Oh-So-Many Giveaway Winners (Are You One of Them?) and That Lovely Place Called Pinterest

Oh-So-Many Giveaway Winners (Are You One of Them?) and That Lovely Place Called Pinterest

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I am a little behind on giveaway winner announcements, so here we go with the winners from 4 (yes, four) giveaways…

The winner of the $100 at TriLight Health to spend on high-quality liquid herbal supplements and remedies is:

Trezlen (trezlen@)

The winner of the GNOWFGLINS Lacto-Fermentation eCourse is:


The winners of the 3-pack of real food ebooks (Real Food Basics, Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods, and Against the Grain grain-free reipces) are:



The winners of the Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts ebooks are:

Danielle (mrs.petite.dani@)

Darcy (memoriesmama@)

Trezlen (trezlen@)

Emily (ekreisig@)

Mary (readinfool@)

If you’ve won and haven’t heard from anyone yet, you likely will in the next day or two, but please feel free to contact me as well. Thanks and congratulations, everyone!

Oh-So-Many Giveaway Winners (Are You One of Them?) and That Lovely Place Called Pinterest

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Are You On Pinterest?

Wonder of wonders, now I am, too.

(Are you surprised? I am!)

Although I think I need to proceed with caution and set strict time limits, I can see how this is an amazing tool for sharing inspiration, recipes, ideas for making our homes havens, natural living tutorials and more. I’m slowing building up my boards with so many helpful and creative ideas, and I’d love to share them with the rest of you!

To make it easier to pin a post on Keeper of the Home, we’ve also added a “Pin It” button at the bottom of each post (look for a new set of stylish social media buttons sometime in the next week). The more that we can share ideas for simple, natural and healthier living, the better!

Follow me on Pinterest (and join the addiction fun).

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  1. I’m on Pinterest, too, and I thought it was awesome until I saw some pics on there that are absolutely unacceptable. I’m trying to figure out how to block them, or if it’s possible. If I can’t, then I’ll just have to close my account. 🙁

  2. I tried to join pinterest, but it wanted to use my Facebook information including friends. I did not want them to have that information. Is there a way to join without having to use Facebook? Thank you.

    1. @Sue, Sue, I signed up a long time ago (when, I think, it was still in beta format and you had to be invited to join) so that wasn’t the issue…I just made my account. Many of my friends have also said that and have avoided it for that reason.
      I wonder if there is a general help button or FAQ on the main site that would answer that?
      Sarah M

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