Spring Giveaway Week: Win a Large Gift Box from Healthy Surprise ($79)

Spring Giveaway Week: Win a Large Gift Box from Healthy Surprise ($79)

kids opening healthy surprise
My eager children, helping me open up our box from Healthy Surprise

I was pleasantly surprised last week as I opened up my review box from Healthy Surprise.

The idea behind this novel business? We all know that it’s easy to fall into snacking in unhealthy ways, and sometimes it’s difficult to source out various kinds of truly wholesome snacks.

Healthy SurpriseΒ does the work for you, seeking out new and unique (but always healthy) snacks that your whole family can enjoy, packs them up and sends them to your door on a subscription basis. Each month’s box comes with a fresh variety of treats to enjoy, some you’ve had before and some you’ve never heard of.

I was definitely intrigued, but somewhat concerned. I wondered what type of snacks I would find. Mostly sugary? Full of improperly prepared grains? Lacking in quality protein? Soy-based protein bars that we wouldn’t eat? Would they contain ingredients that my dairy/wheat/peanut/rice intolerant daughter couldn’t have? Would it contain lots of processed organic snacks that I still wouldn’t consider to be “real food”?

And that’s where the very pleasant surprise came in.

healthy surprise overview of box

We got plenty of nuts. Seeds. Dried kale. Raw coconut macaroons. Dried fruit. Grain-free crackers.

Nary a Clif or Luna bar to be seen. All things I would actually choose to feed my children. And this real food mama rejoiced.

I am so pleased to say that my food-sensitiveΒ little girl could eat EVERYTHING in this box. So could someone with Celiac. And so could primal/paleo eaters (I’m pretty sure- I’d have to double check the ingredients but at a quick glance it all looked safe).

Most of the sweet snacks were sweetened with honey, maple syrup or fruit. I believe only one contained some kind of cane sugar. Even better, the snacks were not predominantly sweet, as I thought they might be. There were almost as many savory snacks (two flavors of crackers, sunflower seeds, kale tostadas).

healthy surprise macaroons ingredients

How Does Healthy Surprise Work?

First, you choose which sized box will best suit your family. The 3 main options are:

  • Starter 16-22 servings (1-3 people)
  • Healthy 32-40 servings (2-6 people)
  • Large 50-60 servings (3-9 people)

There’s also a Super size of 200+ servings, which might be better suited for a business, a special event, or maybe a long road trip? We received a Starter box, which definitely wouldn’t last a month around our house. For our family of six (well, five that eat solids and a nursing mama that eats for two), we would need the Healthy box.

Pricing is $33, $66, and $99 per month, respectively. US shipping is included in that price. Which means that you’re looking at about $1.75-$1.83 per serving.

Now, I know that I can make homemade snacks far cheaper than that, without question. However, if I start looking at buying these type of quality snacks, I couldn’t do much better myself, not with the quality of the foods that are included. I tried to locate online prices for each of the items included, and I came up with at least a $42 value on the $33 box that I received (and it might have been higher than that).

healthy surprise skinny crisps

I can see this being particularly useful for busy seasons of life- early pregnancy or when you have a newborn, preparing to move, for going on trips. I also thought that I would consider it as a way to have high-quality snacks to send with my husband when he’s going out to work. I don’t always have something that I can readily send with him, and if he has to stop and buy food while he’s out, this would work out cheaper (and infinitely healthier).

Another thing to note is that the contents of the box differ each month. I think this is a (mostly) great feature, because who doesn’t love trying out new things? Of course, there is the possibility that there might be a few things that aren’t your family’s favorite. Out of all the items in our box, the only one that hasn’t received a thumbs-up has been the Kale Tostadas (I sort of liked them and so did the 2 year old, but the rest of the family didn’t). That said, every month those receiving the boxes have the opportunity to vote for the items they want to see again and those they didn’t care for, which I’m sure helps them to keep the boxes full of customer favorites.

Would you like to win a Healthy Gift Box with 32-40 servings ($79 value)?

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Disclosure: I received a box of healthy treats for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own. This giveaway was generously sponsored by Healthy Surprise.

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  1. I like that you can get a variety of different things each time. Sometimes it’s nice to get a little surprise rather than the same thing all the time!

  2. What a wonderful idea. I have only heard of these types of items with more processed junk type foods. This is a real treat to hear about! Easy without feeling guilty about giving it to my family!! Awesome!

  3. wow everything looks so great and it’s vegan and gluten free options so I’m in for trying anything!!!

  4. This looks SO awesome! And, it even has allergen-friendly snacks… which totally works with my strange diet! Yay! πŸ™‚

  5. I actually like the element of surprise in the boxes – I get bored quickly with routine – and think it’ll help my girls try new things. I also like that everything looks to come in relatively eco-friendly packaging; minimal waste for most of the snacks I saw pictured.

  6. I’m a recovering chip addict, so I love the idea of having healthy snacks delivered to my door so I’m not tempted to buy unhealthy snacks.

  7. With our new Gluten-Free lifestyle, we’re definitely discovering there are quite a few options out there that don’t taste like cardboard! This looks pretty cool…if you can budget it. πŸ™‚

  8. I love the idea of not having to think of healthy snacks for my family and with a little one on the way this would be so handy for that early season of adjusting to a new family member.

  9. I love the fact that monthly snacks will be at our fingertips. My husband and I are transitioning to me being home full time, and until that happens, I just don’t have time to make everything from scratch. This gives me peace of mind that my family has healthy snacks, and I can devote my time to our main meals.

  10. I like that all the “leg work” is done ~ no having to search and search for healthy snacks and its delivered right to your door.

  11. I love that their snacks truly are healthy…not just those silly “100 calorie” packs – these are nutritious! πŸ™‚

  12. I like that you can choose your size of box – with three children who are picky and my hubby isn’t sure of the gluten free thing this would be great to try out.

  13. I have seven children and things can get pretty busy around here. The thought of having snacks taken care of during busy times in our life would be such a blessing. I would love to try them out!

  14. The first thing I thought of was a great way to send finals week Snack packages for high school or college students! What a great healthy idea!

  15. What an interesting idea. We have a new baby arriving any minute and this would be such a convenience. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  16. I love that the snacks are ones you cannot find in the stores. If I can simply buy them myself, it would deter me from ordering, but I love how eclectic this company is.

  17. I like the variety. We have several different allergies or intolerances in this house. I expect that someone here could eat at least a few things in any of the boxes and the others cvould eat the rest. It would be fun and exciting to try new things!

  18. We love trying new things, but the options in our area are very limited. It would be great to have some new options.

  19. I’d love to try it out, though I have the same “eek” moment wondering if we will be able to eat everything (sugar free, gluten free, picky about oils). Glad to hear such a positive and detailed review. Thank you!

  20. Like that there are lots of nuts…our family likes to eat nuts for quick energy and protein without all the sugar. Thanks!

  21. We are having a hard time with snacking on anything but nuts – which is getting too caloric and expensive!! I could really use the supply and the ideas!!

  22. I definitely love the ease of it. Being pregnant, I don’t feel like being in the kitchen as often, and this service would be a huge help!!

  23. I think I would need the large box! We have 6 who are all eating, and two who are growing into teenage sized appetites!

  24. I love the entire concept, since we will be having a newborn in just a few short weeks, this would be an *amazing* way to ensure family’s still snacking healthy while leaving Mommy time to heal and nurse the new baby! =) I LOVE this.

  25. I like the 100% satisfaction guarantee and I am thinking about going gluten free for my son who has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and severe ADHD and my Fibromyalgia, and these are all gluten free. No searching through the store for GF snacks and driving to the city to find them over an hour away.

  26. I like the idea of having healthy options for taking along to work and on trips. Having gluten-free snacks available would be a boon.

  27. I love that these are safe for gluten-free people (which my whole family is). And everyone loves a surprise!

  28. I like how all of the snacks contain natural ingredients! No “funny sounding ingredients” is awesome!

  29. I love that this takes all the guesswork out of snacks for my kids. I often feel guilty for not making a bunch of healthy snacks and this would allow me to relax and focus on other things, like playing with them!

  30. Awesome that I can feed my family snacks I don’t have to worry about nutritionally, without spending a couple hours in the kitchen. Perfect for busy months! πŸ™‚

  31. I like that they send things I couldn’t find at my grocery store. Our options are limited at the local store.

  32. Love being able to try new healthy snacks, and having access to foods that I wouldn’t usually have access to.

  33. What a fantastic idea. I struggle with finding things locally that can fit in my budget. We have an organic market near by, but it’s terribly expensive, and everything looks overwhelming. This is great food, reasonably priced, and I get to try new things!

  34. I love that you can send a one-time gift! My first thought when reading your review was, “wouldn’t it be great to gift one of these boxes to a new mom? But there’s no way I could afford a gift subscription!”

  35. I think it’s nice that you can have regular delivery….for those times in pregnancy when you can’t remember anything at all. lol

  36. I love their blog…so much information! I love that you don’t have to worry about the kind of “natural” products they include!

  37. This is a fun idea! I always love getting surprises in the mail. Would be really nice for after the arrival of a new baby!

  38. I just like the idea of someone else doing the shopping! Searching out these things online is alot of work. We live in a small town without a great selection of natural foods.

  39. I’m loving all of the GF/Paleo options. I overlooked this giveaway when scrolling through my blog reader on my phone for that reason. I’m so glad that I paid a little more attention when I was on my computer! I hope that I win!

  40. We are just starting our journey to more healthy living as a family, and I think that this would work perfectly for us. I like the fact that you get to try new products each month. With us just starting our journey, this would definitely benefit us!

  41. Definitely the ease of delivering healthy snacks to my kids. I am pretty good at giving my family healthy meals, but when it comes to snacks, I fall flat on my face!

  42. This sounds really neat! I love the healthy variety, that it comes to your door, and it is also helping people get their product to be seen.

  43. I love the convenience! Also, like you said, I could make some of these things for cheaper IF I have all the ingredients on hand but sometimes it is more expensive to purchase all the ingredients individually and put a snack together. Would love to try it out! Thanks.

  44. A box of snacks delivered to my house would be a great help to me as a mom who has to work full-time outside the home. I know I can make a lot of things, but it gets overwhelming. I’m always looking for new snack ideas.

  45. This sounds great! With four children who love all kinds of food, I’m sure that we’d enjoy the variety.

  46. Wow, this would be a great way to try new snacks! My kids always get tired of the same old ones, even if they are good!

  47. I love anything that helps me maintain my GF lifestyle. It’s so easy to give into temptation, but the better the products, the easier it is to say no!
    Sarah M

  48. What a great concept! All of the snacks look amazing on the site and it would be super fun to experience winning a box of goodies:)

  49. I like how you can tweak the orders by giving them feedback as to what you like or don’t like. My local produce delivery service does the same thing. Whenever you can personalize an order and ensure you don’t get something you don’t like, you always feel much more like you’re getting your money’s worth and are inclined to continue with a service.

  50. I love the idea of being able to try new snacks. Snacking is ALWAYS my downfall when it comes to eating unhealthy.

  51. I’d love to get them for the diverse offering of the products – surely there will be sthg to please any member of my family!

  52. I like that they do the work of searching out healthy choices and I’d probably try many things that I wouldn’t otherwise.

  53. I love the fact that you don’t get the same snacks each month. There’s an element of surprise each time you get a box!

  54. I love that it comes to you without your having to spend hours researching and deciding. It’s like a friend who has all the new, good ideas!

  55. My kids would love the “surprise” factor of healthy surprise. A healthy surprise is the best kind of surprise I think.

  56. My husband loves sweet treats and snacks and will eat through things so quickly! I’d love to have some quality snacks for him to munch on that are “real foods.” It would be fun to try out this service though I don’t think we could afford it regularly.

  57. I love the idea of someone else looking at the nutritional info for me. Sometimes I just don’t have the extra moments to check on every product!

  58. We are not 100% vegan, but it is so nice to find products, such as these snack items, that are vegan. We don’t need processed foods and chemicals, and who knows what “Natural flavorings” are. It calms a mother’s heart to place snacks on the table she knows will help the children grow healthy, bright, and strong!

  59. With a new baby on the way, this sounds ideal! Healthy snacks delivered to our home and no worrying about what hubby will pick up at the store while I’m home with a newborn and toddler? Sign me up!

  60. That it’s delivered! I’m trying to get ready for a new baby and this would mean one more thing off my checklist that I didn’t have to go out of my way for.

  61. This would be awesome. I’m newly pregnant and would love this for the early stage, especially for my toddler.

  62. Love this idea. Such a great way to try new things that you might not think to purchase on your own. And really, it sounds fairly reasonable cost-wise to me.

  63. Exactly what I’m looking for since I don’t always have time to make our foods from scratch.

  64. I love that everything is free of funky ingredients. It would be nice to have someone pick out snacks for you that would actually pick healthy things!! This is such a great idea.

  65. This looks amazing!! I would love to be able to find new healthy snacks. I also love a good surprise! Perfect combination!

  66. It takes a lot of time finding good snacks..this sure makes it easy and comes right to your door! Looks great!

  67. We love to keep snacks in the house for those times when I just haven’t gotten around to making my homemade goodies. THANK-YOU for providing a resource for good, quality snacks that I can give my family! (and thanks for the give-away:)

  68. What a great idea! I’m going to bookmark this for a later time when we may have a need for these. Thanks for sharing!

  69. I love the variety and “surprise” factor. I know my kids get bored with seeing the same healthy snacks in our snack cupboard.

  70. I like that all the research has been done for me, I don’t have to spend hours in the store searching for the “healthy” snacks.

  71. What interests me most about this healthy items box is the convenience and ability to try different healthy snacks without investing in a bunch of bulk products that potentially nobody in my house might eat. I’d love to win for these reasons!

  72. I love that it takes the guess work out of trying to find healthy snacks for my family! Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. It looks like a great idea as I often have a hard time finding quality snacks where we live. The cost seems high until you break it down and consider it’s snacks for a month, so I would love to try it!

  74. I like that I can be assured that I wouldn’t be wasting money some snacks we wouldn’t eat because of some ingredient or another.

  75. Oh, I am soooo excited about this! I am going to register for this on my baby registry. We are having baby #2 in August, already have all of the necessities, so something like this for me postpartum as well as my toddler son and DH would be a life saver. Especially because we don’t have any friends or family where we live to help with meals while I recover. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  76. I’m pregnant so this is a great idea for the first month or two with a newborn. My tot loves to snack but I don’t think I’ll be up for making much,

  77. I like this because it would introduce my family to a variety of healthy snacks that we otherwise wouldn’t know existed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I would like the started, cause I’m still new to all this stuff and am trying to learn how to be healthier for my family.

  79. What most appeals to me is getting snacks that I don’t have to prepare myself and I don’t have to go to the store for. We just ad our fifth child, so this would be really helpful while I recover.

  80. This seems like a really good idea…but a little out of my price range for snacks! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  81. I think this would be awesome to be able to try these new snacks. Sometimes we want something healthy, but don’t know what to try first!

  82. I struggle with finding healthy snacks to take with us when we are out on errands, going to the beach, etc., so I think this service would be a wonderful value for our family.

  83. Fabulous! I would love these for those times when “special treats” (car trips, camping, new baby) make it harder to pack, preserve and store our own. Thanks for the chance to win.

  84. this statement makes me smile: ‘Can expect to have their first box put in the mail within three business days, unless we are sold out! Our food is fresh, so we don’t make too many extra boxes. We are growing like crazy pants and it tends to happen towards the end of each month. Sorry, but this is a great problem for us. ‘

  85. As a mom to 6 children, I don’t have a lot of time to do online research/comparisons/etc. I really like that this company does the work for me…as they are the ones to learn about & seek out new, unique & healthy snacks for my family & then sends them to me…I don’t have to go out & shop for them.

  86. This is appealing to me because I have recently become aware of all the processed food I have been putting into my body as well as my family. I have PCOS and would like nothing more than to be a healthy mommy with no more hormonal issues. This would help me in my journey of becoming healthier.

  87. I love the variety you would get over the months and the fact that it would be an easy way to keep truly healthy snacks on hand for when there isn’t time to make them.

  88. I would love to win this-I LOVE trying new products and un-processed snacks that I didn’t have to make?!?! BRING IT ON!

  89. I’ve heard of this company one other time, and I have to say, it’s genius! I just love the idea that the snacks are picked out for you-I think I would then try things I wouldn’t otherwise. Expand my horizons, and all that!

  90. I love how they send new snacks each month. One of my fears is spending money on some kind of food that my family will not eat. This will force me out of the same ‘ol snacks!

  91. This sounds like a great idea! Especially in the summer when we are always on the go, and don’t always have time to make healthy snacks

  92. Wow, what I love about this is the ability for my family to have healthy snacks that won’t interfere with their severe allergies! So hard to find!!

  93. We have a lot of very busy children here and it would be great if there was something easy for them to grab on their way out the door!

  94. I love that they switch it up each month. We really struggle with finding new, healthy snacks to keep my husbands “on the go” lunch interesting. This would be so great!

  95. Mmm, it’s hard for me to say no to some crunchy snack foods! It’s so hard to find really yummy healthy stuff too!

  96. I have a hard time keeping snacks in the house (they just seem so expensive in the store!) so this sounds like a great option!

  97. I am always looking for healthy snack ideas! As a foster mom, finding time in the kitchen doesn’t always happen…we have worked hard to cut out refined sugar and flour, not to mention overly processed snacks, but we are still journeying on the road to better health.

  98. I love the fact that it is different each month and that they allow you to give a gift box for a one time fee if you want.

  99. I find the vegan, gluten free aspect helpful for having snacks around for all sorts of visitors with food sensitivities and such!

  100. I love that they have such variety! I love making homemade snacks and granola but there aren’t always enough hours in my day with homeschooling too. πŸ™‚

  101. The fact that there are so many vegan/gluten free options! My family loves snacks, and I have a hard time keeping up with the homemade stuff constantly. This would be perfect!

  102. This looks amazing. I am going to have to order a box even if we don’t win the giveaway! I love that the snacks are healthy… without me having to do a ton of work to make sure they are!

  103. I like that they started their company out of their own desire to find healthy snacks and that they make it really easy for their customers.

  104. I’m 5 months pregnant and starting to peter out in the cooking and baking department. I always try to make everything for my family, but at this point, I’m tired. I love that I can get snacks and don’t have to think about it especially when I just want to put my feet up instead of stand in the kitchen. Convenience is king in my world right now.

  105. I love the idea of not having to orry bout keeping healthy snacks exciting and “fun”. I easily get stuck in the rut of the same ‘ol ‘same ol snacks because finding economical, healthy snacks can be a challenge. This is a fun change.

  106. I am looking forward to staying in touch with ya,
    and I would sure like to win.
    Thank you so much

  107. I love the variety of snacks and that they are healthy. They also don’t look “scary” like many snacks can.

  108. This looks so nice! I just had my second baby and with nursing and less time I am always looking for quick healthy snacks!

  109. I love the fact that everything is so healthy, and it would give me some healthy snacks to send with my husband.

  110. I like the convenience of the service and also that we would get some favorite items and try some new items. Love the healthy option!

  111. I’m always so indecisive in the grocery store–I would love to just have someone pick my snacks for me!! (Which is why I love my CSA!!)

  112. I love this concept! We have slowly been moving toward a real food diet, but the price of snack stuff really kills me. This is a great choice.

  113. I like that it’s healthful and has a wide variety. It can be hard to be continuously creative since I’m pregnant and also have two little ones keeping me busy!

  114. Everything looks good, but the pictures of the snacks are small, so it is hard to tell what they all are.

  115. With a newborn, almost 2 yr old, breastfeeding mama, & hubby who’s a pastor — scheduling is difficult…as are having truly HEALTHY snacks around the house. I love the idea that these healthy snacks are delivered to your house once a month & that they vary from month to month…the ability to broaden my own & my family’s taste buds :0)

  116. What a lovely giveaway.I am 12 weeks pregnant with baby #5, and I would love the convenience of this!

  117. I couldn’t find the specific snacks on the website but I would love to be suprised with some kale chips. I feel like everyone has tried them but me!

  118. I like the surprise element! We’d end up trying and (probably liking!) things we might not regularly purchase!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  119. This is so awesome! I love trying new things and new snack options are always great. πŸ™‚

  120. I like the idea of fresh new healthy snack ideas- and you don’t even have to leave your house!

  121. I just love the variety, without having to stand in the store reading tons of labels to make sure I’m making good choices!

  122. A great variety of HEALTHY snacks. As much as I like to make things myself there are times when it is nice to have something you can just grab and feel good about.

  123. I saw this a while back and would LOVE to do it for the little girl’s (and Papa’s) lunch box. Just hard to add another $33 to the budget right now.

  124. I’m pregnant and constantly hungry! This is a sure fire way to make sure I am putting good things in my body instead of choosing things on impulse!

  125. Because it is a surprise in the mail I think my kids would be more apt to try the healthy alternatives!

  126. What a great idea! I always struggle with what kind of healthy snacks to provide my family. And honestly, I’d love to prepare them myself, but the convenience of having it done and delivered to my door is terrific!

  127. As a usually hungry nursing mom (and have been nursing and/or pregnant for the last ten and a half years), I love the idea of having healthy tasty snacks ready to go!

  128. The no-thought-needed aspect! Not sure if on our own it would make sense to pay someone else to do the picking, choosing and prep of snacks at this point, but I’d love to try the service and keep it in my bookmark list for when the cash flow is a little fuller.

  129. I would love to win this. My husband is always complaining about a lack of snack foods in the house and my 4 year old has been known to go pantry and refrigerator surfing when he gets up before we do in the mornings.

  130. Wow! This is super cool! I love the idea of feeding my family healthy snacks! I really like how diverse they keep it, because it’s really easy to eat the same healthy thing over and over again and just cave on something super refined and processed because it’s an old friend. Hope I win!

  131. I love the massive variety! I’m pretty good about making healthy snacks, but there’s no way I can offer this many options to my hubby! What a fabulous giveaway!

  132. This looks like a great way to acquaint one’s self with new healthy snack ideas. I noted on their website that they have gift boxes, which is a great idea for anyone… never know when there might be an allergy or special diet need.


  133. This sounds amazing…but is something that we could never afford ourselves so I would love to win and try it out!

  134. I love the idea of Healthy Surprise. I have been trying to get my 3 yr old to choose healthier snacks but it is difficult when his grandparents are always giving him unhealthy options. This way I could send healthy snacks with him.

  135. Would love to win this. I make most of our snacks but it is nice to have some around that have good ingredients for those days we need something fast.

  136. I like that they are sourcing non-GMO, vegan and gluten free items that are sometimes harder to find locally. Also, the idea of discovering something outside of our usual purchases sounds fun!

  137. I make most of my own snacks, but I always like recreating new ideas. This looks like a good idea! Sometimes just having something in the house someone else made is nice!

  138. We tend to get excited when we find something we can eat, then over do it and end up totally tired of that thing. πŸ™ I would love someone else to mix it up and send us a box of fun snacks we can eat!

  139. I have been looking for new and healthy snacks, trying to lose weight to be more healthy for my grandchildren

  140. We would love a box of healthy snack options! This intrigues me – it sounds as if it works somewhat like the CSA I work for.

  141. Trying to find Vegan snacks in my local area is expensive and difficult, being able to have them delivered, enough for the whole family at a reasonable price: I dig it! Also think the starter pack would be good for my little brother who is currently out to sea. Enjoyed the instant message thing on the website, was able to speak with someone and get answers instantly!

  142. This looks awesome! We are a family of “grazers,” and because my husband works a very early-morning shift, we rarely sit down for an actual meal. Healthy, easy, quick snack options delivered to my door sounds like a dream come true!

  143. This is so cool! I’ve seen all sorts of recipes for those kinds of snacks, but I have never seen them for sale! I just love the large variety of healthy, natural stuff that I would feel happy about eating. Really hoping to win! πŸ˜€

  144. What a wonderful package! I like the idea of being able to send a food gift that is actually good for you as well as delicious!

  145. I’m thinking this might be cool for our thru hiking plans. High energy snacks maybe delivered to drop boxes.

  146. This seems like a great way to try out healthy snacks especially if they arent that easy to come by where you live. The thing that I like the most about them is that there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are satisfied! That says a lot about them as a company and that they believe in the products that they are sending out!

  147. I think what appeals to me most about Healthy Surprise is the convenience of monthly delivery. The ready to eat and lots of variety are equally enticing.

  148. I liked this statement: “We choose products which are all natural ? meaning there are no chemicals or funny sounding ingredients.”

  149. With a busy schedule, it’s hard to keep homemade snacks on hand. It would be nice to know that we could keep healthy snacks on hand for the kids and for my husband to take to work with him.

  150. Wow, that sounds awesome. I’m a big sucker for snacky foods when life is hectic, and it’s so fun to try new things.

  151. I’ve just started going primal/paleo and am interested in snacks that would be easy and healthy.

  152. I like the surprise element the best. Like a food birthday party once a month! How cool. And also that I, being GF, could actually eat most of the stuff.

  153. I am curious about some of the ingredients. Our family has several people with different dietary needs. One is gluten intolerant, another can have no peanuts or carob or chocolate, and another can have no dairy. Would be neat though if I knew what was offered each month before buying.

  154. I’m ten weeks pregnant and find myself buying a lot more packaged/”convenience” foods than usual. This service seems like a great way to have a backup supply of snacks, and I love the idea of being able to try new healthy foods that aren’t necessarily in my local markets!

  155. Such a neat service! I prefer making my own snacks but with a 3 month old it is definitely helpful to have some healthy one-handed snacks within reach.

  156. This would be perfect for our family. Especially, for my husband who is in his car ALL day! No more grabbing unhealthy snacks at the check-out line, he would know he had something good for him waiting in the car. Perfect portions right to our door!

  157. I would love the suprise of new foods to try! We would probably find some items we have never even heard of before

  158. I love that its all done for you – snacks are one of the hardest things for me to come up with good ideas for!

  159. I love the thought they seem to put in to the choice of snacks. It looks they do the work I try to find time to do when choosing snacks for my family. And it sounds fun!

  160. Very cool. My son takes snacks to school every day and he is tired of the same old stuff. This would surely add some variety for him! And me!

  161. I like the fact that their snacks aren’t flour/grain/gluten based. We aren’t grain/gluten free, but many snacks are and I’d love to have more snack options that aren’t.

  162. Loved your suggestion for road trips. Who hasn’t been on the road, tired of your cooler foods and looking in vain at the local stops for something you can actually eat!

  163. Like that there are several different options…size of box, gluten free, etc… Also like that it is non-GMO.

  164. I love not having to go shopping! And I like to mix it up with snacks so we don’t get into a rut, so this is perfect!

  165. This sounds amazing! I’m a mom of two very young ones and need healthy great snacks!! Would love to sample these!!

  166. I normally don’t buy these type of ‘convenience’ products unless I’ve tried them first and found out that it’s exactly the taste and healthy option my family wants consistantly. I’d love to try this box for that reason.

  167. We pack a lot of lunches (and dinners!) in our home and having a greater variety of snacks would make packing lunches easier and more interesting. With such healthy options, I’m sure the variety would be healthier too!

  168. I like that they’re items that wouldn’t be available at grocery stores, neat to try different things! (though the prices you quote I can’t find, looks like there is shipping on the $33 one)

  169. Awesome……..I am always looking for road trip treats! Could have used these on our mini vacay 2 wks ago!!

  170. Pick me….lol! I’d love to win! We’re planning a much needed camping trip and this would be great!

  171. The hardest thing for me to do is keep the house stocked with a variety of snacks for between meals or packing lunches. This would be a wonderful solution!

  172. We are going to be taking a few road trips in the next couple of months and I have been worried about the treats issue…this would be great to have.

  173. I love that I can try new things…find items that we’d like…without looking at the tons of options at the store and trying to figure out what to get. :0)

  174. what a fabulous idea! great business—for me, these treats are perfect for on the go when you wanna have something in your purse just in case the kiddies get hungry!!! so convenient, and no feeling guilty casue they are healthy snacks to boot:) thanks for sharing this with us–

  175. This comment might get lost in the shuffle, but I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. You inspired me to cloth diaper (which I am enjoying) and even though we have been following a traditional diet this last year, you always have fresh ideas and help reinforce what I’ve been thinking or wanting to do. I get excited each day when I look to see what is posted. Thanks!

  176. Wow! I have never heard of this place. It is hard to pick just one. But I think I would have to say that its not a bunch of junk food.The snacks they say are natural and good for you.

  177. It’s nice that you get healthy snack delivered to your home and don’t have to think about finding them in the grocery store.

  178. This looks so fun. At the store these days there is so much of the store I don’t even look at because it is not real food. It would be nice to have something that will appeal to my old packaged food habits without compromising and eating junk.

  179. I love that this service does not send me soy-ladened packaged goods, but products that have simple, pure ingredients like I would use if I made the snacks myself! I also like that it brings together specialty products that I can’t find in stores.

  180. I am just starting moving toward real food…snacks is the hardest transition for me. This is great!!

  181. The thing I would MOST excited about is a wide variety of snacks that are gluten free!! And healthy!

  182. I like that all of the snacks are vegan! I know a lot of the Real Foodies disagree, but I don’t eat meat and like the idea of vegan snacks – as long as they’re not veganized with a lot of fakey products… which these aren’t!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  183. I believe in trying to raise my two little ones to choose healthy snaking habits and Healthy Surprise makes it easier! I love the products they offer! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  184. I just LOVE the variety of snacks that I would actually want to feed my children. It seems like every time I turn around they are begging for more snacks and I have been running out of ideas recently.

    1. What I like best about Healthy Surprise would have to be the “surprise” part. I love trying new things.

  185. I love that it would take away the “what snacks to make now?” questioning that i go thru every weekend!

  186. I like their guarantee because so many people have varying tastes, so this shows they stand behind their products.

  187. Wow! This would simplify my life so much. Right now, I have to shop at 4 different stores for all the snack items. I’m a WAHM, with two busy children-5 year old & 16 mo old. If I got HEALTHY snacks we can eat delivered to our front door that be a wonderful, wonderful dream come true!

  188. I love the ability to try new foods each month. I have only been gluten free for 2 months and I’m sometimes afraid to buy new foods that I may not like but this way I’d be trying smaller amounts of the items and then I could buy larger amounts.

  189. I love this idea!! Especially because where I live we don’t have the type of stores that would carry these types of snacks. πŸ™‚

  190. I would love to win this! My 2 toddlers and infant are always hungry, so I’m always looking for good snack ideas. Thanks!

  191. i need so much help knowing what to have around for snacking, especially being a mom bf-ing a 6 month old who is always hungry. πŸ™‚

  192. This would be brand new for me and I’m mostly excited about trying new things and getting healthier snacks for my 3 boys…WHO EAT ALL THE TIME!!!

  193. I love the convenience factor of this delivery service. Like you, I believe the snacks could be prepared for a better price, but some seasons in life are just so busy. I’d look for something like this during those times.

  194. Sorry to be a downer but we paid $66 for nine individual servings, which would mean OVER $7 each for fairly small snacks. I have tasted 2 things so far, one was just okay, no one asked for more and the other was downright gross! Please forgive me, I love your blog, but wanted to warn others as I would have liked to have known….

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