Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks


**This was taken by 4 year old Abbie. It took about 30 shots, but I think she did a good job, don't you? In the process of all these pregnancies photos, you may just get a small tour of my house, too.

You know, I think it's actually started to sink in that I'm having a baby in 16 weeks! 🙂

It's taken awhile, but I'm really grasping now that this baby is coming, and in not so very long at all! I think it's just been such a busy, and at times stressful, winter and early spring that pregnancy was often relegated to the back of my mind (not that I can ignore morning sickness, etc. but just that aside from feeling yucky, I didn't have much energy to really think about the coming baby).

Now, I am keenly aware that there is a little one moving around and preparing to make it's appearance in less than 4 months! I started to finally feel baby regularly around 21 weeks, which has been so much fun. I love to lay down at night and enjoy feeling baby doing acrobatics while I fall asleep (or write a blog post, like right now!). We're working on getting baby to cooperate and move when Ryan tries to feel. It'll happen one of these days, I'm sure!

There is soooo much to do in the next little while. Here's a glimpse into my to-do list:

  • Spend several full days implementing a new system of organizing and filing, based on the book Getting Things Done
    (more geared towards business, not home, but my husband has begun using this system and loves it, and the more I read the book, I think I will, too). I mentioned my need to do this in my last update, and this is what has come out of that realization.
  • Get my garden entirely planted up for spring/early summer (I'm getting close!)
  • Restock my freezer and pantry, with several months supply of all dry goods, as well as a new batch of grass-fed beef and whole free-range chickens
  • Make 20-30 meals for the freezer for after baby arrives
  • Sell several items that need to be sold on Craigslist (some Denby dishes, bike trailers, strollers, etc)
  • Get my eBook up and selling (look for it next Monday!), and make some more changes to my blog, as well as prepare ahead (guest posts, pre-written posts, etc.) for my 6 week "babymoon" where I won't have much energy to blog
  • Help my husband with some big changes that are coming for our family, which I will let you know about as soon as I am able 🙂
  • Attempt to potty train Caden, and work on some more training issues and establishing routines with my two sweet children
  • Plan out my next year of home educating, finish buying any curriculum and supplies (at least, the ones I can anticipate now), and try to get a head start on some of it this spring and summer, since I'll be doing a little less "learning time" (school time) in the early fall months with the new baby
  • Finish clearing out the clutter from our house (I am working my way systematically through each room of the house), and doing as much spring cleaning as I can at the same time. I've promised my husband that I won't have a garage sale, but we will be donating and giving away what is becoming a pretty big pile of "stuff" in our garage

Phew! Sounds busy, but so far my energy level is good and holding, so we'll see what I accomplish. 🙂 I will be writing some more detailed, specific lists, and will share those and my progress on them from time to time.

Aside from my busy plans…

Honestly, I'm doing really well. Now that the stressful tenant issues are over, we have a bit of a respite from house guests, I'm sleeping well again, and most of my own and Caden's current eczema issues have been dealt with, I am feeling relaxed, peaceful and back to my usual self. Praise God!

My appointment with my midwife yesterday morning was great, as usual. She was relieved to see me much less stressed and tired, and said that baby is doing well. I just need to encourage it to get vertical instead of horizontal (baby is sideways right now, which is fine at this stage, but having baby turn earlier rather than later would be a good thing).

I had been having a bit more pelvic/achy pain, especially while sleeping and when getting up and moving around the first few hours each day. My midwife was great to quickly pinpoint the reason: I had run out of my calcium/magnesium supplement a few weeks ago, and that's right around when it started to get worse. I love easy solutions like that!

I also bought some pregnancy nutrient tea while at the midwives (which is connected to a my naturopath's office, so she has a great natural pharmacy at her disposal). I had been planning to make my own, using dried nettle, alfalfa, red raspberry leaf, peppermint, oatstraw, etc. When I had been researching where to buy each of the individual dried herbs, it was just getting expensive quite quickly, even though I was trying to go the frugal route by making my own. I decided to ask if they had their own pregnancy herbal tea, and sure enough, they did!

It has red clover, nettle, red raspberry leaf, peppermint and oatstraw, so it's very similar to what I had planned on making. It is just full of important pregnancy nutrients, as well as uterine toners, so I will start taking it one cup a day, and slowly work my way up as I get farther along.

The heartburn, which had mercifully gone away for about a month or so is now back. I think, though, that it's just because my stomach is getting a bit squished and not able to digest large or complex meals quite as efficiently as it was. I'm trying to be conscious of this and eat 5-6 smaller meals a day, rather than the 3 larger meals that I was eating. When I keep myself from eating too much at one sitting, and drink or take something to aid my digestion beforehand, it keeps it very manageable. See this post for more detailed heartburn tips!

That's it for me! How are all the other pregnant mamas out there doing?

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  1. I’m so glad you are doing well and enjoying the last 4 months of your pregnancy. It sounds like you have quite a bit to get done, but I’m sure God will give you the strength you need to complete the taks that are most important to him.

    Oh, and by the way, you look so cute pregnant 🙂


  2. You are half way through your pregnancy and look great! I am 2 months along, so I feel pretty yucky right now, but you are reminding me of that “glow” that pregnant women have right around the 5th or 6th month. Good luck accomplishing all your tasks, just remember to take time to rest, and don’t overdo it!! I have a quick question for you: what prenatal vitamins and supplements are you using? Right now I’m using the Rainbow Light prenatals, iron, DHA capsules (Nordic Naturals) and a B6 supplement. Also, I hate my iron supplement–do you have any suggestion for a natural iron supplement? Any info you can give me will be appreciated. Alexis

  3. I was thinking “Wow! Your to-do list is huge!” But then I was thinking of all the things I’ve been doing the past few months. I just didn’t happen to write them down. 🙂 Don’t get stressed out if it doesn’t all get done.

    I’m due in less than 2 weeks (yikes!) and thought I was doing well with 10 meals in the freezer. I do have several friends and family that will bring me a meal after the baby is born (I’m so thankful for that!)

    I’m wishing you the best. Enjoy your energy! And enjoy what should be a gorgeous Spring day in BC. I plan to hang out alot of laundry today. I love that!

  4. Why not grow some of those herbs yourself one day? Nettle, rasperry leaf, and red clover should be easy, as should peppermint, although you want to plant everything except the raspberries in pots, as they are invasive. Oatstraw would require growing oats, though. 🙂 I’d buy that one.

    Not attempting to add to your to-do list, but you do so well gardening I thought this might be a cheaper way to get herbs.

  5. You’re doing great! I’d love to hear how your Craigs list selling goes…I have Denby dishes that I may like to sell at some point, too.

  6. That is an ambitious but practical to-do-list! I hope you are able to get done most of it. You are looking fabulous. I gained so much weight with both of my pregnancies – have you run into much info regarding that? I know avoiding HFCS and too much sugar…I tried (definitely could have been better, but I truly did cut out a lot).

    Alexis, my midwife recommended liquid chlorophyl to build up iron and other essential nutrients to assist in building the blood back up after delivery. My favorite prenatal was the Shaklee one…very expensive, but it didn’t seem to irritate my stomach like every other one I’ve taken.

  7. you look great!!!

    I also had a similarly huge to-do list before the baby came. I think I totally overdid it those last 2 weeks especially. But then again, knowing I deep cleaned my house was great now that I can’t do it. Maybe it helped jump-start labour, LOL. I got a crazy nesting instinct!!!

    I have to be honest though that I didn’t get it all done. I got the most important things done (for me, making 21 supper freezer meals, several dozen muffins and some bread for the freezer was THE top priority). But there are still many things on that list that will wait until another time…who knows when that will be.

  8. Looks like you’ve got a lot to do!

    I will be 13 weeks tomorrow, and I have my energy back! I have an appointment today, and I think I am farther along than originally calculated (At 8w6d, baby measured at 10w3d, but doctor never changed my due date!), so I may be 11 days off, we’ll see!
    Haven’t had any complications or scares since I’ve been off bedrest, praise God!
    Big changes coming for our family as well. Moving an hour and a half north, away from everything we’ve ever known (born and raised in this town, where all my friends and family are) half way through my pregnancy. We don’t know exactly when, but it will be in the next 3-4 months. I’m scared, but excited to see what God has for us up there!!

  9. Are you taking any any herbal supplements (other than what you’re planning to do with the tea) for your pregnancy? Have you continued taking any of the supplements that you were taking for your PCOS?

  10. Glad you are feeling better and less stressed!!

    You sparked my interest when you mentioned in a previous post how you were revamping some organization methods etc before the arrival or your next child. I will be very interested to see what you thought of Getting Things Done and what changes and new methods you put into place!!

    Also excited to learn more about your ebook!!

  11. your list is great–I hope you accomplish it before baby comes! I had a VERY similar list and finished it one month before my little girl came (she is 2 months on friday!) and I felt SO relieved and was able to rest and relax a lot during the last month……well…as much as my little busy toddler would allow 🙂
    I just started following your blog.
    getting rid of things and purging the house of clutter made me feel especially “clean”!
    Sarah M

  12. I need to read Getting Things Done. I checked it out from the library and was getting things done so I missed reading it 🙂 I have another book recommendation for you though…Power of Less by Lee Balbauta. It seems to apply a little bit more to my life as a home manager and with running a blog. Let me know if you get a chance to read it!

    PS- You look beautiful, sweetie!!

  13. Glad you are feeling better and you look great. A little tour of your home wouldn’t be so bad 🙂 I love seeing how others decorate and such!

    I just started reading The Power Of Less by Leo Babuta and I think you would like it. He talks a lot about getting things done, like the book you mentioned but is more applied to everyday life. I have really enjoyed it. It is not Christian but I have not found anything offensive in it! I got my copy on Amazon!

  14. Wow! Looks like you’ll be busy! : ) We’re expecting our second on November 4, 2 days before my oldest’s first birthday! He was born 3 months early (a 27 week preemie), so his adjusted/developmental age will only be 9 months. I’ll really have to have my act together! I’ve had a little bit of a rough time getting organized with my first one – especially spending literally all our time in the NICU for the first 3 months of his life.

    We’re also finishing up building our house right now (we’ve been living in the downstairs of my husband’s family’s duplex), and are hoping to be able to move in in about two months.

    We just got married last May, and our first baby was born 6 months and 3 days later (3 months early, remember!), so I’m looking forward to finally unpacking my things in our own little house!

    I’m planning some similar to-do’s. I’ve thought about making some meals to put in the freezer; they’d definitely come in handy! And I need to get all of our filing done – all my husband’s real estate papers, and the innumerable hospital bills. We also need to get moved into our new home and at least somewhat set up!

    Hopefully we’ll both be able to get everything done before our babies come!

    ~Lauren Z

  15. I’ve had awful heartburn with my pregnancies (three down, probably one more to go!), and I’ve found that a small cup of warm milk with honey helps, or a handful of almonds. The almonds work almost every time and provide some great fatty acids. Plus they’re delicious 🙂

    Good luck, it was fun reading through your update!

    xo, amanda @

  16. Alexis and AP, I have a post planned on pregnancy supplements coming up soon! 🙂 But in the meantime, for iron, I prefer Floradix Liquid Iron. It is the absolute best, in my opinion!

    Alisa, it’s been (mostly) really beautiful here lately, hasn’t it??

    Raven, that is definitely a “one day” goal of mine, to be able to grow all of my own herbs for teas like this and other medicinal/supplemental uses! I am currently a bit more focused on learning to grow veggies, but I am trying to add another couple of herbs each year, so this year my new ones (in addition to parsley, dill, oregano, basil, mint and thyme) are chives, cilantro and calendula. Next year I’m hoping to add some others like nettle and echinacea.

    Amanda, good recommendation with the chlorophyl! 🙂

    Amanda (kiddio), thanks for the reminder of almonds! I’ve found them helpful before, but haven’t thought of them lately.

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