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Edible vancouver I stumbled upon a rather serendipitous find last weekend, while visiting with my sister-in-law. I suppose I made for a rather rude house guest, as I temporarily lost myself in this intriguing read, a magazine all about local food in Vancouver!

The magazine not only had some interesting articles on local food, composting, sustainability (though slightly too "reduce your carbon footprint" themed for me), farming and gardening, as well as resources for local food, but the best part was that I discovered it's free! Imagine that!

Even better, it's not just for Vancouver, but for all over North America, in most major cities or urban areas. You can visit the site www.ediblecommunities.com to find a publication relevant to where you live.

I also happened to discover another wonderful (free) green/natural living magazine for Vancouverites in our tenant's mail last week, which I promptly sat down and read before she got home from work (we're friends now, so she doesn't mind that I do things like this!). I wish oh wish that I could remember what the title of it is, but alas, it is 12:21 am and my super-woman brain powers have ceased to function at this hour and so it eludes me… but when I remember, I will tell you!

And why am I up, typing a post at 12:21 (make that 12:23) am, you ask? Guess I'm still buzzing from the delicious bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream with fresh cherries in it that my husband and I so wisely chose to consume at 11:00pm, our very first attempt at ice cream since we found an ice cream maker for $10 at a garage sale last Saturday!

I am going to get so fat have so much fun with my new little toy! Yum. yum. yum. yummy. Did I mention I like ice cream? Because I do! And now I can make my own healthier version… sheer. bliss.

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  1. Raw milk is so fabulous in the ice cream makers! We do our with goat milk and cow cream. 🙂 Have you found any recipes that use less sugar? Or what sugar do you use? I’m on the maker’s diet right now, and some good, homemade ice cream after the last day is my reward!! I just don’t wanna use conventional white sugar if I don’t have to.

  2. Donielle, the recipe we tried last night was awesome! It is in Nourishing Traditions, and it is simply a vanilla ice cream. The ingredients were cream, egg yolks (I just used whole eggs- I hate wasting the whites), vanilla, arrowroot powder, and maple syrup for a sweetener. I bet honey would have also worked really nicely, though it solidifies faster when it’s cold, so the maple syrup is much better in that regard. I’m eating some now, while I do my blog work!

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