Your input is requested!

Your input is requested!

I have several questions from readers that I would like to open up to all of you!

From Cloth Diapering (even for the faint of heart):

  I was wondering, have you ever tried the dry pail method? And if so, is there a difference in the stinkiness?

I was just wondering what you know about Fuzzi-bunz? Have you ever tried them? How to they compare to Mother-ease, etc?

From Homemade Soup Broth- an essential element in any healthy, frugal kitchen:

My meat supplier won’t sell me bones because he says they haven’t been
inspected or they are not approved to do so…but they do sell “dog
bones”. I was wondering if you knew of any reason to avoid using them,
or if I could boil the “dog bones” for our homemade soups! Or if you
have any other sources for buying bones…(Bellingham, WA)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Re: dry pail cloth diapering

    I have been cloth diapering for 8 years and have only used a dry pail. I have not had any stink issues…at least that I recall. I just use a garbage can with lid that I picked up at Target. It has a button on the lid that flips the lid up…so it is pretty air tight.

    Re: Fuzzi Bunz

    I have used them and like them, although if you are wanting to use pocket diapers, I HIGHLY recommend Bum Genius by Cotton Babies. LOVE them!

  2. I use the dry pail method with a wet bag lining a regular trash can. I sprinkle a bit of baking soda and a few drops of tea tree oil in the wetbag to avoid any odors, and have never experience any smelliness, even in the hot Georgia summer. In the past, I used a wet bucket, and with this method I did notice a gross, stale, almost mildew type odor, which is the main reason why I first did the switch to the dry pail.

    About “dog bones”- this is how my local farmer has to sell his beef bones due to the inspection laws in my area. These bones are perfectly acceptable for soup, and make delicious stock. :o)

  3. Hi there!

    I can kill two birds with one stone – so to speak – I use Fuzzi Bunz with the Dry Pail method. 🙂

    I’ll start with the Fuzzi Bunz. Lucky for me, my local cloth diaper supply store offers a risk-free cloth diaper trial, so I was able to take home one of each kind of diaper that she carried (which were many!), and see which ones I liked best. Fuzzi Bunz, hands down, were by FAR my favourite. They fit beautifully, they were super-soft, not at all bulky, I have had almost no leaks, they are incredibly easy to stuff, and the wet insert just falls right out into the diaper pail.

    I guess that’s a good segue to the Dry Pail method. 🙂

    While I’ve never used the Wet Pail method, the dry pail method works fine for me, so I haven’t had reason to try it any other way. For a diaper pail, I purchased a large (20 gallon?) stainless steel kitchen garbage can with a foot pedal that opens the lid. This makes life much easier, as it keeps my hands free to deal with the diaper. I line the diaper with a wet bag (okay, the nomenclature here could be confusing – “wet” bag, as in waterproof, but it’s actually dry! I believe the one I have is made by Bummis). I use biodegradable liners in the diapers (which I could skip, if my little one would ever start having formed poops…which is a whole other topic!). So if the diaper is poopy, I just flip the liner with the “solids” into the toilet, shake out the insert into the diaper pail, and then drop the rest of the diaper in. Repeat process for 2-3 days, until the pail is full, and/or I’m almost out of diapers! I then pull out the wet bag full of diapers, and dump the whole works, bag and all, into the washing machine. I fill up the washer with cold water, and soak the diapers for about half an hour. This prevents any stains from setting in. Then I run a cold rinse cycle. Then I change the setting to hot, put in a tiny bit of Allen’s Naturally laundry soap, and run a regular wash cycle. Then I throw everything in the dryer before I go to bed at night, and then re-stuff them and put them away first thing in the morning.

    I guess that’s it! Hope that helps somewhat.


  4. I would make sure these dog bones are from the same source as the meat that that store sells for human consumption. I do not know why else they would have these bones on hand but just make sure. On another note, I would be careful about boiling the bones of non organic meat as many of the toxins and pesticides are stored in the marrow (and the fat) I only boil the bones of organically raised beef and chicken. The others I dispose of.
    I notice that you are in Bellingham. I used to live in Lynden, WA and used to get buffalo from an organic farm up there. Perhaps you could check on line or in the phone book to see if they have bones only for sale in their small on farm store.I forget the name of the farm in Ferndale, I think. (Did you know that Pleasant Valley Farms in Ferndale sells raw milk?)

  5. I dry-pail my nappies too. I wash about every other day and don’t really have any smell problems. I try to remember to put a few drops of tes tree oil on the first nappy I put in (not on the wrap) and it make the bin smell lovely.
    I just wash them on a long cycle and put some vinager in the fabric conditioner drawer. I heard that it helps break down the urine and the residue smell that you can get. And it really works.
    I am also a big fan of line drying when ever possible as the sun really does bleach them. They then also smell lovely and fresh!

  6. I use the dry pail method and it smells much better I think.

    Fuzzi Bunz diapers are great, if I had an unlimited budget I would use those exclusively.

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