save money. We also, put up food from our garden by blanching and freezing. Every little bit helps. Yes, it does take time and organization, but its not difficult to figure it out especially with all of the information at our fingertips.

  18. Steph, I love this post becuase I had a random urge to learn how to make some pickels and can them this summer, did a little research and realized that I would have to go out and buy a lot of supplies with money I don’t have. Now I have a new idea, I should just come for a visit and we can do some canning together.

  19. I’m just starting to learning how to can. I like being able to find inexpensive local produce and store up for the winter months.

  20. Well, I canned salsa for the first time last year because we had just moved into a new house and the previous owners left behind 3 very full tomato plants…I had to do something with them! This year I planted my own garden so I have done more canning and some freezing with the plan to invest in a pressure canner so I can do more canning and less freezing next year!

  21. My husband and I, yes – he is a big kitchen nerd! – just canned for the first time last weekend. We had an abundance of super spicy peppers that were just to spicy to eat, so my husband made them into hot sauce. We made 10 half pints of hot sauce in a home fashioned water bath canner. I am totally hooked now! I have tons and tons of tomatoes, so we might can those too! I have always liked the idea of canning, but have been too scared to try it out. After hearing the reassuring ping as each jar properly sealed, I am much more confident. I like the idea of canning for many reasons: a) none of our tomatoes will go to waste, as usually happens because we just can’t eat them fast enough (though I do freeze some). b) saves money c) i know what goes into it.

  22. We have not started canning yet, but have been reseaching to start this Thanksgiving. Why Thanksgiving? Well, we will be having a lot of faily over and I want to do this as a family.

    I would like our family to start canning together, to begin a new tradition for us. Of course the fact that it is healthier and saves us money is a nice perk too.

    I would love to win as it would be a great start to our new venture.

  23. I started canning a year ago, mostly to be able to keep a lot of in season produces without having access to a big freezer. And I love it now ! This year I made peaches and lots of tomatoe sauce.

  24. I first started canning after inheriting a family farm. My husband and I are slowly growing the size of our garden and I am canning more and more each year. I love knowing what is in the food that I feed my family and there is nothing like putting a seed into the ground that then stocks your pantry with wonderful bounty. I just love it!
    I can’t wait to try the tattlers either! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  25. I started canning last year with jelly and expanded this year to include green beans. Next year, I would love to do more vegies.

  26. We began canning becuase I had grown up with it. But our main reason for gettin the whole family involved is becuase our son has some special needs (SPD, Autistic, ADHD…) and we had to change his diet up and move to a whole foods diet with living foods. It’s healthier and saves us money. One step closer to a self sustaining lifestyle. =)

  27. I started canning in my early 20’s to preserve the harvest of tomatoes that we would have from our 40 acre farm. I prefer to can jams and syrups though. The whole lid issue has been on my mind for a couple of years too. Whatever happened to the glass lidded jars with the rubber seal? You don’t see those too often anymore. I have to wonder if that is a better option. I would like to try the Tattlers though. I’m wish you on them being plastic though. Even though they are BPA free they must still be made from some petroleum product.

  28. I just started canning this year because my parents have apple trees and didn’t really want any of the apples, so I ended up getting 4 huge boxes of apples. I had no idea there was BPA in the lids, yes I did let out a huge exasperated sigh, I am happy to hear about some lids that are free of it.

  29. I began canning some years ago to continue the tradition of the Lime Pickle recipe. I have yet to find a source for them so if we want them, I make them. I’ve already began using Tattler lids and actually need some more so winning this would be awesome!

  30. I started canning a few years ago for a lot of reasons! Of course, I wanted healthier food for my family year round, and I also wanted to dabble in self-sufficiency. The first year, I canned a few jars of salsa and pasta sauce. The next, I had learned what to plant, and I had enough pasta sauce, stewed tomatoes, and salsa to last all year round. I also learned how to can fruit & jam. The process is so satisfying–it is hard work, but to see the rows of jars in your pantry is very satisfying!

  31. I started canning soups to make it easier on me when I didn’t want to take a lot of time making dinner, but still wanted good fresh ingredients. I’ve only canned soups, but we will be moving to my father-in-laws farm this fall so I am hoping to do a lot more canning once we start planting our own garden.

  32. To tell you the truth…the very first time I tried canning it was because I just love homemade peaches 🙂 I don’t can to much now but what I have done is mostly because of taste or cost.

  33. I don’t really can yet, but we just bought a house that (finally!) has a sunny yard so that I can start gardening. Might be needing some Tattler lids by next summer…. 🙂

  34. I myself don’t can but I grow the veggies for my mom to can for all of us, so it all works out. She has always canned when I was growing up. We actually never buy jelly because she makes at least 3 different kinds every year. This year: strawberry, black raspberry, peach/raspberry and grape. We, I mean she, also did beets, pickles (bread and butter and dill) whole tomatoes and spaghetti sauce. We do it because it taste better and we know exactly where are food comes from and what chemicals were used on the fresh veggies. It would be great to try these and to be able to reuse them year after year. I may buy some for next year. Thanks for sharing!

  35. My mom loves it and always retold stories of her family’s ‘togetherness” as they canned foods together and the superior taste of home canned goods. I started canning because my husband planted a huge garden and I had to do something with all that bounty… of course I called my Mom for some help and we made some new memories of family togetherness!

  36. I have been canning for years and love having all that home-canned produce! As a kid I had seen my mom can and just never found it intimidating, so when I started gardening as an adult, I bought me one canning book and took off. I still have that same book and am still busy canning my summer bounty.

  37. I grew up canning. We lived in the country and always had a big garden. Now as a mother and wife, I do it to save money, to know where my food comes from, to know what’s in it. I am one of those crazy people who loves canning. I live seeing my finished work cooling on the table and u live the sound of cabs poping! :o)

  38. Canning is a great way to preserve garden-fresh produce when you don’t have extra storage space in a freezer! I’ve been curious about these lids too, thanks for the review!

  39. I first began canning….. (this year :-))……… to avoid the BPA in cans (thanks to sites like yours) – and to be able to save some of the good (and cheaper at this time of year) produce for later. This year I just tackled tomatoes and pickles and I am hoping to do some apples later but I hope to keep it up. Plus I had a baby in early Aug, so I missed some of the good deals as I wasn’t getting out much during some prime harvest.

  40. Haven’t started canning yet, but I did buy my jars last week! I am hoping to save money and eat food that I know is wholesome (i.e. I no what is in it.)

  41. i subscribe to your email “feed” & have you as a friend on facebook!

    i first started canning because my mom wanted to teach me how to always have my own homemade tomato juice (which is a comfort soup if you add noodles!) so i learned, became hooked to seeing all those precious jars lined up! now i do it for the same reasons +++ i care now about what goes into my body. i worry about conventional food…going in my pantry is safe (&& cool, awesome & all homemade)…jenn

  42. I have canned because it’s my normal. Being in my fifties it is the way things were done growing up (everyone put food by). I’m happy to see a resurgence in its popularity.
    I do have some old Hazel Atlas glass seals but don’t know if they are good to use.

  43. I started canning 2 years ago when I got married because canning is just something good Mennonite housewives do! 🙂 I enjoy the results…and the fact that it saves money. This year I got a bushel of roma tomatoes for $3 at a yard sale….so it’s definately cheaper than buying!

  44. I haven’t actually done any canning yet but I have started growing my own produce to minimize my family’s pesticide intake. Also learning about all the BPA and preservatives that are found in cans is sickening. And so I’ve been getting my jars ready for when my tomatoes and cukes finish!

  45. I first started canning 2 years ago when I married my hubby and moved from city life to farm life and started my first garden! I love having home-grown fruits and veggies!!!

  46. I just started canning this summer and have done over 300 jars of food, between jams, peaches, pears, pineapples, pizza sauce, salsa, spaghetti sauce and stewed tomatoes, oh and just did some apple sauce.
    I had multiple reasons, the obvious preserving my own gardens bounty and gosh darn it, it’s pretty but I also have been fighting a constant headache for nearly eight months and I have been taken off all trigger foods such as preservatives and sugar so canning lets me have control over what I am putting into my system.
    The prospect of a reusable lid is very intriguing 🙂

  47. I started canning with my mama several years ago. We wanted to be able to use our beautiful garden produce all winter and have the fun of learning this time-honored skill. We still can every year and love it!

    I already follow your blog. 🙂

  48. I grew up on a farm and grew up canning! It’s such a satisfying feeling to see rows of colorfull jars full of yummy things that you made yourself!

  49. FIrst started canning because I could control any sugar that was put into my peaches…..as well it was cheaper than buying preserved peaches from the store. It then spread from there.

    You have NO idea how long I’ve been looking for BPA free lids, In fact, I cut down my canning this year and was freezing more b/c I didn’t want the added BPA that even canning adds. You have just made my day!!!!!

  50. I started canning this year to help my family with eating more locally and preserving our garden. Last year we had froze most of our garden produce and not liking the beets frozen and trying to grow tomatoes this year, we…really I wanted to try to can most of what I could for use throughout the year. It has been a blast and I love seeing all of my jars…not so happy about the news of BPA but will be getting those BPA lids some way or another. Thank you , and love your post!

  51. I first began canning because I grew up helping my mother can. So when I began my own family it was a normal process. 🙂

    It’s not that hard, it saves money, you know what is in the can, it tastes better, and a million other reasons. 🙂

  52. i’m a canner because my mother was one. i love the practicality of it – using up the produce that naturally grows in your back yard. i hate waste and canning feels very productive!

  53. Hello! I am, actually, just starting to embark on the journey of canning. I already make everything from scratch and even started recently making my own yogurt (been making bread for about a year). My sister is a homesteader in VT and after spending a few weeks there this summer w/ the kids, I am ready to take on more. I loved not depending on a grocery store! Plus, I love the fact of knowing where the food came from and that there is no BPAs. I have just purchased canning jars and am now looking for a canning pot. Have read about the Tattler reusable, BPA=free lids and would love to try them!

  54. I first began canning to stock up on all the inexpensive local produce, to provide for our winter meals!

  55. This is the first year I’ve really gotten serious about canning. So far, I’ve made about 30 quarts of pickles, 15 pints of tomatoes and salsa, and a variety of other creations like hot pepper relish, and corn relsih. It’s been AMAZING to put up so much food from my garden this year. Most of the recipes I’ve used are on my blog if you’re interested. Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  56. I watched my mother-in-law and Her Mom, grandma muzzer can for years. They are so inspiring and such gentle loving women. I always think of them when I see canning. I think of the joy I feel in their kitchens. I actually , finally canned all on my own just two weeks ago. I thought of them the whole time. It was a beautiful, cloudy, cool day, VERY unusual for Las Vegas in the summer. It made me feel as if they were right there with me.

  57. I just finished my very first at home canning of my adult life canning some pear butter at the end of last week! Some years growing up we did a family get together at some family friends house way out in the country cooking up and canning apple butter but of course I didn’t do much during all of that process being so much younger. 🙂

  58. I started canning because my children are sensitive to preservatives, colors, additives, etc… and I needed to know exactly what they are eating. It was also cheaper to can in season.

  59. I grew up watching my grandmother and mother canning. I have been canning for over 34 years as a way to preserve the green beans and tomatoes that I grow, as well as, making dill pickles and jams. It started as a way to save money and grew into the need to control what we eat. I have been looking into getting some of these reusable canning lids, but this year the cost was a bit prohibitive even though over the course of several years they will more than pay for themselves and I like the fact that they are BPA free. I hope to be able to get some before next years canning season and would love to win some of course.

  60. I first began canning 11 years ago because I had a garden with a HUGE tomato harvest. Now I do it because it is so satisfying mid winter to open a can of produce and know its history. The work is worth it!

  61. I would love to win the canning lids. I am hoping to learn to can, because we eat a ton of can goods and I really want to avoid the BPA!

  62. oh, I would love these! I have been looking at them for a couple months and just haven’t been able to swing it. Maybe it will be my luck day : )

  63. I started canning this year. In an effort to help with our food budget come winter, we put up quite a few jars of pickles (from home grown cucumbers…our 1st for those also) and some peaches from a local farm.

  64. I have been canning since I was a kid. It’s just what we do! 🙂 My Mom was afraid of the pressure canner, so we only water bath canned. This year my Mum-in-law purchased a pressure cooker for me, and although it is small, I have begun pressure canning for the first time this year. I’m not sure about pressure canners of the past, but I feel totally safe with mine. I can process about 5 pints of chicken broth at at time. I used to freeze my broth, but experienced cracked jars often (even after taking precautions) and would forget to thaw the broth in time for a meal. I love the pressure canned broth being as simple as a can of swansons, but sooo much tastier and probably healthier and much more frugal! The Tattler lids look AMAZING and I would love to be able to add some to my supplies, especially for the amount of broth we go through!

  65. I subscribed to you by e-mail, Hit like on FB and shared your link!
    We started canning as a way the get as many of the preservatives out of our kids diet as possible. @ of our children have ADHD and the more whole foods we change to the better they are doing! Thank you so much for all your insight!

    We would love to give Tattler’s a try in our household!


  66. Oh thank you so much for this chance at this giveaway! I love to can because there’s nothing like homemade taste and I know what’s in it! I have been canning for probably 25+ years. I have a friend who wants to learn this year, so I’m happy to pass on the tradition.

  67. I’ve been canning all 31 years of marriage: tomotoes, tomato juice, pickles, some peaches, applesauce and pears. I recently started making my own spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce and salsa. It just tastes so much better!

  68. I can for several reasons – I have TONS of produce from the garden, for fresh tasting produce year round that I know is pesticide free and to save money.

  69. And btw, I’ve just started to try these Tattler lids myself and so far I am extremely happy with them. I so want to win some more! Once in awhile one of the metal lids doesn’t seal when canning, but I haven’t had any trouble with the Tattlers yet.

  70. I started canning a few years ago making mostly jams mainly to cut out the sugar and preservatives. But this year I have done a lot of canning. Jams, Tomatoes, Salsa, Pickles, Fruits, and a fabulous Pink Grapefruit Marmelade! I inherited some Old 1 quart mason Jars from my grandmother this summer that came with glass lids and rubber rings. I was a little leary of using them since as a new canner I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to tell if they had sealed well or not. (No telltale pop.) I may just give them a try when I put up some applesauce in a few weeks. I’d certainly love to try the Tattler lids as well. BPA free is good!

  71. We started canning because it’s healthier (at least LESS exposure to BPA), home canned goods taste better, and it’s often cheaper. I’ve been looking at these lids and would love to have some to try!

  72. I first started canning as a way to preserve the harvest. We’d get windfalls or great deals of fruit that we just couldn’t eat all in time. So, I learned to make jams and jellies, preserves, pickles, relishes and chutneys. Because I didn’t want to put the effort into making the same stuff I can get at the grocery store, I learned how to make fancier and more exotic offerings, experimenting with spices, flavorings and mixing different ingredients. Some of my more unusual successes have been ginger jelly and a red pepper and onion jam, which is delicious warmed and served over brie.

  73. I would LOVE to try these. I started canning due to the fact that we grew a garden! woohoo…learning year for sure, but I can grow tomatoes! We eat tons of tomato sauce products and trying to avoid the BPA especially since I’ve heard it’s worse for acidic foods. Really would like to do more canning next year.

  74. I started canning as a way to preserve food that I felt safe feeding to my kids. It has also been a great way to learn skills that used to be passed down from generation to generation and has somehow gotten lost these days. I look forward to teaching my children how to can and preserve and continue on the tradition.

  75. I first began canning a few years ago so I could preserve some of my nearly free home grown produce so we could enjoy it through the off season.

  76. I began canning because I wanted to use the food in my garden and not have it go to waste. Plus I want to know what is and isn’t in my food. I actually quite like to can, it’s a ton of work but well worth it.

  77. I started canning about 12 years ago before my husband and I got married. His family had always had a garden, and canned their own fruits and vegatables. I would LOVE to try the Tattlers lids! I am going to subscribe today!

  78. I think I would use re-usable lids for jars I keep and use traditional lids for jars to give away. At the higher cost I wouldn’t want to worry about getting the lids back from gifted jars.

  79. I first began canning as a way to extend the life of the vegetables we grow in our garden and/or pick up from the Farmer’s Market/CSA during the Summer.

  80. I would love to win! I’ve just done some tinkering with canning, not much, and started for a combination of interest and health.

  81. 1) My grandmother and my mother canned mustang grape jam, jelly, and juice every year and this is how I started. Then pickles, picante sauce, peppers, jams, broth, etc. – what a blessing these have been to our family!

    2) I do subscribe!

    3) I’m sharing by word of mouth – this is wonderful to hear about! I have many friends who can!

  82. So far I haven’t taken the plunge into all-out canning, but your blog entry about the BPA content in store-bought cans makes me want to give it a try next summer (or maybe even with fall apples if I can find good prices). Right now, I repurpose the handful of canning jars I have for making and storing homemade yogurt and chicken broth, so I can avoid storing in plastic containers. Thanks for the opportunity to win some BPA-free lids!

  83. I started canning because my parents expected me to help. 🙂 I think I was about 10 or 11 when I first got to start helping. I enjoyed it then, and I still enjoy it now, 20+ years later! I just finished canning ketchup, salsa and tomato juice.

    I looked into the Tattler lids to purchase earlier this year, I’d love to win them!

  84. I started because it looked like fun. I keep at it because I enjoy feeding my family healthy food that I know where it came from! I am sharing this link on facebook and my blog.

  85. we started canning because we were growing so many tomatoes! We couldn’t use them all up at once, and I don’t like the BPA in store bought ones either.

  86. I started canning this year because I’ve been switching over my pantry to be centered on real foods, and I didn’t want to continue to buy canned goods from the store.

  87. I started canning when I was about 4…helping mom and Grammie , standing on a stool to wipe the jar rims. I am still canning 51 years later…How else to feed five teen boys healthy,wholesome food on a tight budget?
    I love having your column come to by Google Reader! Thanks for the great tips and encouragement!

  88. I started canning because I wanted to store my organic tomatoes (from the garden) for winter, but was running out of space in my freezer! I did also like that they were in glass jars too…although that’s disheartening that there’s BPA in the lids!

  89. I first started canning to save money and reduce our waste. It’s a big budget help for us to grown a big garden during the summer and then preserve everything we can!

  90. I started canning last year when we started a garden. We wanted to save some of our fresh produce. We also made canned applesauce and apple slices.

    I follow your posts via Facebook and posted about this on facebook, also.

  91. i started canning in order to take advantage of prices of the produce that’s in season! also, it’s much easier to make a whole bunch once a year(of applesauce, for example) than to be making it every week. less time and mess. 🙂

  92. I started canning because I grew up with my mother canning. Now I do it because of health and cost. I’m glad to finally know about this alternative for lids.

  93. I started canning a few years ago to use up a bunch of (free and very ripe) summer fruits that a neighbor gave my mom. We made peach and strawberry jam, as well as canned pears.

    I didn’t do any canning this summer, as we had a new baby in July, and we traveled a lot for my husband’s (temporary) job, but I’m planning on doing it again this fall (pumpkin and apple) and next summer.

  94. These look great! I have only barely started with canning. I have a lot to learn, but would still love to get some of these.

  95. Well I started canning just this year…I had a bumper crop of tomatoes and really wanted to try it so I did!! 😉

  96. I started canning because my body can’t handle a lot of salt and preservatives. At 17 I started having horrible migraines that I had to be hospitalized for, so I cook almost everything from scratch. I got to a point when cooking from scratch was overwhelming and I began looking for ways to shorten the process of cooking everyday. All this lead me to canning. I can all kinds of stuff now, more because I enjoy it than because I have to. So I’m a 24 year old canner……..my friends think I’m crazy.

  97. I have grown up canning. Some of my favorite memories as a child are helping my mom in the kitchen while she was canning peaches, pears, making applesauce (of which we would later dehydrate and turn into our very own “fruit roll-ups”) and, of-course, making jam. Whether it was a year for Huckleberry jam, strawberry jam, plum preserves, strawberry rhubarb, or grape fresh made jams and canned fruits were, and still are to this day, my favorites.
    Now that I have a daughter of my own and a second on the way I want to continue those memories for them. Canning not only saves our family money but as you said in your article it is also a way to watch what we put in our bodies allowing us to be better stewards of the earthly bodies God has given us.
    I have to say I have never heard of these lids but I am excited to tell my mom and grandma about them. (as they BOTH still can to this day)
    Thanks for the info!

  98. I just started dabbling in canning these last couple of months. Next summer will be my first official canning season. We are going to garden with the purpose of canning. Can’t wait!!! I would love to try this lids out.

  99. My family has “always” done home canning! We used to cull fields of strawberries at the end of the season and we had a deal with a neighbor for all their apricots as long as we kept it cleaned up underneath the tree. We made strawberry jam, apricot jam, canned apricots out of that bounty. We also canned tomatoes, green beans and peaches… well, and pretty much anything we could get for free or cheap.

    Once I became a housewife, I didn’t know any better! For the last 27 years, I have been canning more and more because it is so much more tasty and so much more healthy for my family. There are a lot of things I can’t control but one thing I CAN is what I feed to my family and guests… unwanted chemicals are NOT invited! I looked into getting old fashioned glass-and-rubber-ring lids with bale jars but the cost was astronomical and the success rate was much lower. Not to mention, you can’t really tell if those types of jars are sealed 🙁

    The Tattler Lids seam like the perfect, long-term, economical alternative.

    My newest canning adventure has been canning mince meat using venison (from an antique recipe). It came out great. This fall, I will be canning elk and next year I hope to get an opportunity to can tuna. [I have a group of younger women who want to learn so we are going to do it together.]

  100. I began canning as a child with my grandma. When my husband and I bought our first home, we also bought four apple trees, two plum trees, and well established raspberries. My grandma’s house warming gift to me was a big blue bell water bath and the Bell canning book. Each year for birthday’s she gets me something new to help the process. I think this year I will get her these reusable lids for her birthday!

  101. I first decided to start canning because of my grandma’s pickle beans. Before her Alzheimer’s got too bad, she taught my mom and sister to can them. I lived a couple of states a way and missed out on the experience, but my mom has since taught me how and I am so excited to one day share the recipe with my own daughter!

  102. We’ve always done canning in my family & it’s something I enjoy. Such a wonderful feeling, seeing the jars all lined up for the winter!

  103. I started canning this year. My main motivation was so I would know what we were eating. Store bought stuff often scares me. After canning quite a bit for my first year, I was sad to learn that my lids also had BPA. I am hoping to be able to switch to the Tattler ones next year.

  104. I started canning so I would be able to eat more seasonally. I’m still a novice, but I’m looking forward to peaches and cherries this winter. I would love to be able to can without BPA. I subscribe by RSS and email.

  105. i remember my first canning experience-i canned applesauce and peaches. soon after, the loma prieta quake happened in oct. of 1989 in ca. and i lost every single jar. 🙁
    i’ve read about these lids on other blogs, and would love to win some. 🙂
    autumn blessings to you!

  106. I grew up on home canned peaches, and they’re good enough to convince almost anyone to start canning! When I moved out of my parents’ house after college, I decided I’d have to learn how to do it myself.

  107. I can because it is just so much better for you than the store bought cans. I know what’s in the jars, know where I got it all from, and how it was processed… and I can reuse the jars, too, them for years to come.

    Plus, as much work as it is, and as much as I get tired of sticky and hot some times, it’s a lot o fun and very rewarding!

    Would absolutely LOVE to try these out- in wide mouths.

  108. I first began canning (this year!) because of concern about BPA in canned tomatoes, because I eat a lot of them. I didn’t find out about BPA-free lids until I’d already canned a lot of tomatoes, but I figured having the area of the lid (which shouldn’t even be in contact with the food all the time) is a lot better than having an entire can coated in the stuff. Next year, I know what I’ll be buying!

  109. I started canning because I was inspired by the book Animal Vegetable Miracle to grow and preserve all of the tomatoes my family needed for the entire year. I have since branched out to jellies and pickles – garden food is so much tastier than store bought!

  110. Thanks so much for this great giveaway. We started canning about 5 yrs ago to use all the produce we were growing, but the main starting point was all the apples (and we were given several bushels!). My family is asking when I’m going to can more of my applesauce. Follow you in email and Facebook. Love all the great info! Blessings.

  111. I started canning so I wouldnt waste any of the tomatoes that were given to me nine years ago. I still can to save money.

  112. I started canning just for fun. It was a lot more work than I thought, but the results are so much better than anything you can get in the store, so I continue to do it!

  113. I started canning because I wanted to know what was going into my food. I was also learning how to garden at the same time and wanted a way to preserve my tomatoes without taking up a lot of freezer space. I find canning to be a lot of work but very rewarding.

  114. I first began canning because of the cost saving aspect. I started by canning applesauce from our own apple trees and tomatoes from our garden. I now will occasionally purchase produce to can in addition to what I get “free”.

  115. I started canning because I found an irresistible apple butter recipe that happened to include canning instructions. For several years, I never tried canning anything else, but this year, I ended up bringing home a 20 lb. box of tomatoes from the CSA, and then 10 lbs. of pickling cucumbers, and then a case of “seconds” peaches . . . so I guess now I’m a real canner!

  116. I started canning to make use of my dad’s “rare red concord grapes” and turned them into jelly. What I didn’t know was that they were regular old purple concords and I was just too eager to wait for them to ripen any longer. Oh, well, they were great Christmas presents anyway! I am subscribed and shared o Facebook. Thanks for the great info, keep it coming 🙂

  117. I started canning to save the overflow of green beans my garden produced the first year. When I realized it wasn’t as hard as people made it sound, I started canning everything possible!

    I am a subscriber too.

  118. I first began canning because I wanted to keep something from the “old days” alive, I’m young yet old fashioned ;0)

  119. This was my first year canning although I’ve watched my parents do it before. I originally started A)because I thought it would be cheaper – at $22 a box for tomatoes it’s not and B)I feel that canning fresh food myself it will be higher quality than store bought. It also ended up being a really great bonding experience with my dad who showed me how – the highlight of canning for me. 🙂

  120. I first started canning just last year to save my family money and to know where my foods comes from by putting up locally grown (including our own) produce.

  121. I began canning as a way to continue the tradition I came to know as a child. Every summer, my mother, grandmother and aunt worked to preserve all the bounty from their gardens. I loved being a part of the process. Sometimes that meant snapping green beans, other times it meant collecting the canning jars from the basement for Mom. Now that I have my own family, I want them to learn to appreciate homegrown food. I also do my best to avoid unnecessary chemicals in our food supply and canning helps me do that.

    I enjoy receiving regular updates to your blog through email!

  122. I just started canning this year as my family and I are just beginning our journey of living a more wholesome, healthier lifestyle. Thank you for this opportunity!

  123. Hi! I like canning because you can eat HOMEMADE goodies! Things are usually healthier and taste better homemade! Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. I started canning as a way to have homemade applesauce throughout the off season. Plus we knew it would save money in the long run. I also like my kids seeing how jams, etc are made.
    blessed.mama4 at yahoo.com

  125. I started canning about 20 years ago when I had my first garden, couldn’t let all those yummy goodies go to waste. I do have to say the BPA thing has rocked my canning boat a little (actually alot) also. I had no clue there were BPA free lids.

  126. I’m new to canning and really excited about a healthier lifestyle. I would really like to try these lids. Love your e-mails.

  127. I first began canning as a way to have fresh foods without preservatives, for my family. Also, I have become more interested in food storage.

  128. I can so that I can provide free, organic produce and food for my family to eat. It also helps to have a few pre-made homemade meals that I can just heat up to resist the temptation to eat out when it has been a busy day. Thanks for the chance. I have really been wanting to buy some of these. My family uses them, I just haven’t had a chance to order any yet. They have worked really great.

  129. I started canning because homemade canned tastes SO MUCH better that store boughten canned goods. I didn’t even know that it’s better for you at the time!

  130. I just started canning this year. I want healthier choices for my family and I want to be able to enjoy the local harvest year round. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  131. I’ve been canning for years even before I learned of the health benefits of it. I did it because we had extra from our garden and I didn’t want to waste any! I’ve read about Tattler lids before and really want to try them. Somehow I didn’t get around to ordering them for this season… as the apples cook down for applesauce today 🙂 LOL Working on 2 bushels right now.

  132. I first began canning 20+ years ago. My mother-in-law taught me and my father -in-law got me my first canner :). They’re both gone now, but I cherish the memories I have of them. The whole idea of setting aside for later attracted me, but I never liked having to replace my lids…I did because that’s what I was told to do. It would be great and so much more efficient to be able to re-use the lids. Thanks for the opportunity to try these.

  133. I love canning. I grew up canning, so I started because my mom was sure to make sure I learned. But, once I moved out of the house, I got my first canner pretty quickly and started canning. I’d love to try some of the Tattler’s!

  134. These are the answer to my prayers! I love canning but don’t like the bpa factor! These are perfect! I first started canning with my grandmother who is now 86 years old. We still enjoy doing this job together!

  135. I started canning to take control of the quality of food that I feed my family. It’s a lot of work, but there is endless satisfaction in knowing that you are feeding your family the BEST food you can get. I’d love to try these lids!
    I subscribe to the RSS feed.
    great post!!

  136. In previous years, my mom and I would always do a big batch of canning every year until I moved about 3 hours away from her. I am just starting to can again as this is the first year I’ve been able to have a garden since the move and I have a ton of produce in spite of our cold and wet weather this summer. I would love to try the canning lids! Thank you for the opportunity and for letting us know about the product!

  137. I started canning because I got tons of free fruit from my mother and finally decided to preserve as much as I could! I would love to Tattler’s!

  138. I would love to win these canning lids to save money and to be able to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. Every little bit helps. 🙂

  139. We first started canning not just to save money, but because often times home-canned produce tastes better than store-bought. We particularly love peaches and pears. We’ve even pressure-canned meats which make for a quick meal. Because of some health issues of my own, and we’re expecting our first child in Dec, I’m becoming more and more concerned about BPA and the effects it can have on us!

  140. This is my first year canning because this is my first year with a garden- we love it! But would love to have some safer lids. Thanks for the giveaway!

  141. I just tried canning for the first time last week. I did applesauce. I like it that I can control the ingredients that go into the food. I am still feeling through this new adventure. These look really neat. Hope you pick me.

  142. I’ve been canning ever since I got married, and growing up I helped my mom with her canning. I can because it saves money, is healthier, and tastes better. 🙂 I would love to try these lids–never heard of them before.

  143. I started canning because I love to do the things the “old fashioned” way. It makes me appreciate my food and health more and to me is fun!! I love the pride I get in completing a batch of canned foods!!
    I also posted this on facebook and subscribe to your awesome blog!

  144. I began canning so I could put up my excess garden produce and enjoy it year-round. I started gardening so I could afford organic produce. So it’s a double-win for me.

  145. Wonderful giveaway idea! Especially this time of year! I have just started canning recently and could really make good use of these. :o)
    What a disgrace that BPA is in our canning lids and it goes unreported, uncorrected. So nice to see one company work toward a better product. They look great!

  146. I haven’t canned anything yet, but I want to start next year or the year after (we might be moving around for awhile…). These sound pretty great!

  147. I would love to try these lids! I’ve heard so much about them! I started canning as a young wife in 1982! The first thing I ever canned was strawberry jam. Now I can everything and we eat organic!

  148. I started canning because my grandmother did. I love the thought of continuing traditions, as well as feeding my family year round from our garden. Thanks for the chance to win a safer way of canning!

  149. um, I actually HAVEN’T started canning yet. I WANT to but am nervous, BUT my 26 year old son and his wife can a lot and are convincing me I need to give it a try!

  150. I am in the process of reading and learning in preparation to begin canning in earnest. I have done a few small projects in the past….

  151. I can’t really remember when I didn’t can. I grew up helping my mother with our garden produce along with locally grown fruits from the then plentiful orchards in our area. I always thought of commercially canned food as the stuff people who couldn’t can had to resort to, and never actually tasted it until I was an adult. I have also built up a collection of canning jars, including some with glass lids much like the ones you have featured. They also use a rubber ring but the ring fits over a raised centre on the inner side of the glass lid. I am really impressed with these new lids, as a re-invention and I think the reuseability factor is one whose time has come back. Using rubber rings for a few seasons and the lids indefinitely is much better than throwing away a metal lid with the sealing compound because the components can’t be separated for recycling. I also like the fact that these lids indent so you can tell they have sealed, something the glass lids don’t do. And that is to say nothing of the health implications! I love this idea!

  152. I think I started canning because we were renting a house that had lots of fruit trees and I hated to see the fruit going to waste. I’d made freezer jam in the past, but never done canning until then.

    I heard about these lids at another blog, and tried them this year. Another person suggested still using one metal lid in each batch to hear the familiar ping/pop sound as the jar seals. Might be helpful.

  153. I just started canning this year. I just finished canning 60 pounds of peaches. Looking forward to trying applesauce and pears next. Would love to win these jar lids.

  154. I have just finished canning 40 pounds of peaches and 75 pounds of applesauce. I had no idea there was BPA in the regular canning lids -AGH! Thanks for sharing this useful information!!

  155. Thanks for this. I am getting more and more into canning. I love pulling my homemade applesauce out of the cupboard in February. My grandparents are awesome and have canned and preserved big gardens every year. Now they are in their eighties and stilll never have to buy a green bean! I want to be like that, although I may have to move out of Alaska do do that!

  156. I started canning because it tastes so much better than store bought! And I love being able to grow or choose the quality of my food.

  157. I began canning when I learned about BPA in tomato cans & strawberries being on the dirty dozen list. I started with freezer jam to cut out sugar in our jams & then went to tomatoes to reduce our exposure to BPA.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  158. I learned canning from my Mom and so it has just been part of my life as long as I can remember. I like that I can put up organic food from our own garden, that they can be in jars that I can reuse over and over and I just love seeing them all on the shelf!

    I would love to try the reusable lids too.

  159. I first started canning with my mom when I was a young girl. After I got married, I chose to can for the delicious flavour! Now I do it for the great taste, the healthy home-grown ingredients, and the cost savings. I like to do the work of canning, and love the satisfaction of eating our food all year long!

  160. I have been canning for about 42 years. I started because it was cheaper (we didn’t worry about health issues in commercial food back then). I have continued because of enjoyment, cost and safety issues.

    I am a new reader and am subscribing to your feed and have put your link on FaceBook – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=1516425360

    I am also going to seriously look into purchasing these lids but I would love to win your contest.

  161. I started canning when I was a young wife and mother. A woman in our church had a plum bush that produced tons of delicious fruit every year. She started sharing them with me on an annual basis and we didn’t have to buy jam for years.

    I left the homemaking life behind in order to go to school and become an RN, but my heart remained at home. A recent turn of events has allowed me to return to the domestic life I love and I’m ready to learn to can the tomatoes and other fresh produce I grow in my garden.

  162. I can because my mom always did and I can’t imagine not having home canned food in my pantry.

    I would love to try these lids and am seriously considering purchasing.


  163. I first started canning to save my family money with our excess garden produce. My Mom canned nearly everything so it was in the blood. The lids sound amazing and I can’t wait to try them.

  164. Many years ago my husband dragged me against my will into the world of gardening. I could not stand to see the fruits of my labor go to waste so I started learning to can. Now I can for fun, health of my family, and the satisfaction of knowing I did this. I still try to add 2-3 new canning recipes yearly.

    There is nothing like being able to put a meal out in the dead of Winter and be able to say we grew everything being served!

    Email and shared on Facebook

  165. I grew up canning with my mom and grandma. After getting married and having a family, we’ve tried to get back to that way of living, having control over what is in our food and eating truly whole foods. It’s so disturbing to learn that the lids I’ve used to can organic home grown food are tainted with BPA.

  166. I’m new at gardening and canning. I’m still trying to grow the right amount of veggies to have enough leftover to can! But I have done a few jars here and there, and next year might be the magic year I get it right. 🙂

  167. I canned so much this year and hopefully more next year. I’m disappointed to find that BPA is still an issue in my canned foods. I will definitely try these lids.

    (I subscribe via e-mail)

  168. I started canning to use the seasonal produce all year long, it saves our family money plus its healthier than other canned veggies. It’s fun to do with the kids too! I am about to can lots of concord grape jam now and wish I had these lids!!! Thanks so much!

  169. My mom raised an amazing garden and canned so much of it each year. We were prepared for the winter. With the way the world is changing, I began to think that I might need to hone some survival skills and I started doing my own canning about 2 years ago. I am slowly building supplies that are self sustaining and these lids would make a great addition!

  170. I started canning when our first daughter loved mangos and i was making my own baby food. It has snowballed from there!

  171. Actually, it was to save money. Then I realized it didn’t, so it was to avoid BPA in tomato cans!

  172. Hi! I subscribe. And I would love to try these. I can about 300 jars worth now each year…it keeps growing! But totally worth it, as you know. Good to know there is an alternative to conventional lids.

  173. I originally started canning because I was about to run out of my grandmother’s fabulous relish. She died in 2001, and in 2005 I finally ran out of her relish. The rest, and over a thousand additional jars later, is history. 😀

  174. Canning is a family tradition for us. I’ve been canning since I was big enough to wash fruit and vegetables in the sink. (standing on a chair of course)

  175. I first started canning as a way to preserve jam I had made. As I learned more and more about the health benefits (as compared to store-bought canned), I began doing even more.

    I’m already subscribed, and am sharing this on facebook. Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. I started canning this year because I wanted to save money and keep good quality fruit in the house year round for my daughter, who will happily eat nothing but fruit day in and day out. You never know what’s in those cans of fruit at the grocery store, and canning them in glass jars seemed like a better idea. And now, I’m completely hooked.

  177. I canned with my mother when I was growing up, peaches, pears, tomatoes and so on. Now I’ve got my own canning series on Simple Bites! It feels like full circle..

  178. I started canning because I needed to. I had an inner drive that kept saying, “You need to do this,”. And I love it!

  179. I first started canning this year. I used to watch my mom and grandma do it when I was little and just recently got to a place where I have enough room to store everything. i love how much money I have saved and now I know exactly what is in most of the food that my family eats!!

  180. I started by making some pepper jelly I remembered my mom and grandmother making when I was little. It was SO good and come to think of it, I think I need to make some soon! Would love to try these lids.

  181. Canned food is the best. It could be fig preserves or tomatoes that you’ve canned before or you can add something totally different to the mix and it is just as good or even better like strawberry jello with fig preserves. So good! I love to try new things and everyone likes something good to eat!

  182. I’d love to win these! I started canning on a whim, but I’m interested in getting more involved in it so we can have a nice stockpile of shelf-stable foods. I am subscribed and will put this up on my Facebook page. 🙂

  183. I first started canning, because i had so many tomatoes from my garden and there is only so much room in my big freezer for storing the ridiculous quantities.

  184. I just started canning about 2-3 weeks ago. It is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. My hubby and I were reading an article a couple of months ago about “foods” and what is in them. Including meats, milk, canned goods etc and decided THEN and THERE things had to change. My hubby is a diabetic and so am I and we both have other health issues, for our health as well as our family we decided we were going to make as much of our own things as possible, and to save money of course!
    So far I went wild blackberry picking here on the Island and made jam, also made blueberry jam and peach jam. I made my own applesauce, canned pears, pickled beets and more. I am SOOO loving this. Next step is to attempt to make my own canned “Italian Style Tomatoes” as these are one of our favorite things. Pasta sauces and oh the list goes on. I am so excited to have FINALLY begun this “hobby” and also what it means for the health of our family and the FUN we have together picking foods and making it ourselves.
    On a side note, it is interesting to see how we seem to be eating at home more the last few weeks! 🙂
    I love to cook and bake so this is just an extension of that. I am so excited to have found your site and all the AWESOME tips etc on here! Thanks for what you do and the inspiration that comes with it!
    P.S. I have subscribed and shared! 🙂

  185. I began canning as a way to control the ingredients that I was exposing my family to. I also enjoy the economical benefits as well 🙂

  186. I started canning after I married in ’86. I’d watched my mom do water bath canning when I was young, even helped some – and when I married a ‘granola’ guy, I became enthusiastic about canning on my own. It was less expensive, I could control the ingredients and it was VERY rewarding to see all those lovely jars lined up on my shelves – plus my hubby loved that I could be so domestic! I found that pressure canning became my favorite method, and have used it for years. The Tattler lids look amazing, and I would love to use them instead of the standard lids. The older I get, the more I realize how important our health is and how much it’s affected by what we consume, so these look like they’d dovetail right in with my goals for my own family’s health! Thanks for getting the word out there…love your site!

  187. I started canning after I first got married…over 10 years ago now. My husband had always helped his mom growing up and he taught me the process. I love being able to grow my own organic food and then canning them for future use. I fell this is not only healthier than store bought processed food, but also better for our finances. My family is the most important part of my life and I want to give them the best I can. My boys are now 9, 6, 3 and my daughter is 4 months old. My boys love helping me garden and can the food. I love making homemade baby food for my daughter. It is important for me to know what is going into my families bodies…canning is just one way I can control that factor. It just makes sense to me. 🙂 Happy Canning!

  188. I started canning over a decade ago because I liked the idea of using up fresh produce and making something myself. I love it! No fruits/veggies have to go to waste and we always have something in the pantry for the future that we know is healthy and yummy.

  189. I first began canning because my hubby had done it all his life– and we happened to have a peach tree in the back yard of our rental as newlyweds. It’s been ten years now, and haven’t missed a year of canning. I love it– it’s healthier and cheaper!

  190. I started canning this year as part of our gradual learning and living more sustainably. I’m planning on doing it again, I’d love to try the tattler lids and avoid a bit more BPA.

  191. Gardening, cooking and canning go together. I have a greater appreciation for food that is grown locally simply because it taste so good. Canning, for me is a way to preserve and extend all the good fruits and veggies year round. Surprisingly, canning is a stress reliever too. I Can typically on late weekend nights when the house is nice and quiet. It’s a good way to clear my head:)
    I am currently subscribed and have also added your link on facebook.

  192. I am excited about these reusable lids. I started canning with my great grandmother in Iowa in the 70’s. We currently homeschool our children and every year for the past 7 years, we have spent one week in the fall canning applesauce, apples, salsa, tomatoes, jams, peaches, pears and sauce. Passing down the process of canning our food is important to both my husband and I. Our children cherish the time we have spent together in the garden, at the apple orchard and in the kitchen. Canning over 125 uart jars every fall does become expensive, so the idea of being able to eliminate the cost of lids is VERY EXCITING. I am a subscriber via email and facebook.

  193. I started canning pearsauce because my kids can’t have apples and it sort of spiraled completely out of control from there — and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    I will be subscribing and sharing and hoping I win! 🙂

  194. I haven’t ever canned before and part of the reason was I was leery of the BPA in the lids! These are so fantastic! I first heard about them from Sarah Gilbert and have been anxious to try them out (and try canning!).

  195. I started canning to save money, and not have to throw out our garden produce. Now, I have an additional reason: because my husband is on the SCD diet, and he cannot eat canned foods bought from the store. Thanks for the contest!

  196. Hi, I have been canning since I was young and living at home. I can because I like it, know what’s in my food and it saves tons of money. We also have a large family, so it goes along way to can our food.
    I am currently a subscriber.

  197. We just read about apples this morning and then went to an orchard and picked our own apples this afternoon! Now I have a bunch of apple butter and such to make. I have never done such a thing before. I have to get jars and all the stuff that goes with it. Hopefully hand me downs. My daughter is 5 yrs old, so hopefully we’ll do canning often through out the years to come. Those lids would be wonderfull to help us get started! I really enjoy your site, you’re helping me raise 3 little ones for the Lord. Thank YOU

  198. I started canning when I inherited my grandmothers canner. Now I love it. I love to can everything. My step mom had kept one of my grandmother’s pressure canners just in case she wanted to use it. Well, she didn’t so I have 2 water bath & 2 pressure canners for years.

  199. I started canning about 4 years ago–pretty much as a fluke, thinking I’d never do it again! I LOVED it! I still do…and now, as I am making the journey towards real food and feeding my family better, canning is even more important. We grow a lot of our own produce, so I am very busy in the summer/fall. Thanks for the giveaway!

  200. I actually don’t can…but my mother in law does and she is such an awesome Godly woman that I would LOVE to win these for her! (Some day I hope to learn how to can from her…)

  201. I first started canning to use up all the produce from our CSA and because it was healthier than store bought. Now I love it and do more every year. BPA free would be great to have in this kitchen.

  202. I am a fan of your site and keep updated on posts via FaceBook. I started canning because we get an abundance of salmon in the summer and I wanted a more reliable way to store it than in the freezer. That was 5 years ago and I can all sorts of things now! I would LOVE to try those lids. They sound fantastic! Thank you for this opportunity.

  203. My mom canned when I was a little girl. One year I decided I wanted to try it (this was after I was married and had 2 children). I made a bunch of jam and used a conventional pot with towel in the bottom to process them. Loved doing it so much I bought a water bath canner the following year and canned even more. This year I canned even more, jam (4 types!), apple butter, cherry marmalade, applesauce, peaches, pears, and cherries. Next year I hope to add a pressure canner to my lineup and can things like green beans and beets and tomato sauces.

    My only question with the lids like this, is, what do you do when you give canned goods as gifts? I often give away my jams and jellies as gifts at Christmas. But I don’t always know ahead of time what I’ll be giving away. I think I’d be heart broken to loose these expensive lids!

  204. I have canned a little in the past, but this year I have done quite a bit – mainly because my parents had an over-abundance of tomatoes. So a lot of salsa and tomatoes have been canned. I also did some pickles, pickle relish and watermelon jelly.

    Also, I am already following you via Google reader.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  205. I subscribe to Keeper of the Home by email already. I started canning because I wanted to preserve my hard work in the garden & my husband’s grandparents peach tree was prolific the year I started. We ate peaches for months.

  206. I recently began canning b/c I have a nice garden and find it hard to buy produce and canned things from the store once summer is over. There is so much “garbage” in everything these days. Also, winter is out “slow” time of year when there’s not as much income, so it helps to put in a little effort in the summer to help during those months. Also, with this economy, who knows how long we’ll have work?!

    I’d love to try something to save money AND our health!

  207. I subscribed. I didn’t realize this was a Christian website! That’s even better. Another reason I have started canning.

  208. Just wondering what the 7 means in the recycle triangle on the lid. In my research I thought I understood that the number 7 plastic is in the “other” category.. a hard dense plastic that contains BPA. Does anyone have any information on this? Perhaps I have misunderstood?

    1. My understand of #7 is that it is a catch-all for every kind of plastic that doesn’t fall under the other numbers. So some of the things it includes would have BPA in them, and some wouldn’t. I guess these plastic lids fall under this category?

      1. Yes, it appears that the lids do fall under that category, and unless the manufacturer can verify that the specific plastic in the Tattler lids are BPA free, it would appear there might be a possibility of some trace of BPA in the lids, due to the fact that the #7 is a combination of several plastics, some or all of which in that category may contain BPA. I have hesitated using the two boxes I purchased due to the #7 category, as my physician has suggested that I avoid the #7 products. However, the Tattler lid boxes are labeled BPA free… so I guess I can trust that whatever plastic(s) they are using is or are truly BPA free.

  209. I started canning (again) because we love homemade tomato sauce, it has a different taste than when made from store canned tomatoes. Now I have increased my canning b/c of cost of food, as prices go up I use my “survival” canned foods more often.

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