Adorable Girls Hair Clips: Want to Win Some?

Sometimes I think that one of the funnest parts of being a blogger is doing reviews and giveaways! Now, girls hair clips may not have too much to do with natural living, homemaking or nutrition, but it does have something to do with our sweet little girls, and the fact that we just love to see their gorgeous selves all dolled up!

So… you can imagine that when Jennifer from Born 2 Impress asked if I would consider doing a review, I was ecstatic and immediately said yes! Just a couple weeks later, when Abbie opened up the box that had arrived in the mail, she (and I) were just thrilled with the contents!


Doesn't she look beautiful? This is just one of the lovely little clips and bows that we had the privilege of trying out, and I think it was my favorite (though it's hard to choose!).


Abbie, on the other hand, absolutely loved this bright and bold headband:


As well as this sweet little daisy clip:


**Talk about a willing and cheerful model! 🙂

One of the things that impressed me most about this mom-owned and run business was it's selection! They had almost every type of clip you could imagine (flowers and insects, braided clips, organza bows, small and large ribbon bows, clips sets) as well as a huge variety of different types of headbands, plus hats, pony-O's and even purses and totes. They range in size and selection for infants, toddlers and big girls, with appropriate styles of clips and bands to suit each stage of hair length and thickness as well.

The clips are snap style, and the bulk of the clip is carefully wrapped in ribbon or soft fabric to prevent ripping/catching hairs and to help them stay in snugly. You may have noticed in pictures that my Abbie has extremely thin and fine hair and even at age 4, it is only full enough to keep it in a chin-length bob.

I often struggle to find clips that work well in her hair but aren't too small and babyish, and these clips were absolutely perfect! They stayed in place very well, considering the fact that they are larger and heavier than most of the clips we've used. Hooray!

I would love to let one of you try out some of these beautiful, hand-made hair accessories for your own little girl, so Jennifer has generously offered to give away a $20 gift certificate to Born 2 Impress!

Here's how to enter:

1) Visit the Born 2 Impress site, give yourself a little tour, and choose your top one or two favorite products!

2) Leave me a comment letting me know your favorite picks, and make sure that you leave your name and email as well.

3) If you'd like to be entered a second time, mention this giveaway on your own blog and leave a second comment with the url of the post where you linked to it.

4) Giveaway ends next Tuesday, 3 pm (PST). (Unfortunately, giveaway is only open to US residents or those with a US shipping address)

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  1. Love the enthusiasm on your cute model! These must be a hit with her. My girls can’t get enough of hair accessories. Right now they are into headbands – my favorite was the 1/2″ braided in shocking pink and lime. It would look cute with another favorite – the green purse with lavender flowers and a pink braided band. My youngest loves little purses like that. She carries them everywhere.

  2. I love the flower clips for the infants as well as the layered clips for toddlers. My oldest daughter loves to wear bows in her hair!

  3. I really like the Big Girl Round Stripes in just about every color. My daughter loves having her hair fixed pretty and would love these.

  4. I love the pink and brown tails toddler bow and the Pony O’s are just so cute! We are in the process of adopting our first child (a little girl – due June 6th) and I’m having so much fun looking at all the adorable little girl stuff!

  5. I just LOVE the
    Dark Pink – L. Pink Stripes R. Bow – White Ribbon Beanie. My DD would look TOO cute in it!

  6. I like the toddler’s flower headbands and the headwraps with flowers for baby. Acutally, anything flowery is so cute!! I could look for a long time on that site!

  7. Loved the toddler bows – super fun patterns and colors, so fun! Not sure I could pick one or two favorites alone, too many to love! The headbands were so cute, too, but I don’t think she’d keep them on her head. 🙂

  8. My almost 6 year old would go crazy over those braided headbands. So much fun!

  9. I loved the Pony O’s – since my DD wears ponytails most of the time. Bubble Gum orange was my fav. Also loved the daisy flower clips under the Big Girl section.

  10. I love the toddler pink daisy clips with the pearl center. I don’t yet have any girls but I do have a 2-year-old niece with very fine hair who would love these clips.
    Thank you!

  11. I am especially fond of the flower clips but I also adore the butterfly and ladybugs.

  12. How cute! The spring butterfly clips made from ribbon are adorable, and the flower clippies… fun!

  13. What a great store! I love all the flower clips. My favorites are the pink daisy and the beige daisy with a small pearl. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  14. Very cute! My two girls love hair bows, etc. I would pick daisy clip and the ladybug clippie! So cute! Thank you!

  15. Cute, girly stuff! I have two boys, but I’ll enter for gifts for my three nieces 🙂 I think those infant flower wraps are fabulous, and the little double-petal flower clips look so feminine.

    The pics of your girls are really beautiful, Stephanie!

  16. Love the red-polka dot flower toddler clip set and the yellow gold toddler flower headband. Also the butterfly clippies and the beige daisy clip for toddlers.
    My little girl always wants to do her hair pretty princess.

  17. Love the Infant crochet headbands and the 1/2 in headbands. All the colors and styles are adorable!!

  18. I love all the big girl flower clips, especially the mini daisy clips (the pink one with the pearl center is my fav.)
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  19. I’d love to get some of the crochet headbands or bows for my 2 and 4 yr. olds. They have lots of hair, and I’m always looking for cute hairstyles!

  20. I love the rose petal clippies and the pink hearts bow. I finally got a girl (1yo) after having 3 boys so we will be enjoying everything girly together.

  21. I have an infant daughter and an toddler daughter. My infant doesn’t have enough hair for a clip, but I would get the organza flower clippie and use it the moment it would stay in her hair. The double 8 petal flower clips for toddlers would be great for my oldest – hot pink. It was hard to choose! So many wonderful items. Great website, too.

  22. I like the Beige Mini Daisy – Toddler Flower Clip and the Red Polka Dots- 3 Loops Toodler Bow.

  23. I love the red exotic flower clip and the gingham daisy clippies. They are so cute!!! Thanks!

  24. I have two girls after having three boys and they are true girly-girls. These are what they would probably pick.
    Pink – White Hearts Pinwheel Toddler – Doll Bow Set
    BGB- 4 Loops Light Pink Stipes – Doube Layers

  25. She is SO CUTE!
    And she looks so much like you!

    I love the Red-polka dot daisy toddler clips set and the white-red hearts pinwheel-toddler-doll bow set! Adorable!!

  26. My daughter loves head bands—that’s the only thing she will wear. She loves bright colors—she doesn’t even care if it matches her outfit.

  27. I really like the Toddler Bows and Toddler Flower Clips. Thanks for introducing us to such a great shop!

  28. I LOVE the toddler flower clips! my favorite was the lavender flowers clip with the pearl center. These clips are just so pretty, and would be lovely for any occasion!

  29. I love the 1/2″ Woven Headbands (my daughter’s favorite hair accessory at the moment) and the pony o’s. What a great idea!

  30. The infant flower headbands are so cute! I like the zig zag band with the red flower. Lots of cutie-pie accessories there!

  31. I love the infant and toddler flower clips, especially the daisies- so cute, without being too big. (Not a fan of big bows!) I would love to win some of these for my little girl!

  32. I really like the clippies, either the lady bugs or the daisies, although it is hard to chose!

  33. I love the infant hats (white w/ pink trim is my favorite)! A cute way to have even a bald baby girl be girlie 🙂

  34. I really like the look of the 1″ Brown-Pink Lolipop ribbon woven headband. It would look great in my sweet 9 yr old dd long blonde hair.

  35. These are so cute! My almost 2 year old has wild hair and these would maybe make it look like I brushed it occasionally. 🙂 I loved the toddler light pink giant brown dots classic headband and the pink gingham daisy flower bead clippie.

  36. My daughters would love the Pony-Os and Classic Headbands. I am always looking for a quick and easy way to keep their long hair out of their eyes. Thanks for the review on sippy cups also. I was just looking into finding a new one for my 11-month old and the post sure helped. Love your blog and appreciate the time you put into it!

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