Spring Giveaway Week: Win One of 10 Copies of Real Food...Real Easy

Spring Giveaway Week: Win One of 10 Copies of Real Food…Real Easy

Pepper Jack Potato Soup
Since having my 4th baby four weeks ago, I am just starting to really cook again after enjoying meals from friends and from my freezer. As we adjust to our new “normal”, my main priority is foods that are quick and easy to make, but are still whole, nourishing, and from-scratch. In my quest for a little mealtime inspiration, Real Food…Real Easy has been one of the places that I have been turning.

Real Food Real Easy

Real Food…Real Easy is an eBook with over 70 recipes, intended to help those who are new to real food or for those looking for ways to simplify their meals (overwhelmed, anyone?). It was written by a group of 7 moms, 3 of whom are contributing writers here at Keeper of the Home (Hi Kate, Erin and Rachel)!

I had a chance to interview Nikki of Christian Mommy Blogger to gain a little more insight into this book, why they wrote it and what makes it unique:

Stephanie: I’ll admit that I’m not a gourmet foodie. I’m a busy mom and I have lots of little mouths to feed (which usually prefer plain old scrambled eggs to a fancy herb and goat cheese frittata anyways). From what I can see, these are recipes from moms who cook whole foods, but in simple ways… am I right?

Nikki: You couldn’t be more right! We are all busy mamas…with little kids we don’t have time to spend all day in the kitchen (though most of us wouldn’t mind!). We have taken real food “guidelines” and simplified them with realistic weeknight meals and treats. No special ingredients, no special equipment. Just you and a quick (casual) date with your kitchen – real easy.

Stephanie: Were there any specific criteria for the recipes you chose?

Nikki: We were relaxed on our selections (to an extent). We wanted this to be “real easy” so we made sure the recipes had ingredients that people new to real food (or not yet introduced) would likely have on hand. It is more about changing how you prepare (and “preparing” more than “buying processed”) than reinventing the wheel. You love cereal? We show you how to make cereal, from scratch, all while maximizing the healthy benefits of each of the ingredients. No white flour, sugar, margarine or other non-natural ingredients were used. Simple, available, not expensive. That is what we strived for!

English Muffins

Stephanie: There are a lot of cookbooks out there. What was the motivation behind this specific book and what makes it stands out from other books?

Nikki: We aren’t just one person writing their ideas about diet, recipes and techniques. There is nothing wrong with that, but this book should appeal to more people because it is written by more people. We are all at different walks in our real food journey. Some are rookies that are trying new recipes and having fun creating some too. Others have been around the block, know what leads to burnout, and have adapted recipes to keep you from, well, burning out. Healthy? Yes. Easy? Yes. Same old cookbook? No. Tried and true recipes that range from slow cooker concoctions to dehydrated cereal to dilly carrots! It has it all for the novice or the expert that needs fresh ideas!

Stephanie: Many moms find it challenging to get healthy foods into their kids. Any tips to share with them? And are there recipes in this book that will help them get good foods into picky children?

Nikki: My kids are really little. I am fortunate to say I started them out on a real food diet so they don’t really know what the “other side” is like. But when my 2 year old refuses to eat her veggies (ugh!) a green smoothie is ALWAYS accepted with open arms. My husband and I joke that she won’t eat solid vegetables for several years, but she will be healthy as can be! And there is a smoothie recipe in the book 🙂

Turkey Pesto Pinwheels

Stephanie: Any favorite recipes in the book? Which ones have your family enjoyed the most?

Nikki: Honey Oat Bread is my ultimate favorite. Stacy created this recipe. It is so easy to make and it tastes amazing! My family goes crazy for it! And Orange-Glazed Apple Dumplings. Melt-in-your-mouth delish!

Stephanie: If you could share one tip for making real foods, from scratch, but WITHOUT spending tons of time in the kitchen, what would it be?

Nikki:Pick what matters to you most. Don’t try to do it all. You will spend too much time (and money) and you will most likely fail. For me it was grains. I wanted to keep my grains freshly ground and soaked/sprouted. Once I perfected that and got the process down to a speedy task, I was able to add other things that were important. For grains it is SO easy if you plan ahead (Stephanie, you know a thing or two about that!) and soak your grains/oats/rice the night before. Ready for you the next day so on your cooking day, you don’t really have extra work!

Would you like to win one of 10 copies of the eBook Real Food…Real Easy?

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  1. Finding recipes that my whole family likes is difficult. I would be willing to spend more time if I found things that were healthy and that my children like. It seems that my children change so much from day to day (18months and 3 years). One day they will eat ham and bread and the next day, they dont want the home made pizza?! Sometimes in the end simple seems to win out…

  2. This book sounds so great! I am always looking for quick & easy healthy recipes, which don’t always go together. I need more ideas & would love to check it out. 🙂

  3. This is a real treat!! I love cookbooks, especially with a house full of people with different food allergies (from cow/goat’s milk allergies, to onions)! They keep me on my toes and having a cookbook with some new, fresh, HEALTHY, natural ideas is great!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  4. Trying new recipes is always fun. I struggle with are they really quick and easy and will my family eat them again.

  5. This would be a great to have as my family is transitioning into only having real food. Thanks Stephanie for another great giveaway.

  6. I find creating easy midweek recipes quite challenging. I usually make meals from scratch and it always takes time. One thing I am assured of by doing that is that I know what goes into our meals exactly. It’s when I’m exhausted, and looking for inspiration that a book like this would be a Godsend.

  7. I certainly struggle most with finding quick, simple, real food recipes. I have been known to spend hours finding recipes (which can be fun/amusing) – it’s time I just don’t have these days though. This would be a great go-to resource!

  8. For me, the struggle is finding real foods that are truly fast and easy to make. Not that I need instant, but until some of the little hands are bigger and can help, I need something that can prep and be ready in 1 hour or less!

  9. As the mother of 2 teenagers, I am trying to have healthy ready-made snacks for them to graze on! Fresh fruit and yogurt gets boring. Thank you for such a great website!

  10. I love making food from scratch but I often get in a rut, making the same things over and over again. Lack of time sometimes keep me from preparing good, wholesome foods

  11. I struggle with finding time to do it all. With three boys three and under, things can get a little crazy around here!

  12. I like cooking from scratch, but I struggle to find recipies that are from “real” food that I have all the ingredients for , that I can make in time for dinner, and that my family will like. I’m hoping this cookbook will help!

  13. Finding healthy recipes my family will eat has been difficult. I enjoy making them and the kids love to help make them, but they don’t always enjoy eating them.

  14. I need fast and easy recipes – I gravitate towards recipes I have memorized and I need to learn new ones!

  15. The fast and easy part is what I struggle with most. Traditional foods take a lot of forethought and planning.

  16. i struggle with planning ahead, making sure I have all the ingredients and have the time to cook/bake before we’re all starving and waiting for dinner–or I’ll just ditch my good intentions and go with a meal that’s much easier but less nutritious.

  17. I don’t mind making food from scratch, but sometimes feel like it takes more time than I want it too. Would love some new quick and easy recipes.

  18. We are in the process of moving into a new home in a new city and I just found out I am unexpectedly pregnant with my third child! Needless to say, I am looking for simplicity and ease during this crazy time in our life. This cookbook would help me continue to feed my family healthy food from scratch while we are adjusting to all the new things.

  19. I am so ready to try some of these recipes!! I have been trying to rid our home of “easy” food & get down to making some wholesome good food!!

  20. I definitely struggle more with finding fast and easy recipes. I was raised on whole foods, so the idea of making everything (literally) from scratch doesn’t really faze me the way it does a lot of people; However, so many recipe books seem to assume that ‘whole food’ diets have to be gormet, and that doesn’t fit with a busy family of littles!

  21. We are at the beginning of our Real Food Journey and this book would be an immense boost to feeding our family. Thank you for the chance!!!

  22. This cookbook sounds wonderful. I struggle with finding recipes that are easy, made from scratch and call for ingredients I normally have in my kitchen. I would love to check out the recipes in this book. Thanks for opportunity!

  23. What I need are more recipes to try that are easy and good for you. I have almost always made everything from scratch, but not always with the healthiest ingredients so I’m always looking for healthy recipes that taste good and are easy to make 🙂

  24. I struggle with finding time to prep–and doing simple things, like remembering to plan ahead in order to soak grains overnight!

  25. I’ve been making things from scratch long enough that it is just what I do. Finding recipes is the hardest.

  26. I’ve make the majority of our items from scratch but there is a few items that I still need to do and so finding the recipes is what I need help with.

  27. Finding practical recipes for a busy family is definitely the hardest. The kitchen is stocked, but what to do with it is another matter! 🙂

  28. I find it harder to find recipes. Usually I’ll just adapt a recipe and make it my own. My husband gets frustrated sometimes because I’ll make something he really likes, but can’t ever recreate it exactly because I didn’t measure and just threw some things together.

  29. The doing is harder for me. I will be on a great roll of making scratch food, then lose steam and motivation for a while. Maybe some fresh recipes will encourage me again! 🙂

  30. I SO need this – we are trying to make the switch to real food and it is so difficult to break the habits I’ve been living with for 40+ years!!!!!

  31. I struggle more with finding good, new recipes. I enjoy cooking from scratch, but MOST recipes I make, I don’t make a second time. So I’m always on the hunt for something new.

  32. I have trouble with both. Its hard to find recipes that are truly quick and easy, and if they are not quick and easy it is hard to find time and energy to cook and clean up. Quick and easy to me includes not too many dishes used in the preparation.

  33. My main struggle is finding recipes that are fast and easy. I love making things from scratch, but sometimes it feels like I have to hunt for hours to find simple recipes.

  34. What a great question! Right now I am trying to make whole real foods for a family with four small kids and it is so hard to find simple yummy recipes that they will eat. There are plenty of recipes that call for all sorts of expensive or obscure foods but what about plain simple cooking?

  35. I struggle w/making foods from scratch. I never learned to cook and never had home ec! Stuff that comes second nature to people is hard for me. But I am learning =)

  36. I am still struggling with symplifying my cooking routines, so some fast and easy recipies would be greatly appreciated!

  37. I’d say the doing is harder for me. I love to plan, and have all sorts of ideas, but when it comes to accomplishing them, some days are just too exhausting.

  38. Probably for me it would be just getting in the habit of making certain foods that are new, as well as finding a way to help my family like them.

  39. I could really use some fast and easy recipes. I’m committed to healthy cooking – but I simply can’t spend hours in the kitchen every day.

  40. Probably both. Since I am just now turning toward making more from scratch and getting rid of processed foods I am working on both areas ~ baby steps, baby steps. (I think my son sees my steps as larger than baby steps ~ and since I tend to procrastinate I should probably slow down and make sure I put into practice what I have already learned.)

  41. fingers crossed I’d love to win this!!! thanks for hosting and giving us a chance to win a copy!

  42. I’d say making the food is harder for me. It’s just a matter of time – we seem to have lots of evening activities as the weather warms up, so I either have to have the food “ready” or we eat later.

  43. I get overwhelmed trying to incorporate meal planning, Weight Watchers/healthy eating, whole foods, etc. I’d like some new inspiration!

  44. These are the very type of recipes I was looking for just last night! I would love to win a copy!!


  45. I think both go hand in hand. Making things from scratch takes more time, so finding recipes that are fast and easy is great.

  46. I’m fairly new to real food, so I’m still learning to do both, but I would say planning simple, quick meals is probably my biggest challenge.

  47. For me, I love to cook from scratch, but it’s hard for me to find meals that are quick and easy. I get lazy when we’re in a busy season or we eat the same meals that get boring after a while. I think managing time better and batch cooking, learning to utilize my tiny freezer better for freezer meals would help. I would love some quick and easy real food meals, though!

  48. I struggle more with finding recipes that I can do quickly… Plus finding something that’s healthy that my husband and all 5 boys will like!

  49. Planning is hard for me; i like to just dive in and do it. Then I get annoyed that what i’ve done wasn’t the top priority food.

  50. I’ve been meaning to purchase a recipe book like this. I need some inspiration when it comes to easy, healthy meals. This looks perfect!

  51. I love to use recipes with whole foods, but my struggle is finding ones that are really quick and easy. That hour before dinner is a delicate time!

  52. I have trouble making foods from scratch on those days when I didn’t have a meal planned or had to change my plans.

  53. I would love this book! I have been eating mostly real food but I am trying to switch the whole household over.

  54. Hmmm,I guess i dont really mind either one,but there are those days where i struggle with something quick and easy.Because i dont always want to make a homecooked meal!

  55. Always on the lookout for EASY but Real Food recipes as I deal with a physical disability. I need easy but don’t want to sacrifice Real. Thanks for the opportunity.

  56. I struggle with finding easy recipes to make. I go back and forth between properly prepared grains and grain-free cooking and it’s just hard to find fast recipes that work. I don’t know how many mushy muffins or hard-as-brick breads I’ve made over the course of a year and a half. So I look for ease and good recipes. I too have a young son and it’s getting harder and harder to have him try a variety of things. He starts preschool soon so I need an arsenal of great foods that won’t make him stare at the other kids foods and wonder what they’re eating. I’m really nervous about that.

  57. I really struggle with trying to figure out where to start on my real food journey. WHAT do I make from scratch? How do I narrow it down and make it “doable?”

  58. Keeping my food costs down. I’d like to trim about 10% from my budget and have been trying for a few months but it’s not happening.

  59. Making food from scratch is not an issue for me, it’s finding recipes that the kids will actually eat!!

  60. The thing I struggle with is sprouting, it just takes so much time. I love preparing things at home, I do sauerkraut, apple sauce, smoothies on a regular basis.

  61. I have a hard time with finding recipes that are fast and easy to make that my kids will actually eat.

  62. I struggle with finding recipes that are truly fast, easy and healthy. I like how this book has a lot of info for rookies.

  63. as a working mom I really appreciate easy recipes and have been trying to be better about serving real food so it would be wonderful to win one of these 🙂

  64. Finding good recipes is my challenge. And sometimes finding the time to make them, life can be so busy sometimes!

  65. I like the idea of Real Food without a lot of fuss. I don’t have time for fussy, but I spend a LOT of time cooking every day.

  66. I have a picky eater and I don’t like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Simple and fast is great for me. 🙂

  67. I struggle with recipes that are truly fast and easy to make! I can always find something I want to make, but will shy away if it means hours in the kitchen!

  68. Which I struggle with most? Probably actually just the making from scratch part. Its basically a time factor. I’d really love to have more recipes too that are quick and easy.

  69. I think it would be making real food from scratch. I struggle to find the time to set aside to make the food.

  70. I don’t mind making things from scratch, it’s finding things that are easy AND healthy when there isn’t enough time in the day!

  71. I have a harder time finding things that are quick and easy … after all, that’s what makes convenience foods in the store such a hot seller.

  72. I struggle more with making real foods from scratch. I want to, but sometimes it’s just too intimidating or time consuming!

  73. I have a harder time finding the time to make things from scratch – but we all know how much better everything tastes when I do make the time.

  74. I think I struggle most with the routine of making things from scratch, therefore, I grab some convenience items more often than I’d like.

  75. I struggle most with making real food from scratch. I try, get overwhelmed, and then end up spending more money trying to buy the store brand.

  76. I struggle with both. Probably more finding the recipes and making sure I actually have the ingredients- I am slowly beginning to switch over and stock healthier ingredients and alternatives.

  77. I try to do it all – stocks, ferments, soaked grains (now learning about sprouting grains) and somedays its overwhelming….so we order pizza!

  78. It’s a major shift for me. I cook from scratch, but haven’t fully embraced “real food” as much as I’d like.

  79. I have made our bread for years, but have just starting soaking grains.
    Want the healthiest for my family.

  80. I struggle with finding recipes that are healthy and quick. I have a ton of recipes that I’ve found that are healthy, but most of them don’t get made because I resort to the same old recipes because they are fast. I would love to have some new ones to try (and my kids would very much welcome them also!)

  81. We are making the switch over to more and more real food, so I need all the recipe ideas I can get. 🙂

  82. I struggle more with making the real food from scratch. I just need to make it a habit, perhaps one meal of the day at a time.

  83. I struggle with setting aside the time to make things from scratch and with finding the motivation to do it!

  84. I have more trouble with finding NEW recipes. I get bored making the same things over and over. But quick and easy would be great!

  85. I think I struggle more with recipes that are fast and easy. Having real food recipes that would be fast and easy would be fabulous.

  86. I don’t struggle much with making things from scratch, but I’m always looking for quick, healthy meals since we homeschool and I’m pregnant with #6. Thanks!

  87. I struggle to find recipes that are fast and easy to make. It can definitely be overwhelming to try to make everything from scratch. There aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes!

  88. I would LOVE to win a copy of this book…!!!! I follow most of these blogs and would love one collection of their wisdom!

  89. Would love a copy of this! With four children, homeschooling, my husband off to training (again!), and yet another move coming up, I need all the help I can get keeping our family eating healthy!

  90. The hard part for me is reminding myself to take, especially meat, out of the freezer so that when I am ready to use it in a quick meal…it’s still frozen. I did have a big day of bean soaking, cooking, and freezing this week so I won’t have to worry about soaking the night before for a while.

  91. I struggle with trying to find recipes that are quick and easy. We do much of our things from scratch already, but I find myself stuck doing the same stuff more frequently than I would like to.

  92. I need more quick and easy from scratch recipes that are tasty that my husband will like. I can eat split pea soup for dinner for a week, but not him. Too many from scratch recipes are time consuming and just so, so taste wise.

  93. I struggle because my son is allergic to milk, egg, and peanut. I feel like our meal options are limited already!

  94. I struggle with finding recipes that are quick and easy to make and that actually have a flavor that my husband will enjoy

  95. Finding recipes that are truly fast and easy to make is the hardest for me. Sometimes dinner needs to happen fast, and you don’t have much prep time (:

  96. I struggle finding recipes that are simple. I have a couple whole food cookbooks, but it seems they are difficult to follow.

  97. Paying money for good cheese is probably the hardest thing. 🙂 IN the kitchen, we recently got a grain mill and wheat berries, but I never seem to have flour ground when I want it, and I’m afraid to use the mill while my kiddos are sleeping! I need to plan ahead better for that.

  98. So many “quick and easy” recipes I have call for an ingredient that comes from a box, can, packet or bottle (bringing with it lots of other ingredients i don’t want!). Having something like this cookbook would be really handy, especially with a baby on the way.

  99. This e-book would be really helpful! We’ve already been eating whole foods for almost a year, but now that I’ve gone back to work it’s becoming very difficult to find simple, whole food recipes.

  100. well, i do find its hard to find the time to make all the things i want from scratch! kombucha, daily ware kefir pop, dairy kefir, yogurt, sourdough sprouted spelt bread, stocks….I feel like I am running a restaurant sometimes—these are just the daily basics, then there are the actual meals to prepare, lol. its hard to juggle it all sometimes:)

  101. I’m working towards mostly whole foods. Would love to have a green smoothie recipe as I can’t get my grandson to eat a vegetable.

  102. I love that the book was developed by a group of moms. It seems that would add a lot of variety.

  103. I do make alot of things from scratch, so that’s not really a problem. It’s finding the recipes I need help with!

  104. Definitely finding stuff that is quick and easy! It seems like all my recipes take a lot of work and time.

  105. I struggle with finding recipes that are quick and easy… but still whole foods. I have my few that I seem to go back to over and over again. The poor husband. lol. 🙂

  106. Wow! I would love to win a copy of this cookbook! I love feeding my family healthy, whole foods…but finding recipes that truly are easy to prepare is challenging!

  107. I buy very little processed or packaged foods and cook mostly from scratch. However, I’ve always used the more conventional ingredients (margarine, white flour, vegetable oil, etc) and want to use more traditional ingredients and methods (such as soaking and fermenting). It is rather daunting, or at least seems like it! A cook book like this would be a great tool to help me out!

  108. My biggest struggle lately has been finding fun things for my husband to eat while he’s on an elimination diet. Poor guy is LOSING weight–and he’s already thin! 🙁

    Other than that, it’s remembered to do everything…all the “little” real food tasks add up. Soak the grains, soak the beans, make the kefir. They’re all simple, but when I try to do them all, it takes quite a chunk of time!

  109. Current struggle that would win out would be finding the truly simple and easy to prepare meals. Always seems that there is so much to fit into a day!

  110. I really struggle with finding real food recipes that are easy and quick to make… which is why I would LOVE to win a copy of this book! Once I have the recipes, I’m sure I could make them. 🙂

  111. I have a hard time planning ahead so that things are soaked at the appropriate time. If I forget then I have to quickly make a plan B.

  112. How about finding fast, easy recipes from scratch? Ha! 🙂 It does get overwhelming to the point where I just freeze and scramble eggs for dinner, or worse, have DH cook!

  113. My struggle is finding truly fast recipes that don’t call for ingredients from a can! Thanks for the opportunity!

  114. All of the above! Adding “just gone gluten free” into the mix, and ANYTHING about cooking is a struggle in my life right now!

  115. With a new job I rarely have time to make a ‘real meal’. I usually use cans, bottles or boxes. This book would be a good starting point for me to change that bad habit that I developed the last couple of months. Thanks for a chance to win!

  116. This would be great to win! My biggest problem is burnout. I’ve been doing this for over a year and a half now. Not too long. But long enough so that I don’t want to spend forever in the kitchen anymore. It’s gotten to be such a chore and I’m dreading cooking. I’m also pregnant right now and don’t want to do anything else either. LOL This book would be hopefully get me out of the drudgery and excited again.

  117. Definitely wanting to eat more real foods, and it can definitely be intimidating to come up with meal ideas. This book would be awesome to start our family out with.

  118. I have four kids 6 and under and I don’t have a lot of time to look for quick & easy recipes that my picky children will eat….

  119. My struggle is to find recipes for good food that are not too expensive. We seem to spend so much on food already that even though I want to eat healthier I do not how we can.

  120. I find it more difficult to cook budget friendly and simple… I could spend all day in the kitchen cooking from scratch 🙂

  121. Making real food from scratch is pretty second though there is so much I am stilll learning. However, I am always looking for ways to simplifiy. i found that most of the cookbooks directed at busy moms (freezer cooking, crock-pot cooking, and other simple cooking) are full of recipes that I would never make. A recipe of simple foods that don’t all include cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup would be great:)

  122. I struggle with healthy meals that are quick and easy to fix.I always assume that made from scratch will take longer.Would love some recipes to help make my life easier especially on those days when I am struggling and so sick. Thanks so much for the giveaway and all you do!!!

  123. Lately I’ve been struggling with cooking from scratch at all, having given birth 4 weeks ago as well. Some truly fast and easy recipes would make it so much easier to dive back in!

  124. My struggle is knowing where to start. With the research I am doing and information I am getting from friends it is hard to know where to start.

  125. I love cooking from scratch, but I’m a terrible planner, and tend to think about dinner at dinner time, and then we end up eating really late

  126. I usually start/prep dinner in the morning and because I have the luxury of working from home I can do a little here and there throughout the day. This cookbook would be great for the days that does not happen.


  127. The hardest part for me is in planning for meals. I would cook real food a lot more if I just took the time to sit down and meal plan. I’m getting there though! I’ve recently cut out processed foods so I’ve been forced to make things from scratch. It’s fun but sometimes frustrating.

  128. I really enjoy cooking from scratch, but have found it difficult with 2 little ones who both want my full attention at the end of the day. I think the hard thing for me is finding simple recipes that are not time consuming. This sounds like a great e-book, perhaps one I should invest in either way 😉

  129. My struggle is burn out and having a variety of good recipes on hand. We love meat but have cut out a lot because of the cost for good quality. I need more recipes for alternatives to meat dishes. I always feel like we are eating the same things.

  130. I love finding new recipes to make things from scratch. I’m intrigued at the idea of having “cold cereal” again!

  131. My struggle is finding real food recipes that are easy to make that ALSO are without foods I found out I’m allergic to — i.e., wheat/gluten, almonds, peanuts, dairy, and beef…All things my immune system thinks are invaders. Until 3 months ago, I was an awesome real food meal planner. Now I’m just trying to eat what I can and not cause health issues.

  132. I really struggle with finding real food recipes that are QUICK! I don’t like spending all day making dinner!

  133. I am trying so hard to cook better , Husban has derailed my attempts this far and could really use some help!

  134. I am very interested in this book too. I find that a lot of “from scratch” dinners can take awhile to make.

  135. I suppose that they’re both a struggle, since it’s all about finding the time to cook from scratch. More quick and easy recipes would help a lot!

  136. Honestly, I’m not sure which I struggle with more. I tend to be slow and methodical, so anything “fast” is a plus. I also make almost all of our food from scratch. Much of it is “real” food, but it’s certainly easy to settle for white flour vs. wheat, etc. It’s not my goal to become 100% only good/real foods, but I definitely want that to be the great majority (maybe 95%?). Anyway, the real food real easy recipes sound good. Thanks!

  137. My biggest difficulty is definitely finding good, quick recipes for real food. This ebook looks fantastic. Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. This looks fantastic for a noob like myself! If I don’t win a copy, I am definitely buying one. 🙂

  139. Having made things from scratch most of my life, now it is finding good, healthy, fast recipes. Amazing how becoming a mom all of sudden changes the time factor!

  140. Right now, I find any cooking nearly impossible, as my kids are SO picky, and I am constantly exhausted. I am also sick of the mealtime battles, and I get incredibly disheartened if I cook and the food goes to waste. I want and need to cook whole foods from scratch more, but can’t afford to waste the food if the kids won’t eat it.

  141. Love it. I so hope I win as I’d love to be able to integrate this into meal planning and show my kids how easy and tasty it is to eat real food

  142. This sounds like a great cookbook:) I have three young kids, and easy healthy meal ideas are always helpful!

  143. I have a hard time finding time to make everything from scratch–and if I do find time, feel gulty for spending to much time in the kitchen with 3 children 3 and under and a fourth on the way.

  144. With a two year old and another baby on the way quick, easy,and healthy is what we are all about these days! This would be a great resource.

  145. I NEED this book! I have so much trouble coming up with quick real food recipes. I refuse to compromise on food, but so many recipes that I come across call for ingredients that aren’t whole foods.

  146. Finding recipes that are truly fast and easy. We always end up eating way later than I want to because I take too much time cooking.

  147. I struggle with both. Finding the time and scheduling the time to make real foods from scratch and finding the recipes!

  148. I struggle with making food from scratch. It’s hard to invest in the raw ingredients when I’m not sure how things will turn out, if my family will like it, and most of all, if I’ll really find the time and motivation to do the cooking and not just let those acorn squash sit until they’re furry and have to go in the trash. 🙁

  149. This looks like a great cookbook! I struggle more with finding recipes with “normal” ingredients and giving myself the time to cook!

  150. I would love this! My husband comes home everyday for lunch, which is wonderful for our family, but it means I cook three meals a day! I am always looking for new options…Thanks for the opportunity!

  151. So hard to find quick and easy from scratch meals. My favs are salmon melts, from scratch pizza, breakfast or mexican cornbread casserole, and, of course, anything that goes in a slow cooker!

  152. I think the biggest struggle between the 2 choices is finding quick & easy…however, my biggest struggle is finding real food recipes that the kids will eat. Hubby and I like most of the ones I’ve tried…getting the kids on board is another story.

  153. I would love a copy, because I’m all about real food, but I often make it harder than it is. 🙂

  154. Honestly, I struggle with both. Making food from scratch because it takes so much. I tend to cook very generic things. Like, brown rice, vegetables, meat… Nothing fancy because I won’t cook with pre-boxed dinners. Very bland around here! Sure would love to try some recipes that would get us out of our boring dinners.

  155. I struggle with being prepared enough to soak and sprout in advance. With a nearly 3 month-old mostly I’m just flying by the seat of my pants, although I’m working hard to get more organised and plan more, which does help when I do it. I mostly just alter recipes I already know, to make them more healthy, but I could do with some inspiration!

  156. I would love to make some major changes in our diet, but haven’t figured out how to get past the hurdle of “good” taste. I would love to have a copy!

  157. I would love to win this book!! It sounds exactly what I need! I struggle in the kitchen. I do need easy recipes, but also want them to be nutritious. I am slowly learning how to make things from stratch and not use boxes anymore. This is critical for me with a preschooler and 5 mo. Old baby.

  158. I get burned out making everything from scratch at times. It’s always nice to have an arsenal of fast and easy real food recipes to turn to, especially since I will be having a baby in a few months!

  159. Both! LOL I work at least 40 hrs a week outside the home and sometimes don’t get home until late (on usual days it’s close to 6). Finding something that is fast and easy is a must but cooking what I know how to make from scratch takes too long. I would love a cookbook that has fast and easy meals from scratch!

  160. I struggle with adding variety into our menu… it gets boring real quick : / would love some recipes!! 😀

  161. Glad to find this site, it looks like a great combined effort to help those who are trying to eat good food and need some help and inspiration. Thanks ladies!

  162. lately the motivation to make meals…was never taught meal planning, been teaching myself many things in housekeeping skills

  163. What I have trouble with most is taking the time to wash and prep vegetables…so that falls under both categories? 😉

  164. I think I struggle the most with finding the easy to prepare recipes. I am not a great planner (I am working on that…) and it is hard to find the right way to prepare the foods I have on hand that is quick and easy.

  165. I struggle with finding a quick and easy way to cook and make things from scratch with 6 little boys that need me!

  166. Probably w/ making things from scratch, like tortillas or english muffins. I do make many other things from scratch, but even though I’ve made those things before, I just don’t ever seem to have the time.

  167. With me it is more that it is so hard to find the ingredients in our small rural community. But definitely need recipes

  168. I make a lot of foods from scratch, but still don’t make half of what I plan to do. It is a balancing act between cooking, cleaning, home schooling, and everything else in life.

  169. definitely scratch cooking… sometimes even the fasted recipes still take a bit more time than I have (and two hands… hard since at least one is usually holding the baby.

  170. I struggle finding real food recipes that are fast and easy. often i feel like i spend half my day in the kitchen, which i think i actually do. but by the end of the day i just wish i had something quick and easy so i can spend time with my husband when he comes home instead of prepping and cleaning and trying to keep the little one happy whilst doing this.

  171. Would LOVE this! I’m trying so hard to menu plan, but with a month old baby girl and a husband who works nights it is super hard to pick meals that are simple and meet my desire to have healthy whole meals.

  172. I struggle with finding recipes that are fast and easy. Like someone has said before, a lot of the real food stuff isn’t that time consuming, but if you have to do many of those things for one meal, it really adds up!

  173. I have a hard time with both, but if I have to choose, I think I have a harder time finding recipes that are quick.

  174. I struggle w fast and easy!! If there is to much prep I end up saving it for a different non busy day. If that exists!

  175. I love to cook from scratch, but I do spend a LOT of time in the kitchen! With Spring aproaching, and all of the outside chores and activities, I’d really love to get in and out of the kitchen fast, and be able to play in the dirt more!

  176. As a relative newbie to this clean eating thing…and working with a group of 5-15 moms in my town who are also starting out on this journey, I would love quick, easy recipes! We all have kids (anywhere from 2-6 in our group) and all have at least one that is a preschooler. So, needless to say, we are all busy! But we are all eager to learn! Thanks for the chance!

  177. I struggle with finding real food recipes that are fast and easy. And the gluten free ones are YUCKY! Thank goodness I can handle gluten.

  178. What I struggle with most is finding recipes that my hubby and kids like. I have always leaned towards cooking from scratch but not always with real foods recipes so my kids have been exposed to the “other”. I can relate to Nikki in that my kids will not eat very many vegetables or fruit really but my challenge is that they also do not like smoothies. This cookbook sounds awesome but again, I wonder if they would work for us but I would LOVE to try!

  179. I love making meals from scratch but have a hard time finding recipes that are healthy, fast, and easy enough.

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